The Psychology of Power

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Social conformity causes the brain to rewrite reality”. – Rule from the Shadows

From filling WWI trenches full of young men to indoctrinating ‘Torches of Freedom’ within young women; and to the impending post-Brexit coup d’etat militarised UK Police & Cyber Surveillance State;

How a population is manipulated by the US/UK corporate-government #OilOligarchy bank elites through their mainstream ‘news’ media; manufacturing consent to continue its own gaslit role in the recycling of perpetual domestic #PatrioticPoverty to supply conveyor belt cannon-fodder for foreign wars & their natural resources on the #HumanMiseryGoRound

Rule from the Shadows – The Psychology of Power by StormCloudsGathering.

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.

Pavlov’s Patriots: A British Fascist Supermarket Sweep

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves”. Eric Hoffer

Metronome, lightbulb or bell; for Pavlov’s Dogs the stimulus didn’t matter as long as the dogs learned to anticipate and associate food with a positive reward-conditioning.

This is why amidst a clearly visible campaign of TV, radio, film and sport ‘Britification’ (and Princess Dianafication!) there’s also a Union Jack on almost every food and drink product, in almost every supermarket across this entire island – but especially in Scotland via the Gleichschaltung Gaslighting Erasure of Scots Historical-Cultural Identity (2017).

Its purpose is to create a positive-conditioned reflex with all things ‘British’.

So as far as food packaging is concerned, we are – like Pavlov’s Dogs without the drooling – being ‘positively conditioned’ to anticipate and associate ‘treats’ – particularly food and drink – with the Union Jack Flag. Or rather more specifically, our children are.

As adults, if you’re already loyal to the flag (or even just simply indifferent to it) you’ve probably either already been conditioned to be loyal to it or simply nonplussed by it. Either way, your association-loyalty is either reinforced or you simply remain acquiescent through innate social-compliance to the British establishment, who conditioned you with the UJ Flag in the first place, to make you ‘feel‘ a part of them. You’re not.

No matter how ‘British‘ you ‘feel‘ and as much as you ‘feel‘ a part of them, the British aristocrat cartel just don’t feel the same way about you. In fact they despise you; as we’ll all soon witness –again– when Brexit Britain’s rubber bullets inevitably start flying alongside militarised UK Police State batons smashing working class skulls. Don’t say you haven’t all been warned.

Because no matter how much illusion of ‘Britishness’, of family; of Volksgemeinschaft people’s community; or of diversity that they sell you on TV ads and entertainment ‘programming’ like the Great British Fake Off draped in the product-placement Union Flag, you will never be a part of ‘them’. That’s part of the reason why they hand out OBE’s and MBE’s to working class ‘heroes’ – to cyclically feed the illusion ‘we’ are the same as ‘them’.

So let’s not kid ourselves that we’ll behave any better than starving dogs when push comes to shove – because given just the right, Nazi precedented Hostile Environment policy and propaganda conditions we can quite easily become savage, superior-minded yet subservient beasts; not too dissimilar as Nuremberg Prosecutor Ben Ferencz description of the Nazi’s “intelligent patriots” who committed genocide.

When it comes to the real or even perceived threat to our families – especially via the lack of food or drink – which when Brexit bites and the supermarket shelves begin to become sparse of the food that used to be emblazoned with a Union Flag – will we realise how easily we can become a slave to our primordial base-animal instincts.

And we will do almost anything in order to survive to protect our own – even turning to and begging the ‘Westminster Master’ who treated us like Pavlov’s Dogs in the first place for our ‘salvation‘. In a word; gaslighting.

The fat-cat UK corporate-government elites are, with historical Imperial-fascist precedence, manipulating the minds and perceptions of the 99% who live on this island in order reinforce existing British biases but also to create a new, younger generation of British food branded ‘Pavlov’s Patriots’ in a bid to capture every working class soul across this island.

These preadolescents and adolescents, are being imprisoned as we’ve always been through Patriotic Programming: Toddler to Teenager to Tabloidhood’ (2017)

…many of whom will be groomed to grow ‘nurtured’, conditioned and channelled to become the recycled cannon-fodder sent by the 1% controlled corporate mainstream media TV and tabloid propaganda, to go and fight and die for the British and US establishment elites entitlement to oil and power; just as they did in the First World War – they didn’t teach us that in school did they? (Google the Berlin Baghdad Railway).


‘Fascism, steeped in pathological hypocrisy, superiority entitlement & inveterate victimhood, is the group-characteristic extension of narcissism and is the Machiavellian-patriotic, militarised business model extension of joint Government and corporate engineered crisis-capitalism’.Characteristics Of An Individual Narcissist & A Fascist State’ (2017)

Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction‘ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright ©️2017 but is a *free*-to-share public-service PDF download from here.

Twitter: @GasGilligan

The Emerging World Order – Noam Chomsky

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“By now NATO has become a global intervention force under US Command. It has an official task, namely controlling the international energy system, sea lanes and pipelines. And in fact whatever the hegemonic power determines”.

“In the past 30 years, the ‘Masters of Mankind’ as (Adam) Smith called them, have abandoned any sentimental concern for the welfare of their own society’s, concentrating instead on short-term gain and huge bonuses; country be damned, as long as the powerful ‘nanny State’ remains in tact to serve their interests”.

Brexit is a very British (& US) military corporate-government intelligence industrial complex, fascist coup.

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.

The Palindrome Parrots – from Toddler to Teenager to TV ‘Tabloidhood’

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“Feed children prejudicial ignorance – ignorance prejudicial children feed”.

