by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Part 1: Scotland’s Realpolitik – the actual political reality surrounding the British media’s and previous SNP leadership’s seamlessly channelled selection of the three current candidates, taking place against the backdrop of the US/UK-led attempts to get NATO into the Ukraine-Russia war, which they need to achieve their Orwellian ‘Party’ ambitions and what that means for Scotland’s fledgling ‘democracy’ – if they succeed. (20 mins)

Part 2: The ‘Leadership’ Candidates

Humza Yousaf – Toxic drama queen – The Party’s ‘placeholder’ – The SNP’s Liz Truss – Machiavelli wannabe – Stasi architect – Orwellian wet-dream. (10 mins)

Ash Regan – ‘If something seems too good to be true, it probably is’ – An SNP/Alba/ISP Coalition? – The D’Hondt formula explained: how it works, how it’s gamed by Unionists to reward poor performance & why the electorate doesn’t get it – The post-2014 ruse that’s forever been Scots ‘democracy’ – Holyrood 2021: how the SNP did a ‘Corbyn’ on the Scottish independence movement with #BothVotesSNP – What happens if there’s a pro-Indy supermajority: a Westminster spike or a Russian hack? – Ireland 1918 to ‘The Troubles’ to Scotland today – What likelihood of peaceful UK, US, UN & EU recognition of an independent Scotland: Palestine & Pipelines. (1 hour)

Kate Forbes – Blindsided by my own bias – Ignoring red flags – A clandestine meeting with “Chief Mammy” – The British media ‘blitzkrieg bounce’ – A shady start to a saintly political career – Keeping it in ‘The Family’ – ‘Under His Eye’ – British business as usual. (50 mins)

Part 3: Overall Summary/Conclusions ‘The Party’, with its Big Brother birds-eye view, still has the ‘con’ over Scotland (30 mins)

Part 1 – Scotland’s Realpolitik

The first thing to make clear is that all three candidates are only in the running for the Scottish National Party leadership contest because of their roles – inadvertently or otherwise – in the ‘gender agenda’, which is a huge red flag in itself. This is because the orchestrated gender distraction is simply yet another branch of historically precedented, propagandist ‘Rampant Sexism’ divide and control identity-politics.

It is part of a manufactured construct which is not only preparing to guilt-shame demonised and dehumanised young men into military uniform upon the mobilisation trigger, but through simultaneous propaganda messaging is in the process of diverting the general public’s ‘attention’ away from those behind the construct itself, by signposting minority groups for ‘special attention’.

“Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.” Joseph Goebbels

And as such, with the SNP thoroughly infiltrated ideologically by politicians and most certainly by ‘Special Adviser’ agitators alike…

…the terms of the ‘contest’ have already been dictated to the SNP membership and to Scotland in general by the British State’s billionaire owned media and indeed the overall Orwellian Party con, remaining firmly in control of Scotland’s leading independence party and still on course to militarise;

Video recorded on 25th June 2018, on the first anniversary of going to Berlin and warning the German Bundes Polizei & Irish Embassy on 250617, of the inevitable #ToryAnalytica coup d’etat militarisation of Brexit and the arrival of a US/UK-led global fascism;

“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

(NB – despite the ongoing Facebook and Twitter suppression of my accounts, the video was downloaded over 150K times last year. And when my predictions in the video unfold, it will act as a key benchmark to measure the accuracy of my wider interpretations).

Add into which the current state of the SNP after Nicola Sturgeon’s tenure is now rife with suspicion and division, her husband Peter Murrell who is still the SNP CEO will ‘oversee’ the election processes!

However still shrouded in controversy, Murrell is key to the missing £600,000 from the SNP coffers donated by independence supporters specifically for the ‘IndyRef2’ campaign and his personal ‘loan’ of £108,000 (circa) to the SNP – yes to Scotland’s leading independence party – the circumstances of which are being hidden from the membership and most serious of all; his pivotal role in orchestrating the SNP, Crown judiciary, Police Scotland and British media in Scotland…

…in their collective attempt to frame and ultimately imprison the former SNP leader Alex Salmond – a decades-long thorn in the side of the British State – based on false allegations of sexual assault which led to trumped-up charges, a baseless prosecution and Kafkaesque show-trial by media-fronted kangaroo-court dutifully led by the BBC…

…and which in the subsequent Parliamentary inquiry was continued by Nicola Sturgeon, who by the way, bizarrely describes herself as “chief corporate parent” or as she prefers to be known; “Chief Mammy” – which I interpret is a barely disguised display of contempt for her unwitting supporters as it’s a dark, cryptic and symbolic expression of her role in the overall agenda and is simply a wordplay on ‘Big Brother’.

“Symbolism is the language of the mysteries. By symbols [wo]men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the limitations of language”. Manly Hall

Mr Salmond was cleared by a jury however that particular aspect of the divide and conquer propaganda campaign was still pushed regardless and to this day, has driven a significant wedge between the SNP membership itself and the independence movement as a whole. How ‘fortuitous’ was that for the British State?

And how ‘fortuitous’ is it once again for them, that along with British State plant and SNP CEO Peter Murrell, GCHQ might also ‘need to’ pretext insert themselves to also ‘oversee’ the SNP leadership election process in order to ‘prevent’ hacking?

For those outside of the so-called ‘United’ Kingdom who might be unaware, it is the role of GCHQ (the UK’s equivalent of the US Pentagon) who help direct MI5/6 to ensure the ‘integrity’ of the British State, the ‘Realm’ and its economic, strategic Military Intelligence capabilities and force projection interests in ‘Britain’ and around the world i.e. just as the Pentagon-FBI/CIA do on behalf of the United States – GCHQ-MI5/6 also foment and start wars to destabilise regimes which are deemed a threat to their interests. And both their interests – housed in the propagandist ‘Special Relationship’ – are one and the same.

However their joint roles as part of the self-titled ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence apparatus incorporating Canada, New Zealand and Australia, have nothing to do with protecting their ‘countries’ or citizen’s interests – but in protecting the corporate-political interests owned by the global elite estate.

And so the really curious thing is given that they MI5/6 & CIA etc already manipulate such elections anyway – why publicly announce their foray into the SNP leadership election? Because it certainly isn’t for the sake of a ensuring ‘free and fair’ election.

No, as I’ll elaborate in Part 2, I rather suspect the Russia/China/Iran (any boogeyman will do) ‘hacking story’ is a pretext for a future pretext being planted now, to lead into a specific election further down the line when it inevitably doesn’t go their way…

“The distinction between the past, present and future is a stubbornly persistent illusion”. Einstein

In other words, the very idea of a free and independent Scotland breaking away from the grasp of the British State is an ideological anathema to both UK and US interests. As such the military intelligence might of both will continue being brought to bear against Scotland and its fledgling, compromised ‘democracy’ which has always been manipulated by the British State since its 1999 inception. In short, Scotland is an undeclared, yet designated enemy of the US/UK ‘Atlantic Bridge’ cartel.

