Brexit & A Forever Phantom ‘Country’ Called ‘Great Britain’

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Here’s some news that may come as a surprise to some; Britain is not a country.


It’s an island that’s home to three nations. Obviously. That’s that one cleared up right? Well you’d think so because it’s inalienable fact.

However many politicians, ‘news’ readers and the high-profile commentariat – just don’t seem to be able to cognitively-process the fact that three nations inhabit this island. Who knew?! So being as these erudite, University-educated folk are still struggling with this concept, just for them, here’s a picture;

But as with every ‘Doublethink’ & ‘Newspeak’ twist and turn in this narcissist-fascist upside-down truth in the #BrexiTrump Twilight Zone; ignorance has never meant more strength for those who wield it with such Dunning-Kruger confidence because the human condition is an emotional, egotistical one with an almost infinite capacity for hypocrisy and irrationality. And as such we live in a world, an existence, where #FeelingsTrumpFacts

It’s a world where an emotional-majority can determine what the agreed ‘facts’ are for a rational minority, which if sustained over time becomes the accepted ‘reality’; especially if that ‘reality’ is underpinned by a tangible-passion which can be felt, so it must be real right?

“The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of its propagandistic initiative”. Joseph Goebbels.

Well, no, not really. Certainly not if that ‘feeling‘, that ‘invisible propaganda’ was a pre/adolescent implanted plasticpassion’ for a predetermined patriotic purpose, which perhaps has never been more calculatingly driven for this point in ‘British’ history…

Depending on individual character-disposition, people will ignore, minimise and/or get angry at my ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ interpretations – housed in past precedence and contemporary evidence – because I critically question their ‘British’ core-beliefs but the truth is…

…That this entitled ‘country’ titled ‘Britain’ is nothing more than a pejoratively-sustained propaganda-projected illusion, with no more basis in factual-reality – than Iraq WMD or the Nazi precedented ‘Rampant Sexism’ male guilt-shaming & mass #Emasculate(ion) recruitment reinvention on a global communications scale, that we’ve come to know as The Istanbul Convention…

Political scientist Lawrence W. Britt’s ‘Early Warning Signs of Fascism’; the world is ignoring #Nr5 – ‘Rampant Sexismyet we’re being propaganda-engulfed in It.

So, for those who believe themselves to be ‘British’ (as I once did having served 25 years in the ‘British’ Army) whether you’re prepared or not, want to or not, and no matter how repetitively reinforced Westminster politicians and ‘news’ presenters of all Party persuasions keep consciously or habitually regurgitating “the country” or “British history” in direct reference to three nations, you’re about to experience this British ‘realityunravelling during its final death-throes of a catabolic Brexit ‘State’ consuming itself, as it inevitably sets out to PlanB #Amalgamate (model below) this island under a ‘One Nation’ Britain and brand – by military forceagain.

The ‘Dark Triad’ Model for Fascism (© 2017) with its six principal, predictable emotional behavioural ‘push and pull’ drivers under the ideologically-connected guise of Austerity, Brexit & The Istanbul Convention aka #MeToo are; #Invalidate #Emasculate #Isolate #Agitate #Segregate & #Amalgamate.

However now that the #ToryAnalytica & MSM #BrexitCoup d’etat is failing, whilst the collective, bovine-grazing Remain politicians & commentariat keep their core-beliefs in tact to call it ‘incompetence’ (it isn’t, it’s a democratic corruption that was catastrophically interrupted in Berlin on 25th June 2017you’re welcome!) unless they can start a war or declare a convenient National ‘Emergency’, this should hopefully ensure ‘Britain’ will never be ‘confused’ for a ‘country’ again – as was their #Gleichschaltung intent.

Video made on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy on 250617, of the inevitable #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat militarisation of Brexit and the arrival of a US/UK-led global fascism;

“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

As for this British ‘identity’, well that’s just an ideological invention too; a 300 year corporate-political flag-branded propaganda construct prefixed ‘Great’, yet paradoxically overcompensates to steep itself in a cyclical red, white & blue ‘stoic-victimhoodbunker-mentality that purports not only to be a welcoming (erm… Windrush & HostileEnvironment policies right?) and diverse ‘country’ but falsely and hypocritically sells itself so, as if diversity were somehow a uniquely ‘British values’ quality in the world.

You see ‘Britain’, or ‘Great Britain’ as a ‘country’ and ‘Britishness’ as an ‘identity’ are nothing more than an emotionally manipulated, manufactured Shrodinger ‘State’ that simply cannot exist in its own right – because it doesn’t exist in its own right.

Because simply to exist – the UK ‘condition’, the British ‘State’ of mind – needs adversity and adversaries to manipulate and create a phantom-figment of ‘galvanisation‘ to arrive at a ‘superiorbelonging steeped in entitled exceptionalism and behaviourally-dangerous ‘indoctriNation‘ for the ‘normalisation of militarisation‘; the hypnotic head of which has been cyclically-seeded in the malleable minds of State-school pupils and reinforced media-managed an ego-massaged population by inter-generational, seamlessly-recycled pre/adolescent and adult patriotic propaganda programming, much of which is housed in WWII.

This has resulted in myriad ‘unique’ vacuous inventions such as ‘James Bond’, ‘The Professionals’, ‘Spooks’, London 2012, ‘The Blitz’, ‘Britain stood alone in WWII”, ‘Rule Britannia’, ‘Cool Britannia’, ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ and other self-congratulatory ‘Great British’ bias-confirmation tropes that simply don’t stack up to the stiff-upper-lip stoic-hype narratives, given the reality of the unfolding evidence as we sleepwalk into a furtive, then unabashed fascist #UKPoliceState.

An Orwellian predicted #AirstripOne State beckons; the future path and clues to which were always hidden by propaganda omission in our untaught State-school genocide-atrocities committed on these ‘British’ & Irish isles – and around the world; significantly in India, Bengal, Africa & Australia – conducted by the aristocrat ancestors of today’s genealogical beneficiaries of stolen wealth, lands, resources and properties seized through concealed multiple slaughters and ethnic cleansings.

But that’s all in the past right? Wrong.

Because these erasures are exactly why the current crop of elitist Etonian ‘engineers’ & Oxbridge offspring today, are able to perpetuate similar destruction – through policy – on the domestic population on this island by DWP/ATOS euthanasia sanctions, by State-sponsored gaslight-suicide of the working poor – especially men – and Windrush ethnic cleansing of the Afro-Caribbean population; as well as destruction abroad in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and soon if they succeed, Iran. For their oil too. Naturally.

The truth is that British ‘identity’ is a murderous one, impossible to be proud of by any sane, objective, reflective mind when viewed through the prism of rationality, past-evidence and contemporary truth and whereby we, the domestic population are in fact the elites undeclared enemy before they point us towards ‘our’ next convenient enemy, that draws our fearful, ‘unifying’ attention away from the very same Machiavellian elite.

As we’re seeing in the Brexit ‘negotiations’ and mainstream media, the British ‘condition’ is characteristically disingenuous and utterly lost without a narcissistic, domineering and even sneering demand for loyalty via a high-brow ‘civility’ that requires servility from the peripheral Parliaments and populations, even after ‘othering and inferiority-shaming these authentic histories and cultures it subsumes and whose opinions it ignores and presumes to sit in judgement of, doing so via a rote-trained ‘superiority-persecution complexconditioning.

It’s a contradictory, propagandistic State of ‘being’ that’s always been the boastful ‘Rule Britannia’ global-Imperial victors celebrating genocide sanitised by ‘Last Night of the Proms’. Yet Britishness somehow simultaneously sees itself as merely being the circumstantial ‘victims’ of their own omitted dim and distant colonial-conquest ‘past’ from which they still reap the ill-gotten rewards and continue to loot entire countries – notably Scotland – yet claim that they’re ‘powerless’ to do anything about because “That’s all in the past”, rather than pick up a fucking book to right the wrongs of this past they still impose today, through this ‘superiority-persecution complex‘ steeped ‘Ignorance is Strength’ (Orwell) mentality.

Imagine that? Getting enlightened and researching the wrongs of a past that vanquished nations, that defeated and displaced entire peoples during more bloodthirsty times (we’re being taken back there!) resulting in deliberate depopulation democratic deficits that impact to this very day, yet the ‘British’ default position persists “you need to get over it” because “that’s all in the past”.

Only, there’s the rub – that’s another striking hypocrisy in itself. Because it’s that very same past that the ‘British’ Whig-history narrative has gone to such lengths to erase by ‘1984’ since forever, never mind Vergangenheitsbewaltigung visit as a ‘nation’ to humbly-redress its wrongs.

And because of this lack of grounding and reflection having never had any kind of ‘global-ASBO’ intervention, this is the reason why the British State still behaves the same way towards the world today; like a cowardly little shite who lives down the road and always gets away with murder, because his ‘Big Brother’ (the USA) that the cops (the UN & NATO) are afraid of or have all been bought off or blackmailed.