From my PDF book Gaslighting Gilligan; The False-Phenomenology of the Palindrome Parrots (page 179). (Download your free copy from the About section).

The UK corporate-government State ‘The Corpolitique’ nurturing their new generation steeped in superiority-hatred, ‘Pavlov Patriots’; from toddlers to teenagers and into militarised TV ‘news’ ‘tabloidhood’, in order to ‘Minority Report’ indoctrinate and ‘confirm’ conditioned bias through convenient ‘terrorist’ attacks to cyclically-instil ‘their’ demonised, dehumanised Islamic ‘enemy’ into them.

An Islamic-minority enemy whose cultural-religious and same-coloured skinned relations where they hail largely from the Middle East, just happen to be sitting on an eye-watering global-oil wealth supply that the joint US/UK Military Industrial (Congressional and Parliamentary) Complex have already quite evidently created false pretexts wars to get their hands on…

But the ‘Toddler-Teenager-Tabloidhood’ false-phenomenology pseudo-reality doesn’t end there; key to feeding the war machine its indoctrinated cannon-fodder is the media created ‘gender-war’….

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.

Characteristics of an Individual Narcissist & a Fascist State

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Fascism, steeped in its pathological hypocrisy, superiority entitlement and inveterate victimhood, is the group characteristic extension of individual narcissism and is the Machiavellian-patriotic, militarised business-profit model extension of joint Government and corporate psychosocial-engineered crisis-capitalism’. – Gaslighting Gilligan

Edit: I wrote this piece in 2017. At the time identifying a proven, outright racist British politician wasn’t quite as clear as that which was subsequently revealed. So at the time of writing this picture of Tommy Robinson was the representative example of the far-right who creates the very turmoil he milks being the victim of.

But now we have such a demonstrable racist senior politician – The UK Prime Minister – who not only has the power to create societal havoc but stands to capitalise financially on our destruction by socioeconomic suicide.

Only in Britain could such a politician state that black people are “piccaninnies with water-melon smiles” and still become Prime Minister. And so which is why;

In trying to bring the “greater truth” of #ToryAnalytica’s transatlantic #TrumpRussia #BrexitCoup d’etat to an incredulous, skeptical audience, my naming of the fictitious State of ‘Narcisstate’ for my (free download) contemporary ‘fiction’ Gaslighting Gilligan – ‘inspired’ by a female household-name TV current affairs presenter on 12th September 2016 and released from Berlin on 25th June 2017 – came about as I observed very similar, often precisely the same behaviours demonstrated by Imperialist-mindset government as those witnessed in typical narcissistic abusive partners; pathological hypocrisy, superiority entitlement and last but by no means least, inveterate victimhood. With those around them forced to live within a normalised narcissistic Schrodinger ‘State’ of existence and subjected to a perennial, incessantly-cyclical superiority-persecution complex’; ‘#Narcisstate’.

“The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense. Reality never makes sense”. Aldous Huxley

As you might be able to see from my amateurish design above, in time we’ll collectively come to understand that Imperialism is the ideological corporate-political ‘cousin’ of fascism, the militarised extension of capitalism and the group extension of narcissism. And as such ‘It‘ succeeds, in part, because it taps into the human condition itself. It’s manipulated potential – given just the right manufactured #HostileEnvironment – is in every last one of us; male or female, gay or straight, black or white, rich or poor.

They are unrivalled accomplished experts in Machiavellian smiles, misdirection agendas and projection of their own misdeeds and insecurities onto the abuse-targets which is all part of a strategy to undermine and convince the victims their interests are housed in the abusers; doing so by claiming moral and ethical superiority to instil psychological and emotional inferiority in others.

Edit-insert: Video recorded on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy on 250617, of the inevitable #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat militarisation of Brexit and the arrival of a US/UK-led global fascism; “Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

They’re pathological, hypocritical liars with the displacement and deflection-ability to turn the truth on its head to suit their ever shifting-sands agendas, often housed in their invented pasts, that minimises or omits their own failings and indiscretions altogether whilst amplifying those of others.

They embellish their own ‘achievements‘, often claiming credit for the successes and labours of others, whilst denying and denigrating the opinions of those same ‘others’ that they also encourage the ‘othering‘ of.

They are psychopathically self-entitled beyond obsession for the possessions of others; and reserve the right to humiliate, denigrate and steal their dignity – without reply. And they gaslight starve, stymy and shame to choke off others psychological, physiological and financial self-esteem needs in order achieve their own agendas.

A ‘Fashionable Narcissism’ – ‘Fascism’.

You see through this journey of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ I’ve learned that fascism is by group-extension housed in the ‘Dark Triad‘ human condition; in narcissism augmented by Machiavellian and psychopathy characteristics.

But whereas narcissism is individually innate and nurtured, fascism is ‘Its’ mass psychosocial engineered ‘Big Brother’; its victimhood-steeped characteristic-cousin amplified by deliberate #DarkTriad (model below) joint corporate-government legislation and politicised-media manipulation; moving as a single, societal ‘drill-down’ division and destabilising entity, yet a toxically-empowering #Emotionalism4Militarism beast, ‘It‘, to emotionally-behaviourally ‘hive-mind’ move disaster/crisis capitalists and drive ‘democratic’ populations – towards war. The biggest sort of war there is…

My model (above) for fascism ‘The #DarkTriad’ [page 88] with its six principal ‘push and pull’ emotional behavioural drivers, which I took to Berlin and warned five different agencies on 25th June 2017, as outlined here…

“Suddenly producing a large white feather, she jabbed it into his waistcoat. And in another tone, fierce and scornful she added:… “You coward! Why don’t you enlist?”