This is the realpolitik of ‘British’, US and global strategic affairs which are being engineered in an attempt to bring the Ukraine-Russia war directly back to the Royal Navy’s nuclear submarine base at Faslane – situated next to Scotland’s largest city on Glasgow’s doorstep;

“People can always be brought to war. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists as lacking patriotism. It works the same in any country”. Hermann Goering

And yet the SNP ‘leadership’ contest is being determined and driven by divide and rule gender distractions which panders to 0.1% of the population. Or depending on your ideological prism, is propaganda signposting them to face a white, heterosexual male-led backlash. That in itself – if you can overcome your perfectly normal cognitive dissonance and ego-defence responses – should provide you with the ‘cause and effect’ clues to see the reality of our Orwellian world as it really is – aka ‘realpolitik’.

And in doing so, understand that the theatrical primary school hair-pulling hustings taking place on Scotland’s domestic matters – simply won’t matter – if these media selected ‘leaders’ refuse for one reason or another, to publicly address Scotland’s perilous state, in the event the US/UK cartel succeed in NATO militarisation.

“The war waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or Eastasia, but to keep the [hierarchical] structure of society intact”. Orwell, ‘1984’.


Part 2: The ‘Leadership’ Candidates

Humza Yousaf

Mr Yousaf is said to be Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘continuity candidate’ simply because it’s blindingly obvious he is. And so I won’t waste your time in coming straight to the point; he is undoubtedly a Party plant.

As Justice Secretary he was integral to the ‘Rampant Sexism’ propaganda construct as well as his race-baiting in Holyrood, in a Machiavellian effort (below) to agitate and guilt-shame the 98% white-Celt population, during which he was simultaneously signposting anyone with dark or brown skin to be set-upon by hard-core fascist elements, who themselves will be goaded on by the clandestine street-level agitator elements of the British State.

And at any opportunist moment he is willing seize a fresh initiative to stir the pot on points of ‘principle’, or rather ensure his wife does – until that is – it suddenly suits his agenda not to.

As others have already observed – take note of the date – 7th February – when it was revealed he’d dropped the action against the nursery and which preceded Nicola Sturgeon’s unexpected announcement to step down just over a week later on the 15th February. Because that early February period is also pertinent to Kate Forbes decision to run for ‘leader’.

I also recall seeing another video some time ago but I can’t track it down, in which Humza Yousaf is seen berating a local politician during a vote count. In it he infers this rival politician might be a misogynist and/or racist because of views he might express behind closed doors in the privacy of his own home. (If anyone has the video or link please send it to me and I’ll insert it).

And it’s consistently the right-wing version of ‘The Party’ – it’s all the same billionaire owned machine – who pick up on this. Because it’s all part of the push and pull ‘Pied Piper’ channelling effect to direct the white heterosexual male and female demographics into the ‘common sense’ arms of fascism;

The point being – which Orwell clearly predicted – is that Humza Yousaf was advocating for a Stasi-esque system in which children would essentially become ‘empowered’ or rather manipulated by the State to police their parents thoughts, language and behaviours at home. And through this State legislated grooming, would eventually encourage children to report their parents should they ‘step out of line’ on anything at all.

“Few people have the imagination for reality”. Goethe

It’s truly terrifying stuff and surely only possible in the pages of the most dystopian of fictions right? Wrong. This is why ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (©2017) is;

And so as you’ll come to recognise, with Humza Yousaf being out of his depth as a Machiavellian actor and nowhere near the standard of most of his Party peers – the only ‘remarkable’ aspect of his agitating character is his ability to start a fight where there isn’t one.

But then that’s part of the gaslighting gig so, y’know, I guess I’ve got give him some credit! And therefore another noticeable thing is that whilst he’s so transparent, the most proficient and accomplished Machiavellian actors on the ‘left’ – like Sturgeon – are barely even suspected as such, which is what makes them so effective.

Whereas Yousaf’s toxicity precedes him and stands out like a sore thumb against his two ‘comparatively convivial’ rivals. And who knows, that might just be the Party’s entire point of putting him in the ‘race’…

“Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions”. Machiavelli

Ash Regan

As it became clearer that the SNP had been thoroughly infiltrated by public-facing political players, by sleekit SpAds and with the party executive and pivotal bases loaded with their Orwellian LGBT agitators and ‘activists’, it crossed my mind to leave the SNP and go over to the Alba Party. However as a simple ex-soldier my logic for staying was straightforward; when someone takes your territory – you take it back.

And so for what it’s worth, as an SNP member and based on the very limited talent in a suspiciously fixed field, Ash Regan is my Hobson’s Choice.

Because with so much deceptive and devious ‘Dark Triad’ behaviour going on throughout the SNP, I cannot categorically determine one way or other if Ash Regan has found herself inadvertently caught-up in the contest or whether her stance against the SNP’s Gender Recognition Reforms Bill were all part of the continually revised script.

However I can offer you my assessment on what it is we can all agree on, based solely on the observable facts which by themselves tell a somewhat ‘remarkable’ story.

“If something seems too good to be true – it probably is”. Anon.

You see like myself, Ash Regan was a late arrival to the independence cause in 2012 and into Scottish politics in general. Entering via the Common Weal ‘think-tank’ (a red flag in itself) Ash Regan was specifically motivated by the [then] upcoming 2014 Independence referendum and the Yes campaign, and was later elected to the ‘Women for Independence’ committee.

After the 2014 referendum ‘defeat’ and as direct result of the British State’s ‘Better Together’ propaganda campaign, she like thousands of others on the back of the independence ‘bounce’ effect in the immediate aftermath, joined the SNP.

In August 2015 Regan’s remarkable rise led to her being selected as the SNP candidate for Edinburgh East and became the elected SNP MSP for the constituency in May 2016, where upon she was rewarded with a junior brief as Liaison Officer to the Cabinet Secretary for ‘Culture, Tourism & External Affairs’.

Clearly very intelligent and articulate, building her committee member portfolio she was subsequently promoted by Nicola Sturgeon in 2018 as the ‘Minister for Community Safety’. However she later co-signed an open letter regarding her misgivings about the Gender Reform proposals. After which, ‘leaked’ private correspondence between Regan and other female SNP MSP’s revealed she’d been critical of Nicola Sturgeon.

However curiously, noted for her uncompromising reputation on matters she felt strongly about – especially the Gender Recognition Reforms – Nicola Sturgeon uncharacteristically rewarded this ‘disloyalty’ by re-appointing Ash Regan to her Ministerial post again after the 2021 Parliamentary elections. However still unable to support the same gender reforms – she subsequently ‘resigned’ in October 2022.

And then as we also know, on 15th February 2023, Ash Regan announced she would run for First Minister and the de facto leader of the Scottish independence movement and as such – again based on the recorded facts – shows that her rise in the SNP’s cut-throat hierarchy and Scotland’s unforgiving political scene in general, has been nothing less than meteoric. Some might even say miraculous.

