by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

(18-20 minutes) In an unbelievably vast field of competition ‘The Life & Death of Colonel Blimp’ (1943) directed by Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger (subsequently explored by author A.L. Kennedy in her book of the same title) is considered by critics to be one of the best British war films ever made. I’ve personally only just discovered it however see some striking characteristic parallels with people, politicians and events today some of which are in ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ – so I’m very familiar with the premise. So are you. You just don’t know It yet…

Unlike most cyclically-reinforced WWII-centric film propaganda themes which underpin the sadomasochist mass-psychosis basis of so-called UK ‘democracy’, and the characteristically inflated sense of ‘British being’ soaked in Monarchistic moral-righteousness, self-flagellating stiff-upper lip stoicism and martyrised triumph over adversity always ‘against the oddsof course – ‘Colonel Blimp’ is a satirical take centred on its leading character ‘Clive Wynne-Candy’s’ journey from lowly Lieutenant in The Boer War, through WWI and eventually reaching the dizzying heights of Major-General in WWII. His story, interspersed with a German military rival and a romantic love-interest, returns to a constant, cyclical theme surrounding his ‘reluctance’ to evolve either as military strategist or indeed as a man, preoccupied as he is within his British Imperial prism.

However the ‘Colonel Blimp’ character itself is a cartoon by David Low which he claims was based on a conversation overheard in a Turkish sauna between two British Army Calvary officers he subsequently embodied in ‘Blimp’ – suitably named after the barrage balloons – as being arcane, arrogant, jingoistic and stereotypically ‘British’, which were further excruciatingly epitomised by Blimp’s walrus moustache and his erratic, occasionally incoherent and posh “Gad Sir!” outbursts.

The ‘fictitious’ Blimp was of course a generic, satirical dig at the entire British Establishment and their preoccupation with Empire yet isolationism, incandescence with foreigners yet ‘superior right’ to retain rule over them, loathing of the working class yet amass their wealth on the backs of them, whilst espousing conquest and disdain for democracy. You see like all informative ‘fiction’, Blimp had been born in ‘reality’ inspired by and embodied within a single representative protagonist.

Winston Churchill, himself a Calvary Officer during The Boer War and a WWI veteran later had a keen oversight on WWII propaganda output. And so upon being briefed on the ‘Life & Death of Colonel Blimp’ and seeing the personal parallels with his own career and character – he was less than impressed. This was too close to the mark so he had film production temporarily halted before trying to have it banned before its release. Powell & Pressburger had to assuage Churchill that the borrowed lampoon of ‘Colonel Blimp’ and specifically his ‘journey’ wasn’t based on him. But of course – it was.

“Shall I tell you a terrible truth about politics and human nature? You can probably make a good case for almost any course of action.” Boris Johnson (2013)

Perhaps it was just sheer vanity on Churchill’s part or maybe it was something more profound he’d been unnerved by but couldn’t expose as part of his argument against its release, not without drawing ‘disproportionate’ suspicion to a mere ‘satire’ and in doing so risk giving away a vital revelation to inadvertently reveal the British Imperial ‘secret’ hidden in plain view; that behind closed doors the Blimp ‘caricature’ is in fact the behavioural reality of the British aristocrat ‘class’ which is occasionally exposed, and the respected democratic ‘Statesmen’ they portray in Parliamentis the actual theatre itself. But not just any old theatre. It never was.

And as we’ll see in due course with the illusion of British ‘diversity’ only existing on your television sets, the Colonel Blimp actors will mobilise brute force onto the streets and in doing so, will divert public anger away from themselves onto those very same minorities.

“Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.” Joseph Goebbels

Because as we’re witnessing today, the surreal lines between comedy and tragedy have become blurred like never before. All that’s changed is that the ‘harmless satire’ has been catastrophically exposed. ‘Parody’ is retreating to give way to the reality of its lethality, as the torn theatrical mask slowly slips to reveal the perennial Imperialist undercurrent of a once barely concealed ‘State’ of contempt for anything and anyone ‘It’ isn’t.

