The Real Last Colony: The Working Class English Masses ‘Hive-Mind’

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Like many Scots and Welsh Independence (and Irish unity) supporters, I used to think of ‘land borders’ and perceiving each of the respective countries as the last of the British Imperial receding colonies, having of course been the first to be colonised.

But through the journey of Gaslighting Gilligan, I view this differently now…

The last colony to be freed of the British establishment elite is indeed the first colonised, but that first colonisation remains where it ever was; firmly ear-worm birth-embedded within the preadolescent-indoctrinated, #PatrioticProgramming compliance-conditioned minds of increasingly impoverished, debt-induced working-class Englishmen and women; “Herein lies the art of Conservative politics” as Aneurin Bevan stated, that has from the playground, perennially persuaded poverty to keep wealth in power by induced #PatrioticPoverty.

Taught rote, that God, Englishness, Britishness, the flag, Monarchy and the military were their very being, their very soul, by a deliberately indivisible ‘single-identity entity’ reflection of themselves in the world that they, the aristocracy, wanted the working classes to see but most significantly feel of themselves; by patriotic, entitled, ‘stand-alone’ stoicism, by a simultaneous ‘Schrodinger slave’ superiority-persecution complex – steeped in ‘normalised’ militarised-exceptionalism.

This inter-generational cradle-to-grave conditioning to result in this ‘single identity‘ brings with it a quite deliberate and interwoven programming.

Like my Dark Triad model for fascism (above), think of ‘It’, this ‘#Narcisstate‘ single-identity as music – it isn’t meant to be seen or simply heard but felt; so that a slight against any single string in the piece, is an affront to the entire orchestra playing to the gallery and by emotional-behavioural, psychosocial-engineered association – perceived as an attack on oneself.

It’s a representation played out in sci-fi’s so very often, whereby the powerful robot is preprogrammed to ensure it cannot harm its weaker, yet often too, manipulative Machiavellian master; achieved by a psycho-societal ‘hive-mind’ programming for the masses achieved by life-long Rubber Hand Illusion

We’re like broken children growing up with abusive, narcissistic parents but knowing no better we still love and accept their ‘reality’ as our perennial-warring normality.

It isn’t.

We collectively, are broken ‘children’ and far from being the benevolent, charitable Britain we’ve been conditioned to see ourselves as, we have in fact a been genocidal blight on humanity.

Without intervention, without a global-ASBO of sorts, highly unlikely practicably as lap-dog to American Imperialism, the blight can only come to an end (if ever) from within the English working classes.

But given the lies, the coup d’etat that is Brexit there might just be a slim possibility they too wake up, to try and take their own independence from Westminster and in doing so, deliver these isles and the globe from the Atlantic Bridged ‘Special Relationshipfascist-aristocrat elite-estate.

In the meantime the honest working men and women of England, as we, remain gripped in the grasping power of the Westminster corporate-government politique elite – continue to pay a heavy price for this ‘single identity’ having never not known war and unable to have any sense of self, without comparing themselves to the ‘other‘ and their often genocidal-conquest over the ‘other’, for which there’s never been an Anglo-centric, remorseful reflective visitation to this past.

A past deliberately untaught in order similar conquest of the ‘other’ can continue without guilt, unashamedly and yes, ‘righteously’ – by propaganda omission – in the cyclical, perennial Iraqi and Yemeni present.

They, as we, have never been allowed to know who or what they might truly have become in the service of humanity and their own individual destiny’s but instead were programmed to be served up by the entitled British States’ raison d’etre; 

to perpetuate and service the elitist profiteers war-machine; to serve up brutality; to serve the horrors of war in the propaganda guise of ‘patriotic duty’…

…just as is being done to them, and us, right now, today, in front of our very eyes and ear-wormed into our minds with cyclical, broken-record ‘news‘ on the ‘terrorism‘-music merry-go-round – again – for a forever, global-resources acquisition war machine…

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.

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