Although the British ‘identity’ can be too quick to anger, it generally only does so in the face of perceived weakness. Yet it always, always demands a certain silent-servility of the ‘hive-mind’ working masses toward their well-spoken masters, their ‘betters’; these TV-smiling psychopath assassins who maintain their hypnotic Monarch-led hierarchy housed in our childhood-indoctrinated core-beliefs; in a quasi-religious red, white and blue ‘belonging’ which was sealed when we were surrounded by grown-ups, our parents and teachers, all cyclically-singing the same inseparable Monarch, flag & military interwoven praises of a living-deity (who just happens to be a £Trillionaire) to be ‘saved’ by another deity; God.

It’s all been about creating a ‘belonging’ that serves to manufacture and behaviourally drive a self-perpetuating sycophantic competition of out-martyring each other, for a #CommunityNation ‘pull together’ propaganda in order to predictably, emotionally-behaviourally – take up the slack for the deliberate deprivation driven by the British State elite.

Many good people do charity because they have too much spare time or too little individual purpose in life. Some might have even been driven to depression and have mental health issues induced by the ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ State too and so they fill their own void by helping out or just giving.

But for others it’s for business; for profit; for lifestyle; for celebrity; for vanity; for attention; for recognition; for titles; for anachronistic favour; for Monarchy; for EGO’s, MBE’s & OBE’s that permit the time-immemorial beneficiaries of this ‘British’ ideological invention – the Establishment elite-estate – to extol their greatnesses and benevolence by mere association, that also – and this is the point – allows them to siphon off and profiteer from all our industry and resources throughout this entire island, especially our most precious resourceour children – whom we gratefully hand over as our most public demonstration of British ‘belonging’ to ‘Live. Die. Repeat’ the ‘British’ experience on the never-ending battlefield; domestic and foreign.

And so with our British programmed blessing we conveyor-belt feed our kids as State cyclically deprived, induced mass depression, mental health issues, socioeconomic-opportunity starved cannon-fodder, to be channelled as ‘volunteers’ into an incessant, insatiable, global-resources acquisition war machine; not to free populations from tyrants or to safeguard our own ‘democracy’ – but to steal other countries resources and wealth.

But it gets worse. Because we then actually reward the elite-beneficiaries and cyclically-enrich them even further with our loyalties all over again, especially so, after they deprive ex-soldiers of their dignity, of shelter & safety support services having lost their limbs & minds on oil & blood-soaked battlefields.

Doesn’t make sense right? Right?

Wrong. Because;

“The consequences of every act are included in the act itself”. Orwell.

You see, the mere sight of homeless, broken soldiers, ‘dutifully’ plastered all over the ‘free & fair’ mainstream media, makes complete sense when you understand the consequences of this deliberate deprivation, that’s all part of an ongoing, cyclical profiteering ‘mass-emotionalisation’, by joint Corporate-Government charity strategy used to #Agitate the population and to capitalise on the Machiavellian-driven patriotism of ‘Our Boys’ – abandoned by the very same British State – that discards them onto the streets for recycling our patriotic purpose.

Because this agitation serves to angrily reinvigorate the sense of ‘British justice’ – and ‘fair play’ (another false sense of exceptionalism) in order to get vein-popping ‘gammons’ as well as decent, ordinary people alike, roped-in to ‘right the wrongs’ of ‘Human Rights’ and ‘political correctness gone mad’, written in in decades of tabloid propaganda headlines, as being ‘prioritised for housing over soldiers’.

All of which, has been deliberately designed also, to #Segregate signpost immigrants and all those ‘others’; minorities who are being set-up to be at the forefront of the inevitable #BrexitCoup backlash by the principal #DarkTriad propaganda targets – white working-class heterosexual males whose sheer numbers, strength and programmed loyalty holds the key to owning the streets – having been literally trained as #PavlovsPatriots, to dutifully, unconditionally love their masters inhabiting the upper “rarified atmosphere” of The Layer Cake; those who sold us all a pup in primary school to wave their manufactured flag-brand and with it, irrationally wave goodbye to our ‘democracy’ and freedom of movementforever.

Much of which has been driven by ‘trusted’ household names of politics and media who in authentic, lawful democracies would be serving life prison sentences, not being platformed on our TV screens doubling-down on their lies and corruption, presenting as hard-done-to-victims and the ‘moral authorities’ on democracy.

Remember that Orwell quote about the consequences being included in the act itself? Good.

Because an undeniable effect of this hateful psychosocial engineering in turn consolidates support for the Conservative Party; for their xenophobic, racist, sexist identity-politics policies and Party position itself, as well as their very own far-right Brexiteer outriders; Farage, Robinson, Goddard & Hopkins et al – who are the Tories ideological decoys – all (still attempting to) collectively shift our Overton Window sympathies towards fascism as a result of these precedented lethal-theatre propaganda productions, of these Machiavellian-misdirection stagedinjustices’ against ‘common sense’ that ‘attack‘ indoctrinated-British ‘belief systems‘.

And ‘It‘ does so too by heightening raw-emotions to hijack and invoke the memory of The War Dead as their own, occasionally crassly but mostly quite sophisticatedly and invisibly-pervasive, intending to use this manipulated-emotion to defeat democracy domestically and to simultaneously ramp-up militaristic-martyrdom (by TV ‘entertainment’ too) in need of its a mass-mobilisation self-inflicted Gulf of Tonkin or Reichstag trigger, to re-feed fresh meat into a US-led fascist ‘Military-Intelligence-Media’ meat-grinder; a war-machine hell-bent on acquiring Iran’s oil next by joint PlanB Corporate-Government engineered ‘crisis capitalism’; one form of which we commonly call ‘war’ and which itself underpins the blood-soaked, oil-steeped foundations of a phantom ‘country’ called ‘Britain’.

A ‘country’ driven by a well-connected minority-elite tapping into our trained patriotic emotions and innate egos in order to find their fascist 51st State feet, wilfully brought to heel of American global-military power currently headed by the very same failing coup d’etat #TrumpRussia Presidency and the whole point of #ToryAnalytica’s Trump & May staged hand-holding and the ‘prescient’ Churchill speech and Reagan/Thatcher recycled ‘Special Relationship’ propaganda.

You see, just like ‘Britain’ & ‘Britishness’, the world really is a stage driving our predictable emotional-behaviours. We’ve had the first two Acts and an intermission.

The third and final Act is well underway…

“How can wealth persuade poverty to use its political power to keep wealth in power? Here lies the whole art of Conservative politics in the twentieth century.” ~ Aneurin Bevan

#PatrioticProgramming: Toddler to Teenager to Tabloidhood (The Rubber Hand Illusion)’ 2017;

🇬🇧 🇺🇸(🇷🇺)

#PatrioticPoverty #TickTockTroops

#AusterityArmy #MaslowsMartyrs


“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini.

#NarcissistFascist characteristics

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction‘ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright © 2017 but is a *free* PDF download from here. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿


Twitter: @GasGilligan

Psychosocial Engineering The Tragedy-Charity Gaslight-Ceremony Cycle (Maslow’s Martyrs)

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017)

“All rulers of all ages have tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers” – George Orwell 1903-1950

(Original version of this piece posted November 2017. Note: a long read. But not nearly as long as the normalised ‘emotional Matrix’ we’ve been locked into for nearly forty years, or as long as the future we’re all currently feeding our children and grandchildren into).

How the British (& wider Anglo-sphere) establishment elite have been attempting to militarise UK society via an emotionalism for militarism Volksgemeinschaft ‘Matrix’; through deliberate joined-up ‘Big Society’ Government deprivation & mass depression inducing policies, via seemingly unconnected austerity, Istanbul Convention and Brexit ideological-campaigns to create a toxic-soup of emotionalised-weaponised, British patriotic, ‘community-nation’ TV-projected propaganda.

The purpose? To psychosocial engineer by gaslighting policies and propaganda, the esteem-starvation of society in general but principally young men; to choke-off their most basic safety, shelter, sexual and self-esteem Maslow’s Hierarchy needs in order the State can channel them as ‘volunteers’ – upon a militarising-trigger – as conveyor-belt cannon-fodder, to pour their individual purpose and ‘hive-mind’ meaning into a military uniform; into a #PatrioticPoverty #AusterityArmy – for a war. But not just any old war…

Before I set out on this; I’d like to point out that I’m a 25 year served ex-British Army Sergeant-Major. That doesn’t preclude me from criticism for what I write, for what I believe to be true but remember this; if you bought into the Anglosphere governments and media messaging as I did for an entire military career, that soldiers go to war for freedom, democracy and the right to freedom of expression etc. keep holding that thought for a while longer – because you’re not going to like what you’re about to read. So don’t shoot the messenger!

As I’ve demonstrated in my model below, this is what I’ve come to understand;

Through joint media and politically ‘legitimised’ but wholly ideological austerity psychosocial behavioural-engineering propaganda ‘policy’, the UK State has deliberately manufactured ‘tragedy’ to capitalise emotionally, then politically and financially, on a poverty-paradigm continuum of human misery; from domestic poverty to foreign wars for resources which are cyclically manipulated to keep feeding into one another; the predictable human-condition effect of this – aided by a seemingly perennial, ‘uniquely’ British ‘benevolence’ trait, is in fact a #CommunityNation building propaganda machine housed in The #DarkTriad’s #Amalgamate Venn (below) – to cause a powerful, unthinking and unstoppable cyclical-chain reaction to;

Emotionalise, Irrationalise, Patriotise/Moralise, Weaponise and upon a State-pretext trigger Militarise and Mobilise – an entire population, indeed – an entire planet.

