by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Edward Bernays – ‘Crystallising Public Opinion’ (1923)

Outline: How the Etonian elite estate are through their own propaganda platforms, set to attempt “the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organised habits and opinions of the masses”, by exploiting the passing of Prince Philip as a pretext to maintain the UK’s current presence in the Scottish Parliament and in English local elections; doing so by shaping the public’s perceptions to match long-term conditioned-biases and the foreseeable hindsight bias resulting in ‘coincidental’ associative-propaganda ‘consequences’ of their North Korean style broadcast ‘outpouring’, the subsequent tsunami of ‘complaints’ to the BBC and the ‘news’ of their creation – then retraction – of the bespoke online form for ‘HRH RIP’ complaints… (35-40 mins)

We’ll never know if this peculiar product of aristocratic entitlement will ever come back as a eugenicist virus, however Prince Philip – or rather his revisionist-media ‘reincarnation’ – are about to contribute nonetheless to sustaining (as he also inferred) their privileged position at the top their centuries-long hierarchical structures.

In ‘UK’ and most certainly in Scotland and Wales there is no ‘democracy’. We merely have the crumbling facade of one as projected through the British mainstream and ‘social’ media platforms, which are orchestrated to manage voter expectations then deliver an ‘acceptable’ result in accordance with the predetermined political propaganda picture being painted. We have in fact been naive and deluded to believe that power would deliver democracy through its own platforms.

Contrast the media’s cyclical omission and downplaying of today’s Tory corruption compared to their coverage leading into the 1997 General Election, when the UK media reported reams of Tory corruption – giving us the illusion of a free media holding power to account – but which was actually just business as usual whereby ‘The Party’ simply continued to shape our perceptions to engineer their own agenda which needed to change their colour from blue to red; as without Blair & ‘New Labour’ – the UK would’ve been seen domestically and globally for what it really is; a one party State since Thatcher with a Tory Government in power to this very day.

“It is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion”. Joseph Goebbels

Think about it: why was Jeremy Corbyn vilified by the British media throughout his leadership of the Opposition, yet Starmer hasn’t? Because for ‘some reason’ Starmer being in charge of the ‘Opposition’ suits the UK elite just fine.

By sustaining our delusion of a ‘free and fair’ media, the UK political-media elite allowed us to perceive and believe we were making informed, autonomous and even ‘morally’-led decisions to elect UK governments, when in fact we’ve been led by the mass-psychosis nose by ‘inevitability narrative’ (similar to Chomsky’s “manufacturing consent”) to deliver ‘The Party’s’ predetermined outcomes.

This is how British (& US) democracy really works and how the Brexit 52/48% referendum ‘result’ was also drip-fed delivered by Etonian ‘Nudge Unit’ to match our ‘democratic’ experience expectations, which are subsequently reinforced by both the entire UK media and our individual and collective hindsight bias and crowd conformity, housed in our all-too-human ego-defence mechanisms which rationalise and accept all manner of outcomes and explanations – and to reconcile ourselves with them no matter how implausible – because the human condition would rather rationalise the ‘democratic’ con, than face-up to having been duped by it.

This is how Murdoch has always been able to explain away his reputation as Prime Ministerial ‘king maker’ and why this reputation only works in the UK;

Because it’s all self-contained technocrat theatre in which he plays the leading role in the same ‘ostensibly diverse‘ but actually ‘uniform media‘ – both ‘left’ and ‘right’ – and which in 1997, with the ‘centre-left’ press having been so successfully neutered during the decades-long walk to tyranny, had strategised to use Murdoch’s proto-fascist rag aka ‘The Sun‘, to persuade millions of middle class Tories to counter their previous media-programming and switch mass ‘moralistic’ perceptions and make the ‘common sense’ case for Tony Blair’s ‘New‘ version of Labour – and with it – ‘The Party’ normalised and successfully shifted the Overton Window ever further towards the far-right; towards fascism.

