Beware: The Screen Smiling Stranger In Your Home

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (released from Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Good news(!) A prominent social-media commentator who ‘predicted’ the military deployment “months ago” is also on the #BrexitCoup case. Annoyingly however, ‘his prediction‘ has nothing to do with being sent #GaslightingGilligan articles in good faith over the last 18 months.

No, he knew Brexit was a coup because he’s ‘read Chomsky‘ – which is odd given that millions, many of them academics, have also read Chomsky but haven’t called it “coup” and bafflingly, neither has Chomsky himself…

Of course, at this time, who alerts and how people are awakened to the inevitable, impending militarisation of Brexit is irrelevant; just so long as people are awake to #ToryAnalytica’s predetermined design, disguised as “the democratic will of the British people” combined with “We are where we are” ‘incompetence’ – before the troops are deployed onto the streets of mainland Britain.

But remember this as I wrote about in #GaslightingGilligan, the human condition (depending on individual attachment-style) is primed to develop a parasocial ‘relationship’ with the smiling strangers on our screens, with ‘The Girl With A Hairdo’ (p28) who regularly appear amiable, knowledgeable and of course, trustworthy.

They’re not. That’s the facade. It’s not a real person. Because that’s not who they are behind their own closed doors. They’re a figment-representation of who they need you to believe they arebehind your closed doors.

The truth is our screens are awash with personalities who have for decades outwardly appeared affable and pleasant but Machiavellian-mask an egotistical-entitled, covert-narcissistic ugliness that will say and do anything for individual fame; for money; for position, privilege and power. The cold hard truth is these people aren’t just politicians, they’re also ‘news‘ and ‘current affairs’ presenters.

And that’s why, in no small part, we’re all in this failing democratic, drip-fed fledgling fascist mess. Because a mainstream media fronted coup, augmented by social media for a truly #GlobalFascism agenda is well underway and is being psychosocial-engineered on both sides of the #USUKCorpGovt #ToryAnalytica #AtlanticBridge.

And all of which has been underpinned by its most powerful, precedented component that we were subliminally saturated by since forever but which in October 2017 – became the conscious campaign.

A campaign sealing us within a ‘pseudo-reality’ that we are still yet to cognitively-process and acknowledge its #DarkTriad, Nazi ‘Rampant Sexism’ propaganda role in the mass emasculation of young men as ‘PreCrime’ sex-pests, rapists and paedophiles; for the Orwellian purpose of #GuiltShame channeling “infinitely malleable” men as ‘volunteers’ towards a joint media-political rote-scripted, “brave, heroic” military machine – awaiting its PlanB militarisation-trigger that will match its global ambitions.

Now then, I wonder if that respected, ‘trustworthy‘ screen smiling social media commentator has pieced all of ‘It‘ together too… just by reading Chomsky…?

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