by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

(25-30 mins) In 2017 I wrote a piece titled ‘Tedious Twitter Twaddle’ in which I made the point that social media wasn’t singularly to blame for the Trump and Brexit phenomenon, but merely augmented the most powerful, pervasive and normalised aspect of the US/UK democratic construct; that being the mainstream broadcast media who either through agitating daytime entertainment or ‘news’ – take possession of your emotions. And people who can take possession to own your emotions – own you.

The takeaway point of that piece was this;

‘From the bias-seeding political ‘opinion’ polls, through to the mutually-reinforcing press and broadcast media delivering The Party’s predetermined, FPTP plebiscite outcome housed in a self-contained, self-congratulatory, confirmatory-contagion shade of timely red or perennial blue; it’s all an orchestrated, mass-psychosis charade. It’s a ‘pseudo-reality’ exercise in emotionally charged, behaviourally driven expectation management. In short, it’s all a fixed ‘democratic Matrix’.

In this ‘democratic Matrix’ our heroes and villains and victims and martyrs on all sides are all stage-managed and presented to us on a plate, in order the Orwellian ‘Party’ can seamlessly move entire populations towards a normalised state of totalitarianism. Indeed in describing how controlled media is to be perceived by its audience and its actual delivery function, Goebbels put it very succinctly;

However just as media has evolved and expanded since the Nazi era to take the next logical and technological steps on a truly global scale of ambition, I felt I needed to expand on Goebbels words in my ‘Tedious Twitter Twaddle’ piece as most people clearly didn’t understand what he was actually disclosing. This is why I occasionally quote such fascist figures; because by using their own words from nearly a century ago – they actually help to expose today’s fascists. And in time you’ll also come to understand that such statements aren’t merely telling us the truth of propaganda and media but are a symbolic expression of power that those who possess this knowledge – can’t help but wave in our unwitting faces.

Now the curious thing as a result of my ‘Tedious Twitter Twaddle’ piece was that I was blocked on Twitter by number of ‘centre-left’ online and broadcast media ‘journalists’. I thought at the time it was because they thought I was a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but as the months and years wore on, it became clearer that these same ‘journalists’ who individually had become more and more boastful of their self-proclaimed ‘centrist’ labelling – collectively coordinated with the right-wing press and ‘neutral’ broadcast media to undermine and eventually oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader in 2019.

The most prominent of these ‘centrists’ who blocked me in 2017 and continued to play his centrist part in deposing Jeremy Corbyn and still divides the Labour Party to this very day – was James O’Brien of LBC. Perhaps matched by fellow centrist Owen Jones, arguably, O’Brien has been the most influential ‘centrist’ broadcaster/Twitter commentator in UK since the lead-up to the Brexit propaganda campaign.

So how does he and all the other centrist commentators who got rid of Corbyn, keep working class ‘centrists’ on board with their scripts? Simple. They conduct sporadic and occasionally orchestrated online attacks against their ‘far-right’ colleagues who in turn do likewise, in order to shore-up one another’s respective ‘left/right’ credentials. And just as all propagandists on all fabricated ‘sides’ do – O’Brien simply tells his audience what they already want to hear.

And by doing this repetitively, by confirming and reinforcing the existing biases of his supporters he continues to manipulate emotions, massage ‘morally superior’ egos and shape perceptions to ensure that everything else he claims to be ‘truth’ is taken at face value – with all other inconvenient truths simply dismissed out of hand.

And Farage plays exactly the same propaganda game to target his support base.

Being as O’Brien’s audience is primarily an English ‘Remain’ demographic, he tells them the actual quantifiable truths regarding the socioeconomic destruction caused by Brexit. But therein lies the rip in his staged curtain, because having helped eject Corbyn to install Starmer – who in turn will support the Tories to ‘deliver’ Brexit by military force through ‘Operation Yellowhammer’, it becomes clear that James O’Brien as part of the “uniform media” – indirectly but ultimately – supports the Brexit coup.

And so it is they – these self-branded ‘centrist’ politicians and ‘journalists’ who are responsible for feeding the illusion of functioning democracy who ‘legitimise’ blatant fascists in pin-striped suits; Johnson, Gove, Rees-Mogg, Braverman, Patel, Truss etc – to routinely appear in Parliament and on our TV screens as ‘Statesmen’.