“The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of its propagandistic initiative”. Joseph Goebbels.

By incorporating the UK media estate long-ago, the wholesale British elite-estate, has engaged in the false ‘emotionalised-empowerment’ manipulation of the masses by corporatized TV-charity contagion drives in order to irrationalise, patriotise and weaponise ‘charity’ in a long-term ‘normalisation’ agenda to subversively, destructively ‘inspire’ the population whilst actually, imperceptibly ‘Dark Triad’ militarising ‘It’.

“Edward (VII) owed his triumphs primarily to himself, through his profound knowledge of the human heart. And the sagacity with which he could sort out the vices and weaknesses of individuals and peoples and make these into the worst and most destructive weapons against them. Edwards Empire was built on eternal human folly and on intellectual and moral degradation of the subject populations.” – Webster Tarpley How Edward VII Started WWI

These emotionalised-weaponised TV-contagion charities, either hijacked or manipulated-State inventions from fruition, have, in increased concentrations of frequency and scale, been done so to infuse, to indoctrinate ‘inspirational’ and #PatrioticPoverty gain at the individual, family, community and national levels.

IDS gaslighting Easterhouse in Glasgow – resisting the urge to align his three closed fingers & thumb, with his index finger.

In its contemporary form since the 1980’s, the British aristocracy, ‘The Party’, ‘The Corpolitique’, have refined the art, the science, the philosophy of using Pavlov’s Classical & Skinner’s Operant Conditioning to make political-military gains by King Edward VII’s “eternal human folly”.

They have done so by cyclically capitalising, profiteering on the emotional currency of the things they do to us and deprive us of – to remove our individual & collective dignityto induce a mass-depression – in order we ‘pull together’, this fascistic #DarkTriad propagandistic, #Amalgamate ‘community nation’ (bottom-left psychosocial behavioural driver); feeding our forty-year #PatrioticPoverty addiction; this manipulated, pseudo-religion; our very own self-replenishing, self-perpetuating, ‘on-tap’ TV projected stash of escapism, forever feeding our open prison-proud to be benevolently-British illusion by emotional crack-cocaine.

It’s an invisible-propaganda ‘music’ model for fascism; for #PsychosocialEngineering #MaslowsMartyrs by manipulating predictable and precedented emotional-behavioural outcomes housed in six key principal, Venn-interlinked drivers; #Invalidate #Emasculate #Isolate #Agitate #Segregate & #Amalgamate.

“I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few”. Hitler

All of this has been to ensure the elite-estate maintains power and control; that we find our individual meaning & purpose, not in our individual selves but outside of ourselves; in the ‘community nation’ emotional-‘State’, in the elite-estate who’ve wrapped themselves in ‘our’ perennial, preadolescent patriotic-programmed, militarist-Monarchist corporate-government brand – The Union Flag.

It’s all however, as yet, missing one vital unifying ingredient; a militarising spark; a Reichstag trigger to #Amalgamate the masses and concentrate minds and men – on war – both domestic and foreign.

It’s of significant importance to point out, that as white-male dominated and indoctrinated organisational-environments, the police and the military already being loyal Crown-Government servants (as well as un-uniformed Ulster ultra’ Unionists) uniquely start from a British ‘prism’ of #Amalgamate, making them the perfect embryonic-backbone of the furtive, fascist British Police State, which now, as a ‘PlanB’ will likely begin and be built via Dover.

However they too, as individuals & organisations – as with wholesale society subjected to all five other interlinking, furtive fascist State, #DarkTriad psychosocial emotional behavioural drivers – will in effect form the front-line for The Party; a uniformed and un-uniformed, mainland Britain, contemporary ‘Black & Tan’ terrorising-militia, concentrating minds and channelling behaviours towards British, community-nation ‘patriotism’, fascism.

“One of the great secrets of the day is to know how to take possession of popular prejudices and passions, in such a way as to introduce a confusion of principles which makes impossible all understanding between those who speak the same language and have the same interests”. – Machiavelli

A sealed-off island-‘nation’ austerity-seeded #HostileEnvironment in which preadolescent girls will become the groomed-domestic cyber-backbone and boys will be #WhiteFeatherMedia #MeTooMatrix guilt-shamed, just as they are being groomed as media-political rote-scripted “brave heroes” – into mass-rank military uniform, for the purpose of ‘Airstrip One’ perpetual war.

‘Suddenly producing a large white feather, she jabbed it into his waistcoat. And in another tone, fierce and scornful she added:… “You coward! Why don’t you enlist?”

In short, ‘brand Britain’, Britishness is a business. It’s always been in the business of creating patriotic, psychosocial-engineered cannon-fodder.

If you’ve read this piece this far, this is where you get really pissed-off.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Orwell

This British business includes BBC Comic Relief, Children In Need and the new Invictus Games which itself, has been supported by the sudden successful and ubiquitous presence of Help for Heroes in sport, sponsorship and social media; the latest campaign being complete with subliminal-recruitment messaging of “Join The Force For Good” against a video which opens with sanitised military exercise images.

Both Help for Heroes and Invictus have received unparalleled political, MoD-military and celebrity support-collaboration. I believe this has been purely for superficial publicity-recruitment purposes.

The combination of all four has imperceptibly ‘normalised’ and ushered in the advent for public permission by patriotic-adulation, to enable UK State-elite abrogation responsibility for its induced ‘human misery’ policies.

However the latter two; Help for Heroes and Invictus Games have in turn performed an emotional ‘mission-creep’ role for the oldest, most established symbol of sombre Remembrance, the Poppy – to also manifest as an emotionalised-military recruitment tool.

“Most lead lives at worst so painful, at best so monotonous, poor and limited that the urge to escape, the longing to transcend themselves, if only for a few moments, is and has always been one of the principal appetites of the soul” – Aldous Huxley 1894-1963

Pavlov’s Patriots

The British Establishment elite learned long ago, to evolve and hone through joined-up TV media manipulation methods, to perpetuate profits housed in the cycle of normalised human misery because they already know;

State-elite imposed poverty, driving deliberate deprivation-denial of the individuals’ ability for internal self-actualisation, is inversely proportionate to the deprived, induced-depression groups needs to [over]compensate and seek externalised-validation; manipulated by, for the benefit of, and in the name of – the very same State-elite.

In short; a sort of ideological ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ – on a national scale.

Given just the right cyclically-repetitive gaslight-mix conditions, this will result in a ‘mass-actualisation’ – better known as mobilisation – that profits the State-elite but is done so to the detriment the proud and gratefully-deprived, having been manipulated ‘poverty patriots’ by the State.

It’s bit like a behavioural-dynamic extension of trusting child who constantly seeks validation from a narcissistic parent they love, but can’t process; that the ‘love’ they feel from the solipsistic-parent is merely the child’s internalised, forlorn reflection’ of their own love, with any emotion-validation they might receive in return, always conditional and always exclusively for the gaslight-empowerment benefit of the psychological-emotionally abusive parent.

This person-on-person abuse dynamic principle, also found in partner-on-partner domestic abuse relationships has been refined on a UK (and beyond) State level.

But it can only be done so, projected into the mass-psyche of a population by a joint corporate and government orchestrated mass-media.

For men in particular, the right cyclically-reinforced gaslight conditions are the mass-manipulation of financial-physiological (austerity) deprivation and evolved mass-media subliminal guilt-shame association by evolved TV news and current affairs ‘White Feather Women’; by soap-script; by film and TV entertainment and ads and by government legislation and secret family-law courts for psychological mass-emasculation, combined with the pincered sense of concentrated  mass-media inspired ‘Pied Piper’ patriotism; of lionisation and sacralisation of the military to nurture pride in the civil population and provide a subliminal self-esteem ‘escape-route’ that will result in the mass-mobilisation of channelled ‘volunteer’ men ripe for war.

There are at least two man-made precedents for similarly-timed combinations of financial-physiological and psychological mass-emasculation which have preceded wars.

Which is where I believe we’re being taken; to war. A big one. The biggest.

However not before the elite have led the unwitting UK public into a Police and Cyber-Surveillance State; a plutocratic dictatorship disguised as a democracy.

“The conscious intelligent manipulation of the organised opinions and habits of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power in our society” – Edward Bernays 1891-1995

Building on and evolving past policy and propaganda practices – not taught in State schools – the British establishment elite, having already manufactured poverty at home and abroad have learned how to further weaponise our innate-driver characteristics and condition-taught belief-systems; such as our masculinity, our femininity, our children, our families and the community, the ‘country’, the flag, the military and the Monarchy.

The latter five of these, the external cradle-to-grave programme-conditioned influences it seems, are quite intentionally and indivisibly bonded by the emotional glue that holds it all together; via a single ‘British-identity entity’ that houses a symbiotic, patriotic association and charitable-giving conditioning and whereby criticism of any one single element, has been by both classical and operant conditioning trained to be perceived as a slight on all things ‘British’.

