Brexit – A Very British Fascist Coup

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (released from Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Fascism is coming; probably a slimy Anglicized form of Fascism, with cultured policemen instead of Nazi Gorillas and the lion and the unicorn instead of the swastika.” – George Orwell – The Road to Wigan Pier – (1937).

As the attached clip piece demonstrates, clues to British State fascism was already here in the 80’s. Before that, it was set with a corporate-government Crown on top branded ‘Empire’; the fashionable sort of superior-mindset fascism.

But it’s always been with us in the form of UK State didn’t teach or tell us; the deliberate genocidal atrocities followed by the deliberate ‘omission’ from State-funded school/University history; by indoctrination to disguise who they really were.

In doing so they ‘normalised’ the ‘national-security psyche’ to break ‘Commie sympathisers’ through manipulating our reality to gain the phenomenological-foothold that corporate-led Capitalism is King; which they used to manufacture perpetual consent to maintain the domestic war against working classes and conduct foreign wars in oil-rich regions.

In doing so, we gave the British establishment elite permission to conduct the deliberate ideological crippling of financially-viable heavy-industries, which restricted localised economic-employment opportunities for men many of whom with prospects or purpose were then quite deliberately ‘channeled’; economically-conscripted toward the military to go and kill other poor and indoctrinated men, themselves manipulated by power-grasping regimes who stood in the way of the British establishment elites oil-potential interests.
But the England-centric ‘UK’ populous mindset through schooling in childhood then media propaganda entertainment in adulthood has been drifted from the ‘glory of Empire’ to imperceptibly sleepwalk into its dovetailed, “invisible propaganda” (Goebbels) bed-partner of fascism disguised as patriotism which has always given working-class baton-wielding soldiers and police individual and group ‘moral’ justification to batter seven shades of shite out of other working class people in the ‘national security interest’. And if we don’t see through it – it’s about to happen again.

Currently, Britishness is being superficially foisted and driven through joint corporate-government partnership institutions. One such example is that seen in Union Jack emblazoned across food in UK corporate-supermarkets.

This ‘Food Produce Propaganda’ is classic association-conditioning not simply to reinforce those already on board, or to marginalise those who aren’t – but specifically to ‘train’ new revitalised generation of toddlers and teenagers to maintain the man-made illusion of ‘Britishness’; that sells ‘Britain’ not as the fabricated political corporate-government construct that it is but as a single ‘country’. Only as now, its inhabitants will not understand they’ve been delivered as those before them; ‘Pavlov Patriots’ whose only purpose is to feed the British establishment elite their dreams.
As did the Nazi’s, the corporate-industry-military-political propaganda machine has manipulated a dangerous ‘intelligent patriot’ populous, who are being primed to deliver retribution against minorities or those who will not consent to the crippling of local economies (again!) being carried out in the name of the US/UK military industrial complex, global oil-bank oligarchy coup d’etat called ‘Brexit’.

A very British fascist coup which was panic-triggered in 2007 but which began in ‘news’ media-driven earnest in 2010 on BBC Question Time was timed to be ‘delivered smack bang in the middle of the WWI Centenary ‘Commerations’ which were deliberately conflated with WWII weaponised-film (and other psychological & physiological such as ‘Austerity’ channeling) propaganda.

Its purpose is to augment both the management of the protracted coup and make less visible by normalisation of the conscious and sub-conscious subliminal military recruitment campaign – especially in TV advertising – set against the backdrop of an official-media MOD campaign.

An MOD campaign which has, on behalf of the British State, also injected itself into TV sports, State schools, shopping malls and the recent ‘prescient’ State-sponsored ‘Armed Forces Day’ – all itself against the omnipresent, vast-invisibility backdrop of an increasingly weaponised, emotionalised British Brexit nationalist fervour. It’s nightmarish poetry.

A fervour that is to be felt with such ideological-force of passion in the wake of Brexit, that with the flick of switch of another yellow-tsunami laden false-flag event; this time a notable one – a game changer on a par with 9/11 – that requires the manufactured pretext of a National Emergency/Security to place soldiers and armed police on English, Welsh then the whole point of the exercise – Scottish streets. (Not Northern Ireland – the British element there outlasted their purpose and will be abandoned).