Even more ‘miraculous’ after the SNP’s ‘inexplicable’ period of post-Brexit stagnation and Nicola Sturgeon’s newfound penchant for erecting barriers to independence, is that Ash Regan is offering the independence movement exactly what it is we want…

It’d be naive to believe that The Alba Party haven’t themselves already been infiltrated and quite probably – from the outset. Let me explain why and I’ll come back to Ash Regan.

The Additional Member System & the D’Hondt Formula

For this, it’s important to understand how the Scottish and Welsh Parliamentary elections work because unlike the Westminster ‘winner takes all’ First Past The Post system – the system the UK Parliament imposed on Scotland and Wales for Holyrood and The Senedd elections – is a FPTP system combined with an Additional Member System (AMS) to give two votes which deliver in effect a ‘Proportional Representation’ arrangement. This has been in place since 1999.

However through no fault of the Scottish electorate, the overwhelming majority of the population simply don’t understand how the FPTP and AMS vote works, with the latter vote being subject to what is known as the D’Hondt formula for calculating actual seats won. It’s not as simple as FPTP so here’s an easy to understand explanation in half-a-dozen paragraphs;

Scotland is divided into eight regions. Each is represented by seven candidates. That’s 8×7 giving a total of 56 seats. Within each region there are 8-10 constituencies. Each constituency is represented by a single candidate. There are 73 seats to be won in the constituency vote. So in total there’s 129 Parliamentary seats up for grabs.

The first votes to be counted are for the 8-10 individual constituency candidates. This count is based on a ‘First Past the Post’ method. The reason these votes are counted first is to identify not only who has won (obviously) but most crucially – to establish how many seats each party has already secured within a region.

The second Regional or ‘List’ vote is for the seven Additional Members who might also represent the party of your choice, or could be an individual running as an independent. The total number of votes for each of the seven regional candidates is then established in preparation to apply the D’Hondt method.

The D’Hondt system ensures no one single party can dominate the Parliament and enables smaller, minority parties to gain seats i.e. ‘proportional representation’. It’s a democratically sound system which allows for a wider range of political views. (Which is precisely why Westminster refuses to have it themselves but have imposed it, and continue to politically weaponised it, as their overarching strategy to ‘democratically’ maintain control over Scotland).

The boring but necessary detail is that the D’Hondt formula works by taking the total number of additional member votes for each of the seven regional/list candidates, and dividing it by the number of seats + 1 that their own party has already won in the first ‘winner-takes-all’ constituency vote. This formula is applied over seven rounds to elect the seven regional candidates. The key point to take away here is this; the more FPTP constituency seats that are won by a party (generally the SNP) renders the votes for the regional candidate of the same party to automatically become less effective, as these votes are numerically ‘diluted’ by the formula.

Therefore if the party has great success in the FPTP constituency vote, it becomes incredibly difficult for regional AMS candidates of the same party to be elected – even if they had the majority of total votes in the first place. Conversely, the less seats won by a party in the FPTP constituency vote (usually Tory, Labour, Lib Dems & Greens) automatically means it’s easier for candidates of the same party to be elected with substantially less regional AMS votes, as D’Hondt – in essence – has a magnifying effect by amplifying the numerical value of the ‘losers’ votes.

So in summary; the more FPTP constituency winners = less regional AMS/D’Hondt seats gained. And less FPTP winners = more regional AMS/D’Hondt seats gained.

And that’s it. Yes it’s a wee bit more complicated than a straightforward ‘FPTP’ count but then not becoming Westminster in a fixed ‘two party’ plutocracy is well worth the effort.

So, in being proportionately divided by the scale of its own initial first vote success or indeed failure a number of things become noticeable;

Poor political performance is rewarded. Yes, it actually pays to be incompetent, corrupt and to deliberately ‘throw’ the FPTP Constituency vote, in order to secure more Holyrood seats through the regional AMS D’Hondt formula. And since 2016 when the first Holyrood elections took place after the 2014 ‘referendum’ when the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems banded together to set the stage for what was to come across the ‘UK’ steeped in far-right British nationalism in 2016, the Unionist parties have overwhelmingly ‘lost’ the FPTP constituency vote. Badly. Really badly. And this is how they collectively hoover-up Holyrood seats – specifically in the second AMS regional vote count through D’Hondt;

This is also how, besides owning all the media who pick-up their pre-planned and orchestrated soundbites for prime time ‘news’ broadcasts, the Tory, Labour & Lib Dems British ‘Unionist’ proto-fascist puppet presence in Holyrood – only ‘appear’ to have sizeable support in Scotland – because D’Hondt handicaps success and rewards failure in an otherwise fair system.

But it’s a system which has been imposed by an ideologically-foreign parliament who themselves game the system, in order to impose their right-wing will and fascist agendas on the people of Scotland, simply by abusing D’Hondt to enable these Quislings who are “only following orders”, as given to them by their now patently fascist Westminster masters.

This was why the Independence for Scotland Party (ISP) and most notably, Alex Salmond’s Alba Party formed prior to the May 2021 Holyrood elections, specifically to secure the second AMS regional vote and specifically campaigned only for that vote…

…using the #BothVotesYES (not ‘SNP’) hashtag in order to secure an SNP/Alba supermajority for independence in the Scottish Parliament.

However the SNP ‘ignored’ the ISP and vilified Alex Salmond and Alba, to instead continue promoting their #BothVotesSNP rhetoric and thereby – knowing they were set to dominate the FPTP constituency count across Scotland again – also took the vast majority of the second AMS votes and in doing so through D’Hondt, foreseeably lost dozens of the 56 available regional/list seats to Unionist parties. Which begs the question; why?

Why did Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP continue to insist on ‘Both Votes SNP’ in 2021, when both The ISP and Alba Party had specifically formed in order to secure the AMS regional vote for the wider independence cause? Simple. Because just as Party plant Kier Starmer and his Labour ‘centrists’ in England hobbled Jeremy Corbyn’s position from within, so too in Scotland the SNP ‘leadership’ knee-capped the potential of the independence movement from within – with #BothVoteSNP.

“The consequences of every act are included within the act itself”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Additionally, it’s vitally important to consciously acknowledge what’s missing from this entire process; public education on D’Hondt.

Indeed the only official public-facing ‘strategy’ to inform people is this video which appears to be aimed at 8 year olds, even telling the viewer we have elections because not everyone in Scotland can fit in the Parliament! I mean for actual fecks sakes!

Most Scots (& Welsh) don’t understand this democratic system because there’s never been a sustained national programme to educate and inform people of the ‘discriminatory’ effects of the D’Hondt method since its 1999 inception, and the SNP ‘led’ Scottish Government – particularly since Scotland’s political awakening in 2014 – has done absolutely nothing to address this. Instead they continued to actively pursue The Party’s agenda and double-down on their #BothVotesSNP dogma.