This is why they, the British Establishment elite also furtively ‘attack’ these same British belief-systems themselves from within, to #Agitate the masses – principally – #WorkingClassWhiteMen – who are the key to controlling and owning the streets, under the guise of leftist political correctness ‘gone mad’…

A Machiavellian State Symphony

“Hatred is gained as much by good works as by evil”. ~ Machiavelli

They have inter-generationally honed their skills and ability to use the associated empathy-emotions against us in a number of ways by both negative and positive reinforcement.

They manage this with ease because inter-generational patriotic-TV and war-nostalgia film conditioning in adulthood is merely the inter-generational extension of the State-school conditioning taught in childhood.

Collectively this ‘confirms’ who we are, where our loyalties, safety and security lays; in the (superficial-exterior) charitable-benevolence of the British identity which also extols the virtues of class, culture and religious diversity but which were always needed by the Establishment to provide the pretexts for malevolence; for the Machiavellian vehicle ‘interventions’ – at home and abroad.

These interventions were always intended to keep the masses perpetually, prejudicially divided from each other; to mistrust, to be suspicious and thereby too, keep us separated just as the emotional TV-contagion does from our logical-thought and decision-making processes, as the elite-estate agitate and segregate society at large with our skin-deep racial, physiological gender and cultural-religious clothing differences – whilst concurrently keeping us all ‘united’ in one identity they gave all of us – ‘Britishness’ – as they move us towards a militarised State.

However, being the exceptional gaslighters they are, at a time of their choosing, perhaps as a post-Brexit mass civil-unrest healing process; or to manage another national act of self-harm or State-symbolic incident; to make a declaration of false-flag war; the elite-estate – the narcissistic ‘parents’ – steeping themselves in victimhood, will feign a nation needing to come together, to manifest – with the blessing of the populous – in militarised form. This is how fascism succeeds.

After which all bets are off for anything less than than a ‘One-Nation’ Britain by ‘national emergency’ & British ‘security’ interests; moving from the current blue & red #PerfectDictatorship, to a perpetual, single-Party, #TheParty, all in the so-called name of family, community and national unity, of British ‘values’ and of course to pull together in the name of ‘democracy’. This is fascism.

Negative Reinforcement

And this is where negative reinforcement produces a brilliantly devious and energised contagious misdirection, designed to agitate and stir a defensive ‘bunker’ mentality bringing angry, confused vocalised numbers to the rescue cause of the belief-system being ‘attacked’ – amplified of course, by a ‘sympathetic objective’ media.

Upon Marine A’s release, author Dick Francis said “Something stank” and IHAT soldiers for example being ‘attacked’ in the name of so-called ‘political correctness’ become by association-conditioning extension; to be perceived as an attack on common-sense, the flag and the Realm.

As such, those actually instigating these actions with “sensitive information” Machiavellian stealth funding behind the scenes, serve to strengthen the very same elitist-estate structures – through these external targeted groups – white working-middle class males – who’ve been manipulated; with individuals involved either physically imprisoned (Marine A) and/or psychologically imprisoned (IHAT and NI soldiers).

‘Positive’ Reinforcement

“A really efficient totalitarian State would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced because they love their servitude” – Aldous Huxley 1894-1963

However this will deal largely with positive reinforcement through hyper-emotionalised, concentrated TV charity programming in order to mass-manipulate our genuine altruistic natures’ and thereby irrationalise, amplify and harness our mass cognitive-dissonance thoughts, emotions and behaviours to arrive at the same Machiavellian strengthening of the elitist-estate structures – with our hive-mind blessing – that preserves their patronage and global-military power. And the masses will love them – and themselves – for it.

And so like junkies needing a fix of smack or prison-spice in a polluted inner-city shit-hole, the elitist ‘pushers’ of the cycle of human misery are all too happy to maintain their steady supply of emotional-rollercoaster escapism.

It’s gaslighting on a mass-industrial scale – because it seems the less we have for ourselves, the more we crave to compensate, by seeking purposeful meaning outwith ourselves.

Yes, charity can be good for the soul but it can cause us to lose it, to become corrupted by it when it’s in TV prestige-presented, corporatized-government contagion form, another period of which we are just about to head into once again with Poppy Remembrance and with Children In Need against a timely nostalgia-invoking backdrop glut of corporate-Christmas TV ads. Timing is indeed everything

And the elite know it because they know us better than we know our-too-trusting-selves.

Mainstream TV ‘news’ and much of its celebrity-driven emotional-misdirection ‘entertainment’, is weaponised-epitomised by the charity-contagion that has been made a psychological warfare weapon.

Pure and simple.

Ask yourself, these charitable causes, other than grow exponentially in poverty-proportion to the increasingly TV instilled sense of ‘British values’; of our belief-systems; children; family; community; our Armed Forces etc. – what have they actually resolved to change for the better by eradicating altogether – or even remotely mitigating – the very need for these charities themselves?

How have we allowed ourselves to forever-never hold the State to account for forever hobbling our children’s education? For forever hobbling our soldiers rehabilitation? Hobbling these strongly held ‘belief-systems’?

More importantly, why haven’t we ever done anything about it?

Because we were conditioned in childhood to love, to trust our narcissistic parent and have become cyclically entranced by ‘It’; by the normalised weaponisation of the things we love, with our ‘parent’ having broken them in the first place.

Perhaps we also haven’t done anything to change it because there’s an underlying unacknowledged guilt? Maybe we’ve become accustomed to displace our culpability as a population for forever-never ourselves, getting to the source of why the human misery never stops; too comfortable; too compliant; too acquiescent – too selfish – to shoulder the burden of the evil we all agreed to by our superior-State-servitude inaction?

“The most powerful form of lie is the omission” – George Orwell 1903-1950

People will say they simply didn’t know and they’ll shirk any responsibility. But no-one of any good-conscience should need the TV ‘news’ to cyclically-repeat to them what is ‘truth’ and what isn’t. Not in the age of the internet. There’s no excuse anymore.

If we make it through the first two decades of the 21st Century, it’ll record a time when ignorance truly became an uninformed choice; because truth came a poor second to nostalgic-patriotic, emotionally-empowering TV-truth-by-propaganda-proxy; ‘news‘ and ‘entertainment‘.

Many of those that refuse to see outside of a TV screen or a xenophobic misogynist newspaper for their ‘truth’, aren’t remotely interested in truth; they’re Palindrome Parrots merely echoing the State broadcast conditioning, preening themselves in the prejudiced reflection of their caged mirror; they don’t care what’s truth – they’ve already ‘chosen’.

This is why TV-charity contagion – the Remembrance Poppy included – has been weaponised as a key-component of a wider military recruitment campaign because we’ve become swept up in the emotional-maelstrom that allows us to feel a part of the superior-State in our servitude and which with it, brings an altogether sinister meaning to ‘Poppy Fascism’.

And this is what makes ‘TV charity’ the untouchable, social-conformity herd, State-gaslight weapon of choice upon which, the elites are building their new war-machine by tapping into the genuine altruistic nature of good, decent people who will themselves, despite the evidence – permit themselves to stay in the pyrrhic-safety of the herd, rewriting the reality happening in front of them.

They will howl derision at anyone outside the innate herd, yet every year love the British ‘Corpolitique’s patriotic currency’ because they allow us to demonstrate how brilliantly British we all are by text-donation denominations of £10’s and £20’s, pitching-in to their own downfall on the human misery-go-round.

They permit us to forever-never repair the damage caused by their Military Intelligence Media misdirection; love-bombs for the UK public laden with poverty, hunger and homelessness at home and for abroad; directed live-bombs laden with UK State High Explosives that result in murdered children, broken men and women; innocent civilians and British soldiers and their families, left to pick up the pieces of their lost limbs and minds.

You’ll need to forgive me for refusing to let you continue overlook the innocents murdered by the British State at home; the ones who had the misfortune to be deemed ‘substandard’ human beings in the eyes of the UK media and who’ve invisibly stressed, starved and been silenced to death by eugenics design, by benefit sanction; with death-sentences imposed via joint-venture, by decree of the UK State and corporate-partner sponsored euthanasia of the 21st Century UK domestic ‘Untermensch’; the disabled.

You’ll need to forgive me for refusing to let you continue overlook innocents murdered by the British State abroad; the ones who had the misfortune to be deemed ‘substandard’ human beings in the eyes of the UK media and who’ve been invisibly strafed, starved and silenced to death by fascist design, by bomb and bullet; with death-sentences imposed via joint-venture, by decree of the UK State and corporate-partner military-ordinance euthanasia of the 21st Century foreign ‘Untermensch’; innocent Muslims.

Because it seems to me, as an ex-British soldier but also a humanitarian, trying to get through to ‘decent patriots’ by citing the plight of innocents murdered by the British State, simply doesn’t work – because by deliberate media omission, there doesn’t appear to be any emotional connection for their human rights, for what has been done to these groups in democracy’s name – in our name.