“A media system wants ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity”. Joseph Goebbels “He [Tony Blair] said that they would be able to take Baghdad without a bloodbath and that in the end the Iraqi’s would be celebrating. And on both of those points he has been proved conclusively right. It would be entirely ungracious even for his critics, not to acknowledge he stands a larger man and a stronger Prime Minister as a result”. Andrew Marr, BBC (video excerpt here via Double Down News)

And so installing Blair in the first place wasn’t actually that difficult an ask, when we consider the persuasive power of the press on its Thatcherite target-audience – especially The Sun – to invent its own realities i.e. to lie through its back teeth at any given point, in order to shape perception and public ‘opinion’ required to support, retain and command the loyalty of those power structures necessary to secure their grip on political power which was always preparing for future dictatorship; the roots of which are always in the streets.

“Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street”. Joseph Goebbels

Which is why to this very day in such an established ‘democracy’ supposedly the ‘envy‘ of the world…

‘From the bias-seeding political ‘opinion’ polls, through to the mutually-reinforcing press & broadcast media delivering The Party’s predetermined, FPTP plebiscite outcome housed in a self-contained, self-congratulatory, confirmatory-contagion shade of timely red or perennial blue; it’s all an orchestrated, mass-psychosis charade. It’s a ‘pseudo-reality’ exercise in emotionally charged, behaviourally driven expectation management. In short, it’s all a fixed ‘democratic Matrix’. Gaslighting Gilligan’s ‘Tedious Twitter Twaddle’ (2017)

…there’s been a wholesale absence of an organised and sustained mainstream media-led charge by the press, the BBC, ITN or Sky ‘News‘ challenging this current corrupt, criminal Tory Government; because they’re all the same elite-dominated propaganda machine that in the contemporary era had always been leading towards something called ‘Brexit‘ since Thatcher, via Brexit: A Very British Fascist Coup’ (2017).

“The ruling class in every age have tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers”. Orwell, ‘1984’. “Shall I tell you a terrible truth about politics and human nature and the way we live our lives? You can probably make a good case for almost any course of action.” Boris Johnson (2013)

This is also why there’s been a wholesale absence of public pressure and demand for subsequent investigations and arrests. Only now with #ToryAnalytica’s #BrexitCoup failing and nearing daily to the point of implosion, having cyclically crossed the rubicon – most recently during Spring 2017 – the Etonian elite (& their US GOP #TrumpPutin partners) have absolutely zero choice but to pursue a version of their original agenda in order to, well, survive;

‘…A survival which #ToryAnalytica quite correctly see as being theirs or ours; the 1% or the 99%. Which means if they’re to succeed at our expense, whatever they visit upon us needs to be on an epochal, global scale. It needs to be a ‘Black Swan’ event that will ensure that both the UK police and military personnel’s very own survival depends on sustaining the current hierarchical State structures and therefore behave uncompromisingly and ruthlessly with a frightened, cowering population.’ From ‘Yellowhammer Anagram: ‘Orwell Mayhem’ by Cummings “Meltdown” Symbolism’ (2019)

Make no mistake, regardless of whatever societal-crippling pretext(s) the Etonian #ToryAnalytica cartel come up with – if they’re not stopped – they will attempt to militarise. I absolutely guarantee it. Why? Because militarisation is a pivotal element of a coup d’etat; especially a failing one;

Video recorded on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy on 250617, of the inevitable #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat militarisation of Brexit and the arrival of a US/UK-led global fascism; “Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Ultimately, #ToryAnalytica cannot now succeed on their own originally intended terms. But they can have a measure of ‘success’ at society’s expense in order to deliver aspects of their tyrannical agendas for others to un/wittingly pick-up the baton at a later time and opportunity. And there’s always opportunities for these psychopaths – because they manufacture and manipulate them. Besides, inflicting chaos on the ordinary people of this island is ‘sport’ to the Tories and so they’ll take as many of us down with them as they can. Given their track record that really shouldn’t come as a surprise by now. It’s just in their ‘Dark Triad’ Machiavellian, narcissistic and psychopathy nature and behaviour, which can also be observed in a deliberate ‘duping delight‘ smirk.