But there’s more than one way to skin a National Security cat when things don’t go to plan. And it’s in the works right now.
Just as they did by increasingly frequent concentrations of angered dissonance ‘terrorising tragedies’ from March 2017 leading into their planned ‘busy’ summer ‘an event’ was supposed to see them extricate Brexit negotiations without agreement but implement Hard Brexit regardless as ‘will of the British people’. They failed.

But they still have to deliver their stamp of authority to end Scotland politically and retain control of the new £1TRILLION+ oil-revenues West of Shetland.

And so just as they did leading into the summer, the UK State military-media intelligence are now slowly winding-up, incrementally hyper-sensitising the most ardent British nationalists the possibility of delaying or even failing to deliver ‘Hard Brexit’ at all. 
There’s already evidence of an ‘impatient-resentment’ building up within ardent Brexiteers. It’s a deliberate strategy that designed to silence dissent and target anything and anyone that is not of their British nationalist identity. And it won’t be pretty.
They might even hand Jeremy Corbyn a snap General Election hospital pass so that British history will record a pacifist-socialist PM as being responsible for and incompetently incapable of, managing the ‘National Emergency’ carnage which led to his resignation ousting.

I’m convinced the architects of the coup never anticipated Brexit ‘negotiations’ to go beyond July 2017 and so now are forced to resort to the upkeep of Machiavellian pretence of negotiations using the only ‘strategy’ available to them; media driven symbolic sound-bites.

The unfailingly media propagated “Will of the British people”, “Let the Lion Roar” and other British-Boris sound-bites are unbeffiting of a “strong and stable” democracy but entirely befitting the threatened facade of one.

“When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent”. – Isaac Asimov.

Yes, fascism crept up on us as we were all taught to pat ourselves on the back for defeating it. It snuck in through the back door right in front of our child-like eager-to-please, trusting eyes via State institution indoctrination ushered in by the Empire mindset as British establishment elite patted us on the head like the good little children they see us as.

Only now dark slivers the manipulated plebiscite consent in the form of 21st fascism in USA & Europe (and beyond) are showing through true democracy’s light.

The long-established narcissistic psychopathic powers of the joint US/UK fascist corporate-government military intelligence, industrial global-bank oil-oligarch complex elite couldn’t help themselves – they wanted more. But more can never be enough for the narcissist-fascist. 

Which is why their mainstream media ‘news’-fronted smiling, beguiling toxic mask is slipping in front of an increasingly suspicious, politically aware and global internet-research savvy population.

But we’ve got to stop seeing them; these politicians and media as revered, trusted ‘grown-ups’ and ourselves as the trusting children. We’re still caught in that cycle of childlike indoctrinated-conditioning and acquiescent, social-compliance conformity.

But we are waking up (not too late I hope).
Why else do you think the UK State wants to introduce ‘terrorism motivated’ legislation with sweeping cyberspace surveillance powers over the entire population? And wants to also imprison people for 15 years for ‘repeatedly visiting terrorist websites’ – people that will no doubt include citizen-journalists for researching the roots of global terrorism and for which mounting evidence suggests these roots go right back to the source – the US/UK Security Intelligence Services.

Because it maintains the cycle of terror and terrorism in all its forms; from hi-tech precision drone-strikes, to street level hire-vans to rock-concert vantage points; as long as it’s terrifying.

All of which is utterly pointless to the architects – if the weaponised ‘carnage-collages’ are not propagated by their 24/7 rolling-reinforcement of mainstream ‘news’ (and drama ‘entertainment’) media to turn the masses against one another as seen in the video clip, then send the survivors to another war rooted in another elitist imperial-fascist power-grab for oil-wealth greed having slapped a patriotic flag on legalised murder – on both this island and in the Middle East; specifically targeting Scotland and Iran respectively.

Ultimately ‘power’ doesn’t have a social conscience nor political allegiance. Its only allegiance is to power itself at any and all costs – including – as an absolute narcissistic necessity; to your cost and that of your families.

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyrighted but is free to share as a public service.

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