However more crucially, it omits entirely the D’Hondt diluting detail affecting the party that’s most successful in the FPTP vote and also airbrushes its formulaic ‘magnifying’ effect on ‘losers’ AMS votes. Instead it simply states “the votes are divided using a formula”. That’s not ‘public information’ but indoctrination promoting ignorance by propaganda omission.

“The most powerful form of lie is the omission”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

I’ll readily admit I was ignorant of the D’Hondt system myself until the Independence for Scotland Party came into being and produced this brilliantly informative video in 2021. And unlike the official video, it’s aimed at people of actual voting age by presenting the D’Hondt detail superbly.

The video also presents a forecast of the (then) potential 2021 results for pro-Independence MSP’s and for Scotland, had the ISP (or Alba) been afforded the second independence vote by the SNP.

Again it’s based on the actual 2016 Holyrood election results and demonstrates the SNP’s dereliction and indeed electoral fraud (much like the British media assisted internal Labour coup of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in 2017 and 2019) by continuing with #BothVotesSNP which as a direct consequence – knowingly gifted the Unionist parties a strong Parliamentary presence.

Note too, that in having gained only 1 seat in the FPTP constituency vote the Greens secured 5 seats in the regional vote. Deviously clever if you want to sell the illusion of a pro-independence majority, whilst simultaneously fabricating ‘consensus support’ in Scotland for the The Party’s ideological LGBT agenda – in Orwellian alignment with the global corporate, political and media fronted propaganda campaign.

‘LGB Alliance has secret office at UK’s libertarian think tank hub at 55 Tufton St, sharing with right-wing lobby groups’. OpenDemocracy, 19th Dec 2022

An aspect of the Holyrood electoral system that people have already processed, was that this British State devolved system of government was designed to ensure that the SNP specifically could never form a majority support of pro-independence MSP’s. And yet by some ‘miracle’ this is precisely what happened in 2011, to allow then SNP leader Alex Salmond to begin negotiations for an independence ‘referendum’ which as it turned out was a British State propaganda war.

And its finest political actor – quite literally – throughout this period was David Cameron. Let me give that some context.

In convincing the English electorate that he was strategically compelled to give Nigel Farage and UKIP the Brexit ‘referendum’ in order to dissuade Tory voters from ‘flocking to UKIP’ and “to put the EU question to bed” altogether, Cameron, the ERG and 1922 Committee and UK corporate media used this pretext to coerce the English dominated ‘UK’ population, into believing that they ‘needed’ to become ‘independent’ and ‘free’ of the EU. But it was all a British State gaslight sting from the outset.

“Shall I tell you a terrible truth about politics and human nature and the way we live our lives? You can probably make a good case for almost any course of action.” Boris Johnson (2013)

And so in doing a similar spectacular job of lulling Alex Salmond and Scotland into lowering our collective guard and getting us to believe the ‘Holyrood miracle’ had been pure chance, Cameron and Co ‘gave’ the SNP and independence supporters exactly what we wanted; an independence referendum and the chance to be free of Westminster. How naive we all were.

Because the 2014 Independence referendum didn’t come about as a ‘random anomaly’ which got the better of the British State, who were then compelled by ‘democracy’ and ‘honour’ to grant Scotland a referendum. We now know better.

“No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution”. Machiavelli

No, just as Brexit was timed to coincide with the Trump Presidency in preparation for the (foiled) 2017 ‘July Crisis’, so too the Scottish independence referendum had been in the making for decades. So long in fact, that Orwell himself predicted it as ‘Airstrip One’ in ‘1984’.

How? By psychologically softening-up the UK population with an ‘inevitability narrative’ housed in a subtle, though sustained ‘cyber attack’ on UK;

‘SCOTLAND GUARD: Four nuclear submarines and Scotland Yard use the same out-of-date Windows system as hacked NHS computers, sparking fears of military attack’. The Sun, 13th May 2017

“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared”. Machiavelli

So yes, long before we all believed that independence might become an actual thing – the British State had already positioned its politician pieces within the SNP and Greens, in anticipation of the 2015 UK General Election and the 2016 Holyrood Parliament elections in order to ‘soak-up’ the predictable voting response of the Scots electorate who’d just been subjected to the long-planned, predetermined 2014 propaganda campaign spun as a ‘referendum’. And others too subsequently pretended to defect from ‘Better Together’ to the SNP in order to pretext justify their ‘advisory roles’ which gave them direct access to sensitive political information and to Westminster and Whitehall players behind the scenes.

And besides, no one gets truly ‘free’ of the clenched British fist through a trifling construct called ‘democracy’ – not Scotland, Wales and as its historical and recent violent presence in ‘The Province’ shows – certainly not Ireland.

“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one MAKES THE REVOLUTION in order to establish a dictatorship”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

There is no UK democracy. There’s merely the ‘velvet gloved fist’ illusion of it. Because just as the British mainstream media fronted 2014 ‘referendum’ downplayed and omitted numerous independence campaign initiatives and marches, whilst amplifying the Unionist “silent majority” propaganda narrative in Scotland, so too in England, who as the overwhelming ‘UK’ electorate were the British State’s Brexit target audience

…subjected to the exact same corporate broadcast media working with social media platforms in the 2016 ‘referendum’, which also downplayed and omitted the Remain strength on the streets, whilst amplifying the pitiful support for Leave, which just like their right-wing Unionist zealots north of the border, also barely exist on the ground.

“A media system wants ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity”. Joseph Goebbels

As such, the ‘results’ of both the Scottish 2014 and English 2016 referenda had already been predetermined in Westminster, Whitehall and yes – in The White House – who were/are supposed to ride to “Global Britain’s” gaslight ‘rescue’ militarily, economically and of course – ideologically.

The political world is not as it once appeared. We perceived western democracy to be teaming with ‘trusted’ Statesmen and women who would steady the ship when faced with fascism, who had our backs and whose “First duty was to protect the safety and security of its citizens”. What a load of guff.

No, the world in reality is a far darker ‘Brothers Grimm’ fairytale that we’ve been blinded to by State indoctrinated biases. However for those of us on this island who don’t subscribe to the British biases, well, how do you make us so starry-eyed that we become blinded to our own dystopian political reality time and again?

Simple. By ‘offering’ us exactly what it is we want…

“Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions”. Machiavelli

Now we’re getting back to Ash Regan. You see in that ‘Devo-Max’ piece (above) is another historically precedented example of what the British State does when direct democracy in the colonies works against them. And so see the 1918 Ireland elections as a cautionary tale which led to the Irish War of Independence, for which Churchill’s ‘Treaty’ terms engineered divisions to result in the 1922 Irish Civil War and of course – he supplied the necessary weapons to ensure the pro-Treaty ‘Free State’ side won, and thereby guaranteed his new British border enveloping ‘Northern Ireland’ would stay in place, in order it could be weaponised by Westminster as a future war-zone itself.

