The ‘Real’ Last Colony – The Working Class Englishman’s Mind

Like many Scots and Welsh Independence (and Irish unity) supporters, I used to think of ‘land borders’ and perceiving each of the respective countries as the last of the British Imperial receding colonies, having of course been the first to be colonised.

But through Gaslighting Gilligan, I view this differently now…

The last colony to be freed of the British establishment elite is indeed the first colonised, but that first colonisation remains where it ever was; firmly ear-worm birth-embedded within the indoctrinated minds of increasingly impoverished, debt-induced working-class Englishmen and women.

Taught rote, that God, Englishness, Britishness, the Monarchy and the military were their very being by a deliberately indivisible ‘single-identity entity’ reflection of themselves in the world they wanted them to see.

This inter-generational cradle-to-grave conditioning to result in this ‘single identity’ bringing with it a programming that a slight on any one element, is a slight on all and to attack any one element, is to attack ones self.

All achieved by life-long by Rubber Hand Illusion perhaps…?

But they, as we, gripped in the grasping power of the Westminster corporate-government politique elite – have paid a heavy price for this ‘single identity’ having never not known war.

They, as we, have never been allowed to know who or what they might truly have become in the service of humanity and their own individual destiny’s but instead were served up by the entitled British States’ raison d’etre; 

to perpetuate and service the elitist profiteers war-machine; to serve up brutality; to serve the horrors of war in the propaganda guise of ‘patriotic duty’…

…just as is being done to them, and us, right now, today, in front of our very eyes and ear-wormed into our minds with cyclical, broken-record ‘news’ on the ‘terrorism’-music merry-go-round – again.

Download your free (unedited PDF copy) of my book Gaslighting Gilligan (donation appreciated).

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