The fact that these ‘Brexiteers’ have become so dangerously farcical, yet are still not pending trial, does by itself belie The Party’s ‘Punch and Judy’ theatre – which admittedly is very convincing at times – to agitate the watching working classes against each other and ‘the other’ – the aim of which is to result in a series of Krystallnacht backlashes that Goebbels himself would be proud of.

Fuelled by propaganda manipulated emotions alone, the uncompromising power of ignorance on all ‘sides’ is housed in our individual egotistical need to be ‘right’ – regardless of the facts and evidence. Stuck in this cancerous self-perpetuating psyche, the strength of feelings then proportionately dictates the empowered sense of self-righteous rectitude. This in turn drives and amplifies the subsequent and predictable group behaviours to result in conflict between the groups and backlashes against propaganda signposted minority communities, key to which is victimhood; the staple diet of identity-politics driven by the wholesale fascist State construct which is not just the preserve of the conventional ‘far-right’ as we’ve been indoctrinated, but is housed in the toxic entitlement exhibited behaviourally and can be witnessed across the entire ‘left/right’ political spectrum.

As such, stage-managed victimhood is the most efficient and effective short-circuit to superficial ‘superiority’, to manufactured martyrdom and ‘moralistic’ indignation; all of which collectively leads to societal destruction, pogroms and other forms of propagandist-State projected mass murder i.e. civil war and/or war between nations.

Again, Orwell put it more succinctly but just as with Goebbels words and indeed those of ‘father of propaganda’ Edward L. Bernays in his 1923 book ‘Crystallising Public Opinion’;

…in which he was referring not simply to the human condition but the the newly invented and cheap mass produced ‘Volksempfänger’ radios sold across Nazi Germany in 1933 “to control and regiment the masses”…

… “according to our will without their knowing It” – but which no-one of any academic, politician or high-profile activist ‘note’ (outside of the agenda) in this narcissistic, egotistic, image obsessed epoch-era has remotely begun to deconstruct Orwell’s, Goebbels or Bernays words in a way ordinary people might understand. Why? Because feelings trump facts. You see trapped in their particular prism of perception, University educated academics are just as susceptible to their pre/adolescent instilled indoctriNation belief-systems, as the State school O-Level ‘educated’, blue-collar layman is. (I couldn’t wait to leave school at 16 and as I recall I left with a ‘B’ in Art, a ‘D’ in English and ‘U’ [ungraded i.e. failed] Maths).

And so everyone – without exception – when met with information which clashes with their biases, is subject to the innate cognitive dissonance processes and ego-defence mechanism responses. And as a consequence we collectively remain ignorant – and angry – having failed to cut through our media manipulated emotions to cognitively process in 2023 – ninety years after the Volksempfänger began being rolled out – how the myriad concentrations of post-2016 hate on both sides of the ‘Atlantic Bridge’ and beyond is still driving the drill-down division of societies. And which in the 21st century has once again been weaponised and seamlessly delivered into multiple western ‘democracies’ – only this time It’s on a truly “global scale in widescreen technicolour being projected into every cave-dweller living-room, to submarine-seal entire populations within the flatscreen universe: cinematic, TV and tablet”. ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (©2017).

Now as I understand, Twitter is quite probably set to become a subscriber only service. I won’t be subscribing. My reasons for this are;

Just like Facebook, Twitter is also part the global-western totalitarian construct that’s role was always to augment the billionaire-owned print and broadcast media i.e. Goebbels illusion of “diversity concealing an actual uniformity”.


Just prior to the Machiavellian Elon Musk’s propagandist ‘takeover’, Twitter has suppressed my accounts to the point traffic via these platforms to my blog has plummeted.

Both platforms have always suppressed my accounts however since September/October last year, their algorithms to render me near invisible even to my followers have stepped up to a whole different level. However far from becoming despondent I took heart from this development as sign of their desperation and indeed demise. This is because since I did this;

Video recorded on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy on 250617, of the inevitable #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat militarisation of Brexit and the arrival of a US/UK-led global fascism;

“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Since going to Berlin ‘The Party’ through their corrupt intelligence services have been monitoring my work. However since around mid-2020 so too have the more ‘honest elements’ within those same intelligence services; men and women who’d signed-up to protect their respective countries but had no idea that their own families futures were being deliberately endangered by their very own fascist Governments and as many of them now understand – are to be sacrificed by the crisis-capitalist corporations whose profiteer interests they inadvertently serve as part of the Military Industrial Complex.