I created ‘It‘ when on 12th September 2016 I’d been ‘jolted‘ into beginning to monitor mainstream and ‘social’ media for cyclical-repetitive themes and narratives, which dovetailed with seemingly ‘unrelated’ UK Govt (& beyond) dignity deprivation and mass-depression inducing policies & legislation; principally Austerity, Brexit & The Istanbul Convention…

…the latter of which became the overt #MeToo ‘Rampant Sexism‘ (#Nr5 below) to guilt-shame ‘misogynistic‘ men via demonisation, dehumanisation mass emasculation – into a military uniform. An Imperial Britain and Nazi precedented military-recruitment propaganda campaign that was to have been originally triggered during July 2017.

You see fascism is the planned, projected corporate-State extension of narcissism; manipulated into its militarised business-model to reinforce, reset or ‘reboot’ global-hierarchical economies via (austerity-manufactured) crisis-capitalism, emotionally-behaviourally driven by and steeped in #NarcissistFascist hypocrisy, entitlement & militarised victimhood.

We know fascism is not ‘organic’ by itself. ‘It‘ is not an inexplicable phenomenon because known history tells us so. It has to be started somewhere in some point in time, just as it did prior to the 1930 Weimar Germany elections which saw the Nazi Party go from 12 to 107 seats in The Reichstag. As was the case then, it is the case now, Nazism is not a chaotic-accident of fate.

It’s a predominantly mainstream media applied ‘narcissistic neuroscience’ driven by ‘democratic’ State policies and legislators working hand-in-glove with trusted, smiling, TV prestige presenters through body and verbal language; mixed with tone and intonation (and interruption).

All to produce powerful, fabricated ‘feelings’ to invoke a predictable mass ‘hive-mind’ or ‘herd-mentality‘ behavioural response, through the collective ‘emotionalised-empowerment’ of the masses, underpinned by cyclical, perennially-‘patriotic’, preadolescent instilled, subconscious-injected ‘truths’.

When questioned or challenged; they will blame their victims and claim victimhood as first and last resort, often becoming enraged as a result of their own actions.

In doing so, they project permission for their enablers – the fearlessly fearful masses – to follow suit, bathed in victimhood and hell-bent on vengeance for the very beast they created in the first place.

However victimhood – and superiority-entitlement – is drug to them; this compels the individual narcissist/fascist State to take unnecessary, Dark Triad ‘humour’ power-symbolism risks such as Brexit being a “Titanic success” or “Empire2.0” – that may well get them eventually caught…

“We are where we are”. – said every #NarcissistFascist since forever.

But they do so regardless knowing they’ll succeed in either getting their insatiable superior-sycophant ‘fix’ via their principal agenda, or if outed and exposed, deflect, project and transfer through a victimhood tantrum or by stage-acted self-pity in order to guilt-trip the real victims, putting them on the back foot and compelling the victims to forgive and to most definitely forget.

They are quick to anger when their sense of entitlement and often too-good-to-be-true inconsistent versions of events are questioned.

They’re even quicker to anger when their current behaviours, reflected in their past behaviours are called out; yet expects others to “move on“, to “get over it“, to “stop dragging up the past“. Any persistent, counter-critical logical thinkers and questioning of their version of events will invariably send them into apoplectic rage.

They minimise their own toxic behaviours and the effects whilst belittling and diminishing the consequence-effects on others.

But for an individual narcissists/fascist State to thrive, they require enablers who are acquiescent, accomplice appeasers; a combination of ‘Flying Monkey’ followers who do so through a combination of cowardice, fear, of straight forward social-compliance ‘herd empowerment’ or superior-mindset conditioning.

Those who recognise this “doublethink“, also known as hypocrisy and enable the inconsistencies of the individual narcissist/fascist State to the detriment of others – especially children – but avoid confronting or even defend them, do so either to avoid being singled-out and subjected to their rage or to simply maintain their conditioned belief-system in a narcissistic entity, a solipsistic ‘state’. As such they’ve been groomed to love and believe in a fictional-flag and a furtive-fascist Crown in a ‘benevolent’ NarciSState – but do so themselves as cowards;

and hypocrites;

selfishly keeping themselves safe in a perennially-corrupt, aristocrat-gangster government State…

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & State-political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.

Twitter: @GasGilligan

Seeding The Empire & The Media Omission of IICSA (Australia)

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“The most powerful form of lie is the omission”. George Orwell.

Earlier this year on the opening day of the IICSA (Australia) on BBC Parliament, I caught one of the opening remarks (on a full 5 minute transmission delay) made by a contributor who referred to the post-war UK State, knowingly and by design, child-trafficked minors into British State sponsored institutions where they were often violently and sexually abused.

Many of these children had been lied to and were deliberately separated from relatives as depicted in the 2010 film ‘Oranges and Sunshine‘ and were shipped to “populate the Empire… with white Europeans” – a direct quote from an unidentified female contributor.

It was an absolute national scandal but like so many dark secrets kept hidden from the UK conscience, it was never taught in State schools nor cyclically-reinforced and repeated by the mainstream media for public consumption anywhere at any time.

And it was certainly not broadcast on the strategic media-propaganda scale that Asian paedophile gangs are cyclically reinforced and spun, with ‘political correctness‘ being used as pretext for impunity and to explain away why the police ‘let them get away with’ such depravities for so long. Yet the most prolific celebrity paedophile to be exposed to date – after his death of course – had already actually ‘confessed’ that police had previously helped him get away with his depravity.

My point being that organised child-sex trafficking by the British State was happening long before Asian paedophiles were on the scene.

