by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (©2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

(20-25 mins) On late afternoon of Sunday the 25th June 2017, I walked up to two armed German policemen from the Berlin Bundes Polizie who were on duty outside a German Federal Government building (opposite the ‘ARCOTEL John F. Berlin’ at Werderscher Markt 11, 10117) to warn them and the Berlin Irish Embassy that a US/UK-led global fascism was coming.

Naturally, they thought I was mad.

A year later on the anniversary of warning Berlin, I recorded this;

“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

As you can see from the short video above – I was right. And the reason most ordinary people have failed to recognise this unfolding fascism which is housed in the US/UK-led transatlantic tyranny, is because having failed to trigger in July 2017, its Governments have been unable to orchestrate and jackboot bludgeon their own people domestically from within, and interlock their totalitarian agenda across all global western democracies and beyond – without exception.

FYI, I’ve since been inserting the above video prediction within each of my #GG pieces and as such it was downloaded over 150K times in 2022. Not quite ‘viral numbers’ but when my predictions in it unfold, the video will act as a key benchmark to measure the accuracy of my wider interpretations.

But the video aspect I want to share with you today is the ‘missing’ footage I took via ‘Facebook Live’ from inside the German Federal or ‘Bundes’ building that day in 2017, having persuaded the two Bundes Polizei officers to take me inside and whom I politely, though in a somewhat measured yet panicked state, also demanded that they put me in touch with the Berlin Irish Embassy, the telephone conversation of which was undoubtedly recorded by numerous agencies and as such, will also eventually find its way into the public domain.

I’ll come onto my rationale for specifically choosing to warn Berlin but for now, all you need to know is that having flown to the German capital two days earlier on the Friday 23rd of June – which incidentally was the exact same day this ‘cyberattack’ on Westminster happened;

My original plan was to go directly to the Irish Embassy building itself and speak with the staff, but by the time I’d arrived it was closed. And not realising it shut over a weekend – I knew I’d have to wait until the Monday morning to gain access.

Over the course of the weekend however, I began to get spooked and decided to move from the apartment across the city which I had been in, and booked into the ‘ARCOTEL John F. Berlin’ at Werderscher Markt 11’ on the Saturday 24th June, as it was just around the corner from the Irish Embassy. This was simply so I’d be able to make a dash for the Embassy when it opened on the Monday morning.

There were numerous hotels in the vicinity that I’d recce’d but fortunately, as providence would have it, I noticed two armed sentries outside what turned out to be a German Federal Government building protected by the Bundes Polizie. And as the ARCHOTEL hotel restaurant faced onto the Federal building I was able to ascertain the shift patterns etc and understood that whatever it contained was worthy of a high level of protection and as such could be useful to me as a ‘Plan B’. As it transpired it was a Diplomat building.

Given the sheer worry of what I knew to be true – that a British-American led global fascism was coming and how it was to be militarised and mobilised via the late 2016, early 2017 sustained ‘cyberattacks’ narratives I’d been monitoring…

…most propaganda concentrated of which being the ‘Wannacry’ virus ‘attacks’ on the NHS – I think I did as well as anyone could expect to under such pressure.

(Also note in the above ‘House of Commons Committees’ screenshot the Russia/Ukraine narrative. This is how over the course of years we are ‘nudged’ in the predetermined direction for war via drip-fed ‘inevitability narratives’ aka “manufacturing consent” (Chomsky), and is how British ‘history’ is simultaneously written in the present and ‘officially’ recorded in the Hansard Library etc to indoctrinate and maintain control over future generations).

Knowing what was at stake and as the weekend wore on, by the Sunday lunchtime I’d become convinced that my planned Monday morning dash only a hundred metres or so to the Irish Embassy just around the corner from the hotel, would be thwarted before I could get to the door. So I changed to Plan B; to take it to the Bundes Polizei guarding the Diplomat building.

The reasons for perceiving I’d be prevented from getting to the embassy will eventually be revealed in the missing ‘Facebook Live’ footage I took from within the Federal building; the recording of which is currently locked in Zuckerberg’s ‘Meta’ vaults, as well as within the digital vaults of every competent western intelligence agency on the planet. Why? Because they’re all part of the same elitist ‘military-intelligence-media’ propaganda machine.

