by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“The most powerful form of lie is the omission”. Orwell.

Edit-insert: since writing ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ and this subsequent piece prompted by ‘incomplete’ information revealed at a recent Parliamentary Defence hearing, confirmation of the existence of submersible drones has now been entered into the public domain.

‘Russia releases video of its nuclear powered [& warhead] underwater drone’ (2019)

‘Russia launches sub that will carry doomsday nuke drone torpedo | Giant sub 27 years in the making, Belgorod is the mother of all “special project” boats.’ (2019)

‘Russia has Underwater Nuclear Drones, Leaked Pentagon Documents Reveal’. (2018)

Original piece starts;

Did you know that just prior to WWI the British aristocratic elite feared that Imperial Germany was set to challenge the Royal Navy as the supreme maritime force in Europe? And that had Germany been able to complete the potentially oil-laden Berlin to Baghdad Railway to build its own substantial Navy, it would have adversely impacted on the British aristocratic elite’s ability to continue looting the Empire colonies – principally India?

No? Me neither.

However just as 100 State-school untaught years ago, I’m convinced the British establishment elite are not only facing the same Naval ‘National Security’ dilemma, but are using a similar untaught propaganda playbook which has of course evolved, against the working classes of UK today…

During the Defence Select Committee hearings Johnny Mercer MP for Plymouth asks – “Are you saying the threats in the last 18 months, two years have changed at a greater pace and a more diverse nature, than at any time in our history as a nation?

…You had a Defence Review two years ago… now you’re saying things have changed so wildly we just had no idea it was going to happen, we’re just going to have to look at everything? Do you see how hard it is to credibly sell that to the men and women who serve?

…Did you want to answer the question about the two year period in where things have changed? So much so more now than any other time in our country’s history to drive this review?”

The MOD Suit in response “We think we identified the main threats and risks correctly in 2015. What we did not, precisely get right was the velocity at which they are changing. And some of them, in particular cyber and space and so on, are changing very rapidly, which means we have to prepare ourselves as a defence organisation for a broader range of threats and risks than before”.

“…cyber and space and so on…” The ‘so on’ and ‘broader range of threats and risks’ I believe, is submersible drones technology. (It could be nothing but having formerly worked in the Defence Procurement Agency I also found the use of “velocity” instead of ‘pace’ or ‘rate’ intruiging; a Freudian slip or a gaslighters power-trip perhaps?)

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”. Einstein

Anyway, here’s my theory;

The Royal Navy is obsolescent and with it the at-sea Trident nuclear deterrent and as such, the sun is setting on all nations sea-projected military power.

And Tridents ‘renewal’ is a highly profitable smokescreen and geopolitical-Machiavellian misdirection fronted by the ‘nuclear noise narrative’ – with the strategic-military mainstream media projected chatter designed to throw us off its obsolescent scent.

Because just like airborne drones, I’m convinced submersible drone technology has been (near?) perfected. However, as with so many things State and media – in the interests of ‘National Security’ – just because the incumbent power hasn’t told us, doesn’t abrogate us from our responsibly to apply some logic; some technological consistency but perhaps most consistently – because an aspect of the human condition demands it; the ‘Dark Triad’ human condition.

I believe that a multi-lateral, maritime military-technological revolution has occurred in the form of submersible drones that are essentially ‘ship and submarine hunter-killers’.

A sea-change (yes I did!) in the shift in ability to wantonly project global-military power and thereby secure geo-strategic global-oil and mineral resources, now lies solely within the hands of the US’s permanent-strategic site bases.

Therefore instantaneous military reach around the world belongs to the US (who also use NATO as a proxy brand) which is why both Westminster/MoD Whitehall and their joint #PrisonMilitaryIndustrialComplex elites in the absence of their once all powerful maritime platform – especially Trident – need to align themselves with the joint US corporate-government ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence, housed in the UK/US transatlantic military-oil ambition interests.

But in return, the ‘Brits’ need to bring something significant to the war party – their working masses as conveyor-belt cannon-fodder; the potential of which has always been at the crux of the ‘Special Relationship‘ propaganda and which in turn, has been at the heart of what appears on the surface as a seriously divisive, democratic-argument flawed EU referendum with an extremely confused Brexit negotiating ‘position(s!)’ but which in fact beneath the veneer of plausibility, is actually a failing #ToryAnalytica #TrumpRussia #BrexitCoup d’etat.