“The promise given was a necessity of the past. The word broken is a necessity of the present”. Machiavelli

Because whilst Ash Regan’s inferred SNP1 and Alba2 proposition is a sound and democratically legitimate plan which could feasibly take place in October this year to return a landslide pro-independence win – after taking such an outspoken stance on the ‘Gender Recognition Reforms’ yet regarding independence itself remained silent throughout the SNP’s can-kicking ‘strategy’ – well, it just doesn’t characteristically or rhetorically add up. So I don’t think this is just a serendipitous or even over-ambitious change of heart.

I don’t quite believe it to be a fortunate coincidence, that the reason for Ash Regan’s intention now to “relight the fires of the Yes campaign right across the country” and is offering the movement this electoral and common sense approach now, holds any consistency. And very notably, this proposition is only being offered by just one of three otherwise unremarkable and unqualified SNP ‘leadership’ candidates who again, are only in the mix because they ‘found themselves’ at the centre of Nicola Sturgeon’s divisive gender shitstorm.

“Imagination is everything. It’s the preview to life’s forthcoming attractions”. Einstein

And think about it; the Scottish electorates’ patience is already exhausted after 9 long years of incessant, concentrated British State gaslighting since 2014. So what if at the 11th hour, Westminster do finally ‘grant’ the Section 30 Order for Scotland to hold another ‘gold standard’ referendum in order to spike and ‘delegitimise’ the 50+1 plebiscite process altogether – but – doing so deliberately and with a calculated timing so that Scotland is driven psychologically, emotionally and behaviourally past the point of no return – and thereby create their own pretext to militarise which will be media-spun as “you brought that on yourselves”.

Or of course having just planted the GCHQ story of the SNP leadership election itself potentially being hacked by Russia/China/Iran etc, Westminster can simply use that particular pretext instead to declare it null and void.

So I perceive the 50+1 SNP/Alba strategy – which many of us were pleading with the SNP to support in 2021 and crucially Nicola Sturgeon’s prior resignation to arrive at this point, as a Machiavellian chess move being played as a last resort by the Westminster cartel.

The purpose of which is to ‘channel’ Scotland towards a Civil War, which just as they did in Northern Ireland the British State will themselves once again, spark and then arbitrarily ‘police’ the ‘opposing sides’ – whilst actually running the players of the ‘opposing sides’ – as well as all the criminality housed in drugs, arms and people trafficking (yes those small immigrant boats in the English Channel) that goes with State sponsored gang warfare; aka ‘terrorism’.

And if you think that the patently corrupt United Nations and EU institutions and Governments who are up to their necks in the attempt to exacerbate the US/UK-led NATO proxy war in Ukraine and escalate it into WWIII, and whom collectively refuse to call out the US for having blown-up the Nordstream2 pipeline themselves…

…and you acknowledge the US, UK, UN and EU’s continued refusal to recognise the cyclical atrocities being carried out by apartheid Israel against the people of Palestine; then what makes you think that they’re going to recognise an independent Scotland portrayed by the British media to be at war with itself?

Perhaps you think they would recognise Scotland’s independence and tell Westminster to back-off because, well, we’re Scottish and not Palestinians. In which case, you should engage in some introspection. Or perhaps you’re content to live in the fairytale that ends with a ‘happy ever after’. But that’s not how life, Machiavellian politics and our indeed engineered reality works.

It’s as fanciful as believing that the SNP, Greens and the Alba Party too, haven’t already been infiltrated by long-term Machiavellian actors on behalf of the British, US & Canadian intelligence estate.

Kate Forbes

“Men will not look at things as they are but as they wish them to be; and are ruined by it”. Machiavelli

I, like the vast majority of independence supporters had been blindsided by the SNP’s inertia to actively pursue their raison d’etre. However had I been able to park my own biases much sooner, I’d have been able to process so much pertinent information. Kate Forbes is no exception. Let me give some crucial context.

In October 2020 as the Tories ‘Internal Market Bill’ – a less blatant version of the Nazi’s 1933 Enabling Act – was being pushed through Westminster with Labour’s backing, I wrote the following ‘Orwellian Lipstick on a Pig’ piece.

“Original minds are not distinguished by being the first to see a new thing but instead seeing the old, familiar thing that is overlooked as something new”. Nietzsche

It did very well indeed and as it began to gain traction I decided to email it to SNP MP/MSP’s and to ‘leading’ (I use the term very loosely) Scottish independence writers and activists. At that time and just over three years of writing my #GaslightingGilligan interpretations, I was used to being ignored or derided by most ‘serious’ independence groups and observers and by every politician.

But then I received a response from my own MSP Kate Forbes, or rather one of her team thanking me for the ‘Internal Market Bill’ piece and for a fresh perspective and would ensure she read it.

Unfortunately, ever since that email she and her team ignored my subsequent emails with other #GG pieces. And after a year of trying to coax them out their pyrrhic comfort zone – I gave up trying. I did send the odd piece now and then but was still ignored. I rationalised this to myself that as with all high-profile independence politicians, most would be too aloof or preoccupied with their image to risk associating with a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I think this is a realistic rationalisation.

I also wondered if such household name politicians whose purpose was to the break-up the British State, might suspect that their communications were monitored by GCHQ – as I’m sure mine are. I think this is also a realistic assumption. However that stated, I know a raft of politicians, activists, so-called ‘journalists’ and intelligence agencies – obviously – are reading my work. (When used for good or to tell unpleasant truths, the World Wide Web is a wonderful place).

And so since late 2020 I’d assumed that whilst Kate Forbes and her team refused to communicate with me, they had at least been tentatively on board with my interpretations and just like SNP HQ – were allowing the Tories to unravel in full view of the watching world.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. Napoleon

I was wrong of course. I began to have my doubts that this was the strategy at all in 2021/22 and finally in mid 2022, I accepted that Nicola Sturgeon herself was in on the gaslighting gig. It was important to have acknowledged this in order to process the realpolitik of what followed earlier this year.

Because then I heard something very interesting which as it transpired, was also pertinent to Humza Yousaf’s decision drop his wife’s legal action against the Glasgow nursery.

So, upon being told the information (I’ll come to it) I’d just written this piece;

“We shall go down in history as the greatest statesmen of all time, or as the greatest criminals”. Joseph Goebbels

And thought ‘Well, I may as well send it her’ and emailed it (screenshot below) with this polite and candid message;

And much to my surprise, I received the first response in over two years from a member of her team;

As you can see it’s very much a bland ‘fence sitting’ response, apart from her maternity leave reason for “having had zero social media presence” which I thought was a crock of shite.

But I didn’t push it because it was the first response in years and besides, I’d heard something of far more significance through the Highland jungle drums regarding what was due to take place sometime in the week of Monday 6th February; Kate Forbes was going to meet with Nicola Sturgeon.

This was why in the email I’d made the specific reference to my ‘Nicola’s Napoleonic Nouse’ piece and to pulling it from my blog.