And so by mid-Sunday afternoon on the 25th June I knew I had to act, otherwise everything that was in ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (©2017) would never see the light of day. And another entirely manufactured, years long war would be inevitable. I knew I had no choice but to continue to back myself.

I’ll be honest, sat in my hotel room my head was spinning and no amount of water could quench my thirst. I knew from my army days that I was experiencing shock. But I had to use that military mindset and training to keep it together, and to take a ‘mad minute’ to emotionally detach myself from the situation and deal logically and methodically with the immediate ‘battle’ right in front of me.

You see having been writing ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ in the Highlands since April 2016, only to be subsequently and unexpectedly ‘re-inspired’ five months later on the 12th September (it’s on the first page) I changed the genre of the book in January 2017, to write it as a dystopian ‘fiction’ and as such I became completely immersed in the totalitarian reality of It.

But the shock I was experiencing in my hotel room wasn’t simply just because of the sheer orchestrated scale of its global ambition for war and an irreversible totalitarian agenda, but because for the first time – the actual reality of bringing this ‘fiction’ to life by telling someone in authority – was upon me.

And whilst I naively hoped I’d be met with a receptive response, I knew it was more likely I’d be perceived as a ‘lunatic’.

“Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

This was why as surreal and dizzying as it all was, I knew I had to remain as calm and composed as possible under the circumstances. And I knew I had to relay my message in such a measured manner, that it wouldn’t simply just be heard by the people in the immediate vicinity but would in turn, be exponentially amplified by these very same people themselves within the first 24/48 hours. This was in the hope that my ‘lunatic’ claims would be escalated to their senior intelligence echelons – and especially to those behind the global gaslighting agenda – in order to stop or at least catastrophically interrupt their Orwellian efforts.

This was my whole point of specifically warning an Embassy, but not just any embassy. My rationale for choosing an Irish Embassy was that given what was about to be perpetrated against Scotland, and indeed the world, by the US/UK ‘Special Relationship’ cartel via the Faslane nuclear submarine base under the propaganda pretext of the ongoing ‘cyberattack’…

…that having also been subjected to centuries of British atrocities…

…an Irish representative might be more amenable to my message.

And my logic for specifically going to Berlin? Simple – I have fond memories of Germany as a whole and I chose Berlin because it had already been twice torn apart by tyranny in the 20th century, firstly by fascism and then by communism. And so again, I thought that they might be more receptive; hence the Irish Embassy in Berlin. (This is why I tag both the @irlembberlin and @bpol_b with the date ‘250617’ in each of my tweets).

However, being convinced that I’d be abducted before I could relay my ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ perspective or perhaps even being topped if I managed to succeed, I decided I couldn’t wait for the Irish Embassy to open. So instead, I opted to take a ‘last stroll’ and visited the ‘Berliner Fernsehturm’ (Berlin TV Tower) and looking across the city I had a coffee (I’d have preferred a beer but I knew I couldn’t be smelling of alcohol) had a bite to eat, and I reflected on my last visit to Berlin and the Fernsehturm in 2003 – which was the very same weekend a million people protested against Bush and Blair’s illegal Iraq War. Everything – and I mean everything – is connected.

And then as ready as I could be, I set off back in the direction of the hotel and approached the German Federal police officers. And boy were they in for a whole different day. They’d be the first of many officials from the Bundes Polizie, the local municipal police for that area of Berlin, the Irish (and British) Embassy, the ambulance service and the staff of the Berlin Charité Hospital psychiatric unit – whose usual routine on just another mundane Sunday evening shift – was about to become a memorable experience.

And it all began when I stood in front of the two Bundes Polizei officers, held out a memory stick with my research and ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ on it and said;

“I need you to really listen to me. Fascism is coming. British and American fascism. My life is in danger. I need protection and I need to speak with the Irish Embassy immediately”.

After initially trying to wave me away and telling me they were the Government police and not the municipal police, and with them becoming increasingly irritated with me, I remained focused, calm, polite and I recall saying to them;

“You are exactly the level I need to speak to. That’s why I chose to come to this building. Do not let my warnings be ignored and get me killed because of bureaucracy”.

I hadn’t planned to say this but their response (which probably seemed reasonable to them in the face of a ‘madman’) was arguably ‘bureaucratic’, given what I was trying to tell them. And also, as I’d researched for #GG, bureaucracy had often been used as a creeping, incremental tool by tyranny to achieve its goals. And so I think it was this word – “bureaucracy” – which seemed to chime with them and they began talking more earnestly with each other.