“Fascism, steeped in pathological hypocrisy, superiority entitlement and inveterate victimhood, is the group-characteristic extension of narcissism and is the Machiavellian-patriotic, militarised business model extension of joint Government and corporate engineered crisis-capitalism’. ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’s’ #NarcissistFascist Characteristics (2017).

You see what we never understood – because they hid from us who and what they really were – was that for the feudal British kleptocracy to cyclically work for the top-end of their globally-ambitious hierarchy, the middle-working classes have to be cyclically defeated UK-domestically, through dignity deprivation and mass induced depression for the drill-down division of society via joined-up legislation, policy and propaganda.

This #HostileEnvironment I interpret, has been achieved and normalised over the course of decades but was made more concentrated since 2008, to engineer six predictable-response ‘push and pullemotional-behavioural drivers; Invalidate, Emasculate, Isolate, Agitate and Segregate every possible demographic, yet upon a militarisation trigger – Amalgamate the population under the one ‘patriotic’ identity; the British (& US) identity.

All of which – most recently achieved by exploiting and exacerbating COVID – is still deliberately wearing-down the population in #ToryAnalytica’s delayed, yet ongoing attempts to mobilise their agenda housed in my ‘Dark Triad Model for Global Fascism’. (Clearer version at page 88).

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in shapes of your own choosing”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

All of which was (is) preparation to gaslight set-up the working poor population by stoically ‘uniting’ us in grief, victimhood and war in order to coerce us into our patriotic Volksgemeinschaft purpose; to go and lose our lives, limbs and minds on foreign battlefields fighting the aristocracy’s cyclically-fictitious ‘enemies’.

This has not, nor ever has it been for our ‘freedom’ or their ‘democracy’ – but for power and control over their people and natural resources. It’s the British (& US) establishment way and always has been. It’s just a matter of indoctrinated perspective by ‘Fascism & Empire: Militarist-Capitalist Branding (Brexit) Bias by Patriotic Commission & Camouflaged Omission’ (2017).

“The most powerful form of lie is the omission”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

In the meantime, until #ToryAnalytica can deliver their own ‘get-out-of-jail-free-card’ by Black Swan event, they must continue writing their versions of our future history in the present; a crucial aspect of which is keeping-up the pretence of being a ‘United’ Kingdom and a ‘democracy’ which locks Scotland, Wales and England into ‘Brexit & A Forever Phantom ‘Country’ Called ‘Great Britain’ (2019).

Well here’s the news: the British State and its ‘democracy’ is Rome reborn. It’s a sick lie that doesn’t work for any of the working masses on this island, nor of course in Northern Ireland. Why? Because it was never meant to. Because we plebs are expendable commodities to be controlled and culled at will by our ‘betters‘ in order they can turn a profit, sustain their wealth and through it – retain their political power and therefore our economic and military power. Plus – they really just hate you.

“Violence is the ultimate boundary force on behavior; this, if you can understand how the logic of violence will change, you can usefully predict where people will be dropping or picking up the equivalent of one-hundred-dollar bills in the future”. The Sovereign Individual (1996) JD Davidson & Lord William Rees-Mogg (father of Jacob Rees-Mogg MP & Annunziata Rees-Mogg former Brexit Party MEP – later defected to the Tories).

This is why having sustained the economic violence through ‘austerity‘ apartheid, attempted militarisation of mainland Britain is inevitable as I’ve outlined in ‘Brexit: All Roads Lead to Rome – Militarisation’ (2018) and which currently, the engineered violence in Northern Ireland is but the normalised pre-cursor intended to ‘organically’, yet specifically ‘spread’ violence to oil and natural resources rich Scotland; violence which Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg and co. will have to visit on Welsh and English towns and cities, in case the mask should slip from “our precious Union” being about anything other than Scotland’s resources, and for which I have no absolutely no doubt #ToryAnalytica will pay for some of these experienced paramilitaries – aka terrorists – to be ‘transitioned‘ into Scots communities.