My intuition tells me these Asian paedophiles were simply enabled by a long-established UK State-institutional government/media paedophile rings, who would later use them to misdirect the public and provide #Segregate (signpost) scapegoats as an additional #Agitate racial-tension and division edge in order to #Amalgamate hateful, militant, working class white men for the hidden #ToryAnalytica #DarkTriad (model – pg88 in the book) elites running the show to, well, carry on regardless.

Much of that white European child-trafficked ‘stock’ were young boys, who having been psychologically and emotionally broken in preadolescence, struggled in adolescence then in adulthood – to form healthy relationships, life direction and purpose. Which is where as dark as all of this already is, it gets even darker…

“When we can cut man from his own past, then we can cut him from his family, his children, other men. There is no loyalty, except loyalty to The Party… We control life. At all levels. We create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Because I suspect generations of children have been literally raped by the British elite State for an Orwellian design; via an unnatural selection process to create swathes of kids denied their most basic Maslow’s Hierarchy needs; murdered in body, mind and soul with the survivors, especially boys, ripe for channelling back towards State institutions in a number of ‘normalisation’ guises…

You see, my intuition tells me that a significant proportion of these boys either went to prison, became homeless and were lost to the streets, and/or as was the principal design intent; ‘found’ their #PavlovsPatriots ‘purpose’ to meet their Maslow’s needs; safety, shelter, self-esteem, societal-recognition and sexual-needs – in the Australian military as ‘volunteers’, who would go on to fight in the South East Asian Theatre of Ops on behalf of the US/UK corporate-government elite.

In short, not merely populating the Empire and Liam Fox’s “Empire 2.0” ‘Anglosphere’ – but quite literally breeding broken boys – who tend to make great and grateful soldiers, to essentially grow armies in situ by #PatrioticPoverty #PrisonMilitaryIndustrialComplex.

“All magic comes with a price, dearie”. Rumplestiltskin Brothers Grimm

I’m absolutely convinced that the ‘Great’ British State has for generations known the military-channeling value of broken boys, whose preadolescent programmed patriotism never wains despite what the State does to them, and so are made #MaslowsMartyrs – ripe for military recruitment.

And I’m also convinced that their Empire child-trafficking was merely an extension of successive-government unwritten ‘Party’ policy here in post-war UK, as it foresaw and was compelled to end conscription (dressed up as ‘National Service’) some 15 years after WWII ended.

And this is why such secrets, like the Dunblane Primary School Massacre in 1996 perpetrated by paedophile Thomas Hamilton who had close, personal links to British Establishment figures, are buried for generations by ‘D-Notice’, which provides the pretext cover for a complicit UK media, allegedly as matter of National Security‘.

You see, these people, this elite, aren’t just above the law – they’re beyond humanity.

(Another continuous policy to enhance such military recruitment channeling in UK, was to stifle house building around the same time as the end of National Service, its effects later amplified by a lack of rebuilding after ‘Right to Buy’ in order to exacerbate homelessness which in turn no doubt, has also helped fill prisons. Prisons which post-Brexit will be modelled on the privatised US Prison Industrial Complex).

I’m therefore also convinced that the politicians and media celebrities who have since been proven or alleged to have engaged in institutional paedophilia did so with the ‘blessing’ of the British State-political, civil service and military intelligence elite, having been made untouchably emboldened and open to blackmail by industrial-scale State-sponsored child abuse.

As stated, the child-sex abuse trafficking to Australia was merely an extension of this hidden history and policy to drive boys (principally) into the grasping arms of an embryonic UK military State which today has evolved just as stealthily via related institutions and methods such as Secret Family Courts and The UK Supreme Court overturning a decades old ruling that now makes the State the ‘parent’ of children, whilst potentially criminalising parents. The destruction of the family and the removal of biological father male-role model from their sons in particular, has become necessary to feed the UK corporate-government war machine.

“He alone who owns the youth, gains the future”. Hitler

And you see ultimately, whether a prisoner of the mind in a patriotic military uniform, or of prison walls built by the State or homelessness & suicide induced by the State – men – in any significant, cohesive numbers – cease to be potential threat to the Established hierarchical order…

Edit-insert: Video recorded on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy on 250617, of the inevitable #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat militarisation of Brexit and the arrival of a US/UK-led global fascism; “Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.


“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini.

#NarcissistFascist characteristics

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.

Brexit: A Very British Fascist Coup

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Outline: How the current elite coup d’etat of UK ‘democracy’ began not simply with the seamless-cyclical platforming of the Tories own ideological decoy Nigel Farage in 2010, driving Overton Window emotions and behaviours ever further towards the far-right – but with the Thatcher (& Reagan) Premiership era, by riding the wave of a very ‘timely‘, very British patriotic war engineered to take place against the backdrop of two ‘normalised‘ wars; The Troubles and The Cold War in which ‘Great Britain’ was as ever – the media-scripted ‘good guy’ and ‘stoic victim’ of ‘external’ threats and aggression…

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

This is a long read but then this ‘Airstrip One’ coup d’etat has been in the making for a very, very long time taking ‘unexpected’ but entirely connected, ideological twists. Grab yourself a cuppa in a quiet room, try to keep your emotions in check and be patient in order to better process how cyclical carnage benefits the State elite. Your children and grandchildren will thank you for it.