This conversation had taken the three of us a good five minutes or so of trying to communicate in combination of broken German and English, until the officers, still frustrated, eventually relented. One of them then searched me for weapons and duly escorted me into the building, whilst the other remained at his post outside.

The world owes a debt of gratitude to both of these policemen.

As previously alluded with my ‘fond memories of Germany’, I’d actually grown up there in Osnabrück, Münster and Bielefeld until I was eleven years old, as my Dad was in the British army. It was within the British Forces Germany school system of course but my first years watching TV were spent watching programs in German, prior to the British Forces Broadcasting Service TV channel coming into being. And also as ‘pads brats’ we also occasionally mixed with local German kids around the Living Quarters area and as such, I have a basic linguistic understanding and certainly a profound emotional connection and affection for Germany. Indeed I consider it to be my ‘second country’ after Scotland.

And then of course as is so often the case with the pre/adolescent ‘impression process’ that usually sees sons supporting the same football or rugby team as their father or a big brother, in continuing the cradle to grave life-cycles which are housed in the invisibly normalised, self-sustaining patterns of our indoctrinated behaviours from one generation to the next…

…so too I mimicked another patriotic poverty channelled ‘choice’ of my Dad’s – and in 1985 I followed in his footsteps to join the British army at 16 years of age, eventually leaving as a Warrant Officer in 2011.

During my army career (which seems like it was someone else’s life now) I served in the first Iraq war aka the Gulf War, and took part in peacekeeping duties in Bosnia. Of course being as indoctrinated as I was at the time I had no idea that both these wars were also deliberately engineered by western powers.

But the upside of serving was that I got to spend another ten years in Germany, this time travelling extensively, sometimes to see my my football team Glasgow Rangers in Europe and of course socialising with the locals in the pubs and clubs of Soest (3 UK ADSR) in Rheindahlen/Mönchengladbach (16th Signal Regiment) and in Herford (1 UK ADSR) and in doing so, further honed some of my language skills to better understand basic words and phrases.

By the way, you’ll have to take my word for it but in childhood my German football team was Borussia Mönchengladbach, and it was whilst serving as a SSgt at 16 Sigs in Mönchengladbach, that in early 2003 I travelled to Berlin on a weekend off – and inadvertently got caught up in those anti Iraq war protests I previously mentioned. My unit had already received the Warning Order to deploy, our vehicles were all en route via boat and just as in the first Iraq war, we were all jabbed-up with a cocktail of vaccines. However at the last minute we were stood down and held in reserve. Like I said; everything is connected.

So this was why some 14 years later stood in the foyer of the Government Diplomat building, from behind the thick bullet proof glass I could hear the police officers confusion through the intercom, as one of them held and pointed at my UK driving license – complete with the unwanted, yet mandatory colonial ‘Union’ Flag – but with me having already stipulated that I needed to specifically speak with the Irish Embassy.

When I picked up on their misunderstanding I once again clarified that I had absolutely no intention of speaking with the British Embassy at all.

I can’t recall exactly when I began filming these events via Facebook Live from my original ‘Johnny McNeill’ account, which was subsequently deleted by Facebook in May 2020 after the weaponised COVID narratives, including the Volksgemeinschaft or people’s community propaganda campaign got underway (below) but it was either during or shortly after clearing up this Irish Embassy confusion.

I remember my mouth still being unbelievably dry as I began to explain to the Facebook audience and by now, the four or five policemen behind the glass partition, how it was that both the Trump Presidency and #ToryAnalytica’s asset-stripped Brexit coup Britain were to be simultaneously militarised during July 2017 via Scotland – by blaming Iran – and in doing so begin to secure both countries oil in perpetuity, whilst mobilising a US/UK-led ‘Five Eyes’ global fascism that would cement the ‘Special Relationship’ and unite the western world against Iran.

And which of course as Admiral West subsequently alluded to…

“Invading Iran, taking it over and then coercing it into becoming a different sort of country would take a MILLION MEN”. Fmr Royal Navy First Sea Lord – Admiral West.

