by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of its propagandistic initiative”. Joseph Goebbels.

Are you sitting comfortably? Good. Then we’ll begin…

Nostalgic and patriotic anaesthesia; How to spot a very British coup.

Ignorance is bliss‘ is an often quoted mantra in times of uncertainty or faced with uncomfortable ‘truths’ – particularly in matters that challenge long held belief systems.

However one of those ‘belief systems’ I think I can assume, that all self-informed, objectively-minded people regardless of political persuasion will acknowledge and accept, is that films have been used over the generations for propaganda purposes; most notably in the lead up to and during times of war. I’ll come back to this shortly…

Wag The Dog.

Regarding ‘ignorance is bliss’ however, it would probably be more comforting to simply dismiss the empirical evidence that suggests that under the pretext-narrative of ‘reflecting widespread national feeling’ beginning in broadcast earnest around 2010, the UK corporate-government media may have in fact been the driving force and ‘trusted’ public face of a Great British coup that was laterally labelled ‘Brexit’.

“Is there anything science should not try to explain? Science is knowledge and knowledge is power – power to do good or evil. Sometimes ignorance is bliss”. ~ Paul Davies – Theoretical Physicist


Easily and seamlessly eased-in by a minority 1% elite owned, UK-wide, inter-generational, perpetually-omnipresent, ignorant, xenophobic, misogynist Press Media, the bastion of Britishness – the BBC – led the TV platform with a Crusade because that’s what it’s become – a self-denial suicidal Crusade – with a very protracted ‘ear-worm’ drip-effect charge with its flagship political audience participation show; Question Time.

In this way the UK (& US) established corporate-politique or ‘Corpolitique’ used their media to create a false-phenomenological ‘experience’, a pseudo-reality that existed only in the relationship between the media messaging and the recipients ‘sponge-mop’ minds in order to deniably deliver the masses into the coup-plotters predetermined agenda outcomes.

This I now believe is the true role of the ‘trusted’ mainstream media; to gaslight the population just as an abusive partner does behind closed doors with the incremental, imperceptible deniable destruction of a person’s psychological and emotional wellbeing, often by a trusted source, to overwhelm and overwrite their reality and to whom the destroyed identity, the victim or indeed populace – unwittingly turn back to the their abuser for their ‘salvation’; in this case – the State.

And this is how the British (& US) State conducted a 7 year long, incremental, imperceptible media-fronted ‘National Security’ coup that eventually led to a pantomime Tory Party civil-war; that ‘forced’ an unnecessary referendum; that no Parliamentary represented Party leaders wanted; that no serious White Paper had been prepared for; that delivered the perfect Brexit result to divide a population by less than 2%; achieved via eye-watering propaganda lies the media knew to be unfounded, ignorant and divisive; but clinging to ‘impartiality’, amplified nonetheless straight up painted-on “BREAKING POINT” lies, on a symbolic-power poster depicting WWII “parasites” and the promise of sweet FA for the NHS on the side of a big red bus that might have well have said ‘FUCK YOU DEMOCRACY: That’s for the plebs’.

And with an increasingly deliberate racist agitation the emboldened xenophobic Press Media now on steroids (with its masters fingerprints all over ‘unrelated‘ social media pages) the TV ‘news’ media and leading Brexit figures having been ‘entirely surprised by unexpected result’ to leave the EU then abandoned ship.

Sounds plausible. Right? But yet here we are still looking to them for our ‘salvation’.

Because the media – always democracy’s Achilles Heel – have long been the tools of the transatlantic corporate-government estate and were the harrying horse before the plebiscite cart. I believe the mainstream media led the general public by the mass-psychosis nose by providing the Parliamentary-unrepresentative platforms to the right-wing, and is continuing to do so now with Nigel Farage’s (and other British nationalist Crusaders) regular slots on LBC which are of course posted all over social media.

So, personally I’m convinced a coup of our democracy well underway – but don’t take my word for it…

Trust your own eyes and instincts – trust yourself. And the beauty is, regardless of political persuasion, you can check it out for yourself – no politicians or ‘news’ media to filter and manipulate messages. *Top Tip* No matter how ‘Matrix’ this gets – go with it because, well, it is what it is.

Here we go….

“You’re a tourist in your own youth!” – from T2 Trainspotting

With an open mind, have a look at the Baby Boomer & GenX cinematic nostalgic-appeal film-listings in the two years leading into the June 2016 EU referendum and also since. (Two years was the same propaganda lead-in timeframe as the 1912-14 manipulated ‘July Crisis’ – not taught in State schools).

You’ll see a steady drip-tsunami pattern of memory-mileage of ‘better British times’ presented via prestige-actor corporate film re-tellings and remakes of cult classics; from Whisky Galore, to The Magnificent 7 to Bladerunner 2049 to Murder on the Orient Express.