So being monitored by all parties with a vested interest is a very reasonable assumption to make. And it’s why after Facebook deleted my original personal account in May 2020 for this piece…

…I suspect that Facebook has opted not to delete my ‘Johnny Berlin’ account I subsequently created, and is also why my Twitter haven’t deleted or suspended my @GasGilligan account; because doing would arouse further suspicion.

Add into which ‘The Party’ were so convinced that they were still in the ascendancy and believed they couldn’t fail – this current phase is part of an agenda which has been in train for a very long time – they simply allowed me to get a modicum of social media reach.

However even that meagre reach has all but dried up as ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ begins to make more logical sense to significantly larger numbers of the UK populace and global audience. Ordinary people who are on the verge of understanding that the Tories and the wider their Party partners in the executive boardrooms of essential utility and infrastructure companies i.e. energy, food, fresh water, sewage, transport and communications…

…who through corporate corruption and rigged markets, continue to sabotage, control and wield power over society.

And so to achieve this they therefore need to continue to sprinkle fuel onto the low flickering flame in order that upon their overarching trigger – currently being pursued by Boris Johnson and Co via Ukraine – can engulf the people in the carnage that will ‘justify’ the impending, preplanned militarisation phase – and then of course blame us for It.

Now, as Facebook and Twitter executives don’t want you processing, sharing and discussing these harsh facts of life, most visits to ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ the last couple of years have come via non-descript routes with people passing links via email, text, WhatsApp and Signal etc. I’m delighted people are doing this but I assume they share privately because whilst they can see the logic of my interpretations and how the many ‘unrelated’ narratives are actually part of the same global-western military intelligence machine – they’re too ‘ashamed’ to be seen to publicly endorse a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

“The ruling class in every age has tried to impose a false view of the world upon their followers”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

However the Orwellian Party ‘journalist’ plants who along with their politician cohorts have usurped and crushed the genuine centre-left, have illicitly ‘familiarised’ themselves with ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ but with a Machiavellian purpose; to keep the mass consciousness corralled within the pyrrhic safety of the herd, and sealed within the fake Overton Window Matrix of ‘left and right’ politics and media.

James O’Brien himself – as far as I’m aware – has not ‘selectively sampled’ my work but I can tell you there’s sea of centrist ‘journalists’ and alternate media activists in England – many of whom are household names within the socialist ‘alternate’ media sphere – as well and some high-profile Scottish independence bloggers too, who’ve all pretended to ‘ignore’ my work yet have ‘mirrored’ my analyses.

And who with their substantial numbers of blog followers and greater social media reach afforded to them by Facebook and Twitter, then rinse and sanitise my interpretations to push out the safer aspects – occasionally using key words in their blogs or YouTube videos – in what would appear to be an ongoing effort to create traffic ‘chaff’ and draw readers away from ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’.

Those who’ve engaged in this sleekit centrist behaviour include George Menbiot and the ‘born-again’ Peter Oborne of Double Down News, Aaron Bastani of Novara Media, James Melville and Peter Jukes of Byline Times. And then there’s Matt Kennard of Declassified UK – not a ‘centrist’ as such – but whose new book covers a remarkably similar topic as my ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ works.

Because let’s face it, there’s no more ‘silent’ form of abuse of power – than gaslighting; be it behind closed doors in the home or the corporate-political mass media fronted coup d’etat of global ‘democracies’ – which is also taking place ‘behind closed doors’ in our living rooms where the TV takes centre stage to manipulate emotions, drive predictable behaviours and ultimately shape our perceptions of the world and each other.

It’s all in my free PDF download book ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (©2017) which I strap-lined;

A paradigm shift in the meaning of domestic abuse and the Atlantic Bridge to ‘1984’.

