by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

(10-15 mins)Kiss of Death’ sculpture is from the Poblenou Cemetery in Barcelona.

“People like you are still living in what we call the reality-based community. You believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors, and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Karl Rove (attributed) Senior Adviser to George Bush, described as “the aide” in a 2004 New York Times piece by Ron Suskind.

Karl Rove’s statement, just like Boris Johnson’s below, are the typically boastful epitome of how such Machiavellian, gaslighting ‘Statesmen’ are able to deny their roles, yet repeatedly manipulate the same warring agendas time and again as part of the real ‘Special Relationship’ for which the GOP #TrumpPutin Presidency backers and UK corporate media drip-fed, #ToryAnalytica crisis-capitalist Brexit project was…

… and indeed still is intended to take place against the backdrop of another ‘Gulf of Tonkin Incident’ propaganda playbook ‘reality’ which carried the US into The Vietnam War, which this time is to “manufacture consent” (Chomsky) for a full-scale war which is currently, hypocritically and antagonistically nuclear powering its way towards the South China Sea; the latest in a number of attempts since 2017 to get Act III initiated – having been catastrophically interrupted in Berlin…

Video recorded on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy on 250617, of the inevitable #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat militarisation of Brexit and the arrival of a US/UK-led global fascism;

“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

And so any increasingly desperate PlanB engineered trigger will do the ‘Karl Rove reality’ trick; via ideological-ally Israel; or via an indoctrinated global-western stereotyped enemy in the Taliban/Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Russia (bearing in mind the both the Trump Presidency and the Tories are in partnership with the Putin regime) and/or of course China or North Korea – who might be blamed for sinking a NATO or ‘Five Eyes’ ally, such as Australian civilian or military ship.

The collective consequences and fallout of which are to domino-effect into nuclear armed arch-rivals Pakistan and India, to reverberate around the world via global corporate-media messaging all the way back to Faslane in Glasgow’s Clyde estuary, across the ‘United’ Kingdom, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to result in the overcompensating, puffed-up nuclear-armed construct called ‘Great Britain’ becoming ‘Airstrip One’. And in dogmatic effect to become what North Korea is to China; a belligerent barbed-wire satellite State hanging onto the coat-tails of a global military superpower.

Only instead of sharing the same geographical-border with one of the global ‘Big Boys’ as North Korea does with China, Orwell’s predicted fascist 51st State outpost has always been ideologically housed in the US/UK corporate-political media’s ‘Special Relationship’ protection-racket just a stone’s throw over the propagandist pond on the doorstep of Eurasia…

…which was supposed to seamlessly continue as the stiff-upper lipped, WWII ‘stoic-victimhood’ steeped perfect dictatorshipreality’, triple-locked inside a dual-State ‘superiority-persecution complex’ destined to become an island prison; through physical force and trapped by psychological and emotional indoctriNation.

Either way and by any and all information means, the UK general public is unwittingly being submerged in a patriotic red, white and blue sea of fear.

That’s the thing with global-western politicians often held-up by history as respected figures; much of the time they’re actually evil bastards who’ve been instrumental in helping orchestrate cyclical genocides.

So, regardless of fabricated pretexts recorded in incestuous titles, honours, accolades and awards, we need to process the very palpable roles in which corporate industries are pivotal in pushing the fascist agendas, particularly the Thatcher privatised essential energy-utility companies used to blackmail and control society. And to recognise the gatekeeper role of those protecting the entire construct; the corporate mass media manipulators without whom it would all be impossible. And who as the Machiavellian public-facing proponents of fascism are arbitrarily writing, then rewriting our discernible reality” in the present.

And who in doing so are ‘Karl Rove’ recording our future British Whig and Hansard ‘history’ secreted in an engineered perfect storm by fascist-Etonian gaslight barrage of repeated UK-internal catastrophes – minimised by fellow Party plant Sir Kier Starmer as “cyclical incompetence” – all simultaneously being compounded by Westminster’s externally baited ‘enemies’ dangerously dressing itself up as “Empire 2.0” (Liam Fox).

Again, it’s a desperately flailing plan trying to get back on global Auschwitz track with the Tory train – protected by their corporate media – and inadvertently aided by spineless centre-left politicians and academic commentariat, is still being driven full-steam five fucking years later by their ‘Hostile Environment’ racist, sexist, classist, fascist identity-politics policies working in propaganda parallel with their corporate partner interests, who again through media, have hypnotised the population with a drip-fed tsunami of nostalgia, Monarchy and WWII; with the normalisation of militarisation seamlessly interwoven with the illusion of diversity in soaps and advertisements (especially in bank ads!) in our emotional-rollercoaster Gogglebox ‘democracy’…

…sealed within a relentless Great goose-stepping march of Union flag-shagging British TV programming, dovetailed with corporate supermarket isles burgeoning with ‘Great British’ bunting and “uplifting” (Rees-Mogg) ‘Great British’ exceptionalism in the form of orchestrated ‘community’ food-bank deposits left near the doorway…

…adjacent to the ‘news’-paper stands buffeting you between predictable emotional-behavioural outcomes which are collectively and uniformly instructing you who to like, love, loath and fear – all whilst their unaccountable ‘Great British’ billionaires and US/Australian corporate-political owners strip you of your pensions, freedoms and human rights, and cyclically rob you of your lives, livelihoods and dignity without consequences – because they already have your ‘Patriotic Programming’ permission to do so.

“The real looting in this country [United States] takes place in the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. The poor have been systematically looted in this country, the rich have been made richer under this criminal fascist President [George Bush] and his Government. When fascism comes to America it will not be in brown or black shirts, it not be in jackboots, it will be in Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts. Germany lost the Second World War but fascism won it”. George Carlin. And Bill Maher; “Fascism is when corporations become the Government”. Both speaking here during the 2005 Hurricane Katrina aftermath in New Orleans.

In UK the “Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts” arrived a long time ago in the form of corporate charity constructs which became more militarist-concentrated around the same time as the 2008 global economic crash in order to drive the ongoing #PatrioticPoverty ‘Volksgemeinschaft’ or ‘people’s community’ propaganda war being waged against the UK population and beyond…

…and which in the ‘Karl Rove and Kissinger reality’ is the grand distraction by TV-set to deprive swathes of the very same ‘Great British’ public of Maslow’s most basic needs; shelter, safety, food, heat and just as importantly – It needs to deprive us of each other – as part of their ongoing ‘war effort’ against the masses; by far-right class-war ‘crusade’ conducted by posh, pinstripe suit planet-killing crisis capitalists.

As such, ‘led’ by the current crop of English speaking gaslight ‘Statesmen’ on both sides of the Atlantic Bridge, the attempted militarisation of their failing ‘Global Britain’ project is inevitable. And so regardless of your politics and no matter how much you wrap yourself up in patriotic red, white and blue – unless you’re extremely well-connected with the British and US Anglosphere aristocrat elite – you and your Union & US flag waving loved ones are expendable collateral in their current bid to usher in a truly global 21st century fascism.

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“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini.

#NarcissistFascist characteristics

Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright ©️ but is a *free*-to-share public-service PDF download from here. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿

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