…in order to ‘meat’ the manpower demand needed to sustain such a scale of war, would require a steady conveyor belt of recruitment cannon-fodder made up overwhelmingly, of young white heterosexual males i.e. the demographic that makes up the bulk of western armies and who collectively – are also the key to owning the streets domestically.

However these men -mainly angry MAGA and Brexiteer stalwarts – being manipulated and channelled by a combination of far-right Anglo-American engineered Brexit/Trump ‘patriotic’ propaganda, as well as being subjected to normalised corporate-political driven mass poverty, destitution and homelessness, were also in the process of being demonised, dehumanised and psychologically softened-up – aka ‘gaslighting’.

Because as part of this gaslighting strategy they were also being mass emasculated into an induced ‘State’ of mass depression via a precedented ‘Rampant Sexism’ propaganda campaign, as listed at Nr5 on Lawrence W. Britt’s ‘Early Warning Signs of Fascism’ (below) to simultaneously divide women and men, decimate the family unit and in doing so destabilise the very fabric of society.

All of which was and still is, in preparation for all men regardless of political allegiance or ideology, to ‘regain’ their self-respect and that of society in general, who would be emotionally and behaviourally driven to pour their unwitting ‘Gilligan’ purpose into a ‘patriotic poverty’ military uniform – upon the militarisation and mass mobilisation trigger.

“To quite a terrifying degree we are threatened by wars and revolutions brought about by nothing more than psychological epidemics. At any moment several million human beings may be smitten with a new madness, and then we shall have another world war or devastating revolution”. Carl Jung

You know this historically precedented, mass emasculating ‘Rampant Sexism’ military recruitment campaign as #MeToo.

“The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human”. Aldous Huxley

“Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression onto the targets for hatred”. Joseph Goebbels

The more open-minded, objective and astute of you will acknowledge that the #MeToo and divisive LGBT gender agenda being used to divide women and to signpost and set-up LGBT communities – as with all minority communities who are to be at the forefront of the Krystallnacht backlash – is primarily a beast of the US, UK and EU ‘liberals’ and ‘centrists’ i.e. Biden’s US Democrats, Starmer’s UK Labour Party and Trudeau’s Liberal Party etc.

Why? Because our conventional ‘left/right’ Overton Window ‘reality’ is all the same billionaire owned corporate-political and media machine.

“A media system wants ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity”. Joseph Goebbels

During my Facebook Live broadcast, which I think may have lasted for nearly ten minutes before I was told to close it down by another armed policeman who was now in the foyer with me, I warned of this agenda to divide the sexes and recruit men which would be realised upon the impending global trigger attempt and was to take place via ‘Operation Fukuglaschu’. And as previously alluded, it would fake an ‘IT attack’ by Iran on a Trident nuclear submarine in Glasgow’s Clyde estuary – home of the Royal Navy’s submarine fleet based at Faslane.

You might be more familiar with this nuclear playbook than you realise, given a variation of it has been pursued for over a year by the US, UK and EU via Ukraine who collectively, have been painting Russia as the Cold War stereotyped ‘enemy’ of so-called ‘democracy’, NATO and the west.

The ‘WannaCry’ virus – we were told – had already ripped through the National Health Service and Scotland Yard police computers, and it would be later ‘confirmed’ by the June 23rd ‘attack’ on Westminster, in order to seamlessly lead into a 2017 ‘July Crisis’ via ‘Op Fukuglaschu’.

“It takes only six weeks to bring a country to crisis, after which, with a violent change of power, structure and economy, you have the period of ‘normalisation’ which may last indefinitely”. Yuri Bezmenov, ex-KGB PsyOps Specialist (1984)

Shortly after sounding these ideologically intertwined alarm bells to the German Federal Police in the Diplomat building and to the Facebook Live audience – who I’m sure thought I’d lost my mind – the Irish Embassy called me on my phone.

I don’t recall the lady’s name but despite having no doubt been pre-warned of my demeanour and message, and of course hearing it for herself over the phone, she was superb. Clearly perceiving she was dealing with someone having a mental breakdown, she was patient, professional, kind, courteous and compassionate.

I tried to explain to her numerous times – and remember; this was prior to the overt #MeToo propaganda campaign which didn’t materialise until later in October 2017 – that there were subliminal propaganda narratives which were dividing the masses by sex and sexuality. However realising I was getting nowhere trying to convince her of the gender aspect, I thanked her for her willingness to listen and said;

“If you take nothing else away from this conversation, the British and US are going to stage an IT attack to sink a Trident submarine in the Clyde estuary to begin ending Scotland and blame Iran”.