I’m also aware this piece might afford those who would wish to quote me out of context, to level that I’m anti-police or military. As an ex-British Army Squaddie with 25 years served, I can categorically assure you nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m just an individual who since going public with ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ via Berlin on 25th June 2017, has had a ‘unique’ interpretation on Brexit since and its ‘seemingly unconnected’, yet entirely ideologically-related and often precedented fascistic events…

Edit-insert: Video recorded on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy on 250617, of the inevitable #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat militarisation of Brexit and the arrival of a US/UK-led global fascism;“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Brexit: A Very British Fascist Coup

‘From the bias-seeding political ‘opinion’ polls, through to the mutually-reinforcing press & broadcast media delivering The Party’s predetermined, FPTP plebiscite outcome housed in a self-contained, self-congratulatory, confirmatory-contagion shade of timely red or perennial blue; it’s all an orchestrated, mass-psychosis charade. It’s a ‘pseudo-reality’ exercise in emotionally charged, behaviourally driven expectation management. In short, it’s all a fixed ‘democratic Matrix’. ~ Gaslighting Gilligan

As this piece demonstrates in the wake of the patriotic return of The Falklands War Task Force, the clues to a British State furtive-fascism were already here in the 1980’s, presciently enough in 1984, when the BBC also chronologically-reversed footage to give the propagandist-impression to the trusting general public, a manipulated fake-reality that made it appear Yorkshire miners had first attacked police before they merely responded in kind’ to ‘restore’ order.

However before The Battle of Orgreave in ‘1984‘, State ‘fascism’ by my interpretation was already set in stone within the DNA of Thatcher’s corporate-government wearing a Crown atop a brand titled Empire’ (2.0!); a fashionable sort of fascism, the ‘respected’ forerunner to legalised, Whig-history erased mass-murder of its time, carried out by an equally dual characteristic, Schrodinger ‘State’; one housed in a simultaneous, emotionally-held ‘superiority-persecution complex’ mindset.

A mindset thats natural-resource acquisition ambitions conquered a quarter of the planets’ population, yet still somehow manages to portray itself as the ‘stoic’, ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’, ‘We won WWII on our own’, stand-alone ‘victim‘ of “We are where we are” circumstances.

These narratives have always been with us in the form of film media propaganda, including ‘timely’ remakes but also in things the British elite estate didn’t teach or tell us; the deliberate genocidal atrocities followed by the deliberate ‘omission’ (as is the case in Yemen today) from State-funded school/University history in order to disguise from us who they – our entitled aristocrat-elite – really were – and still are.

Having been ordered to by the British Government after making its ‘appeasement’ pact with Hitler – at the behest of the pro-fascist aristocrat ruling elite – the England football team conduct a Nazi salute in Berlin, 1938.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history”. Orwell.

In doing so they were able to hide their true identity from us, as they ‘normalised’ the ‘national-security psyche’ to break ‘Commie’ or ‘Socialist sympathisers’, mostly in northern English, Welsh and Scots communities by throwing an ideological brick through the Overton Window, shifting it towards the far-right over the course of decades, even temporarily changing the colour of ‘The Party’ from blue to red and back again, in case we cottoned-on to Britain being in effect, in reality – a One Party State; doing so through Blairite consolidation of corporate-political power and wealth, through continued stripping of public services – particularly through PPI’s – and by sustaining the cyclical slavish ‘Special Relationship’ template to follow the US into the illegal 2003 war in Iraq.

“The war waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or Eastasia, but to keep the [hierarchical] structure of society intact”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

And all through the cyclical-manipulation of our political-ideological reality, that fomented the phenomenological-foothold that encouraged the corporate-led normalisation narrative that told us (Crisis) ‘Capitalism is King’.

An age that stretched from “Greed is good” mass-narcissism narrative to the pouting selfie during which they sold western-society the ‘Me First’ manufactured perpetual consent to cyclically maintain the domestic-propaganda war against working masses, in order to re-feed the patriotic ‘volunteer’ conveyor belt with a steady trickle of victimhood steeped in oil, as they imperceptibly prepared industrial-scale mass-military recruitment by #WhiteFeatherMedia guilt-shame gaslight-channelling – for The Third World wave of hardy working class men…

“Suddenly producing a large white feather, she jabbed it into his waistcoat. And in another tone, fierce and scornful she added:… “You coward! Why don’t you enlist?”

…needed to conduct their third and final foray into the worlds oil-rich regions; principally the Middle East.

Fascism, steeped in its pathological hypocrisy, superiority entitlement and inveterate victimhood, is the group characteristic extension of individual narcissism and is the Machiavellian-patriotic, militarised business-profit model extension of joint Government and corporate psychosocial-engineered crisis-capitalism’. – Gaslighting Gilligan

In return for the self-destructive ‘patriotic privilege’ afforded to us by British establishment-elite which they inter-generationally, cyclically-normalised in our preadolescence through wars that enriched them, we also gave them our life-long permission, to conduct the deliberate ideological crippling of (once) financially-viable heavy-industries.

This decades-long lead-in to its current concentration (camp!) form branded ‘austerity’ were I believe, deliberate ideologically-driven State actions to decimate the cohesion of communities that choked-off localised economic-employment opportunities for men in particular. And thereby manufacture a mass depression – the principal purpose of austerity – with many of them merely existing without prospects or Maslow’s Hierarchy purpose, were then quite deliberately psychosocial engineering ‘channeled’; economically-conscripted toward the military to go and kill other financially-poor and indoctrinated men, themselves manipulated by power-grasping regimes, who stood in the way of the very same British (& US) plutocracy oil-potential interests.