“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one MAKES THE REVOLUTION in order to establish a dictatorship”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Far from being a ‘benevolent’ State, the British identity has itself been the ideological, top-down corporate-political propaganda construct used by the Etonian elite to siphon off the industry and wealth of the working masses throughout this island – and far beyond – to coerce us into handing over our most precious of resources – our children – with our ‘#PatrioticPoverty Volksgemeinschaft ‘State’ (2020) brainwashed permission.

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders but they have never failed to imitate them”. James A. Baldwin

With this decades long drip-fed ‘charitable’ construct itself designed to dovetail with and reinforce our ‘#PatrioticProgramming: from Toddler to Teenager to Tabloidhood’ (2017) which the English working masses in particular are waking up to – when they finally do – it’s game over for the entire British elite estate. This is yet another reason why the Westminster aristocracy have to break the back of the working masses first.

“He alone who owns the youth, gains the future”. Adolf Hitler.

But right now, whilst they’re still getting away with their murderous charade the nearest crocodile to the Etonian canoe is the ‘threat’ of ‘Scottish’ democracy; a ‘democracy’ which is exclusively owned, shaped, managed and contained by the British (& US) corporate State.

Honestly, how naive were we all – north and south of the border – to believe that a centuries-long power would remotely risk relinquishing any control over the UK population through its own corporate-political platforms, housed in a so-called ‘free and fair’ press and broadcast media……which in the above 2019 graph demonstrates the UK mainstream media is least trusted, as well as European-wide mistrust of ‘social’ media Facebook and Twitter platforms;

“Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. And we still connect people”. Andrew Bosworth, Facebook VP – 18th June 2016. ‘#OpFukuglaschu’ (2018).

Currently in UK the Etonian ‘Big Brother’ elite are faced with the prospect of an absolute rout of its Unionist parties by Alex Salmond’s Alba Party in the Regional/List seats in the Scottish Parliament elections on the 6th May.

So the Westminster/Whitehall cartel need to be able to ‘explain away’ some of the unlikeliest of Unionist holds in order to ‘legitimately’ lock out as many of The Alba Party as possible, who with independence heavyweight Alex Salmond at the helm, are set to capitalise on the near million second votes the SNP gained across Scotland in 2016 – but which due to the D’Hondt Additional Member System (AMS) were ‘wasted’, returning only four SNP MSP’s. This is because the D’Hondt methodology applied to the Regional/List vote effectively handicaps a party based on candidate successes in the first, ‘First Past The Post’ (FPTP) Constituency vote.

To make things abundantly clear; in 2016 in this combined FPTP/AMS Proportional Representation (PR) system, because SNP candidates did so well in the Constituency (first) vote, they barely secured any Parliamentary seats in the Regional/List (second) vote. Whereas because the unpopular Unionist politicians and parties performed so poorly in the Constituency vote, they romped the second AMS vote with a comparatively paltry number of votes.

This meant that in 2016, even though the SNP secured 137,000 second votes in Alex Salmond’s North East region, the D’Hondt AMS saw the SNP fail to take a single seat, whereas on substantially less votes the Unionist parties secured all seven regional AMS seats.

To clarify also, this mixed FPTP/AMS PR system is a fair one; but not when it’s designed purpose from the outset was for the very same overbearing British State ideologically – and soon to be violently opposed to Scotland’s independence…

Rigged: not simply to keep the ‘Nats’ out of unilateral power but to keep the Union in Holyrood.

…to exploit and parachute in their Westminster puppets on a fraction of the votes enveloped within a structural system owned and run by the British elite, for the benefit of the British elite; from pollsters, to mainstream and social media platforms, to the Electoral Commission, the Information Commissioners Office and Metropolitan Police – all of which have shown themselves to be compromised at the most senior levels throughout the corrupt, criminal Brexit ‘referendum’.

The AMS D’Hondt system is the only reason why there’s the appearance of a sizeable Unionist presence in the Holyrood Parliament where – because there’s no positive case for The Union – knowing their third-rate political actors are unable to compete with SNP on policies or personalities in their Constituencies – are quite content to settle for (before the Alba Party formed) a virtually guaranteed List seat.