As I understand matters the meeting, called by Sturgeon, did take place. The information was uncorroborated – as is generally the furtive political nature of these things – but I’ve no reason to doubt it. The gist of the meeting was this;

Given their polarised views on the ‘Gender Recognition Reforms’, Forbes anticipated being asked to resign. However they had a courteous, professional exchange of views. Sturgeon told Forbes she didn’t need to resign but if Forbes offered, Sturgeon would accept her resignation. That’s it.

When I first heard this I thought their meeting was a positive development for the SNP, for the independence movement and Scotland as a whole. And especially so when Nicola Sturgeon announced the following week on the 15th February that she was stepping down.

However in hindsight I believe the ‘resignation’ exchange between them was simply a cover story. Because then as the leadership candidates appeared, Humza Yousaf’s decision to drop the nursery case in the same period as the Sturgeon/Forbes meeting began to have a ring of ‘orchestration’ about it – particularly as they’d been at the centre of the LGBT ‘debates’.

When Kate Forbes name arose as a possible contender, I wasn’t convinced she’d run as let’s face it (as I pointed out to her in my email) she hadn’t posted anything of political substance on Facebook or Twitter in months, apparently due to being on ‘maternity leave’.

Plus she hadn’t entered into mainstream politics until 2016 and to then run to become the youngest ever leader of the SNP and de facto leader of the Scottish independence movement, as a new mother in a new marriage subjected to the venom of the British State media – it just didn’t make any consistent, characteristic or recent track-record sense for her name to be in the mix.

And then she did it. She announced her candidacy.

And this was when I became compelled to be more critical of my own views regarding Kate Forbes. And as I monitored and dug for information, much of which had been readily accessible for some time, I was reminded that I’m still as susceptible to being contained and controlled by my own biases as the next man; particularly as I should have known better having already written this piece in August last year;

“Here comes a candle to light you to bed, here comes a chopper to chop off your head!” Orwell, ‘1984’.

For what it’s worth, one ‘red flag’ which is in the book itself but which I consciously avoided listing in ‘Indicating Charrington’ is; ‘If something seems to good to be true, it probably is’.

In identifying patterns of liberal-centrist behaviours which align with those of their supposed political-ideological ‘enemies’, I encouraged people to identify three or more red flags from a list of 13 in order to spot the potential Party plants i.e. the ‘Charrington’s’.

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”. Ian Fleming

However there were two reasons why I left out ‘too good to be true’ red-flag; a) because I suspected people might begin to latch onto it by itself to determine if an individual might be involved and b) because there was another SNP MP graduate of the 2015 election, who again, due to my own biases, I didn’t want to be involved but was struggling to rule her out. Six months on from writing that piece I’m now in no doubt that she’s a ‘Charrington’ too.

Back to Kate Forbes. Most people in the first couple of days of her announcing her candidacy would have been shocked by the UK media blitzkrieg waged against her, and would have surmised that’s who the British cartel are really afraid of.

I saw it differently. Of course.

What I perceived in that short sharp media storm was a very brief version of the 2014 anti-Scottish independence propaganda playbook, which in 2015 actually served to galvanise Scots to get behind the SNP in the UK General Election.

So rather than a transparent attempt to hobble Forbes leadership bid coming right out of the gates…

.. I believe the clearly orchestrated British bombardment we witnessed in those 48 hours, was a reverse-psychology ‘leg-up’ to benefit her campaign, by galvanising and solidifying current support and – subject to Peter Murrell’s and GCHQ’s interference of course – by ‘informing’ the entire membership and targeting the undecided voters with a blunderbuss banner which on the surface read; “Yeah, this politician scares us and we don’t want her in power”, but actually had the desired effect to result in a blitzkrieg ‘bounce’ in her favour.

As for the LGBT vote, they’re a very small demographic in the SNP membership who wouldn’t dream of voting for Kate Forbes anyway. On that point; for an incredibly small minority, the SNP LGBT ‘community’ aren’t half the loudest and occasionally most venomous of ‘activists’, who it seems may have merging agitator interests shared with similar shadowy links.

So anyway, here’s a rundown of ex-banker (red-flag) Kate Forbes track record since entering frontline politics in the post-IndyRef 2016 Holyrood elections;

Kate Forbes has also spoken at ‘National Prayer Breakfast’ meetings…

….which in purporting to be cross-party gatherings are actually libertarian;neo-con Christo-fascist gatherings of war-mongers who enjoy their ‘moralistic’ circle-jerks. If you have Netflix then watch ‘The Family’ – it’s a documentary on the origins of the NPB and its cult-like personalities and practices, some of whom I’ve little doubt – will face war crimes charges in due course.

And just as a side note; for those who found themselves glued to the TV to watch the next instalment of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, these ‘superior’ Christo-fascist charlatans would be the ‘Under His Eye’ front runners in charge of ‘Gilead’.

“The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense. Reality never makes sense”. Aldous Huxley

As a gifted accountant and economist, Kate Forbes played a key role in the SNP’s ‘mystifying’ continuation of ‘British business as usual’ regarding the corporate sell-off of Scotland’s seabed. As such, Forbes herself has seamlessly fed into this ongoing arrangement by negotiating further contracts and thereby lending her validation and the Scottish Government’s ‘legitimisation’ of the U.K. Government’s Freeports programme. However as a direct profiteering product of the Orwellian scale corruption known as Brexit, these ‘Freeports’ are themselves an illicit, if not (yet) illegal venture borne out of a joint crisis-capitalist corporate-political endeavour – aka fascism…

…which of course Forbes would have known having read my ‘Internal Market Bill’ piece which I’m positive she would have done even if it was out of sheer curiosity.

That said – nothing stops the agenda. On any front.

All that happens is that the parts which failed to be executed on time as per the original 2017 ‘#OpFukuglaschu’ plan, will be implemented in due course. Such as ‘Misogynistic Hate Crime’ and the removal of the right to trial by jury for men accused of domestic violence or sexual assault and rape, with the jury replaced by a single corrupt judge.

And it’s because it’s so draconian, it can only be enacted ‘invisibly’ against the backdrop of the carnage and confusion intended to be centred around the Faslane/Glasgow militarisation and global fascist mobilisation trigger itself. It’s also why they failed to imprison Alex Salmond.

This is the reason why Yousaf ‘failed’ to push through the totalitarian legislation, as did dozens of western democracies, in their elitist attempt to decimate the key collective threat to their power – working class men – who are to be sent to prison on a whim, or ‘choose’ to go to war.

“If you’re a man, you’re the last man. Do you understand that you are alone? You are outside of history. You unexist.” Orwell, ‘1984’.

In Michelle Thompson’s December 2022 Gender Recognition Certificate amendment to prevent trans-men charged with sex offences, from being able to self-identify as ‘female’, the amendment was ultimately defeated by casting vote of the Presiding Officer.

Had Kate Forbes had the moral rectitude and courage of her religious convictions, she could have easily cast her vote from her home whilst on maternity leave, in favour of Michelle Thompson’s amendment which means it would have been passed. But she chose to see it defeated. That’s not very Christian.