But the psychological drift of Anglo-centric ‘UK’ populace mindset, through schooling in childhood then media propaganda entertainment in adulthood, has been redirected from the ‘glory’ of Empire to imperceptibly sleepwalk into the jaws of the ideological-beast we theoretically ‘defeated’ in WWII; its dovetailed, “invisible propaganda” (Goebbels) characteristic cousin fascism – disguised by #ToryAnalytica asset hard-liners as merely being Brexit ‘patriotism’ and “taking back control”.

“A media system wants ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity”. Goebbels.

An example of the pervasive, perennial British ‘patriotic’, anti-German gaslighting propaganda (in a centre-left newspaper) often brushed off as ‘humour’, yet has deliberately sown hatred of the ‘other’ by seeding Anglo ethno-nationalism; under the editorial control of none other than hidden hard-core Brexiteer, right-wing agitator – Piers Morgan.

Well, as ever with ideological ethno-nationalist ‘patriotism’, there are usually weaker, ‘inferior’ vulnerable groups who are made to pay a steep price – often with their lives.

People in Britain are starving and dying, many committing State-induced suicide; a silent, ‘democratic-Government’ inflicted ‘Final Solution’ by Dark Triad design – all behind closed doors. How’s that for a paradigm shift in the meaning of ‘domestic abuse’?

Only this time there’s no train tracks to the ‘concentration camps’, no hidden chimneys or plumes of acrid flesh-scented black smoke on the horizon – not yet anyway.

No, these train-tracks have been laid via ideological austerity-apartheid propaganda, with the ‘passengers’ delivered to their mass-graves via the foreboding, unrelenting sense of hopelessness and pervasive isolation and through the ghettoisation of communities; the relative-poverty and identity-politics induced breakdown of trust and wellbeing in society – including that achieved through the daily sense of dread of living in another potential Grenfell high-rise funeral-pyre…

An excerpt from the book itself (below); Neimoller’s cowardly bystanders believing themselves unaffected, for now, turn a blind eye – until it’s their turn. The infinitely-hypocritical human condition doesn’t change; all that changes are the tweaks in the perpetrators methodologies, including omitting the route; the minutiae means to ‘It’ – and the time in which its delivered, unacknowledged as it is in the epoch we find ourselves today…

Fascism is coming; probably a slimy Anglicized form of Fascism, with cultured policemen instead of Nazi Gorillas and the lion and the unicorn instead of the swastika.” – George Orwell – The Road to Wigan Pier – (1937).

We’ve seen ‘It‘ before. It’s that same cyclical sort of peculiar, yet recurring ‘patriotism’ which has periodically given permission to working-class baton (& bullet) wielding soldiers and policemen, the individual and group-organisation ‘moral justification’ to batter seven shades of shite out of their working class civilian counterparts – in the name of so-called ‘law and order’ or ‘national security‘ but which is in fact, in the arbitrary interest of the State power-elite. And which if we don’t see through ‘It’- quickly – a ‘patriotic’ slap-down of the civilian population is about to happen again.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past”. Orwell

Because as part of the wider history leading into the coup d’etat plan, you may have noticed that ‘patriotism’, ‘Britishness’ is being superficially-foisted and emotions driven, through joint corporate-government partnership institutions – especially via a drip-fed, imperceptible-tsunami of TV-propaganda programming.

One such other everyday, now pervasive example of Union Jack brand product placement, is that seen in the kaleidoscopic-sea of red, white and blue emblazoned colours across our food products burgeoning corporate-UK supermarket shelves.

This ‘Food Produce Propaganda’ also acts as classic association-conditioning not simply to Volksgemeinschaft reinforce those already on board, or to marginalise and Gleichschaltung erase those who aren’t – but specifically to ‘train’ new revitalised generation of toddlers and teenagers to maintain the man-made illusion of ‘Britishness’; that sells ‘Great’ Britain not as the fabricated political corporate-government construct that it is – but as a single ‘country’ – which it isn’t.

Only now, its inhabitants cannot understand they’ve been delivered as those before them; these #PavlovPatriots and #MaslowsMartyrs whose only purpose is to feed the British establishment elite their #DarkTriad avarice appetite dreams; which includes our childlings‘. (In the book the adults are ‘children’ and the kids ‘childlings’).

As did the Nazi’s, the corporate-political military propaganda machine manipulated a dangerous, contemporary ‘intelligent patriot’ (Ben Ferencz) populace, being primed to deliver retribution against those who don’t deserve it; minorities or those who will not consent to the deliberate ideologically-driven crippling of local economies (again!) – and now carrying out localised destruction of the environment too – via the bastard-child of corporate-government fossil-fuel extraction; fucking fracking!

All of which is being carried out in the invisible name of a US/UK global-bank #OilOligarchy by their mainstream media who are the public facing vanguard of a coup d’etat called ‘Brexit’ (as is the Trump Presidency – they’re the same failing coup). All of which is being fronted by the complicit, Machiavellian MSM augmented by social media, whose leadership themselves are on the same #ToryAnalytica team.

However their misdirection theatre will, with decreasing plausibility, maintain their #FakeNews narrative to seal us within a fake ‘reality’ that blames the internet and all men by precedented #MeTooMatrix ‘Rampant Sexism‘ propaganda, for democracy’s and society’s ills respectively whilst simultaneously ‘reverse-psychology’ guilt-shaming the same men into a military uniform – on the back of deliberate misogynistic corporate-political policies and propaganda;

“Britain’s welfare system is so sexist. There is a really remarkable gender dimension to many of the reforms. If you got a group of misogynists together in a room and said ‘How can we make a system that works for men but not women?’ they wouldn’t have come up with too many other ideas than what’s in place.” – Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty & Human RightsNovember 2018.“Invading Iran, taking it over and then coercing it into becoming a different sort of country would take a million men”. Fmr Royal Navy First Sea Lord, Admiral West.