And which upon taking these Westminster ‘gamed’ seats in Holyrood, then take their instructions from an ideologically foreign power, from their red and blue Westminster bosses whose Downing Street ‘nudge unit’ propagandists – the ‘Behavioural Insights Team’ established in 2010 under David Cameron – create cheap, adversarial, antagonistic soundbites for their UK corporate mainstream media partners to print and broadcast during prime time as so-called ‘Scottish’ politics, ‘news’ and debates. A political scene in which future history is recorded in the present to show a ‘majority’ of Unionists in a staged, theatrically-British ‘State’ feeding the illusion of Scotland’s ‘democracy’.

“Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration”. Machiavelli

And so how is Whitehall set to ‘explain away’ a significant increase in their 2021 second vote numbers for Unionist candidates, and a decrease in the independence vote compared to 2016?

Simple – we’re witnessing it. Some are even feeling it. And because I’m about to tell you about it, #ToryAnalytica will in all probability need to invent further, less plausible, yet dangerously desperate pretexts.

As I’ve explained in some detail in ‘The Flatscreen Universe: Scotland’s Cytokine Storm’ (2021) a combination of mainstream media propaganda and #ToryAnalytica social media pages and sock-puppet propaganda plants, are posting agitating ‘infighting’ narratives designed to offend. Crucial to this aspect is sustaining the usual attacks on the SNP but also seeding ‘Alba Party split the vote’ or ‘pop-up party’ and ‘Indy before morality’ messaging. These are augmented by the bog-standard personal attacks on both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon to foment division, which is duly amplified by Facebook algorithms and attention seeking saddos desperate to be noticed. We all know the type; as do Facebook executives, the Downing Street nudge unit, the British Army’s 77 Squadron and GCHQ: aka #ToryAnalytica.

And so it’s against this technological ‘divide and rule’ propaganda picture that the Etonian elite intend(ed) to use the wholly predictable demise of Prince Philip at the ripe old age of 99 years – as the pretext to ‘justify’ Unionist holds in key Regional seats; certainly around Scotland’s oil hubs, the capital and border.

Here’s my rationale: if you accept – quite logically and observantly as is the generally acknowledged case – that as well as media-generated ‘HRH RIP’ cover was to continue to protect the #ToryAnalytica Cabinet from the unfolding economic chaos of Brexit, their reigniting of ‘The Troubles’ in the north of Ireland and the propaganda omission of 100,000+ COVID deaths through so-called “cyclical incompetence” and their inconsistent mixed messaging and corporate-nepotistic corruption – then to be consistent you must also accept the following effects too – because again, we can all observe;

that in the images and music of the wall-to-wall ‘North Korean’ canonisation coverage of HRH Duke of Edinburgh’s life, there is (for some) an emotionalising, nostalgic propaganda treasure trove transporting those of a certain age back to ‘better’ British times.

And when you process that given his age the Etonian elite knew for a considerable time that HRH was about to shuffle off this mortal coil and as such, had already produced their programming in preparation to be brought out of deep-freeze at the necessary moment. And it just so happens – quite coincidentally I’m sure – that ‘necessary moment’ resulting in this relentless, revisionist, pre-prepared ‘HRH RIP’ propaganda construct, has the strategic potential to see the beginnings of a Unionist ‘bounce’ pretext taking shape – by perception – prior to the Holyrood elections.

To be clear, this ‘bounce’, this ‘fillip’ doesn’t actually need to result in any genuine votes – just the sub/consciously pre-planted notion for the potential of it in advance by indirect subliminal association

‘Top adviser to Richard Nixon admitted that ‘War on Drugs’ was policy tool to go after anti-war protesters and ‘black people’. New York Daily News (2016)

…for the electorate to lap-up and accept in their individual and collective conditioned and hindsight bias ‘State’ when one of the fascist tabloids ‘suggests’ there was a ‘Philip fillip’, by say, I dunno, a premeditated, self-congratulatory gaslight headline reading something like:


…for the other corporate press and State broadcasters to regurgitate for the electorate to respond as the reinforced ‘truth’ – exactly as they did in the hours and days after Leave ‘won’ the Brexit referendum (& Trump in the US) which were followed by typical conversions such as “Well, it makes sense. We should’ve seen it coming” or “I saw it coming” – again, all housed in our conditioned and hindsight bias underpinned by ego-defence mechanisms.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”. Voltaire

This was how the Brexit referendum ‘result’ (& Trump Presidency) was delivered in 2016; by drip-fed expectation management to shape perceptions delivered principally by mainstream media as I set-out in ‘Tedious Twitter Twaddle’ (2017) – and still are today.

“I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few”. Adolf Hitler

Similarly in the 2014 ‘referendum’ – which despite it actually being an all-out propaganda war waged against Scotland – the Yes campaign began to take the lead in the days before the 18th September – complete with Russian election ‘observers’ which we now know were already working with the Tories own Putin regime partners.

The British State managed Scottish public perceptions by ‘inevitability narrative’ to prepare us in advance to readily accept defeat – by infamously, yet calculatedly riding a coach and horses through Purdah – which we came to know as ‘The Vow’.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting”. Sun Tzu.

Preceded by the cyclically injected “silent majority” narrative the Better Together campaign claimed to have, ‘The Vow’ had no political mandate or legitimate standing. Nor was it by itself – as many still believe – a game changer which changed thousands of minds with an undemocratic last-minute ‘promise’.

Passed off as the brainchild of ‘Scottish‘ Daily Record ‘journalist‘ Murray Foote (whose since allegedly ‘shifted’ from No to Yes and now working within the SNP!) ‘The Vow’ I’m convinced was the work of the Downing Street ‘Behavioural Insights Team‘ which David Cameron established four years earlier in 2010, and was itself part of the advanced psychological softening-up of the Scots electorate by public relations propaganda stunt, not simply to defeat democracy but specifically to ‘nudge‘ the Yes support towards their channelled political-perception direction to accept defeat – despite the reality on the ground.

“Never attempt to win by force, what can be won by deception”. Machiavelli

Likewise when a near million EU Remainers marched in London in 2018 & 2019, during which the UK media tried to ‘overlook’, the 2016 Brexit referendum result itself was delivered in the first place by these same ‘trusted’ networks having orchestrated the cyclically-reinforced platforming of Farage/UKIP, who without a single UK Parliamentary seat…

…was subsequently reinvented to morph into The Brexit Party and now Reform Party but which have collectively, been the Tories own political sock-puppet parties all along, whose role was to keep creating the Overton Window space on the fascist far-right for the Tories themselves to step into, whilst simultaneously seeding enough doubt in the electorates mind to suggest Farage and UKIP might actually win.

By putting the ideologically drip-fed UKIP cart-before-the-horse, Brexit was yet another mass psychosocial-engineering effort delivered by a tiny select elite who still saturate and dominate our TV screens as ‘journalists’ and as ‘news’ and current affairs presenters today, and who with their Machiavellian amber, blue and red Tory political plants, collectively made this predetermined outcome a potential ‘reality‘ and in doing so made the ‘possible’ absolutely probable; simply by driving and delivering on our manipulated perceptions to match with our conditioned bias experience – aka – UK ‘democracy’.

And it was also how the Trump Presidency ‘win‘ was sold then accepted by the entire US population and which if you’re new to ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ then you need to process that #ToryAnalytica’s Brexit and the #TrumpPutin Presidency were (are) the same failing coup, as I set out in May 2019 (pre-COVID!) in ‘Trump & Brexit: The ‘#DarkTriad’ Model for a Global Fascist Contagion’ (2019).