Unable to overcome this ‘indoctriNation’ we couldn’t process It before but now their contempt is out in the open. Gone is the Boris Johnson ‘bon-ami’ persona; the fabricated character he, #ToryAnalytica and the UK corporate-media cultivated over the course of decades, with his ‘roguish hair-ruffled’ look and ‘quirky’ faux-pas which were repeatedly brushed aside by his racist, sexist, xenophobe and now patently failing fascist apologists as “Boris just being Boris”.

Some of Johnson’s more bizarre ‘Borisisms’ which in our individual and collective cognitive dissonance ‘state’ of mass-psychosis we scoff at and ignore, are in fact narcissistic, Machiavellian ‘dead cat’ distractions but also expressions of his knowledge and power which he’s waving in our faces, often concealed in symbolism which is further camouflaged by his characteristic ‘lampoon legend’. More obvious however, is that this individual political actor’s ‘character’ has evaporated to reveal a pathologically disturbed individual representative of the collective British psyche and character as a whole.

“Propaganda doesn’t deceive people. It allows them to deceive themselves”. Eric Hoffer

Just like a uniformed ‘Walter Mitty’ on Remembrance Sunday feigning supreme confidence with a too-good-to-be-true ‘James Bond’ backstory which often embellished their own and even ‘borrowed’ others ‘good-guy’ experiences, a once ‘invisible’ but incredibly fragile-ego now belies a tangible contagion of entitlement, hypocrisy and victimhood which has exposed the British gaslight-theatre to reveal an insecure, overcompensating sadomasochist character steeped in a dual Schrodinger ‘State’ of being housed in a ‘superiority-persecution complex’ which runs throughout its very DNA. (See ‘Narcisstate’ and ‘Characteristics of An Individual Narcissist & A Fascist State’ (2017) at the end).

And as people will eventually come to understand, had It not been catastrophically interrupted in Berlin in June 2017; had It all gone to plan against the ‘inevitability narrative’ backdrop of the Parliamentary and NHS cyberattack in Spring 2017, had this headline, this particular Voltaire absurdity become atrocity which was subsequently blamed on Iran

‘Defence Secretary unable to deny Trident nuclear submarines run on same outdated software hackers exploited to cripple NHS systems’. The Independent, 14th May 2017

…then Boris Johnson’s fascist, Tory crisis-capitalist “Titanic success of Brexit” to handover the ‘British’ and Irish populations to the real ‘Special Relationship’ housed in US & UK corporate-political interests would have ‘succeeded’ to simultaneously militarise both Brexit and the Trump Presidency. And Johnson would have ‘gone down’ in British Whig and world ‘history’ as the 21st century Churchill.

Know why? Because Churchill has already gone down in ‘history’ as an ‘inspirational hero’ having been indoctrinated into the popular public consciousness via ‘factual’ dramatisations…

…despite when serving in Gladstone’s Government, having invented the infamous ‘Black & Tans’ made up of battle-hardened poverty-stricken British veterans and Irish Protestants fresh from the WWI trenches who terrorised Irish Catholic communities during the 1920 Irish War of Independence, then engineered the 1921/22 Irish Civil War itself through his Anglo-Irish ‘Treaty’ using the threat of a new all-out war waged against Ireland if they refused to accept his terms.

However this was just his British Imperialist apprenticeship as the genocidal maniac that was Winston Churchill later played the central role to deliberately engineer the Bengal Famine in 1943, killing an estimated 2-3 million people during WWII

…and then turned his guns on Greek communists who’d fought and defeated the Nazis in the dying embers of that very same war.

This was to safeguard the Greek monarchy whose Philippos Andreou, Prince of Greece and Denmark, whose family had changed their name from the Germanic ‘Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glücksburg’ to the much safer ‘Mountbatten’ (of Lord Mountbatten paedophile infamy) which was itself the anglicised version of ‘Battenberg’, who subsequently married his distant cousin Queen Elizabeth ‘Windsor’ whose predecessors had also changed their family name from the Germanic ‘Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’ during WWI.