You see a very British (and beyond) fascist coup began in earnest on our 1984 ‘news’ in 2010, led by our ‘trusted’ mainstream media, notably on BBC Question Time, not for Nigel Farage to ‘reflect’ a politically-disenfranchised working class populace as they initially claimed, but to bovine-drive us by an ‘uncontrolled immigration’, mass-psychosis nose as they led us like cattle into a patriotic military-scale #PsyOps warfare Operation to deliver a “too close to call” expectation management exercise in democracy.

And all timed to be seamlessly dovetailed and delivered smack bang in the middle of the WWI Centenary ‘Commemorations‘ which were deliberately, nostalgically-conflated with WWII weaponised-film and other psychological & physiological ‘push and pull’ drivers, such as the mass-dignity deprivation and depression inducing ‘Austerity’ apartheid propaganda policy; to psychosocial engineer – men – to turn back to the very #GaslightingGilligan source of their ‘toxic masculinity’ and mental health issues; the British State to ‘discover’ their manipulated ‘meaning’ via patriotic ‘purpose’ – in the rote-recycled, media-political military-fantasy of “Our Boys” and “brave”, “heroes” who “ran towards the danger“.

Its purpose is to augment both the management of the protracted coup and make less visible by normalisation of the conscious and sub-conscious subliminal military recruitment campaign – especially in TV advertising – set against the backdrop of an official-media MOD campaign.

An MOD campaign which has on behalf of the British State, also injected itself into TV sports, State schools, shopping malls and the recent ‘prescient’ State-sponsored ‘Armed Forces Day’ – all itself against the omnipresent, vast-invisibility backdrop of an increasingly weaponised, emotionalised British nationalist-fascist fervour in all its nightmarish Machiavellian, narcissist and psychopathy traits, by #DarkTriad (model below) poetry.

Monitoring UK (& beyond) mainstream media for cyclically reinforced narratives and themes since September 2016 and being satisfied they were indeed a deliberate and sustained pattern, I began developing my ‘Dark Triad’ model in early 2017 and which under the ideological umbrella of UK Government and global policies of Austerity, Brexit and The UN Istanbul Convention, are the intrinsic roots of a 21st century global fascism; with the Machiavellian media music principally housed in all manner of identity-politicsespecially by ‘gender agenda’ – to emotionally-behaviourally drive the drill-down division of entire societies by six key ‘push and pull‘ outcomes to;

Invalidate, Emasculate, Isolate, Agitate, Segregate and ultimately fascistically Amalgamate the UK population in preparation for the ‘unifying’ global trigger and which just like music, ‘It‘ isn’t meant to be seen but felt. (A clearer version of my ‘Dark Triad Model for Fascism‘ is at pg 88 of the book – free download).

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in shapes of your own choosing”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

And this British Brexit nationalist-fascist fervour is to be felt with such ideological-force of passion in the wake of Brexit propaganda, that with the flick of switch of another yellow-tsunami laden false-flag event that still requires the manufactured pretext of a National Emergency/Security to place soldiers and armed police on English, Welsh then the financial and ideological point of the exercise – Scotland’s oil-laden streets.

But not necessarily Northern Ireland – the British Unionist element there have outlasted their purpose and The Province was to be abandoned under the guise of observing The Good Friday Agreement during ‘#OpFukuglaschu‘ – as predictedby a Facebook VP Andrew Bosworth;

“Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. And we still connect people”. (18th June 2016).

And Boris Johnson, waving his power-symbolism in our faces with his Dark Triad in-house ‘joke’ and how Britain would “make a Titanic success of Brexit”, leading to Liam Fox’s “Empire 2.0″…

However, Northern Ireland’s hard-core Unionists would be ‘invited’ to resettle, a re-Plantation of Ulster-Scots to form the £1 billion bribebackbone of an uber-patriotic British militia on mainland Britain; a contemporary Black & Tans – initially in Scotland.

But ‘It‘ failed because, well, there’s no other way to say it; I was inadvertently ‘TV PTSD’-jarred into reality to begin tracking ‘It‘ on 12th September 2016, wrote ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ and took it to Berlin and on the 25th June 2017, warned five different agencies – including the Irish Embassy.

But there’s more than one way to induce a National Security Emergency when things don’t go to plan. And it’s in the PlanB works right now.

Just as they did by increasingly frequent concentrations of angered dissonance ‘terrorising tragedies’ from March 2017 leading into their planned busy summer, ‘an event’ was supposed to see them extricate Brexit negotiations without agreement but implement Hard Brexit regardless as “will of the British people“.

But they, Westminster/Whitehall and The White House – still have to deliver their stamp of authority to end Scotland politically in order retain control of the new £1TRILLION+ oil-revenues West of Shetland – and to avoid The Hague.

And so just as they did leading into the summer, the UK State military-media intelligence are now slowly winding-up, incrementally hyper-sensitising the most ardent British nationalists the possibility of delaying or even failing to deliver ‘Hard Brexit’ at all.

There’s already evidence of an ‘impatient-resentment’ building up within ardent Brexiteers. It’s a deliberate strategy designed to silence dissent and target anything and anyone that is not of their British nationalist identity. And it won’t be pretty.

They might even hand Jeremy Corbyn a snap General Election hospital pass so that British history will record a pacifist-socialist PM as being responsible for and incompetently incapable of, managing the ‘National Emergency’ carnage which ‘led to his resignation ousting’.