Austerity – Financial Apartheid Propaganda

“The most effective way to destroy a people, is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history” – George Orwell 1903-1950

Many opponents of austerity claim it’s failed but it’s just a matter of perspective; if you look at it as the ‘legitimising’ propaganda for economic-opportunity apartheid, designed to steal the futures of we acquiescent masses in preparation to steer the young – principally boys – towards the service of the State and for a post-Brexit, American-style privatised-profit #PrisonMilitaryIndustrialComplex estate – well then, it’s worked an absolute treat.

‘Legitimising’ socioeconomic-apartheid with words like ‘austerity’ – do indeed “build bridges into unexplored regions”,just as the word ‘offshore’ builds bridges into tax havens but we’ve become numbed to accept and trust the status quo, to our own individual, group and community detrimental needs, we ‘proudly’ become compelled to do the work of the State – of the elites – whom we incentivise – in one of the richest economies in the world much of which is funnelled to British Overseas Territories tax-havens.

We’ve actually become morally and financially accustomed to proudly take up the responsibility slack, for everything the elite deprive us of; from funding food banks to filling and manning their intrinsically interwoven trenches for oil-wars.

Man-made financial catastrophes – whether via the Versailles Treaty or the ‘timely’ US global-bank crash and 1930’s Depression are directly linked to the human-existential toxic-corruption we know as war.

The most recent global bank crash was of course in 2008 leading to ‘austerity’ for which many in UK have unnecessarily suffered, especially the disabled and those with mental-health issues.

But the real targets in 2008 weren’t those who have suffered – and have died by UK State-sponsored euthanasia – to date; the real targets were the preadolescents and maturing adolescents boys of the day, who are now teenagers and young adults; young men of fighting age – whose financial, economic-opportunities have been smothered in the cradle but for whom now, deprivation is ‘normal’ as the ‘love’ of a narcissistic parent…

…And so they are far more susceptible now, to seeking their meaning and purpose in something; anything – even dishing out death; ‘legitimised’, organised murder on behalf of democratically elected ‘Government’.

And that is why against the backdrop of an official MoD recruitment drive, and the part-privatised, wholly weaponised WWI Commemorations which have become merged with WWII propaganda remakes and reinventions steeped in stoical, militarised victimhood, there is also a wholesale-State subliminal psychological and physiological ‘push and pull’ military-channelling recruitment campaign – on a global western scale.

“He had won the war over himself. He loved Big Brother”. Orwell, ‘1984’

This epoch of British patriotism that we are now enveloped within is no accident. It has also coincided over the last couple of years with the online ‘Poppy Police’ whom I suspect might have something to do with 77th Brigade – the former 15 (UK) PSYOPS Gp Military Intelligence unit, trained by and the joint brainchild of the same online ‘human behavioural specialists’ Cambridge Analytica, that were behind the Brexit vote; with high-tech voter targeted algorithms and a tsunami of low-tech crap actor Fakebook pages who’s work is to inject emotions – any emotions – as an extension of your TV-media, just so long as they too play a role in sealing the population with the subliminal Dark Triad Agenda’s mass cognitive-dissonance and depression effect, set against an invisible-backdrop hum of feel-good nostalgia; all ultimately – to keep us from engaging logical thought processes.

Which is also why Brexit vote just so happened to be timed to be smack-bang in the middle of the WWI ‘Commemorations’ which themselves has mission-creeped to coincide with a tsunami-Hollywood wave of nostalgic British cult-classic film remakes and jingoistic-Churchillian WWII wartime propaganda reinventions…

…just as a Hollywood-Westminster misogynist sex-pest scandal is exposed by the media – which has been endemic since forever in these unchecked institutions and was reported to Theresa May in 2015 and before that in 2014 when she was Home Secretary but did nothing about it because timing is everything; which is why she had been busying herself destroying the police in England and Wales in order to provide the ‘Corpolitique’ pretext – as Prime Minister to drip-feed deploy British soldiers onto the streets post-Brexit. That’s the entire point of Brexit.

And that’s the whole point of the ‘Military Intelligence Media’ narrative; the usual suspects are both direct and subliminal about what might occur should hard Brexit not be delivered, but listen to the generic hum – particularly by those commentators who have their own shows across all channels – who claim to be objective or even of having been against leaving the EU; but still subliminally insert the pro-Brexit exit message – in the name of the British people…

Back To The Future

“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance”. – George Orwell 1903-1950

And that’s why it’s a ‘substantial’ war that is needed by the elites not only to secure global resources but to ideologically redefine their relationship with the domestic masses, by pressing a societal ‘reset button’ that lowers our expectations in life yet reinforces our subservient, militarised-deferential view of them as they realign and reinforce State ‘historical’ indoctrination for the next generation of ‘Future Soldier’ – as the little girls t-shirt states…

…as they did for the Baby Boomers and GenX (the parents of teenagers of a 1980’s inter-generational ‘crossover’ decade) by omitting the Imperial oil-glutton causes of The Great War and conditioning them to define themselves and invest their ‘heroic-stoic script’ identity housed in WWII – largely through film propaganda – in order to see but most importantly – feel – who they are in the eyes of each other and the world.

Which is precisely why we’re being subliminally bombarded with concentrations of WWII film-remake reinventions against a wider backdrop of 1980’s nostalgia-invoking references via multi-media type platforms, stage-supported either side by the ‘70’s and 90’s – to induce a mass hypnotic-psychosis feel-good factor of ‘better British times’.

All mass-psychosis trance to distract us from what they’re in the process of doing.
But we only have to look at prime-time TV ‘perfect-community’ propaganda programming for ‘Huxley’s Heroes’ on the BBC and corporate commercial ads – especially ads by the banks – to subliminally absorb the life they want us to believe is around the corner.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. Sun Tzu

But it’s all just the emotionalised illusion of the very single-most thing they’re in the process of stealing from every single one of us; our dignity – which we casually trade-off for temporary bouts of hyper-emotionalised, destructively empty-empowerment but which results in a lasting gaslight-psychosis paradox; to deliver a #PatrioticPoverty population who love their morally-just, generous servitude.

In the mainstream media and social-media, there are a number of quite deliberate ‘Trojan Champions’ whose raison-detre is public-emotionalising misdirection. I’d like to think that the British Armed Forces have inadvertently fallen-foul of mission-creep which has seen the most powerful, yet humbling symbol of reflective poppy Remembrance become tarnished by emotionalised patriotism.

Few initiatives have been more effective achieving this, perhaps inadvertently, than emotionalised, hedge-fund business sponsor behind the Weaponised Waterfalls…

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it”. Edward Bernays (1928)

…but then we are dealing with the highly cynical Whitehall MoD.

These highly publicised, media-amplified initiatives to help ex-soldiers are actually doing anything but.

They have patriotically-penetrated into the very psyche of a grateful and proud general public – like the #MeTooMatrix – to purchase a piece of publicly-displayable gratitude but which simultaneously has unsuspectingly, been bathed in recurrent-cyclical, concentric-layers of ‘parental-political’ domestic-abuse.

We’ve arrived at a crossroads.

A junction in the perpetuation of a now Poppy-driven military-political weapon to abuse the goodwill of the masses, many of whom from the pre-match terraces have their whole lives played their solemn walk on part in the war with the Last Post and a minute silence. How many more wars?

How many more lives on the battlefield and on the terraces must we do this?

Many, many more it seems.

Because the previously understated sombre sorrow spectacle has been usurped. Collective groups of individuals coming together in respectful reflect has become imperceptibly infiltrated – perhaps indefinitely – by a media driven glorification-demonstration of national pride. We live in dangerous times.

In the end – and there will be an end – by feeding their habit in the form of ‘Our Boys’ as soldiers, they’ll take us down with them like a panic-stricken person drowning.

Only with the parents being so powerfully-addicted narcissists, they’ll save a last breath for themselves just to stay afloat whilst they watch us – the ‘children’– drown before they do…

…Then and only then, might that be enough for them.

But we’re already drowning; in a media-led manipulated post-Brexit British patriotism that has been extended from the pre-planned food produce propaganda, on stealth-serendipitous supermarket isles to the British Isles EU negotiation strategy…

But because the British establishment elite provides the population with their tragedy-charity gaslight gift that keeps on giving; a cyclical, emotional and therefore irrationalised mass-consent to perpetuate human misery in the form of poverty, homelessness, prison and war, it results in the profiteering ‘spoils’ of war for the elite and in the cold hard corpses of the working classes. And we live, die, repeat love them for it.

“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion”. Albert Einstein

As such, we need to break the gaslight-cycle of our own human-misery driven self-destruction; acquiescent societal suicide – by manipulated militarised pride.

“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini.

#NarcissistFascist characteristics…

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © 2017 but is free to share as a public service.

