by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

For those whose eyes might struggle to read the picture quote;

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” Joseph Goebbels.

Yesterday, the annual UK ‘Government Expenditure Revenue Scotland’ (GERS) did exactly as intended; which was to confirmation-bias reinforce in the minds of those who already want to believe it, or indeed those are too afraid not to (negativity-bias), how crap Scotland – the country that gave the world Adam Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment – is apparently, at looking after its finances.

But there’s a very basic flaw at GERS core – Scotland is obliged by Westminster to remain within the allocated ‘Barnet’ budget returned to Scotland (around half that taken) and has no borrowing powers. It is therefore impossible for Scotland to raise a deficit.

Only the Westminster/UK Government can do this and it does so without consultation with any of the devolved Parliaments, yet it arbitrarily attributes a portion of the deficit to each, that it raises by itself.

So imagine our surprise to be informed by the unquestioning, flying-monkey media that Scotland, with only 8% of the UK population, was apparently ‘responsible’ for 52-60% of entire UK debt! It’s actually impossible! And even if it were, it would be a reflection on Westminster’s mismanagement – not Scotland’s.

Yet the rationale put forward by Viceroy Secretary of State for Scotland, is that Scotland is a financial basket-case requiring a £2,000 “Union dividend” for every Scots man, woman and child, which is dutifully translated into the shit-stirring language of subsidy-junkies” by the tabloid hacks.

This language has a propaganda purpose for psychological-emotional effect both north and south of the border; to #Invalidate, #Emasculate & #Segregate (signpost) Scots (& #Agitate free-thinking Scots); whilst simultaneously #Agitate and to a degree #Amalgamate (through media-instilled victimhood) the English working masses – against Scots – as per my #DarkTriad model for fascism (below), which I began developing in September 2016, having become compelled by the mainstream media, to monitor cyclical-repetitive narratives & themes being *broadcast* (& printed).

You should try it. Seriously.

Apply the model to any form of identity-politics; skin-colour, sexuality, accent, profession (particularly police) religion, cultural-clothing and most certainly gender

…and you have six basic emotional-behavioural drivers required for the drill-down division and destruction of society – all pressure-cooker popping out of your TV screens as ‘news‘, or current affairs and even ‘entertainment‘…

And which upon a ‘Reichstag trigger‘, will militarise to result in all manner of minorities being attacked by gangs of far-right, white working-class heterosexual males who themselves have been under constant psychological-emotional propaganda bombardment, as allegedly all being wife-beating, ‘PreCrime’ sex-pests and paedophiles – in the fascist-precedented and updated ‘Rampant Sexism‘ matrix;

Rampant Sexism’, as depicted at #Nr5 by political scientist Lawrence W. Britt on his ‘Early Warning Signs of Fascism’ sign in the US Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

The effect of these attacks – to take place on austerity-depleted and demoralised uniformed police also, is to provide the #ToryAnalytica pretext to deploy the military on mainland #BrexitCoup Britain in order to mobilise and ‘normalisefascism. Making sense? It’s also no coincidence this is happening in Trump’s America (& beyond) which I’ll get to shortly.

Anyway, I digress, back to the Goebbels-esque great lie that is GERS…

Westminster won’t even subsidise a spare room or pay for a third child benefits unless proven the result of rape. They’re sanctioning the long-term ill, infirm, disabled & mentally impaired into early graves, often doing by State sponsored gaslight-suicide. This has been done before too – the Nazis categorised them as ‘Untermensch‘, and Ian Duncan-Smith has on a number of occasions symbolically waved #ToryAnalytica’s ideological intentions – and his power – in our faces (they can’t help themselves) by stating “Work actually helps free people” or ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’.

An appropriate mock-up – given historical precedence, the contemporary evidence of DWP deaths and IDS’s repeated power-symbolism references. (Image source unknown).

Yet we’re to believe the Westminster aristocracy would ‘subsidise’ an entire country of 5.5million people, out of the goodness of their cold, dark triad Tory hearts?! Just. Fuck. Off.

Westminster had, has been siphoning Scotland’s resources for 300 years under the guise of ‘Union‘ and ‘subsidy junkies‘, prior to GERS, without ever having to explain their mismanagement and corruption to anyone and so its also no coincidence that this propaganda-mechanism, a kind of doubling-down‘ strategy to “repress dissent” (Goebbels) was introduced shortly after devolution.