You see how it’s all a centuries-long incestuous Imperialist fuck-fest which in its contemporary form, is sustained by mutually supportive Anglo-American aristocrat interests whose propaganda-led wars are deliberately engineered on an ever-increased scale of atrocity in line with technological advancements, to periodically decimate their own and others societies in order to maintain power and control over entire populations – and crucially of course – to retain their ‘Crown Estate’ dominion over natural resource wealth.

And whilst Churchill himself wasn’t in the Prime Ministerial hot-seat during the Whitehall engineered 1947 India-Pakistan partition in which 1-2 million people were killed with 15 million displaced, or for the Palestinian ‘Nakba’ in 1948 leading to the ongoing Israeli apartheid, he was back in the PM chair during the start of the 1952-63 Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya which saw some 10,000 locals killed, many of whom were tortured to death by British soldiers in prison camps.

And so believe me, in time, people will process that this media-reinforced, self-proclaimed ‘country’ calling itself ‘Great Britain’, is actually a genocidal, quasi-religious, corporate-political propaganda construct. And what’s really taking place is the collapse of this anachronistic corruption built on Rome, which is actually being deconstructed in front of our very childlike eyes; ‘Fascism & Empire: Militarist-Capitalist Branding (Trump/Brexit) Bias by Patriotic Commission & Camouflaged Omission’ (2017).

And when people process ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ further than they’ve already done so far without even realising, then the Johnson/Churchill historic-theatre comparison and my short excerpt below – will all begin to make logical and rational sense;

‘All of which was working in food produce propaganda parallel with a wider drip-fed campaign by ‘Gleichschaltung Gaslight: The Eradication of Scots Historic-Cultural Identity’ (2017) taking place pervasively by cyclically-reinforced “British” TV Volksgemeinschaft propaganda programming and abundantly “British” red, white and blue Union Flags in ‘UK’ supermarket isles, in preparation for the installed war-time ‘Prime Minister’ Boris Johnson to lead the call for a ‘country‘ called Britain to ‘unify’ as they dealt with a self-inflicted National Security emergency centred on Scotland and blamed on Iran to secure both countries oil, militarise both the Trump Presidency and Brexit Britain and in doing so, simultaneously unite western ‘democracies’ to mobilise a US/UK-led global fascism.’Op Fukuglaschu’ – A Trigger for Global Fascism’ (2018)

You see, the dangerously absurd satire we’re witnessing today is bordering on a long-overdue, island-prison Brexit Britain based atrocity, which the collective ‘Colonel Blimp’ aristocrat-cartel needs to violently inflict via a PlanB ‘Black Swan’ event delivered to impact on a global carnage scale, in order to get the ‘Global Britain’ plan back on its Orwellian ‘Airstrip One’ concentration camp train-tracks.

Since 2017 we’ve all been witness to many PlanB attempts to start the war and to mobilise a truly global fascism. So often in fact, that it seems as if we’ve resigned ourselves to these renewed evil efforts as somehow ‘normal’ and just coincidence. They’re not.

Video recorded on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy on 250617, of the inevitable #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat militarisation of Brexit and the arrival of a US/UK-led global fascism;

“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Below are brief outlines (some with #GG links and interpretations) regarding the numerous attempts which I perceive have failed partly because having been alerted, the existing safeguard protocols in place to prevent a ‘fictional’ ‘Dr Strangelove’ scenario have been robust enough on all ‘sides’ to withstand ‘Colonel Blimp’ and ‘Global Britain’s’ lethal theatre.

A number PlanB attempts have taken place such as;

March 2018 the ‘Russian’ Novichok ‘attack’, April 2018 the US/UK & French bombing of Syria and May 2019 the Gulf of Oman Tanker ‘attack’.

Aug/Sept 2019 – the media omitted attempt to restart the dilapidated Hunterston nuclear power station via ‘Yellowhammer Anagram: ‘Orwell Mayhem’ by Cummings “Meltdown” Symbolism’ (2019) which was again set to blame Iran.

September 2020 – another Britain (or northern France) based nuclear reactor likely to be Hunterston was subsequently ‘re-attempted’, as symbolically expressed by both Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson as their infamous “oven ready Brexit”. The preceding psychological softening-up this time, was set to blame China via ongoing propaganda stereotypes and accused of numerous cyberattacks, espionage and ongoing IT hacking ‘inevitability narratives’ (Huweii etc).