And remember how in 2021 after Ash Regan was uncharacteristically reappointed by the normally ruthless Nicola Sturgeon after ‘briefing against’ her? So with Sturgeon being so ‘forgiving’ – what did Forbes have to fear by getting involved in this amendment at the very least? Because it had nothing to do with staying within her official ministerial brief.

And then it transpired – according to the independence ‘supporting’ National…

…that Kate Forbes does after all have a ‘conscience’, or rather her pious version of one that wouldn’t approve of same sex marriage but allowed her to sit silent on Michelle Thompson’s perfectly reasonable amendment, to try and prevent opportunistic sex predators from committing sexual assaults. Honestly? Just what would Jesus say?

Suffice to say I no longer believe that Kate Forbes was ever on board with my #GaslightingGilligan interpretations. Well, not from an ‘allied’ perspective at least.


Overall Summary/Conclusions

“To quite a terrifying degree we are threatened by wars and revolutions brought about by nothing more than psychological epidemics. At any moment several million human beings may be smitten with a new madness, and then we shall have another world war or devastating revolution”. Carl Jung

All three candidates are entirely unremarkable as leadership material. None of them have been exposed to the adversities required to test character, then grow and develop a proven track record specifically in leadership.

Indeed the normally confident and conscientious Kate Forbes when in her comfort zone reciting numbers/budgets, chose to sit on her hands during some of the most controversial aspects of the SNP’s Gender Recognition Reforms, most notably on Michelle Thompson’s GRC amendment to safeguard women from opportunist predators, during which Forbes ‘failed’ to vote from home, which she could easily have done during her ‘maternity leave’.

Indeed at the very minimum she could have maintained her social media presence – even with help from her team throughout this time – but didn’t. Instead her team either went AWOL or were instructed to ‘maintain radio silence’ during this incredibly divisive and damaging period for the SNP, the independence movement and for Scotland as a whole.

As stated in the main piece, Kate Forbes is my MSP and so I was monitoring her social media accounts, but also as the screenshot shows, my 6th Feb email to Forbes was prompted by my having heard that she was to meet with Nicola Sturgeon that week – which I was later told she did. Again, the outline of the exchange or rather the cover story is in the piece. Yes, it’s uncorroborated – but that’s the nature of Machiavellian politics – and I’ve no no reason to doubt its veracity.

However we all know that on the 7th February Humza Yousaf suddenly dropped his wife’s action against the Glasgow nursery and the following week on the 15th February, Nicola Sturgeon – the self-proclaimed “Chief Mammy” – blindsided Scotland by resigning to leave a trail of division and suspicion in her wake. Who knows, perhaps to channel Scotland down a particular path…

It’s also abundantly obvious that all three candidates are only in the running as potential SNP ‘leader’ because of their direct roles in the divide and control identity-politics construct; most notably the ‘gender agenda’ and specifically the LGBT “psychological epidemic” (Jung) which is central to the Orwellian ‘Party’s’ attempt to fragment global western societies and democracies, for which Scotland specifically – having been submarine sealed within the “Global British” corporate broadcast media ‘experience’ since its 20th century technological revolution – finds itself (& Wales) being delivered into Westminster’s lap.

“Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.” Joseph Goebbels

“When we can cut man from his own past, then we can cut him from his family, his children and other men. We control life. At all levels. We create human nature. Men are infinitely malleable”. Orwell ‘1984’.

With shades of the Tory ‘leadership’ debacle and the risk of similar ludicrous musical chairs around the corner, ‘The Party’ need to get this right. Because the protective aura that once surrounded the SNP leadership who basked in the glow of 2014 having been strengthened by the British State propaganda war waged on Scotland during the ‘referendum’ – has well and truly passed.

The SNP membership and Indy movements unquestioning goodwill has gone, as has the extended honeymoon period which Nicola Sturgeon enjoyed. Much of this goodwill was drawn-out by blind loyalty and simply by pretending to ‘outflank’ the corrupt, self-destructing incompetents in Downing Street – without ever lifting a finger herself to inflict any notable damage on the Westminster regime itself. Sturgeon took the Party’s plaudits on social media for ‘seeing off another PM’ but she had nothing to do with any of them going.

As such the new SNP ‘leader’ will find the membership who were so in awe of Sturgeon to the point of aiding in her destabilisation of the independence movement, to be far less patient and forgiving, and more cyclical and suspicious.

So, if ‘The Party’ could get away with it, I reckon they’d simply install their identity politics plant Humza Yousaf and have Kate Forbes as a ‘first reserve’.

However Yousaf – Scotland’s Liz Truss – is a ‘quick burn’ candidate. Indeed Truss as it transpired was a political ‘phoney burner’ who provided a short sharp service to the Westminster cartel and to their City of London corporate bank hedge-funders who collectively fed into their own media manufactured “cost of living crisis” propaganda narrative.

Plus I strongly suspect that The Party already know they wouldn’t be able to convince the membership that Yousaf won in a fair vote, which it isn’t, with the scheming Peter Murrell – Nicola Sturgeon’s husband – still at the helm as SNP ‘CEO’ and with GCHQ suddenly inserted into the narrative. So The Party need to play their Yousaf card carefully, if indeed they ever do, because as a divisive, untalented ‘placeholder’ puppet lacking genuine charisma, he’s got an extremely limited ‘leadership’ shelf-life before the cracks start to show.

Then again perhaps the UK side of ‘The Party’ cartel might not need him to last long if they did manage to succeed in declaring their desperately needed ‘National Emergency’ via Ukraine/Russia, Taiwan/China or Israel/Iran (any invented ‘enemy’ or global ‘Black Swan’ event will do) or indeed, via their joint UK corporate-political engineered “cost of living crisis”.

And so my guess is, having media blitzkrieg ‘attacked’ Forbes which served to galvanise support behind her – which on many had the same ‘unifying’ effect as the post-2014 propaganda playbook – ‘The Party’ will attempt to ease the familiar, more ‘affable’ Forbes into the hot-seat and potentially keep the toxic Yousaf on ‘standby’, should it all go pear-shaped.

As for Ash Regan, she’s quite probably the most appealing prospect to the independence movement as a whole. But from being a virtual unknown to being a household name through her specific role in the gender agenda construct, which has led to her meteoric rise as the potential de facto leader of the Scottish independence movement and to becoming a historical figure on brink of breaking up the most powerful, devious, centuries-long Empire the world has ever known? I just don’t buy it.

However regardless of my suspicions, and as an SNP member myself, Regan will get my ‘Hobson’s Choice’ vote. Simply because her 50+1 percent of seats won in a Parliamentary plebiscite to declare independence and begin withdrawal negotiations, is on the face of things a vote winner – but only if we lived in a ‘happy ever after’ fairytale. We don’t. And we’re about to find that out the hard way.