GERS had gone largely unnoticed and certainly unchallenged until very recently; until the aftermath awakening of post-2014 referendum politics, which saw a combination of economic threats, idealisation & love-bombing – all classic gaslighting #DomesticAbuse behaviours…

…but which then resulted in an increased socioeconomic disparity-awareness of the actual reality in which Scots weren’t prepared to any longer, to reconcile as ‘normal’ a glut of offshore oil-fields with a tsunami of inner-city food-banks. So although The Saltire that had been so ‘ego-massagingly’ flown over Number 10 Downing Street was put back in its box via EVEL the day of the referendum result, Scotland itself, wasn’t going to be put back in.

And post-2014 also brought with it too, an unwavering mistrust of the UK mainstream media in general but in particular the British State broadcaster; the BBC. Which means we have the awareness at least to quite rightfully treat them with ongoing suspicion, though we woefully lack the Machiavellian imagination needed to ‘read’ their lethal game.

The Scottish referendum, ‘The Vow’, EVEL, the 2015 GE, the 2016 Brexit referendum and the DUP £billion enriching 2017 snap-GE, have not only exposed ‘The Establishment’ cartel in the “minor entity in North Britain” (George Robertson) but in England & Wales too.

And as the facade of ‘Union’ and ‘democracy’ crumbles in tandem with #ToryAnalytica’s handling of Brexit ‘negotiations’, so too the big GERS lie is falling apart; a lie which is entirely dependent on the media being able to sell the propaganda as ‘truth’ but which is in fact a media-fronted gaslight ‘reality’ – which simply doesn’t add up…

Because that’s the pivotal propaganda point of GERS. It has absolutely nothing to do with accurate numbers and even less to do with accurate reporting on the actual state of Scottish Government fiscal responsibility. And as such because we’ve woken-up to this, to paraphrase Goebbels; the British ‘State can no longer shield the people from the economic consequences of the lie’.

GERS sells a ‘pseudo-reality’, not only to Scotland but to the people of this entire island, whereby we’ve been led to believe that the London/South East banking elite bring all the wealth that Britain possesses into UK by plucking it out of thin air but has nothing to do with the actual physical, myriad export products – especially oil – upon which the very foundations of the financial-elite Canary Wharf based banks, the M25 and London Crossrail – have all been built.

As with selling us the propaganda reinforced message on how crucial the banks were to the UK economy by being “too big to fail” – which we swallowed hook, line and sinker complete with doff caps – when in fact the bankers were too well-connected to jail for their criminality (for their part in resetting society), so too the real design-intent for GERS, its actual raison d’etre, is in the entire pretext of its conception; so that the British State can cyclically-deploy across its joined-up propaganda machine, via all print and broadcast media outlets, to deploy the underpinning ‘confirmatory‘ narrative that Scots are ‘inferior‘ to the ‘superior‘ British identity and intellect in order to repetitively undermine the confidence of an entire country, an entire culture by coercing and controlling Scotland psychologically, emotionally and of course – financially – all via media.

But this particular GERS lie, a minnow in the context of where this piece goes, has been forced into the light to adopt the desperate yet effective strategy of endless doubling-down, not just on GERS but on a number of anti-democratic narratives which are in the process of being exposed as great big fat – and lethal – British whoppers!

Yet here’s the thing; Westminster know that doubling-down works in the first instance to “repress dissent“. It’s an extremely effective non-lethal strategy – because in addition to the masses wanting and indeed needing to believe in their Britishness, a key component of that programming requires them to also need to believe in the (Etonian sewn-up) media.

However what the people haven’t yet realised is by owning the press and airwaves, the Etonian elite estate own many of our minds and with them, ‘our‘ opinions, emotions and behaviours. But unfortunately people’s individual and collective ‘hive-mind’ ego are simply not prepared to cognitively process – that they’ve been had; that ‘their‘ far-right, free, autonomous- thoughts – aren’t strictly ‘theirs’.

Because these far-right opinions are those that were preached at them on a ‘patriotic’ plate by the UK press over the course of decades of Dark Triad propaganda and which was made to dovetail neatly with BBCQT broadcast in cyclically-reinforced concentrations – since 2010.

However regardless of political persuasion, The Establishment patriotically ‘possess‘ the minds of two other entities who collectively, will determine not only Scotland’s but the entire working masses immediate and long-term, potentially-tyrannical future on this island; the police and the military.

“Power is the pivot on which everything hinges. He who has the power is always right; the weaker is always wrong”. Machiavelli.