Trump & Brexit: The ‘Dark Triad’ Model for a Global-Fascist Contagion

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017)

“It takes only six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis, after which, with a violent change of power, structure and economy, you have the period of ‘normalisation’ which may last indefinitely. ‘Normalisation’ is a cynical expression borrowed from Soviet propaganda”. Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB PsyOps Specialist (defector speaking here in 1984)

Synopsis: In Britain ‘austerity’ was the #ToryAnalytica propaganda branding to drive and pretext-normalise poverty in order to choke-off economic opportunities and choices for society at large but specifically to target young men. It was to ‘coincide’ with a patriotic Brexit that was to be delivered via a seemingly ‘unconnected’ act of war by Iran in July 2017, military recruitment for which was (is) being driven by a methodology that was twice-precedented in the 20th Century. And combined were to form a lethal global-concoction to create a vengeful, seething-mass of white-male ‘volunteers’ via a “heroic” cannon-fodder conveyor-belt contagion, cattle-steered by ‘push and pull’ psychosocial-engineering; channelled onto the battlefield and into a war which would also be used to reset global domestic societies – forever – many of whom would find themselves requiring United States military and financial ‘assistance‘…

The war waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society intact”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

UK ‘PLC’ is being asset-stripped by #ToryAnalytica – aka ‘The Party’ – prior to their crisis-capitalist fascist trigger, by PlanB #BrexitCoup catastrophe for the subsequent engineered socioeconomic meltdown of UK – ready to handover as #AirstripOne – to their own #TrumpPutin Presidency & US/UK (& Russian) elite-estate hedge funds and corporates…

Top White House official in charge of pandemic response exits abruptly’. Washington Post, 10th May 2018

…the pretext cover for which Boris Johnson himself has just called for with a trademark ‘quirky’ statement – but which has symbolic meaning hidden in plain view via a panicked, cryptic ‘SOS’ scripture wholly synonymous with ‘plague‘...

“Symbolism is the language of the mysteries. By symbols men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the limitations of language”. Manly Hall

Video recorded on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of my going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy (& three other agencies) in 2017, of the imminent arrival of US/UK led global fascism.

“We’re going to take out seven countries in five years; starting with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally finishing with IRAN” General Wesley Clark (citing a 2001 US DoD memo during this 2007 interview).

In ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (free download) I called it ‘The Dark Triad’ – my model for fascism [page88]; a truly global contagion taking place housed in the psychology-profession recognised Machiavellian, psychopathy & narcissistic characteristic-traits; the perfect trifecta for pure evil…

As a non-academic, council house, State school indoctrinated kid and ex-Squaddie male survivor of psychological, emotional (and financial) #DomesticAbuse, who’d unwittingly become hypersensitised to gaslighting abuse during a ‘relationship’ in 2015, I became compelled to develop ‘The Dark Triad’ model after being bizarrely ‘jolted’ on 12th September 2016….

From that day I began monitoring the UK mainstream media for cyclical-repetitive narratives & themes, many subliminal, all of which were reflected across social media as our unquestionable ‘truths’, some of which, were dovetailed with UK Government – and beyond – legislation and policies to push via three seemingly unrelated, but entirely (Venn) connected ideological propaganda initiatives; Austerity, Brexit & The Istanbul Convention;

“Invading Iran, taking it over and then coercing it into becoming a different sort of country would take a million men”. Fmr Royal Navy First Sea Lord, Admiral West – 20th May 2019

‘Suddenly producing a large white feather, she jabbed it into his waistcoat. And in another tone, fierce and scornful she added:… “You coward! Why don’t you enlist?”

(To give Admiral West’s “million men” assumption some context, at the height of the Vietnam War the US had just over half a million men in theatre).

You’ll be familiar with Austerity & Brexit however the third one ‘The Istanbul Convention’ is a WWI British Imperial ‘White Feather Women‘ and WWII Nazi precedentedRampant Sexism‘ upgrade, sealed in a 1%-owned global-communications ‘pseudo-reality‘ fit for the 21st Century, that you’ll know better by the conscious, overt propaganda #GenderAgenda divide and rule brand it became in October 2017 called #MeToo – or as I call it, the #MeTooMatrix.

“The most powerful form of lie is the omission”. Orwell.

Because given that a full third, yes @1inthree of overall #DomesticAbuse victims in UK (here) and Australia (here) and broadly speaking too across the US, Canada, New Zealand & Ireland are men, who are also currently 2-3x less likely to report their abuse than their female victim counterparts, this means there’s far more than the current invisible third. And this omission of male victims is a pivotal propaganda element for the mass-emasculation of men – as a precedented, military recruitment tool.

And so the cold, stark truth is that the wholly ideological #DuluthDoctrine #MeTooMatrix has no more basis in evidenced facts, than Iraq WMD did.

Yet both have been delivered into our living rooms by the very same propaganda machine, for the very same purposes; for war and the acquisition of oil, wealth and power. Pure power.

You see, what I’d been ‘jolted’ by just over a year earlier in September 2016 before the conscious #MeToo campaign became a ‘thing’, was its subliminal propaganda forerunner; the perfect, invisible propaganda that we’re not simply just meant to see and hear; but subconsciously absorb and to feel it’s fake ’empowerment’ as ‘truth’; as foreboding music.

‘The #MeToo Truth of Nr5 #RampantSexism’ (2020)

Because we don’t see music, we hear and most certainly feel it, which is how I try to encourage others to process the very presence of ‘The Dark Triad’ in our so-called free and informative ‘news’ and ‘current affairs’ media, who are actually manipulating our emotions in order to drive our precedented, predictable behavioural outcomes.

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for [wo]men to live without breaking laws. [Misogynistic Hate Crime/#DomesticAbuse & LGBTQ pronouns/’mis-gendering’ etc] Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What is there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed or enforced or objectively interpreted – and then you can create a nation of lawbreakers – and then you cash in on the guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with”. Ayn Rand, ‘Atlas Shrugged’.

It’s also how I try to get people to acknowledge that the current fascism we’re experiencing hasn’t come about by accidental chaos but has been delivered in the same updated way it was in Nazi Germany – by both Government and media-projected ‘narcissistic neuroscience’ propaganda design; a truly #GlobalFascism led by a furtive fascist US, UK & Russian #TripartitePact #OilOligarchy elite-estate

…each with a vested interest in maintaining global-power position and population control but just as crucially, using each other via mainstream media Cold War stereotyping – to begin an Orwellian-war centred on the Middle East for a three-way elite-estate carve-up of its oil-spoils, by sending the working masses to slaughter each other on battlefields in order to simultaneously maintain each respective domestic hierarchy.

In UK, the three inseparable ideological initiatives housed in Austerity, Brexit & The Istanbul Convention – #MeToo – combine and serve to drive the unseen but heard and most definitely felt fascist ‘Dark Triad’ design; to drive the mass deprivation of dignity, to induce mass depression but simultaneously provide the populace with a ‘superiority-persecution complex’; an inveterate victimhood-steeped patriotic forever-fever in order to manipulate and own our predictable emotional and therefore irrational-behavioural responses; to drive mass contagion; by forever gaslighting entire populations by all manner of ALL identity-politics demographics – but principally the demonisation and dehumanisation of white working class heterosexual males – to;

#Invalidate (by identity-demographics)

#Emasculate (individual/organisational)

#Isolate (within individual & mass hive-mind)

#Agitate (attack belief-systems & seed suspicion & division)

#Segregate (signposting minorities)

#Amalgamate (via ‘patriotic’ victimhood & ‘community nation’ propaganda).

(The ‘Amalgamate‘ element of my ‘Dark Triad’ Venn design has been delivered through decades-long, ‘normalisationof mediacelebrity corporatisedcharity‘ and more recently, through media-corporatised militarycharity‘ drives, occasionally both, such as hybrid Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins Stand Up to Cancer emotionalism-propaganda.

This has manipulated an as yet unacknowledged British ethno-nationalism; it’s purpose has been to #Emotionalise > #Irrationalise > #Patriotise > #Weaponise > #Militarise > #Mobilise the population, in preplanned preparation for a Gulf of Tonkin type incident or Reichstag trigger).

All for the drill-down division of societies – especially by #GenderAgenda – to create two opposing sides of everything identity and drive suspicion of the ‘other’, by manipulating, then undermining and attacking individual, organisational & western-traditional societal belief-systems, to target most notably the traditional family unit by seeding fragmentation through joint economic, judicial, legislative, policy and media drives…

…that have elevated and empowered women beyond the law, beyond human rights, beyond humanity and which through the long-established secret ‘Family’ Courts and corrupt UK CPS system has already, irretrievably, delivered the imperceptible destabilisation of an entire generation of children, who now as young adults, will go onto have children whom themselves will likely maintain a cycle of familial, fatherless, societal destruction.

This has been fomenting a white-male backlash against minorities by bringing the global ‘Anglosphere’ societies; the US, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (as well as English-speaking Ireland & India) to the verge of a mass nervous breakdown; a socioeconomic and political meltdown driving a gaslight revolution that was being set up, simply to be put back down and which upon a militarising, mobilisation trigger – for the wider war centred on oil-rich Iran – will attempt to bring about its precedented global gold-standard, crisis-capitalist fascist agenda…

The trigger, which I’ll cover in depth shortly, would (have) provide(d) not only the #ToryAnalytica #BrexitCoup COBRA Cabinet with their planned #AirstripOne pretext for military deployment on mainland Britain – but also militarise the very same (failing) coup d’etat #TrumpRussia Presidency in the US, enabling his fascist administration and the respective ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence community ‘Governments’ and their global mainstream #WhiteFeatherMedia outlets, to ride to our ‘rescue’, playing the dual-role of arsonist and firefighter.