The “oven ready” attempt ran in tandem with the 2020 COVID blame-game which again attempted to pin it on China, specifically via Wuhan ‘wet markets’ and ‘laboratory leak’ narratives; the truth of which – paradoxically – is entirely irrelevant. This is because in ‘reality’ the truth doesn’t matter – feelings do.

So what ‘matters’ is whatever the orchestrated ‘Five Eyes’ corporate media cartel pumps out via simultaneity, repetition and cyclical reinforcement. All of which is uniformly designed to drive and steer emotions in our ‘feelings trump facts’ existences, which in turn drives our subsequent predictable herd-behavioural outcomes to “create human nature” (Orwell below) which we arrogantly, egotistically and hypocritically perceive to be of our own ‘free will’. In a word; ‘reality’.

Which again, if you viewed these events – this war – through a prism of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ and are alert to the Etonian ‘Kryptonite’ and their weakness for power-symbolism, which on one occasion was a desperate, cryptic cry for help by one time ‘journalist’ Boris Johnson which he again telegraphed hidden in plain view…

…then you’d have known too from my May 2019 piece Trump & Brexit: The Dark Triad Model for a Global Fascist Contagion’ (2019) that I ‘predicted’ the deployment of a biological agent long before the UK corporate media began ‘reporting’ it in February 2020; and which subsequently targeted its own supporters online to seed and foment divisions sustained along Trump/Brexit tribal lines, whilst indoctrinating the entire population via the corporate broadcast media with the surreal ‘Volksgemeinschaft’ happy-clappy ‘people’s community’ construct ripped from the Goebbels propaganda playbook; ‘V for Volksgemeinschaft: We’re All In It Together – Or Else!’ (2020).

As this COVID-specific prison planet plan to destabilise established ‘democracies’ and turn them into dictatorships began to falter at different stages around the world, I was convinced that in having failed to secure a specific nuclear trigger, that it was only a matter of time before it would fizzle out even more absurdly than it was engineered in the first place: The Trump-Putin-Brexit Coup: It’s All Over Bar The ‘Shouting’ (2020).

However that didn’t stop the US & UK elite cartel from trying again by instructing Israel to bomb Gaza in order to try and draw Iran into a war in April 2021 by ‘Going Nuclear: Gove & Netanyahu’s Endgame Gamble’ (2021) to coincide with further UK Government Home Office pretext to remove ‘illegal immigrants’ specifically from Glasgow in May 2021 as I’ve explained in ‘Glasgow, Israel & The India Variant: A Far Too Perfect Tyrannical Storm’ (2021).

Which was why when these too failed, the ‘Special Relationship’ then tried to take a reinvigorated route back through Afghanistan in August 2021 by manipulating emotions for a renewed war; ‘Why Afghan ‘Women’? Manufacturing Consent For All-Out War via ‘WMD’ (2021).

And so the contemporary, psychotic ‘Colonel Blimp’ cartel won’t let up trying to destroy humanity and eventually the planet, until we working masses collectively grow a pair to depose the absurd, anachronistic notion; that people born into wealth as a result of atrocities, of colonial-legacy bloodshed, bribery and blackmail, are somehow ‘genetically’ predisposed to make a better ‘class’ of candidate to run a country – or indeed to murder one.

UK Government baton-wielding boot-stomping militarisation is inevitable and as this actual reality sinks in – as opposed to the one spoon-fed by gaslighted feelings – so too will an actual revolution ensue, which ‘The Party’ had intended to trigger on their own ‘Op Fukuglaschu’ terms but which now will end them.

This is because this particular piece of ‘Pandora’s Box’ propaganda cannot be contained; ‘Early Warning Signs of Fascism: ‘The #MeToo Truth of Nr5 Rampant Sexism’ (2020)

…and as such the revolution is about to go global; Her Name Was Czeslawa Kwoka’ (2021).


Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction‘ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright ©️2017 but is a *free*-to-share public-service PDF download from here.

Twitter: @GasGilligan