I’m convinced the architects of the #BrexitCoup never anticipated Brexit ‘negotiations’ to go beyond July 2017 and so now are forced to resort to the upkeep of Machiavellian pretence of negotiations using the only ‘strategy’ available to them; media driven symbolic sound-bites.

The unfailingly media-propagated “Will of the British people”, “Let the Lion Roar” and other British-Boris sound-bites are unbeffiting of a “strong and stable” democracy but entirely befitting the threatened facade of one.

“When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent”. – Isaac Asimov.

Yes, fascism crept up on us as we were all taught to pat ourselves on the back for defeating it.

It snuck in through the back door right in front of our child-like eager-to-please eyes – via State institution indoctrination ushered in by the Empire mindset as British establishment elite patted us on the head like the good little children they see us as.

Only now dark slivers the manipulated plebiscite consent in the form of 21st fascism in USA & Europe (and beyond) are showing through true democracy’s light.

The long-established narcissistic psychopathic powers of the joint US/UK fascist elite couldn’t help themselves – they wanted more. But more can never be enough for the #NarcissistFascist Characteristics

Which is why their Machiavellian mainstream media ‘news’-fronted smiling, beguiling toxic mask – is slipping in front of an increasingly suspicious, politically aware and global internet-research savvy population.

But we’ve got to stop seeing them, these politicians and media as revered, trusted ‘grown-ups’ and ourselves as the trusting children. We’re still caught in that cycle of childlike indoctrinated-conditioning and acquiescent, social-compliance conformity.

But we are waking up (not too late I hope).

“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. The public will clamour for such laws if their personal security is threatened”. Joseph Stalin.

Why else do you think the UK State wants to introduce ‘terrorism motivated’ legislation with sweeping cyberspace surveillance powers over the entire population? And wants to also imprison people for 15 years for ‘repeatedly visiting terrorist websites’ – people that will no doubt include citizen-journalists for researching the roots of global terrorism and for which mounting evidence suggests these roots go right back to the source – the US/UK Security Intelligence Services.

Because it maintains the cycle of terror and terrorism in all its forms; from hi-tech precision drone-strikes, to street level hire-vans to rock-concert vantage points; as long as it’s terrifying.

“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish a dictatorship”. Orwell.

All of which is utterly pointless to the architects – if the global-western media weaponised ‘carnage-collagesare not propagated by their 24/7 rolling-reinforcement of mainstream ‘news’ and drama ‘entertainment’ posing as ‘fact’, to turn the masses against one another by age-old divide and rule as seen at Orgeave, with ideological lessons learned carried over to Hillsborough by Thatcher and the senior elements of very same police force…

…to create yet another recycled chain-reaction of broken survivors, broken families and particularly broken men; broken fathers, sons and brothers to deliver a broken community and society in order to ‘reboot’ and recruit their pain and lack of purpose, then rebuild the fatherless boys to be sent as soldiers to another patriotic war rooted in another elitist imperial-fascist power-grab for oil-wealth greed, having slapped a patriotic flag on legalised mass-murder – perhaps even on this ‘United’ island and most certainly in the Middle East.

Now then, where else were hundreds of families recently gaslight-dehumanised by the media and broken by the British elite-estate policies and actions? And where are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of boys and young men, many fatherless and without male role-models, living in potential inferno high-rise inner-city funeral-pyre flats – going to get themselves a meaningful Maslow’s Hierarchy purpose and dignified future..?

You know the answer. You just don’t know you know It, in part, because you don’t want to. Because to contemplate ‘It’, is just too terrifying. But it’s been done on this scale before. Twice.

Because if you logically processed its contemporary sustained US/UK correlation-pattern – without emotion and without ‘patriotism’, you’d see it isn’t chaotic chance at play but an invisibly-vast and deliberate #DarkTriad design channelling young men principally to the military, if not, then gangs.

Because whether a prisoner of the mind in a police or military uniform serving the State or a prisoner of walls in an orange jumpsuit servicing the profits of the State, we cease to be a threat in any great, cohesive numbers to the established, crisis-capitalist, narcissist-fascist ‘patriotic’ hierarchy.

Those young men that don’t take the subliminal hint or make the ‘grade‘ in either male-belonging institution, well, they become media-invisible male-suicide statistics, save using its gaslighting ‘male mental health’ narrative-value to associatively-channel purpose towards the military. Or they become homeless, lost to the streets to be recirculated as #PsyOps ‘toxic masculinity’ and psychosocial engineered economic-disparity, esteem-deprivation cannon-fodder in a #PatrioticPoverty #PrisonMilitaryIndustrialComplex (model below) which upon the self-inflicted fascist-militarisation trigger, a “Titanic success” for “Empire 2.0” – becomes an #AusterityArmy…

Ultimately ‘power’ doesn’t have a social conscience nor any political allegiance. Its only allegiance is to power itself at any and all costs, including, as an absolute narcissistic necessity; to your cost and that of your families and society, regardless of how ‘patriotic’ that very same power afforded you, programmed you with in childhood, to make you ‘feel’ a part of ‘It’. You’re not.

“In the long run, a hierarchical society was only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance”. Orwell.

You, are a potential pharmaceutical and petrodollar profit commodity on the #HumanMiseryGoRound (model below). You, are State-recycled #PatrioticPoverty programmed to serve as socioeconomic and classic battlefield cannon-fodder. And if you don’t wake up, you are about to become Orwellian #AirstripOne #MaslowsMartyrs & #PavlovsPatriots.

We all are. #TickTockTroops…


“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini.

#NarcissistFascist characteristics

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share public service.

Twitter: @GasGilligan