Frightened and believing themselves to be under ‘attack’ an already induced mass depression and cowering UK population would be handed their patriotic purpose on plate and would predictably, turn back to very same gaslighting Government source for their safety and salvation, gratefully acquiescing to so-called ‘National Emergency & Security’ legislation being passed.

Had it gone to plan, Theresa May was to have resigned after her ‘unnecessary’ and ‘poor’ 2017 stink-pit policy laden General Election results. An ‘election’ that was itself designed to sustain the agitation of the population in general as well as form part of the pretext to install Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who with Churchillian ‘stoic’-victimhood theatre would introduce ‘Emergency‘ legislation to incorporate #ToryAnalytica’s premeditated planned ‘request’ of their own coup d’etat #TrumpPutin puppet-Presidency, for US troops be ‘invited’ onto Britain’s (& eventually Ireland’s) streets, not as the mere Orwell-predicted #AirstripOne launchpad (to Iran) but to ‘Special Relationship’ propaganda and theatrical hand-hold assist…

…the already gaslight-depleted and demoralised UK police and military in population ‘control’.

This itself – all part of the ‘Dark Triad’ engineering – would be alleviated and aided with the legislative-introduction too of a ‘patriotic’, ‘National Service’ conscription to afford deliberately State engineered ‘meaning’ to aimless, fatherless, homeless young men leading ‘pointless’, suicidal lives, as ‘socioeconomic-conveyor-belt-recycled-battlefield-cannon-fodder’ already being psychosocially-steered as cattle by the WWII Nazi recycled ‘Rampant Sexism’ guilt-shamed #MeTooMatrix military-recruitment channelling…

…and before that Imperial Britain’s WWI #WhiteFeatherMedia precedented #FakeGenderWar, (still trying to) channel young “toxic masculinity” and ‘PreCrime’ sex-pest men as “brave, heroic” ‘volunteers’ to their respective Armed Forces – for Act III.

But it doesn’t end there. Cycles never end. They’re simply made to ‘re-feed‘ into further perfectly refined, profiteering concentration camps of the purest form of capitalism; militarised capitalismaka fascism – patriotically enveloped within a #PrisonMilitaryIndustrialComplex;

…aboard the wider #HumanMiseryGoRound;

…within the “perfect dictatorship”.

“The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of a democracy, but would basically be a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not even dream of escaping. It would essentially be a system of slavery where, through consumption and entertainment, the slaves would love their servitudes”. Aldous Huxley

You see through this journey of #GaslightingGilligan, I’ve come to understand that the 20th century wars instigated by Western European powers – and US corporates have never been about the genuine defence of democracy and territories but has always been setting the stage for this point in ‘history’. These wars and specifically World War, have been the stoic-victimhood steeped pretext to acquire others natural resources by force; by and seizing and manufacturing opportunities to reset societies domestically

…to break them then “put them back together again in shapes of your own choosing” (Orwell) via a sort of militarised Basic Training for the masses via Empire and;

Fascism, steeped in pathological hypocrisy, superiority entitlement & inveterate victimhood, is the group-characteristic extension of narcissism and is the Machiavellian-patriotic, militarised business model extension of joint Government & corporate engineered crisis-capitalism‘. – ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’

Such is the gaslighting #DarkTriad design, if these young men, many made fatherless by the State (via wars and legislation) and yearning for male role-models, if they fail to take the #MaslowsMartyrs uniform bait, or make the military grade, they’re actually also being broadcast-propaganda sold where their potential futures lay; by tapping into their darkest fears in a place which for some will be made legislatively inescapable but where many, will reluctantly seek out their brothers and belonging – in gangs and prisons, that have already come subliminally preloaded with gaslight-suggestion in militaristic messaging in the imperceptible, propagandist, patriotic #PrisonMilitaryIndustrialComplex.

Whether soldier or slave labour; whether a prisoner of the mind by preadolescent implanted patriotism in a military uniform serving the State, or a prisoner of gaslighting stitch-up legislation and its trapdoor fifty-feet walls servicing the profits of the elite-estate – all men cease to be a threat in any significant and cohesive numbers to disrupt, never mind topple the existing hierarchical order in the impending Orwellian #AirstripOne, ‘owned’ by the transatlantic ‘Corpolitique‘ whose ideology is so perfectly matched to their narcissistic characteristic trait;

The East India Company flag (1801)

But back to ‘reality’ right? So what was and what happened to the trigger? What’s happened the militarisation of Brexit and mobilisation of armies for another global oil war?

Firstly, my rationale for what the trigger was; I called it ‘#OpFukuglaschu’ – the deliberate false flag sinking of one of our own Trident nuclear submarines, to be blamed on Iran via the WannaCry virus global IT ‘attack’ on the NHS Window XP Operating System – the exact same as Tridents…

“Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. And we still connect people”. Andrew Bosworth, Facebook VP – 18th June 2016 (via @CaroleCadwalla)

The sinking was to ‘make a Titanic success of Brexit‘ (get it?) That’s The #DarkTriad characteristic ‘sense-of-humour & gaslight-symbolism waving its knowledge and power in our faces…

…which was to be delivered during an ‘Apocalypse’ power-symbolism recreation of the 1914 ‘July Crisis’ – in July 2017 – all of which I was able to ‘read’ was coming, to ‘predict’, simply by monitoring cyclical-repetition narratives, one of which I’d identified as nuclear narrativesthat were ‘manufacturing consent‘ (Chomsky) and generic military grade misdirection andchatter‘.

Secondly, because I saw ‘It’ coming – both in the propaganda-chatter and in historical precedence, I went to Berlin and on Sunday 25th June 2017, being somewhat slightly panicked, convinced two German policemen to escort me into a Bundes Government building and demanded to speak with the Irish Embassy, which I did – as detailed here…

And it’s in that action which provides the explanation, however surreal, for the Brexit negotiations debacle’, the ‘unforeseen’ Irish Border question and general ‘incompetence’; it isn’t.

It’s a failing coup d’etat plan that was catastrophically interrupted in Berlin that day but for which its PlanB, which we’re already being psychologically softened-up for, by unrelated‘, ‘inevitability narratives, will, in order its backers avoid life in prison – or worse – be on a similar size and scale as ‘The Dark Triad’ itself.

So, expect something global, something epochal – something for which I interpret has already, like a Sunday Times ‘Cold War’ crossword clue; like Theresa #GroundhogMay’s 2017 “Nothing has changed” mainstream media carried ‘blunderbuss-backchannel’ messaging, been very publicly delivered and given the green-light via a UK Cabinet Minister symbolically telegraphed ‘speech’.

A speech which like Boris Johnson’s most recent self-serving power-symbolism missive, is synonymous with plague It is time for the PM to channel the spirit of Moses in Exodus and say to the Pharaoh [in Brussels] ‘Let my people go!”, with Sajid Javid’s scripted-clue rather less theatrical via the pretext cover of “serious violence” to be treated like “the outbreak of some virulent disease” – the symbolic SOS signals sent to the wider fascist-coup cabal.

And whereby those best equipped and resourced to survive an “outbreak of some virulent diseasei.e. the 1% – will do so and as ever, (attempt to) subsequently write its ‘inexplicable’, ‘murky’ and largely untaught history in order to maintain control over what will be a significantly-culled childlike global-population – just as we remain so childlike today…

…and which is why in ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’, the adults are the ‘children’ and the children are ‘childlings’…

“Few people have the imagination for reality”. Goethe

“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini.

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction‘ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright © 2017 but is a *free*-to-share PDF download here. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿

Twitter: @GasGilligan

Trump & Brexit ‘Masters of The Universe’ Secret Weapon – ‘Saint’ #RapeClauseRuth

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in shapes of your own choosing”. Orwell.

For those of you who are familiar with my #GaslightingGilligan interpretations, this will probably make more sense to you than for those that aren’t. If you’re new – strap yourselves in…

The current outlandish, even surreal BBC/MSM drip-fed propaganda pieces stating how new Mother (Mary!) and Messiah-like Ruth Davidson is set to become First Minister of Scotland and the Tories to make electoral gains in 2020/21, is part of an ongoing, predetermined information war campaign…

…just as is the twice precedented #MeTooMatrix military recruitment campaign (which has no more basis in available facts than non-existent Iraq WMD) continues, despite the wider global-Anglosphere elites’ failure to trigger ‘It‘ – a truly #GlobalFascism militarisation agenda;

You see, had some ‘lunatic’ not been jolted into reality by the precedented ‘Rampant Sexism‘ #GenderAgenda campaign during September 2016, by the subliminal, psychological softening-up forerunner to the overt campaign it eventually became in October 2017, to then write ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’, to ‘predict‘ and pre-emptively take his subsequently developed ‘#DarkTriad’ model for fascism (below) to Berlin to warn the German State Bundes Polizie and the Irish Embassy (amongst others) on 25th June 2017, then the original #ToryAnalytica plan, was to have militarised both the #TrumpRussia Presidency & the very same failing #BrexitCoup d’etat, on the back of the emotionalising, harrowing, nervous-energy contagion that was made to sweep across UK via a series of 2017 ‘Springtime terrors’…

…including the “How is that possible?” Grenfell Tower fire and a toxic #ToryAnalytica stink-pit policy-laden snap General Election, which was building-up a simmering, seething pressure amongst the population to precede and coincide with Boris Johnson’s “Titanic success” power-symbolic clue, to #ToryAnalytica’s triggered exit strategy, from the ruse that was Brexit ‘negotiations’.