These are but a snapshot of a lot of deliberate nostalgia-invoking material. The poster for the film Atomic Blonde is my favourite given that Blondie’s Atomic was one of the first records I ever bought and the image not too dissimilar to 70’s/80’s icon Debbie Harry… See how the subliminal workings work? (Blondie are also touring the UK shortly. How timely too).

The Atomic Blonde film soundtrack itself feeds perfectly into the time-travel tourism agenda for both the BB/GenX generations; the 1980’s (as did BBC Comic Relief and Children In Need and has Radio 2 has largely become).

And it does so, stage supported either side by the 1970’s and 1990’s because this was when the inter-generational film and pop-culture mutual-appreciation 1980’s ‘overlap’ was; i.e. when many Baby Boomers were parents of GenX children who ranged from toddlers to teenagers. (As a GenX child I joined the British Army at 16 in 1985).

(By the way another central tenet of Atomic Blonde reaches into another facet of the trend-agenda; the fantasy-empowerment of women at the emasculating-expense of men. This is another constant theme the mainstream media are pushing through their fabricated (occasionally ridiculous!) ‘gender-war’; by a precedented #RampantSexism ‘Gender Agenda’;

…that’s trying to implant another fake-reality that tells us that society is sexist and all men misogynists – unless of course they wear a yellow-jacketed Police or Army uniform – or declare themselves ‘feminists’.

The seriously worrying part of this aspect of the campaign however is the principle targets; today’s toddlers and teenagers are already in the process of being media programmed with ‘Minority Report’ advanced PreCrime gaslight conditioning, to believe they’re potential misogyny-rapists etc just waiting to happen; and they are in the process of being conditioned to believe their only way to escape isolation through the gaslight-inferred toxic labelling is to become brave by manipulated nature – or a local hero in a platoon  or you might just follow in your dead Dads footsteps that’s subliminally screaming military! and serve a Police State.

So yes, as ‘Matrix’ as it might seem, the illusion of democracy has too taken the augmented-reality form of a hypnotising ‘T2 Trainspotting’ coup; by anaesthetising ‘Huxley Heroes’ entertainment and as you’ll read in a moment by ‘patriotising’ an entire population who really are unwitting ‘nostalgic tourists in their own youth’.

However very significantly, this mass-psychosis driven ‘referendum’ coup was timed to be smack bang in the middle of WWI 1914-18, 100 Year Centenary ‘commemorations’ which have been deliberately weaponised-emotionalised by conflating them with WWII. Yet 1939-44 doesn’t present a conventional-traditional commemorative anniversary but is being invoked in psychological-warfare spades…

This is because just like the 1980’s pop-culture overlap, World War II was the de facto ‘sense of British self’ for the Baby Boomer/GenX generations whereby both generations were taught – #PatrioticProgramming conditioned by ‘Rubber Hand Illusion’ – to emotionally connect with and to define themselves through an indoctrinated-film identity. A film identity that has and is still steeped in militarised victimhood that runs in parallel with a pseudo-sense of stoical, morally-superior Churchillian Britishness.

Through this toddler-to-teenager to ‘tabloidhood’ ‘GOTCHA!’ type stoicism, a rote-instilled propaganda told them who they were by association-conditioning; an unstinting global force for good – always had been and always would be.

Well tell that to Ireland, India, Bengal and the IICSA Australian-British Government sponsored child-sex and abuse trafficking; the gory details of which are currently being covered up with a total UK mainstream TV news media blackout – as has always been the case for all UK Government institution paedophilia).

And so this current orchestrated wave of film-propaganda, designed to invoke and reinforce ‘feelings’ of British nationalist, Imperial patriotism, has been imperceptibly timed to culminate with Hard Brexit ‘negotiations’, – which I remain convinced were to be broken off suddenly in July 2017 as the result of a UK/US driven false-flag national emergency that would rival 9/11. Only instead of planes flying into skyscrapers, ‘Op Fukuglaschu’ would take place in depths of Clyde Estuary flowing into Scotland’s most populous city – Glasgow.

“Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools. And *we still* connect people”. Andrew Bosworth, Facebook VP – 18th June 2016.

This was possibly another reason why there was no need for a Brexit White Paper; because the ‘White Paper’ was the nostalgic ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ and so it was their intention from the outset for the film propaganda to have played its role in invoking the nostalgic-stoicism and fostering the Dunkirk spirit in the face of a national ‘tragedy’ but which now also enhances the ‘weaponised-emotionalised’ British nationalist prospect of the Brexit coup d’etat success, whilst concurrently mitigating against unforeseen circumstances and collapse failure.

All of which is being ‘channelled’ literally through pervasive British TV title and film programming and the corporate-supermarket ‘Food Produce Propaganda’. These are the exit strategy, these are the ‘White Paper’.