I think I might have even asked her if she’d understood what I said and when I was satisfied she had, we ended the conversation.

However still perceiving I needed protection and I was about to be topped, the Irish Embassy representative had notified the British Embassy who in turn phoned me to see if I needed assistance, but I politely and firmly declined to speak with them.

To the credit of the by now completely exasperated Bundes Polizei, two or three of them escorted me to my hotel room just across the road and seeing nothing untoward, they told me there was nothing more for them to do. They wrote down the address of the nearest municipal police station and immediately checked out my room and got a taxi there.

Upon arrival it looked like a station that’s main function wasn’t for the general public but was a holding cell facility. And it was clear that the Bundes Polizie had called ahead, as I was immediately met by an already irritated young male officer who told me to get out, then pushed me back outside into the street. My head was still swimming and convinced I was going to be abducted or even killed and still in need of protection – I deliberately set about getting myself arrested.

As another police car pulled up outside the station, a older male and two female officers got out. I don’t know if they’d been pre-warned or simply didn’t want anyone hanging around the building but as soon as they made eye contact with me, they told me to move on.

But I’d already made my mind up about what I was about to do. In my bag was an aluminium laptop cradle which when folded up, makes quite the knuckle-duster and so right in front of these three officers – I began pounding fuck out of their police car window.

As they began to run towards me from about 5 metres away, I immediately began to put my hands straight up and within an instant they hit me like a ton of bricks and I was on my stomach with my hands being cuffed behind my back. On the ground I remember seeing my glasses had been knocked off my face and I thought they’d get stomped on, but I quite vividly recall seeing the older male officer carefully picking them up.

Inside the station I was taken into a processing room of some type and the older male officer continued to be a top bloke. Yes, he was confused and most definitely unamused but he was professional and polite, even giving me a drink of water as I sat handcuffed in a chair and explained to them that fascism was coming and why I needed locking up for my own protection.

This was in stark contrast to the angry young male officer who initially told me to get out and who just minutes beforehand, had been repeatedly screaming into my face, telling me to “Shut up!”. To which, staring him straight in the eye I responded – not quite shouting – but certainly with a raised voice;

“Aren’t you hard as fuck with me cuffed in a chair! Why don’t you take them off and we’ll see how fuckin’ hard you are”.

And that was when he got out of my face. The older copper calmed everything down at which point the two female officers began taking the piss, even gesturing ‘cuckoo’ and speaking in poor English is if to make sure I understood their ‘point’, whatever that was.

To this day I’m still bewildered by those who lack understanding of historical precedence in parallel with contemporary fascist evidence – and have even less imagination – but whose behaviours across the entire political spectrum in their sheer ignorance, routinely perceive themselves to be morally and so self-righteously ‘superior’ compared to those of us capable of critical analyses.

When the paper work was completed the older copper told me they were going to send me to the psychiatric unit of the Berlin Charité Hospital, which I was only too pleased with. I must have been in the processing room for some time because by the time I was loaded into an ambulance, still cuffed and now face down on a gurney, it was getting dark. And by the time I got to the hospital it was dark.

I remember the ambulance staff and a hospital orderly asking me if I was calm and if I presented a threat to them. I reassured them I was calm and that they could remove the cuffs and I walked up the three or four flights of stairs peacefully.

I was shown to a large room but I was the only person in it. This wasn’t a bad thing as when the coppers jumped on my back to cuff me, I dod of shite had squeezed out! Curiously I hadn’t smelt it, nor had I felt the pain from my cracked ribs until this point. I think after hours of nonstop turmoil the deafening silence of this big room brought it all home.

This was when I realised that the hospital ward wasn’t secure and that anyone could freely come and go, but by this point – I just didn’t care anymore. Because in that moment it dawned on me that after six frantic months of researching, writing the unplanned version of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (©2017) which I strap-lined…

…and then formulating my plan to warn as many people as possible, at the highest levels possible, in the shortest time possible – I’d just achieved it. I did what I came to Berlin to do.

And I got showered then slept until I was woken just before lunchtime the next day and was told I’d have a psychiatric assessment sometime on that Monday afternoon.