However of all these commentators the most high-profile of all is a fella who is neither left nor right on the political spectrum, and actually does an outstanding job of exposing the illusion that is US and UK ‘democracy’. And despite his ongoing protestations that YouTube’s algorithms are continuously censoring him, this particular activist is followed by “six million awakening wonders” and has even on occasion used the term “global gaslighting”. And whilst his team send polite fob-off replies in response to my emails, he continues to rehash much of what’s already in ‘Gaslighting Gilligan(©2017) – as well as the interpretations I’ve written since – which the Orwellian cartel has continued to pursue in order to get their totalitarian agenda back on its global concentration camp train tracks;

And just like the other ‘independent media’ voices, this particular Messiah-esque figure – complete with a bizarre halo-crown of light around his long-haired, bearded napper – has for the last three or so years avoided the most controversial global propaganda elements in ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ – which aren’t simply conjecture but are housed in historical precedence and the contemporary evidence – with a splash of “intuition and imagination”; all of which inspired me to go to Berlin in 2017 before the ‘July Crisis’ could be engineered.

The media personality I am of course referring to is Russell Brand.

His motivation for ignoring me? Who knows? It could be an unhealthy ego (his Facebook profile picture above might attest to that) or he’s more concerned about maintaining his income streams (he has a team to pay apparently) or that he’s simply scared and waiting for the public to make the ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ shift for themselves, before publicly acknowledging my work – if indeed he ever does. Or maybe it’s all of the above.

Regardless, I still hope Mr Brand is genuine. Partly because he tells more truths than most and he makes me laugh. And of course if “intuition and imagination” were regarded by Albert Einstein as legitimate scientific rationale, then they’re good enough for Russell Brand. And so given his continuing ability to avoid some the hard “global gaslighting” truths, to circumvent my “preview of life’s forthcoming attractions” – yet selectively paraphrase my work and endlessly platform Ptolemaic ‘experts’ who either still genuinely inhabit the ‘left and right’ myth or whose actual role is to propagate It – I can’t rule out his direct involvement. He is after all – an actor.

Each of these commentators know of my work yet continue to offer analyses which skirts around some of my most dangerously simple of interpretations; such as Nigel Farage having been the Tories ideological decoy all along, who waving his fake ‘man-of-the-people’ and ‘anti-Establishment’ credentials, was repeatedly platformed by #BBCQT with his presence normalised across the Goebbels-esque “actual uniformity” UK corporate media, not to reflect or inform the population but to drip-feed drive us in ‘The Party’s’ predetermined direction.

“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everyone has decided not to see”. Ayn Rand

Another example of one of these online ‘activist-journalists’ in Scottish politics specifically is a blogger I won’t name. Because unlike James O’Brien who is just one of many centrist propagandists who millions of Jeremy Corbyn supporters in England have already acknowledged as being a plant – the fella I’m cryptically referring to is a big fish in a little pond who’s done a bang-up job of emotionally capturing his audience; to the point that those most taken-in by his Scottish ‘independence’ credentials simply won’t hear of his agitator role in The Party. As such you’d think there was only one blogger in Scotland who supports independence, and who is tackling the SNP’s reductive descent into the gender agenda and LGBT identity politics.

But what this blogger repeatedly ‘fails’ to tell his readers during his often angry and pejorative pieces which serve to reinvigorate agitation within the independence movement, is that what’s happening in Scotland is a mere microcosm taking place against the backdrop of global political and corporate print, broadcast and online media fronted ‘Rampant Sexism’ construct – which is being projected into every living room in the western world as our ‘reality’.

He had me fooled for a long time as he used to allow some comments on his blog pieces but they never went anywhere. He then took to ‘moderating’ my responses and simply ignored them. And so I think his initial position which allowed me to respond was just part of maintaining his cover as we drew closer to the overt propaganda weaponisation of the gender construct. However my suspicion’s became even more aroused when ordinary people saw the logic of my ‘Internal Market Bill: Orwellian Lipstick On A Pig’ piece, after which I was also emailed by genuine SNP politicians in late 2020 thanking me for this specific piece and for alerting them to the true totalitarian intent of this gateway legislation to ‘legitimately’ render the Scotland’s Holyrood Parliament and the Welsh Senedd powerless. And in doing so end direct Scots and Welsh ‘democracies’ which would foreseeably result in mass civil unrest in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Cardiff etc and as a direct consequence, predictably require the British Government to inevitably deploy military force – and brutally ‘restore’ calm.