“Though fraud in all other actions be odious, in matters of war it is laudable and glorious. And he who overcomes his enemies by such stratagem is as much to be praised, as he who overcomes them by force”. Machiavelli

The HRH funeral today will fill much of our TV’s and papers this weekend with military pomp and football stadia minute silences, principally to involve, target and psychologically ‘recruit’ Scotland – and the future – as the Tory propagandist ‘One Nation Britain. And will all be seamlessly carried through into history to dovetail with the media’s wider, pervasive British patriotic and nostalgia pretexts. You don’t even have to look that hard to see it. It’s plastered across every communications medium but it’s been so drip-fed normalised, with the plastic patriotic programming so vast – it’s virtually invisible. But it’s there, on Channel 4 on Sunday evening for example;

“Propaganda does not deceive people; it merely helps them to deceive themselves”. Eric Hoffer

In fact, many of our corporate supermarket shelves are now a drip-fed tsunami of Union flagged food produce propaganda and if you listen really carefully in some corporate chains (certainly in Morrison’s) you can hear some classic tunes taking you back to yesteryear. It’s all part of the Volksgemeinschaft ‘people’s community’ propaganda construct, as I’ve laid out in ‘V for ‘#Volksgemeinschaft’ – We’re All In It Together – Or Else’ (2020)

…which in Scotland has been terrifyingly ‘normalised‘ to look like precedentedGleichschaltung Gaslighting: The Eradication of Scots Historic-Cultural Identity’ (2017).

But back to the Prince Philip fillip. In addition to the standard tsunami of Stockholm Syndrome coverage, there’s already been additional propaganda nuggets shoring-up the overall HRH ‘bounce’ inevitability narrative; the one where the BBC ‘admitted’ to having gone ‘OTT’ (over the top) on their coverage, which was duly echo-orchestrated across the ‘free and fair’ media playing the public like a fiddle.

Not only that, but for the BBC – a flagrantly propagandist organisation now outed most recently by its cyclical-propaganda omissions of Tory corruption – to ‘transparently’ announce they then had to ‘pull’ their bespoke ‘HRH RIP’ online complaints form.

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play”. Joseph Goebbels

Think about it. The BBC can openly report on their 100,000+ complaints for going OTT on Prince Philip propaganda – but not openly report on the significant number of complaints they must have had for their propaganda omission of the UK Government’s 100,000+ COVID deaths.

This is because the ‘complaints’ and the pulling of the specific HRH RIP complaints form, are yet further fabrications and embellished ‘facts’ being dutifully perpetuated by their press cohorts. However this aspect of the propaganda initiative had become such a desperate sell the British State has just overplayed its propaganda playbook hand. Downing Street’s ‘Behavioural Insights Team’ – the ‘Nudge Unit’ – has classically overcompensated and tried too hard to sell its scripted theatre, to drive perceptions and manage expectations – not reflect votes.

This current softening-up – this gaslighting steeped in all manner of misdirection – is preparing Scotland, the UK population and world to accept and to buy-in to the Holyrood result without question. And there’ll no doubt be other ‘inevitability narratives’ similar to the “silent majority” (a President Nixon narrative) softening-up of Scotland through #RapeClauseRuth Davidson’s ‘admission’ that she and the No campaign broke electoral law to ‘sample’ the postal votes and tell the viewing audience on the evening of 18th September 2014, that ‘Better Together’ were “incredibly encouraged“.

Which was the exact same postal vote propaganda playbook Laura Kuenssberg and Dominic Raab were also ‘Nudge Unit‘ instructed to use prior to #ToryAnalytica’s unprecedented ‘Red Wall’ win in December 2019 – giving them an unassailable 80 seat ‘majority’ and an elective dictatorship to vote in effect – by decree – on all manner of totalitarian legislation such as; the UK Government ‘Overseas Operations (Service Personnel & Veterans) Bill‘ – effectively doing away with The Geneva Convention; ‘The Covert Human Intelligence Sources Act (2021)’ which is licence to ‘legitimise’ UK State sponsored rape, torture & murder within UK; and the recent attempt to force through a ‘Police, Courts, Sentencing & Crime Bill‘ which is yet another fascist State charter.