Because as history shows us – especially Irish history – even a legitimate, democratically elected, pro-independence supermajority in the Scottish Parliament which is required to work within in the FPTP/AMS D’Hondt system as set down by Westminster in 1999 – will still – absolutely and unequivocally result in the British State attempting to militarise north of the border.

And so like it or not, acknowledge it or not, with Westminster’s refusal to ‘grant’ a second referendum, this plebiscite path to independence – and the British State violence that will inevitably ensue – has to be walked. The British Empire has tortured, murdered and left a trail of destruction and devastation when forced out of every single colony it’s ever occupied, bar one; Hong Kong. Small bullies never take on a bigger bully.

And think about this one; Sturgeon’s resignation was a bolt out of blue to say the least. Yes she’d been coming under increased pressure from the membership (the missing £600K independence fund and her husband’s personal £108K ‘loan’ to the SNP) and from the independence movement as a whole. But by and large, with a free ride from a ‘selective’ media, she still had most of the Scots population eating out the palm of her hand. So she could have easily got away with staying in post for the foreseeable future. So what happened to take such a drastic step? Because it wasn’t the missing money.

It would seem to me that to sacrifice such an accomplished and convincing Machiavellian actor, the British cartel have run out of plays and they’re taking us towards their end-game.

You see from my ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ perspective, Sturgeon’s unexpected resignation might be a ploy to clear the way precisely for Regan’s 50+1 winning strategy – minus the fairytale ending. It’s the only move specifically regarding Sturgeon’s sudden decision to step down, that makes sense.

“No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution”. Machiavelli

Think about it; the Scottish electorates’ patience is already exhausted after 9 long years of incessant, concentrated British State gaslighting since 2014. So what if at the 11th hour, Westminster do finally ‘grant’ the Section 30 Order for Scotland to hold another referendum in order to spike it and ‘delegitimise’ the 50+1 plebiscite process altogether – but – doing so deliberately and with calculated timing so that Scotland is driven psychologically, emotionally and behaviourally past the point of no return – and thereby create their own pretext to militarise which will be media-spun as “you brought that on yourselves”.

Or of course having just planted the GCHQ story of the SNP leadership election itself potentially being hacked by Russia/China/Iran etc, Westminster can simply use that particular pretext instead to declare it null and void.

But this ‘hacking’ narrative has been attempted by The Party time and again. It was the original pretext that was intended to trigger ‘Op Fukuglaschu’ in the Clyde estuary during July 2017, to effectively end oil-rich Scotland and by blaming oil-rich Iran for the ‘hacking’ deed, unite the US/UK and western world against against them and others, and in doing so get the “Global Britain” and “Empire 2.0” agenda off to its totalitarian start;

‘Defence Secretary unable to deny Trident nuclear submarines run on same outdated software hackers exploited to cripple NHS systems’. The Independent, 14th May 2017

The Westminster spike and ‘enemy’ hacking scenarios lead Scotland down the path of Ireland’s history, or rather the English-British presence dictates Scots and Irish ‘history’; first by partitioning the colonies, fomenting Civil War, supplying weapons to the British ‘side’, reinforcing political and military intelligence assets on all ‘sides’, then start, orchestrate and manage The Troubles to arbitrarily ‘police’ the ‘backward’ Celt ‘children’ in their own country, whilst playing the ‘victim’ and ‘the adult in the room’ throughout.

“The distinction between the past, present and future is a stubbornly persistent illusion”. Einstein

Indeed as you’ll come to acknowledge in due course; this is why British exceptionalism is in essence a media-fronted pseudo-religious experience, because it’s ideology needs a conveyor belt of manufactured ‘enemies’ in order to play the ‘reluctant martyr’, and to perpetuate and impose itself on its neighbours and the world.

And we’re supposed to believe the next batch of inevitable British wars are to be ‘led’ by the current Westminster fascist criminals and incompetents? Please! The British cartel have never needed a war and an enemy as desperately as they need one now…

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”. Voltaire

So the Hobson’s choice then, would be either to proceed with the 50+1 strategy regardless – which results in militarisation. Or climb back into our box, elect the next SNP ‘leader’ and the one after that, and twiddle our thumbs until Westminster’s inevitable militarisation. Because either way, no matter what Scotland does, the outcomes are all going to happen on John Bull’s typically British terms anyway. That’s always the ‘relationship’ dynamic when trying to break-up with a bully.

As such, in order to sustain the illusion of a “Union of equals” (aye right!) I can’t rule that Regan would be Westminster’s last resort at this juncture. However it’s entirely possible she could be their very next move if the Westminster cartel perceive themselves to have already ran out of road, with their karma coming back to bite them from elsewhere in their “Empire 2.0” agenda.

In which case, if Regan’s 50+1 proposal isn’t just SNP window dressing simply because one of them needs to promote it in order to keep up the wider ruse, and if she really wants to secure a landslide supermajority through D’Hondt (as I’ve explained as easily I can in Part 2) by instructing the independence movement to vote SNP1 and Alba2 – then come October this year Holyrood could feasibly dissolve to re-elect a new Government, and with The Alba Party (& Independence for Scotland Party) on standby for the second AMS vote, to democratically ‘oust’ the openly corrupt and incompetent fascist-Westminster puppets.

There’s a couple of key ‘ifs’ there but again one certainty is; it’s going to get very messy.

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Because unfortunately the only way Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can possibly avoid the British (and US jackboots? Orwell clearly indicated) is if the UK constructs own centre of massthe English working classesbring it down from within.

So perhaps if The Party’s original and ongoing plan – to militarise Scotland and to create “Global Britain” via the Royal Navy nuclear submarine base at Faslane near Glasgow – ultimately fails…

‘Government staff told to call UK ‘one country’ and avoid talk of ‘four nations’ | BRITISH diplomats have been told to stop referring to the “four nations of the UK” and instead refer to the Union as a single country.’ The National, 6th June 2021

…then Westminster’s hand might be forced to move on Scotland sooner and more directly than they’d planned via Regan’s parliamentary plebiscite, and of course blame the ungrateful Jocks for, y’know, for trying to break-up “Our precious Union”.

“Fascism is coming; probably a slimy Anglicised form of fascism, with cultured policemen instead of Nazi gorillas and the Lion and the Unicorn instead of the Swastika”. Orwell

This, acknowledge it or not, is just the realpolitik cost of trying to break free of the clenched British fist. And so regardless of pretext and timing, Tory militarisation of Scotland, Wales, the north of Ireland and ultimately England is inevitable, and Starmer’s Labour and the British media will attempt to ‘validate’ it, placate, blame and guilt-shame the population into a ‘unifying’ compliance.

However it’s been nearly six long years since I wrote this piece…

…and the English working masses are still not showing any real signs of bringing down their corrupt elitist structures. So as things stand I reckon that sections of the Scots, Welsh and Irish populations, inevitably followed by segments of the English themselves – especially Liverpool – are all in for one hell of a hiding.


“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright ©️ but is a *free*-to-share public-service PDF download from here.

Twitter: @GasGilligan