All very much straightforward ‘cause and effect’ yet it’s tumbleweed from this ‘big fish’ blogger. All whilst he pretends to ‘ignore’ my interpretations he repeatedly ‘neglects’ to inform his readers that the specific ‘Rampant Sexism’ #MeTooMatrix and LGBT propaganda construct is a precedented campaign to divide the masses, before guilt-shaming men en masse into a military uniform upon a fascist mobilisation trigger – currently being pursued by Boris Johnson and ‘The Party’ via Ukraine – to escalate and reverberate specifically back to Glasgow – and militarise.

Moreover, this ‘Scottish’ blogger neglects to engage in the most basic level of analytical curiosity to critique or debate my work. And even if his true motive was to attempt to humiliate me in a public forum – he won’t. Because in doing so he’d draw attention to ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ and ultimately he’d lose far more than just the debate. And whilst he was being exposed and his cover crumbling, he’d inadvertently help those watching to understand that the specific gender agenda divide and conquer construct – is the central theme that runs throughout ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (©2017) which I released via Berlin in June 2017 – four months before #MeToo and the subsequent LGBT supra-propaganda overload ever became a conscious ‘thing’.

And in all his self-perpetuated theatrical agitation he recycles within the independence movement, he conveniently ‘fails’ to understand and hypothesise for his readers – to apply historical precedence, contemporary evidence, “intuition and imagination” (Einstein) to ascertain the rationale as to why Boris Johnson keeps visiting Ukraine and why US/NATO puppet President Zelensky; who was recently welcomed as khaki-clad war hero by ‘The Party’ in Westminster – including by some of his SNP MP ‘arch-rivals’ – during one of the most transparent and sickly displays of propaganda in a pathetic attempt to “manufacture consent” (Chomsky) to drive the UK, US and NATO ‘case’ for war with Russia.

This is so that the Machiavellian clique – in which the ‘mystery’ blogger is but a cog – can engineer the foreseeable cause and effect consequences which are designed to reverberate back to Scotland via the US/UK nuclear submarine base RNAS Faslane near Glasgow.

And in doing so enable the Tories – who with Starmer’s ‘Friends of Israel’ laden Labour Party – will irreversibly ‘suspend’ UK ‘democracy’ by declaring a National Emergency and implementing Marshall Law, which the entire ‘Five Eyes’ military-intelligence-media machine will attempt to ‘validate’ and “manufacture consent” for the Tory Cabinet to theatrically request US economic, military and private military contractors ‘assistance’ to support the coup, which will threaten, placate, blame and shame the UK population into compliance to become the unforgiving, fatal reality on the streets.

You see, when the Tories told us in 2018 they had a self-serving plan called ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ to militarise their own Putin dark-money bankrolled Brexit – we really should’ve had a big long chat about what that actually meant for ‘democracy’. However just as importantly we need to understand why the entire UK mainstream media didn’t. That’s why I called this piece;

It’s almost as if Eric Arthur Blair had an Orwellian ‘Airstrip One’ crystal ball, to concoct a hellscape driven by an army of ‘O’Brien’ characters in a ‘Big Brother’ led Big Society, who have imperceptibly enveloped a soon-to-be-imprisoned island population within a joint propaganda and policy driven Hostile Environment.

And upon the Glasgow-based militarisation trigger and the “Global Britain” mobilisation of “Empire 2.0”, in Scotland it will be the Orwellian Party duty of some of these same SNP MP’s & MSP’s (who the ‘mystery’ blogger purports to be at ideological odds with) who will be the ones to give assurances and reassurances to the Scottish people and attempt to convince us of the ‘temporary nature’ and ‘need’ for such totalitarian British and US governance measures. And it will be these same SNP politician plants who will compel the UK population to ‘unite’ – in order to deal with the latest, invented ‘common enemy’ – Russia. Other invented enemies also apply; notably China and Iran etc.

When you see how It works from a Machiavellian ‘cause and effect’ perspective, it’s actually all pretty basic stuff. And so you’d think it would be quite obvious to the once British ambassadors of ‘truth’ and supposed experienced geopolitical analysts and investigative journalists, who as individuals have had an intellectual lobotomy and become collectively incapable of applying historically precedented parallels to the present day.

“We control life. At all levels. We create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable”. Orwell ‘1984’.