Sounds melodramatic? Not really.

Not when we consider the deliberate State game of pass-the-parcel that’s been taking place for nearly two years now, between the elite-estate elements of Electoral Commission, the Information Commissioners Office, The Met & National Crime Agency who are dancing the ‘Slow Waltz’ Royal Ulster Constabulary code for kicking into the long grass, the murders of innocents in Northern Ireland that involved British State collusion; the direct, media-omitted (until only very recently) but logical result of which, perpetuated and maintained The Troubles…

Which kind of makes me wonder through my prism of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘, if those initial accounts of the Harold Wilson Government’s military deployment to The Province, to ‘protect‘ Catholic communities who’d taken a leaf out of Martin Luther King’s very successful, peaceful Civil Rights Marches that gained the sympathy of the watching world – but which very quickly turned into a ‘perfect storm’ – to murder many of these Civil Rights marchers during what became known as The Ballymurphy Massacre and later on Bloody Sunday, was itself but a panicked, desperate pretext to save the remnants of Empire and hold back the inevitable receding-tide of celebrated tyranny – especially post Suez Crisis.

I mean just imagine, God forbid, Scotland got any independence ideas above its station in the late 1960’s too, when the vast potential of North Sea oil was already known

The British Empire at its height. Now directly consisting of Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. (And arguably, indirectly too via the rebranded ‘Commonwealth’ countries & tax-havens that retain the Union Flag quadrant &/or British Monarchy as Head of State).

This is all just hindsight-bias speculation of course but I think it’ll cease to be ‘speculation’, as more and more accounts of the British elite estate having played on all sides and played all sides against one another in Northern Ireland surface. And just as they intend to do once again, only this time their key targets are on mainland Britain itself – we working masses are the targets by the way – and whereby, to paraphrase Goebbels again, the British ‘State can no longer shield the people from the military consequences of the lie‘ – because #ToryAnalytica intend for Britain’s streets to be the front line. They have no choice because many of them are going to prison. Probably for life. And they’ll be the lucky ones…

Because, well, in regards to Brexit – and you can call me old-fashioned (amongst other things no doubt) but any ‘democratic’ decision that requires to be enforced or ‘supported’ by a Government deployment of the military, in order it can maintain/secure political power via the streets/ports/infrastructure etc – is in fact in any conventional, consistent, legitimate, rational-thinking and functioning democracy – a coup d’etat.

And which is why as I spell out in this 2018 piece ‘Brexit: All Roads to Rome – Militarisation’ – that Brexit is in fact a failing fascist #BrexitCoup d’etat; that was and still is, attempting to hand over Britain (& Ireland) to guess who..?

…To their very own and same failing fascist #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat #TrumpRussia puppet-Presidency (as Orwell ‘Airstrip One’ predicted); the *how* of which, I detail in this piece ‘Trump & Brexit: The ‘#DarkTriad’ Model for a Global Fascist Contagion‘ (much of which is historically precedented – especially the really uncomfortableRampant Sexism‘ bit which no-one apart from#GaslightingGilligan has addressed).

So that’s the economic and military consequences of Goebbels lies covered but what about the political? Well it’s all ‘political’ isn’t it? But more than that. It’s ideological – and it’s this truth too as Goebbels put it “that is greatest enemy of the State”, or more to the point; the elite estate.

Because across this entire island we’ve been subjected to a propaganda campaign (three in fact) on a scale the world has never seen, yet we’ve so patriotically felt ‘It’ being recycled by a ‘unique‘ British benevolence characteristic since forever in The Tragedy-Charity Gaslight Ceremony Cycle (#MaslowsMartyrs).

This is set to anger the working masses beyond humanity, beyond even forgiveness to result in the perennial Westminster aristocracy now fighting for their very survival. Literally. Yet we don’t even realise we’re at war with our own elite. We didn’t get that particular memo…

Given the elites continued existence depends on defeating the working masses once and for all, I suspect that having already so subliminally, yet so very publicly failed to start their original false-flag war with Iran, they’ve already set in motion a PlanB for an altogether different sort of nuclear option – that will deliver UK (& Ireland) domestically, into the exact same carnage and US-vassal State outcomes – as was originally intended.

Wee Joseph G. would be so chest-puffing proud of #ToryAnalytica if he were around today


“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini.

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction‘ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyrighted ©️ but is a *free*-to-share public-service PDF download from here. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿

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