In this piece Johnny Mercer MP states It is simply not credible to say that an amphibious nation like ours, a maritime nation, can do away with a capability that is so heavily relied upon. Do you understand the impact that is going to have in the world, not only on NATO and the United States and our standing as a military nation if we say ‘Right, that amphibious capability, granted you can go and buy a roll-on, roll-off ferry from P&O tomorrow and paint it up green and roll the troops on’, but that specific capability around Albion and Bulwark and the amphibious capability of the Royal Marines; you understand the effect that is going to have strategically?”

General Poffley “I understand it is going to have a strategic effect if you were to take it in isolation. But I don’t believe we will be taking it in isolation. There will be a series of considerations that are made and the aggregate strategic effect will be that defines us as a Tier 1 military nation”.

There is only one authentic “Tier 1 military nation” – the US; it’s in a league entirely of its own.

However to remain being defined as “Tier 1” too, this requires the UK as it has since WWII, to maintain its strategic political-military alignment with the US and needs to, post-Trident remain a global military force by compensating with a significant and substantial strength ground-troop force element; soldiers.

This is why in Brexit, I believe we are witnessing the second half of a ‘Military Intelligence Media’ driven ‘National Security’ coup d’etat of UK (ergo EU) democracy which, rooted in the pretext ‘prescient’ Reagan/Thatcher era ‘Special Relationship’ is now so far as the current phase is concerned, is into its 7th year, having begun in earnest on our TV screens in 2010 with a little known, UK/US (& Australian) elite-Establishment nurtured figure by the name of Nigel Farage. The success of which will deliver three further benefits;

to enable the circumvention of the EU to eventually unilaterally reintroduce mandatory UK-military conscription off the back of the current blatantly conscious and subliminal-subconscious uber-British patriotic-propaganda campaign

to once again, enable the circumvention of the UN along with the US – without EU interference to declare another phase of the patriotic-media spun “War on Terror” which I suspect will mean oil-laden Iran (perhaps by linking Iran to North Korea’s so-called global IT attacks and creating a new “Axis of Evil”).

The third I’ll come to in a moment…

In this segment Johnny Mercer asks “Why now are we looking at ships with 30 years life-expectancy in them, that are recognised Command & Control Nodes that enable this vital part of UK defence, why are we looking – and we say it’s speculation, I absolutely agree it’s speculation – however in Brazil and Chile they’re already making plans, as were reported today, to take these ships on.

…Clearly something is going on in the department. Why are we looking at these two core capabilities when you yourself have just said, when you look back over history, that capability to have and to project force is absolutely vital?”

Without realising, I think Johnny Mercer MP is asking the questions that explain why on the surface, a confused combination of MoD Navy procurement ‘oversights’ and ‘incompetence’ has actually been anything but because they’re telling him – and us – that it’s been anything but.

I’m convinced the MOD, through maritime Navy & Marine cutbacks, have simply been dealing with the their hidden reality of the perfected submersible drone technology whilst the joint Westminster/Whitehall and their Military Intelligence Media establishment keep up the political misdirection pretence of Trident-renewal and concentrated nuclear-narratives – respectively…

So how do the UK elite stay a global player, whilst both the US/UK and wider global interests (including Russian influences), maintain control of Scotland’s £1trillion oil-wealth potential and global oil-bank dark money flows, all whilst maintaining the illusion of ‘democracy’ and the “will and support of the British people”? 

Simple. Revolution. Or rather a very one-sided revolution initiated by the British State but blamed on another, in order the domestic population can be set up to be put back down. I called it #OpFukuglaschu

“One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes a revolution in order to establish a dictatorship”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Which is why Theresa May has personally led the destruction of the English and Welsh police forces since as well as the wider fire and ambulance Emergency Services.

This guaranteed-gaslight failure of emergency services is/was going to be set up pretext to be exploited as has been the government-media drip effect – to put the army on the streets alongside a standardised, militarised armed police force.

However the army has too been reduced to the point where the UK military’s only real effective strength now lays in small foreign deployments and UK domestic deployment as Military Aid to the Civil Authorities. As Johnny Mercer MP states “Seventeen soldiers to every clerk” when in the mid-90’s to mid-2000’s when I served, it used to be around 40-50 soldiers to one clerk.

“No enterprise is more likely to succeed than one concealed from the enemy until it is ripe for execution”. Machiavelli.