All of which is designed to augment the end of The Senedd Cymru and Scotland’s Holyrood Parliament through the ‘Internal Market Bill (now Act) – A UK Enabling Act, Anschluss, Regime Change, A Soldier’s Psychological Tool & ‘Rope-A-Dope’ Distraction’ (2020) and with it, the inevitable militarised consequences (screenshot below) which is psychological softening-up and preparing to blame the Scots, for when the British State attempts to redirect their own ‘players’, their own terrorist assets from Northern Ireland to Scotland in order to ‘justify’ troop/proxy force deployment.

BBC ‘Scotland’ (16th & 23rd March 2021) a ‘News & Factual’ programme titled ‘The War Next Door: Scotland & The Troubles’, with the description ‘There is concern that The Troubles could spill over into Scotland’. ‘This is why BBC Question Time [14th Jan’21] continued with the ongoing British State propaganda campaign, not only to downplay the fact that domestically, ‘Global Britain’ is being deliberately driven towards becoming a failed State, but to spin Scotland as a basket-case too in order to “manufacture consent” (Chomsky) that ‘justifies’ a British military presence – a military occupation – on the streets of yet another neighbouring Celt nation’. From ‘Tory Brexit: Angling for the Occupation of Scotland’ (2021) written 16th January 2021 – two months before the above programming was aired.

So here’s the thing: between the utterly discredited UK mainstream media, Facebook’s algorithms and attention seeking saddos fishing for clicks and their #ToryAnalytica sock-puppet pages and Twitter accounts, the Etonian propaganda Philip fillip cannot by itself (certainly not after this!) sustain their ‘inevitability narrative’ to create the very British ‘bounce’ needed to justify the unlikeliest of Unionist ‘successes’ in Holyrood 2021.

The Tory cartel are going to need something ‘unexpected‘; something to take the wind out Scotland’s sails, to distract and detach the electorate from their collective cognitive analytical abilities.

An unanticipated shock perhaps, not unlike an impossible 21st century high-rise block of flats funeral-pyre in a developed country, that will rely on the same old Etonian structures to rally around the population and launch the ‘Great British’ lifeboats to ‘rescue’ Scotland; to gaslight ‘guide’ us through some emotional wreckage – in order to stoically-script steer the sinking HMS BrexitBritain away from the Scottish rocks.

Or perhaps self-sabotage something – or someone – so emblematically British, so dyed-in-the-red-white-and-blue-wool that the Union can engineer a Machiavellian tragedy to milk sympathy for itself; to narrative nudge just enough Unionist politicians ‘over the line’ purely by pre-planted public perception – like ‘The Vow’ – to ‘prevent’ a significant Independence majority…

…and at the very least, simultaneously create such a significant emotionalised distraction for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky ‘News’ mainstream media to report on, they’re ‘legitimately’ able to simply ignore a significant Independence majority – as if it never existed at all – in preparation to write future history.

Or do something – or someone – so spectacular as to disrupt UK society altogether and guilt-shame coerce the Scots into ‘postponing’ the 2021 Holyrood election, to ‘temporarily’ delay Scotland bringing to an end the 300-year long march towards freedom by ‘morally’ compelling the Scots to stick indefinitely with the archaic, anti-democratic sycophantic status quo. And in doing so, after such a long, arranged and dysfunctional marriage, Scotland effectively dies from a displaced ‘broken heart’ – in order the Machiavellian British elite can sustain their ideological grip on resource rich Scotland, keeping us chained to their Orwellian ‘United‘ Kingdom, by Etonian, Edwardian means…

“Edward VII owed his triumphs primarily to himself through his profound knowledge of the human heart and the sagacity with which he could sort out the vices and weaknesses of individuals and people’s, to make these into the worst and most destructive weapons against them. Edwards Empire was built on eternal human folly and on the intellectual and moral degradation of the subject populations……There is no reason to assume that the British Monarchy having weathered all these storms, will ever be swept away. We must rather conclude that the Royals will stop at nothing, including a military coup, a fascist dictatorship or World War III, to avoid giving up power”. Webster G. Tarpley – ‘How Edward VII Started WWI‘ (1995)


“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini.

#NarcissistFascist characteristics

Gaslighting Gilligan‘ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright ©️ but is a *free*-to-share public-service PDF download from here. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿

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