Two young interns or trainees (I think) interviewed and assessed me, and I quickly got the sense that I would have to ‘play along’ and feed their biases in order to alleviate any concerns they had about my mental state. I got the impression that they wanted to hear contrition on my part, and that I was ‘embarrassed’ for my actions – but I wasn’t. That said I did hide the Facebook Live post from my Facebook feed without watching it, mainly because I didn’t want to worry my elderly parents. (My Mum has since passed).

But I did ‘play the game’ so I could begin the process of being officially released and to be fair to them, there was nothing they could do for me – simply because I knew I was sane.

The trainees told me I would see the senior psychiatric doctor the following morning and so in anticipation of being released immediately afterwards, I booked a flight from Berlin to Glasgow for the Tuesday afternoon.

On being assessed by the main doctor I found it a little more challenging trying to align my ‘embarrassed’ demeanour, with how I really felt and what I knew to be true regarding the imminent arrival of global fascism. He asked me a number of questions, not to trip me up but to be sure I wasn’t a danger to myself or others.

But the question that I remember clearly was;

“Do you think it’s possible you could be wrong?”

To which I replied without hesitation “Yes. Of course it’s possible”. But I couldn’t help myself and added “But I don’t think I am wrong”.

An exchange of glances between them told me they weren’t exactly enthusiastic about the last sentence and so I calmly said;

“Listen, I’ve got a flight booked to go back to Scotland this afternoon. I can tell you there’s nothing you can do for me here, and I won’t tell you lies just to reinforce your view of the world, when my view is different. There’s nothing in ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ that hasn’t already been done before, because it already happened right here in Germany in the 1930’s and I can see it happening in the UK and America today. And the bottom line, and I mean this respectfully, is that I cannot simply unsee what it is I see – just to make you feel safe or reassured”.

And with that he gave a slight nod and that look of ‘fair one’ that people sometimes suddenly get on their face, and wished me a safe journey back to Scotland.

“Most people don’t believe something can happen until it already has. That’s not stupidity or weakness, that’s just human nature”. Max Brooks

A few months later I had another psychiatric evaluation in Scotland and told the doctor everything I’d told the Berlin agencies, during which, it struck me that these mental health professionals were merely trying to mould my experience and actions in such a way as to fit with their ‘truth’, but which ultimately, was simply to enable them to stay safe within their prism. That’s just human nature.

And again I was asked “Do you think you could be wrong?” and I smiled and said “Yes, I could be. But I don’t think I am”.

So, after three separate assessments – I am officially sane. And I was right when I began tracking the fascist propaganda narratives from the 12th September 2016. I was right when I put what I was observing to begin writing ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ as a dystopian ‘fiction’ in January 2017. I was right when I warned Berlin. I was right when I got back to Scotland. And I’m still right today. Anglo-American fascism is here – it just needs to militarise and mobilise, which it’s desperately been trying to do via Ukraine, in order to specifically bring it back to Glasgow.

“People can always be brought to war. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists as lacking patriotism. It works the same in any country”. Hermann Goering

And so what we’re witnessing today is not the rise of fascism but the flailing remnants of the Orwellian ‘Party’ trying to recover their original agenda needed to get It back on its concentration camp train tracks.

However the problem the vast majority of people have recognising this, is that they rarely care for historical precedence and the ruthless realpolitik…

…when faced with the actual uncomfortable contemporary facts – never mind applying a little imagination. Instead, regardless of social background or academic standing, they are channelled by their conditioned biases and manipulated emotions. And are ruled by what is arguably the most powerful aspect of the human condition which keeps them ‘corralled’ within the pyrrhic ‘safety’ of the herd; their ego.

And so the ‘missing’ recordings of my Facebook Live broadcast from within the German Federal Diplomat building and my conversation with the Irish Embassy are out there, both of which I’ve no doubt will emerge in due course. I do hope to still be around when they do surface because to be honest – I’d be intrigued to see and hear them myself.

And that’s that.

Post-edit insert: ‘Slam the Gavel’ PODCAST: Fascism – The ‘Dark Triad’ Destruction of the Family & Society’ (2023) hosted by Maryann Petri


“The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense. Reality never makes sense”. Aldous Huxley

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyright ©️ but is a *free*-to-share public-service PDF download from here.

Twitter: @GasGilligan