Characteristics of an Individual Narcissist & a Fascist State

by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (released from Berlin on 25th June 2017).

My naming of the fictitious State of ‘Narcisstate’ for my (*free download*) contemporary ‘fiction’ Gaslighting Gilligan – ‘inspired’ by a female household-name, TV ‘news’ presenter on 12th September 2016 & released from Berlin on 25th June 2017, came about as I observed very similar, often precisely the same behaviours demonstrated by Imperialist-mindset government as those witnessed in typical narcissistic abusive partners;

pathological hypocrisy, superiority entitlement and last but by no means least, inveterate victimhood…

…to live in a normalised narcissisticSchrodinger ‘state’ in a perennial, incessantly-cyclical ‘superiority-persecution complex’; ‘Narcisstate’.

Unrivalled experts in Machiavellian smiles, misdirection agendas and projection of own insecurities. All whilst convincing the abuse-targets, that their interests are housed in the abusers.

They claim moral and ethical superiority whilst instilling psychological inferiority in others.

They’re pathological, hypocritical liars with the displacement, deflecting-ability to turn the truth on its head to suit their ever shifting-sands agendas housed in their invented pasts, that omits their own failings and indiscretions whilst amplifying those of others.

They embellish their own ‘achievements‘, often claiming credit for the successes and labours of others, whilst denying and denigrating the opinions of those same ‘others’ that they also encourage the ‘othering‘ of.

They are psychopathically self-entitled beyond obsession for the possessions of others; and reserve the right to humiliate, denigrate and steal their dignity – without reply.

They gaslight starve, stymy and shame to choke off others psychological and physiological self-esteem needs.

You see through this journey of Gaslighting Gilligan I’ve learned that fascism is by group-extension housed in narcissism.

But whereas narcissism is individually innate, fascism is ‘Its’ fabricatedBig Brother’; it’s victimhood-steeped characteristic-cousin is amplified by deliberate #DarkTriad (model) corporate, political & media manipulation; moving as a single, societal destabilising, toxically-empowering #Emotionalism4Militarism beast, to emotionally-behaviourally ‘hive-mind’ move (disaster) capitalist, ‘democratic’ populations – to war.

Fascism is the planned, projected corporate-State extension of narcissism; manipulated into its militarised business-model extension to reinforce, reset or ‘reboot’ global-hierarchical economies via (austerity-manufactured) crisis-capitalism, emotionally-behaviourally driven by and steeped in #NarcissistFascist hypocrisy, entitlement & militarised victimhood.

We know fascism is not ‘organic’. It is not an inexplicable phenomenon. Known history tells us so. It is not an accident of fate.

It’s an applied ‘narcissistic neuroscience driven by ‘democratic’ State policies and legislators working hand-in-glove with trusted, TV prestige presenters through body and verbal language; mixed with words and intonation (and interruption).

All to produce powerful, fabricated ‘feelings’ to invoke a predictable mass ‘hive-mind’ behavioural response, through the collective ‘emotionalised-empowerment’ of the masses, underpinned by cyclical, perennially-‘patriotic’, preadolescent instilled, subconscious-injected ‘truths’.

When questioned or challenged; they will claim victimhood as first and last resort, often becoming enraged as a result of their own actions.

In doing so, they project permission for their enablers – the masses – to follow suit, bathed in victimhood and hell-bent on vengeance for the very beast they created in the first place.

However victimhood is drug to them; this compels the individual narcissist/fascist State to take unnecessary risks that may well get them caught.

But they do so regardless knowing they’ll succeed in either getting their insatiable superior-sycophant ‘fix’ via their principal agenda, or if outed and exposed, through a victimhood tantrum or by stage-acted self-pity in order to put the real victims on the back foot, compelling them to forgive and to most definitely forget.

They are quick to anger when their sense of entitlement and inconsistent versions of events are questioned.

They’re even quicker to anger when their current behaviours, reflected in their past behaviours are called out; yet expects others to ‘move on’, ‘get over it’, ‘stop dragging up the past’.

They diminish their own behaviours and the effects whilst belittling and diminishing the consequence-effects on others.

Any persistent, counter-critical logical thinkers and questioners will invariably send them into apoplectic rage.

But for an individual narcissists/fascist State to thrive, they require enablers who are acquiescent accomplice appeasers.

Appeasers are a combination of Flying Monkey’ followers who do so through a combination of fear, of straight forward social-compliance ‘herd empowerment‘ or superior-mindset conditioning.

Those who recognise the hypocrisy-inconsistencies of the individual narcissist/fascist State to the detriment of others – especially children – but avoid confronting or even defend them, either to avoid being singled-out and subjected to their rage or to simply maintain their conditioned belief-system in a narcissistic entity, a solipsistic ‘state’ they’ve been groomed to love and believe in as they have in a fictional-flag, a furtive-fascist Crown, in a ‘benevolent’ NarciSState, do so themselves as cowards

and hypocrites

selfishly keeping themselves safe in a perennially-corrupt, aristocrat-gangster government State…

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyrighted but is free to share as a public service.

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