by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“By now NATO has become a global intervention force under US Command. It has an official task, namely controlling the international energy system, sea lanes and pipelines. And in fact whatever the hegemonic power determines”.

“In the past 30 years, the ‘Masters of Mankind’ as (Adam) Smith called them, have abandoned any sentimental concern for the welfare of their own society’s, concentrating instead on short-term gain and huge bonuses; country be damned, as long as the powerful ‘nanny State’ remains in tact to serve their interests”.

Brexit is a very British (& US) military corporate-government intelligence industrial complex, fascist coup.

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.