Why? Because patriotism was always going to be the ‘Pavlov Patriot’ national insurance coup-plotter policy, to get Brexit delivered – at any cost….

Any. Cost.

….in order the British State elite could through a symbolic-clue addiction; recreate the 1914 ‘July Crisis’ after a combination series of weaponised-emotionalised ‘terror attacks’ and a mass-cognitive dissonance tragedy in the impossible fire – Grenfell Tower; to drive a population to the brink of suicide by mass-civil unrest only then for the State to reassert its full unilateral control to restore ‘law and order’.

A very British aristocratic-plutocratic ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ Operation claiming to ‘protect’ democracy is set to reassert itself by stamping down on domestic freedoms as it re-establishes its Imperialist raison detre; war.

Against against its own populace without EU interference, whilst it ‘redefines’ its ‘relationship’ with the devolved Parliaments and scope of authority over all people’s of these islands – all with our own so-called ‘democratic consent’ – literally from the ground up; from the streets and into our personal cyberspace; from the bedroom to the Boardroom, from bureaucratic offices then onto their profitable battlefields – forever.

These the collective points of the false-flags and this is why they need to get rid of as many EU & foreign nationals as quickly and as quietly as possible; to mitigate against potential harm coming to them, which might attract subsequent unwelcome EU & foreign Government intervention.

All of this, to deliver the “British people’s will” is the pretext by a desperate but extremely powerful minority-elite whose plutocratic place – but brittle-power base – still rests where it always has in the form of two key vassal-weapons; the physical power of the Police, Army and covert intelligence services – and through mainstream media in the psychological power over the minds of the masses. These power structures or institutions, despite being filled with working class men and women can always be relied on by the Etonian elite to do each other harm on their explicit and implicit ‘orders’ respectively in order the aristocracy can reassert and stamp its ‘Year Zero Austerity’ agenda.

You see ‘austerity’ the propaganda-language that lent validity and veracity for economic-apartheid ‘authority’, to proceed with the physiological-financial emasculation of the male population – is the 21st Century contemporary equivalent of ‘The Versailles Treaty’ effect that will channel young men, angered, deprived of a livelihood but proud ‘Pavlov Patriots’ towards the military – in the name of restoring and maintaining law and order; in the name of British ‘democracy’.

But this time like never before, the Tory elite are flailing and panicking, due in no small part to the freedom of the internet; which is why they want to sweeping cyberspace-surveillance powers. They know their hidden truths are going to be exposed; they just need to make sure that by the time they do, a new younger and militarised generation – today’s toddlers and teenagers – won’t care less and will protect the elitist custodians of their ‘collective, morally-superior’ identity.

But why and why now? Answer; oil. Specifically Scottish, then Iranian oil.

And I suspect because Trident and the wider Royal Navy have become obsolescent due to submersible drone technology being as advanced as its airborne counterpart which explains all manner of Naval procurement oversights and cutbacks. And so all the Parliamentary noise about Trident renewal and media noise about Theresa May’s willingness to push the button etc, was just that; noise.

Lots of it too, to keep up the false-reality misdirection and – as I also believe – to commit a nuclear radiological catastrophe ‘Op Fukuglaschu’ in the Clyde, socioeconomically devastating Glasgow, the Central Belt and effectively ending Scotland as socio-political force and rival but the oil would still flow down the east coast oil and gas infrastructure and by Mariner B type super-tankers without ever having to make landfall in Scotland with the revenues being syphoned off into global ‘Corpolitique’ elites personal bank accounts.

After which, EU extrication would happen regardless whilst the UK Government would take the global plaudits for becoming a remorseful reflective world leader in nuclear disarmament. (This is the only unquantifiable theory I have in the book which I cover in ‘Submersible and Phenomenological Drones’ – page 75 and ‘Op Fukuglaschu’ – page 274).

Regardless, of that aspect of my theory Brexit has to succeed in order to end Scotland to keep the oil.

You see with the British aristocracy knowing full well that all Empires end and being well-versed in the signs of final collapse, I believe they took pre-emptive steps to retain Scotland’s oil-wealth shortly after 2007…

The first signal of the end was in 1999 with the singing of ‘A Man’s A Man For A’ That’. But the British elite thought Scotland could be held in stasis by Holyrood’s Additional Member System in which it is extremely difficult for a single Party to achieve a majority.

Not that difficult as it turns out…

…Because in 2007 the British establishment got the complacency-shock of their greedy lives when the SNP were delivered into Government and subsequently gained a virtually impossible pro-Independence majority.

A Scottish independence referendum would be held.

And with that, the last, extremely resource-rich remnants of the British Empire were going to go the way of all former colonies – independent self-determining autonomy.