That trigger was to have been what I called ‘#OpFukuglaschu’; the self-inflicted sinking of a Trident submarine in Glasgow’s Clyde Estuary, via the WannaCry virus global IT ‘attack‘.

It would be an ‘attack’ gaslight-sold to the world as the sameattack’ that took place on the NHS outdated Windows XP Operating System in May 2017 for which a preplanned ‘inevitability narrative’ – a similar propaganda principle to manufacturing consent‘ (Chomsky) was building-up a subliminal, subconscious picture via a joint UK Govt & MSM drip-fed psychological softening-up of the UK population, for well, an inevitability that was to have delivered the Brexit referendum result, to make a Titanic success of Brexit” – by sending a Trident submarine and crew – whose boat too ran on the same outdated Windows XP OS – to the bottom of The Clyde.

And the very same ‘attack‘ that about a year beforehand, a #ToryAnalytica Facebook executive, just like Boris Johnson and Liam “#Empire2.0” Fox, couldn’t help himself with some power-symbolism showboating;

“Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. And we still connect people”. Andrew Bosworth – Facebook VP, 18th June 2016.

That “tool” was a Trident submarine.

It was to have been a powerful-symbolic recreation of the 1914 ‘July Crisis’ and the perfect trifecta pretext plan to #Amalgamate militarise Brexit on mainland Britain, which in in September 2018 was eventually revealed to have been titled #OpYellowhammer, that would put down its own vastly more substantive ‘UK Yellow Vest’ movement.

Just part of the pretext to usher in a perfect dictatorship which over the longer-term, with the militarised police and mobilised British Armed Forces all too having been gaslight set-up to fail through lack of funding etc, now flagging under the pressure of policing a failing State, Emergency Legislation would be passed in Parliament to take up the ‘kind offer’ from the Trump administration; to deploy US troops (& Blackwater – who I strongly suspect are already here) on mainland Britain (& Ireland) to ‘assist’ in #ToryAnalytica’s #AirstripOne colonisation; one such ‘bonus’ being to open up unopposed, a Cuadrilla & INEOS led fracking-fest poisoning of northern England and Scotland’s Central Belt.

(By the way, the yellow colouring in my ‘Dark Triad‘ model & ‘The Corpolitique‘ flag – that I gave to the Berlin Bundes Polizie on 25th June 2017 – are not coincidence; they are not a lucky guess…)

#ToryAnalytica have been gaslighting the population, setting us up, only to put us back down again by a ‘unifying-victimhood’ event that would be blamed on Iran – as was its preparatory psychological softening-up of UK Parliamentarians. All for war. For oil. Obviously. And for power. Pure power. Naturally.

“In the long run a hierarchical society was only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance”. Orwell.

In all the carnage and chaos; in all the #Gleichschaltung overwrite of Scots cultural identity making way for a ‘country’ propaganda-branded ‘Great Britain’; we would be at war, ‘pulling together’ through this ‘patriotic-unifying’ event against a yet another ‘common enemy‘; another oil-laden, Middle Eastern ‘enemy‘ – again.

Not forgetting too, that Scotland’s Independence-supporting ‘separatists’, just as with the State mainstream media’s demonised & dehumanised Muslims, would also be propaganda-State designated enemies of decency and ‘democracy’ in order to ensure that Scotland’s oil and future human and renewable resource wealth revenues, would remain slavishly flowing, forever to ‘The Corpolitique‘ coffers of the Westminster/City of London and The White House/Wall Street elite estate – and their 21st Century, furtive fascist #TripartitePact Russian #OilOligarchy partners…

This all being the Orwell-predicated case, then these entirely media-PR engineered ‘truths’ surrounding the ‘brilliant’, ‘charismatic’, ‘soldier-cum-Saint’ #RapeClauseRuth would make perfect sense as Whitehall’s ‘secret (sycophant!) weapon’; a manufactured figment of their own media-imagination to promote their barely average, patently hypocritical and predictably-scripted poodle in North Britainshire.

And a ‘perfect sense’ too, which would be (is still!) simultaneously writing the British #AirstripOne State ‘history’ in the present, to manipulate and control future generations; as has always been the case for this 300 year old, WWII-centric, corporate-political propaganda construct steeped in ‘stoic-victim’ indoctrination; an inter-generational, cradle-to-grave, Shrodinger ‘superiority-persecution complex’ emotional-behavioural ‘State’ called a ‘Union’, fronted by its arachnoid red, white & blue flag-brand thats eight-legs point to everything ‘It’ believes itself to be perennially entitled…

However, the immediate problem for we pre/adolescent brainwashed working masses up and down this island; this US-vassal 51st State (& Ireland) – is ourselves.

Because not only do we lack the Machiavellian imagination to process such an unthinkable, unimaginable scheme engineered by disaster or Crisis-capitalist ‘Masters of the Universe’, but just as importantly, we’ve been conditioned to lack trust in our own intuition; to dare to ‘back ourselves’ and to piece together any alternative theories outside of the Baby Boomer & GenX spoon-fed British Whig-history by State school toddler & teenager indoctrination, augmented in ‘tabloid-hood’ by the flatscreen universe; cinematic, TV and tablet…

This has had a tortoise-like effect that compels us to immediately retreat into our pyrrhic-comfort zone shell, simply at the mere prospect of being labelled a ‘tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist’; such is the power of projected, isolating-shame being an extremely demeaning, destabilising weapon in the gaslighters and weak-willed herds’ hands…

Instead, we’ve been psychosocially-engineered to maintain our societal trust, our psychological and physical well-being in political-aristocrat ‘reverence’, in screen smiling strangers, in pinstripe suits and posh accents who are in actual fact – according to the evidence – killing us.

But this ‘reverence‘ is the front for a perennially corrupt propaganda-State housed in feudal-driven ambition and ineptitude, as is the Monarchist, ego-feeding honours-system that churns out well-connected sycophant-celebrities for the working masses to follow, which in turn creates its own band of Pied Piper-led no-marks, grateful to be ‘rewarded’ by meaningless letters, by the very ideological system, the very same regime – that’s been gaslighting society, setting us up to fail, destroying families and especially breaking boys in order to feed its war machine – doing so since forever.

I mean when you think about it, really think about it – ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ makes perfect #DarkTriad, three pronged attack, mass military-recruitment sense;

First; the true purpose of ideological deindustrialisation and Austerity propaganda – to deprive dignity, to induce mass depression, to charity-emotionalise and irrationalise to blame the ‘other’, to reset society whilst choking-off economic opportunities – especially for young men;

Second; the ‘Great British’ Brexit referendum that took place under the patriotic, emotional umbrella of WWI Centenary ‘commemorations’, made to deliberately propaganda mission creep into WWII film remakes (spooky right?) to be nostalgically-delivered at the same time as a seemingly unrelated ‘attack’ on a “minor entity in the North of Britain”, that would recruit Scotland’s sons for more cyclical-foreign wars that enrich the elite and the direct result of which, would in irreversible concentrations for a forth time, domestically depopulate these lands;

combined with

Third; a twice 20th Century precedented mass male guilt-shaming; a global Anglosphere #WhiteFeatherMedia mass emasculation #FakeGenderWar campaign to peer pressure these same ‘#MaslowsMartyrs’ starved of their most basic safety, shelter, sex and self-esteem needs – into signing themselves up as proud, ‘heroic-volunteer’ conveyor-belt cannon fodder.And this is why, when #ToryAnalytica finally enact their PlanB (after at least two further failed attempts in Salisbury and Syria) it’ll be on a similar mass contagion scale of that which was originally intended.

The Mercer/Murdoch/Putin/Bannon cabal that runs The Trump White House administration, the Number 10 Downing Street staff and their willing puppet-PM Theresa #GroundhogMay and ‘her‘ #ToryAnalytica team, as well as the COBRA Cabinet pinstriped and frock-wearing fascists – which always included Farage – now have no choice.

They, as a white supremacist Establishment collective, need to create an epochal event, a global chaos-contagion that’ll still change the course of humanity, the environment and history – which they’ll write – in order to not only escape justice but instil such fear in us, the working masses will just shut the fuck up and even turn back to them for our very survival.

In short, they have to end us because they know we’re waking up. And because they know if they don’t – we will end them.

But it’ll be the very lucky ones amongst them that are behind this ‘God-like’ symbolism-loaded venture, that will get to spend the rest of their lives in prison. Because those that don’t – will go the way of all tyrants and divisive, ideological hypocrites who, despite the fascistic evidence, still continue to sell out their country for their own characteristic #NarcissistFascist self-advancement…

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction‘ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright © 2017 but is a *free*-to-share PDF download from here. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿

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