Because in it’s in this absence of such political, precedented and indeed philosophical analysis that the liberal-centrists of ‘The Party’ expose themselves, by consistently ‘missing’ the major repercussions for UK democracy as a whole and for Scotland in particular. And whose leading writers continue to fill their blogs with a combination of the comparatively mundane; with regurgitated 2014 Groundhog Day guff, with replaying the Sturgeon v Salmond stitch-up, and by amplifying and exacerbating the SNP’s GRR/Trans agenda which is already doomed to failure, mainly because it hinges on The Party being able to militarise. As a strategy to create friction within the independence movement it’s worked a treat but none of it is actually tearing Scotland apart on the streets. But wholly driven by propagandists on both ‘sides’ of the ‘debate’ including the leading agitators in the #WomenWontWheest ‘movement’ have got the social media emotional Matrix sewn-up to give the propaganda impression it is.

Why? Because regardless of timing and pretext it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable and impending British militarisation is triggered. And the Orwellian SNP Party plants and their online agitators are driving this propaganda-theatre to sell Scotland a fake ‘reality’, in order they can convince us and the world, that the pre-planned Brexit deployment of military force – ‘Operation Yellowhammer’ – is ‘necessary’ to ‘rescue’ Scotland from itself. And thereby blame Scots and Scotland for our ‘inability’ to manage our own affairs.

Whereas for the brutal pacification of the English, Welsh and Irish working masses – well – thats going to need the ‘Special Relationship’ to implement. This is why since the return from Iraq in 1991 (I served between 1985-2011) thousands of soldiers began being made redundant under the MoD ‘Options for Change’ scheme.

“The war waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object, is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the [hierarchical] structure of society intact”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Because ‘The Party’ were carrying out the normalisation of the depletion of manpower capacity and force capability, so that by 2017 they’d have their own pretext during the same propaganda engineered Trump Presidency – to ask for ‘support’ for the original planned ‘July Crisis’ trigger, which in the book I called ‘Op Fukuglaschu’;

As with all abusive relationships in which people make an ‘irreversible’ emotional investment, it’s difficult at first to accept this lethal theatre as the actual reality; and that these victims, villains, martyrs and ‘heroic’ backstabbers actually exist. The design is to decimate Scotland and let the chaos and carnage take centre state in order to launch ‘Global Britain’. And unfortunately there’s no-one in this manufactured, emotive Matrix more qualified – symbolically or vocationally – to shit-stir within the Scottish independence movement and Scotland as a whole, than a particular blogger’s reductive and invective approach towards those he disagrees with. As such I’d have thought this ‘Party’ actor I’ve been describing will be more than familiar with Machiavelli’s work just as much he is mine. It is his job after all.

And in the highly unlikely event he succeeds, if it all succeeds and ‘The Party’ get their NATO v Russia/China/Iran war – then any genuine Scottish independence activists/bloggers and genuine English centre-left commentators and politicians who’ve been vocal in criticising the British Establishment – and not just hammering the SNP in the last year – will all get a media-omitted ‘knock’ at the door in the shape of size ten boot.

All whilst the ‘mystery’ blogger gradually recedes from public view, back into the obscure existence from whence he ‘miraculously’ came to build his reputation within the Scottish independence movement, to enjoy a peaceful retirement knowing his Machiavellian work to undermine Scotland is done – and no doubt have a pint or two with his SNP ‘adversaries’ in ‘The Party’ bar in GCHQ.

Finally, prior to the fascist Facebook and Twitter constructs finally crumbling under the weight of their own corruption, I wanted to let you know fully intend to keep writing. And I will continue to ask people who want to share my work, to do so by copying the links and posting them directly to their own social media accounts, blogs and/or continue emailing them to their friends and contacts. However on social media platforms, please do not to include my ‘Johnny Berlin’ or @GasGilligan addresses, as the Facebook/Twitter algorithms automatically activate and the posts are suppressed.


“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini

‘Fascism, steeped in pathological hypocrisy, superiority entitlement and inveterate victimhood, is the group-characteristic extension of narcissism and is the Machiavellian-patriotic, militarised business model extension of joint Government and corporate engineered crisis-capitalism’. ‘Characteristics Of An Individual Narcissist & A Fascist State’ (©2017)

Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright ©️ but is a *free*-to-share public-service PDF download from here.