They had to act fast. And so they did…

So when the maintenance-illusion of the democratic process came to Scotland by affording the right of the Scottish referendum, the British corporate-politique and their mainstream media delivered their first necessary coup of democracy in order to retain control of Scotland and its £1TRILLION+ new discovery oil resources; which arguably will be dwarfed by Scotland’s renewable energy resources.

This is why they could afford to shoot their bolt in a single shock-and-awe Project Fear-laden campaign because they knew full well they weren’t going to revisit #indyref2 – ever – because the Brexit coup was already in the (oil) pipeline.

Managing Expectation – Minimise/Marginalise

Through the media, they simply just had to make sure that the support for Scottish independence was minimised by media-manipulation and marginalisation and made to consistently ‘appear’ as ‘reality’ to the world to be somewhere less than 50% whilst trumpeting sound-bites like the “silent majority”, too close to call” and “The Vow” to provide the advanced and planned pretext that would manage public perception-expectations – on both sides – for their predetermined result; a No ‘win’. A ‘win’ that was also significantly aided by democratic-process anomalies in the postal ballot.

But both the Scottish independence and the EU Brexit referenda had something else ‘media’ in common too; none of the ‘news’ media outlets, who usually pride themselves on being the first to know General Election results, never ‘bothered’ to commission Exit Polls…

However none of this would have worked if they hadn’t been able to maintain the most basic phenomenological democratic experience illusion; that the final result (like so-called ‘terrorist attacks’) would ‘survive first contact’ reporting in the minds of the population; not merely to deliver the ‘right’ result but an entirely ‘feasible’ result in accordance with the plebiscite-experienced picture the media sold as a window on society but in fact was already a sold-out democracy.

And so here we are in Tory Hard ‘Brexit-land’ Britain, amidst a joint US/UK military-strategic scale PsyOps campaign so vast, it sits invisible against the backdrop of pervasive ‘Britishness’ in TV-title programming; as it does the subliminal military recruitment campaign – visual & verbal, conscious & subconscious.

All having been seamlessly weaved into corporate emotionalised-weaponised TV entertainment and advertising; orchestrated nicely too with corporate-supermarkets with their ‘Food Produce Propaganda’ emblazoned with Union Flags and a post-Westminster ‘terror attack’ yellow-journalism saturation (literally!) narrative that’s ‘resulted’ in a continuous, cyclical lionisation and sacralisation of the Emergency & Security Services that’s just ‘so happened’, like Brexit, to ‘coincidentally’ coincide with a flotilla of remade British classics and revisionist ‘greatness’ with Dad’s Army, Their Finest (complete with opportunistic misogyny-mileage to fuel the fake gender-war) and Dunkirk, with Churchill and Darkest Hour in the next big oil-war propaganda pipeline; Iran.

As alluded, the purpose of this film propaganda isn’t simply to temporarily hardwire über-British nationalist patriotism to see the coup through to its Brexit extrication but to recruit a new generation of “intelligent patriot” cannon-fodder and in doing so, press the ‘reset button’ that reinvigorates an English-centric Brexit-driven Churchillian British-nationalist consciousness – just as they did to the Baby Boomers and GenX with WWII ‘history’ by omitting its roots in the WWI oil/power battle and US Corporates nurturing, resourcing and funding of the WWII fascist Nazi war machine…

Oh and as for the Scottish independence movement?

It’s still being media-managed; minimised and marginalised, not to manipulate the expectations for an IndyRef2 because there simply isn’t going to be one. But to manage Scotland out of political and perhaps even economic existence altogether…

…and unlike the recent Francoist scenes in Catalonia, the EU will at least this time have an excuse for its complicit silence; not by not interfering in a member States’ internal affairs but by not interfering in a non-member States internal affairs. How convenient. How cosy. How cowardly.

Boot-boy fascism has a foothold in Europe once again. But the Francoist thugs will be forgotten by history once their intellectually superior and respectable Westminster pin-striped suit-boy fascist cousins unleash their uniformed and uniformed ‘Pavlov Patriots’ and direct them toward those they arbitrarily deem ‘unpatriotic’ – the media ‘Segregated’ signposted communities that make up the minorities and the marginalised.

This growing fascism didn’t happen by accident. Certainly not simultaneously on both sides of the Antipodean-media-bridged-Atlantic to result in Trump and Brexit. And neither was it an accident, its omission teaching in UK State schools; the invisible propaganda details of the applied socio-political neuroscience behind fascism to tell us how it succeeded during its ‘first’ Nazi arrival on European shores in order we could all recognise it and stop it in its corporate-built Auschwitz-destination train tracks…

Still, they could have told us through films. Oh wait a minute – they are…


“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini

#NarcissistFascist Characteristics

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.