Both the police and the military have been deliberately organisationally-emasculated (as are men in general, unless they wear a ‘heroic uniform running towards the danger’ as part of the ‘channelling’ process).

Stress and sickness levels in the police in particular are unprecedented; they will be easily agitated, angered before being overcome. Guess who they’ll take that out on? As for the reduced military – no one really cares what their moral is like until they’re needed – which they will be – as is the plan – to be deployed by the ‘Cabinet’ and on behalf of the people to ‘restore order’. Then the soldiers will do as they’re ordered. It won’t be pretty.

Playing the hidden part of arsonist before coming to the  rescue as fire-fighter, the coup plot needs to create mass civil unrest, a revolution – whatever you want to call it. It’s an  integral part of the plan. It had to be.

Only now it might come about as the result of a decision not to hard Brexit, such has been the scale of the pre and post ramping up of the xenophobic referendum rhetoric and now negotiation by ‘victimhood-hypocrisy’ and patriotic-position respectively.

This has in no small part especially since the referendum, save a couple of presenter exceptions for ‘balance’, been fed into by the Military Intelligence Media and over social media-spread LBC which itself, has very recently curiously been given regular “sister station” advertising status over local radio stations airwaves.

This is why in addition to the previous ones since March, they’ve been setting up a significant physical ‘accident’ (I hypothesised something similar to this) or symbolic-State false-flag ‘terror-attack’ whilst conducting a mass-media, mass-emasculation PsyOps campaign (including the occasionally divisively-ridiculous fake gender-war) to agitate a white-male led popular revolt, to create mass civil unrest as the UK ‘Governments’ coup-plotters pretext to deploy soldiers onto UK streets; which in itself is the pretext to deploy soldiers onto Scotland’s streets and thereby complete the coup – to maintain UK/US alignment control of Scotland’s oil.

It’s therefore also my view that the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum was the warm up; the first half of the ‘UK National Security’ coup.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

Which brings me to the third and concurrent Brexit desired deliverable…

To mitigate against a popular revolt in Scotland, pro-independence narratives remain media marginalised. However amplifying and capitalising on the greater (sheer numbers) swell Anglo-centric Brexit ‘vote’; a concurrent mass-media driven ‘Britishification’ PsyOps campaign of both generic TV, ads, film & radio – even supermarket and shopping mall nostalgia – alongside a specific-militarised, subliminal military-recruitment ‘invisible propaganda’ campaign is being principally aimed at pre/adolescent boys (and girls to amplify the psychological-emasculation conscription value).

These are to be the next generation of military in a UK Police & Cyber Surveillance State which will omit and write its desired narrative history to fool yet more generations into patriotic war.
As alluded, the last time the British Navy faced this level of threat to its supremacy – and its ability to loot India – was a hundred years ago during the lead into WWI – which was also for control of oil and the power that comes with it.

It was just over 100 years ago, in 1912, when the British aristocratic-elite first mounted their anti-German propaganda campaign to lead into the 1914 ‘July Crisis’ – which was itself a ‘national security’ pretext for war to be fought over the summer and autumn that was supposed to ‘be over by Christmas’.

Additionally the British establishment had no ground troop Detente Accord treaty obligation commitment to the war. Its only commitment was the Naval coastal protection of the Low Countries and northern France. However the troops were a the British Imperial power insurance policy.

So, the ‘Britification’ programming we are witnessing today, I believe is the contemporary-version equivalent scale of the propaganda war that occurred against the unwitting British, Canadian and ANZAC working classes in order to go and secure Middle Eastern oil via Flanders and Gallipoli.

They didn’t teach us that in State school did they? Kind of makes you wonder what else have they kept hidden from us in the name of ‘National Security’, cyclically since forever? Getting ‘drone’ deja vu?

“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

And for those who want to lazily resort to accusations of ‘conspiracy theorist’…

A ‘conspiracy theory’ is anything we weren’t indoctrinated with in school; anything the MSM refuse to acknowledge; anything the academia-commentariat deem themselves too intellectual to associate; and anything the masses can use as bovine-oblivious troll-bait, having appointed themselves too psychologically-superior to entertain anything outside their pyrrhic comfort zone core belief-systems – as #GaslightingGilligan unravels ‘It‘ – and our ‘reality‘ – before them.

(Submersible and Phenomenological Drones is at page 75 of my free PDF download book ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’).


“The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense… Reality never makes sense”. Aldous Huxley.

Narcissist & fascist characteristics

‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.