by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

Post-edit: yes I know the lead image is Westminster Bridge. Now read the piece…

The London Bridge ‘terror’ attacks. I’m not buying it. There’s too many Spring 2017 scripted-parallels in the media propaganda built speculation, which is constantly interspersed by the very same speculative media stating “But we mustn’t speculate”(!)

No, I believe what we witnessed yesterday was a risky but highly effective, doubling-down #DeadCat strategy that Stalin would have been proud of, to distract the population, drive fear and our subsequent, predictable emotional-behavioural responses.

Because like 2017, the media speculation combined with both (sub)conscious, confirmation-bias suggestion – has already cemented this elaborate fiction as ‘fact’, selling it within the first cyclically-reinforced hours of this lethal live-firing ‘act’, that within 24 hours has become the indisputable ‘facts’.

And this in itself, forms much of the far-too-trusting public’s buy-in to official State narratives, with subsequent official inquiries housed in the complicit media portrayals then recorded as ‘historical facts’. Which in turn are occasionally followed by the obligatory film-propaganda to seal forever, our very British scripted ‘stoic-victimhood’, underdog identity.

Think about it; when are we never encouraged to “come together” as the result of some catastrophe – by Tory politicians in particular? Why are we always cyclically coerced to steep our very British being in a ‘triumph-over-adversity’ existence housed in some tragedy or other? Tragedies that often end up driving a sense of defiant, patriotic-stoicism and in turn invokes that other propaganda invention; the forever indefatigable ‘Britain defeated fascism & won WWII alone’ blitz-spirit, which in reality – as the propaganda is meant to – foments the emotional-behavioural bunker-mentality so suited to Brexit. Making sense..?

It’s all quite simple really. The British condition, like it’s Crown topped ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ mantra, is a corporate-political propaganda construct, which cannot exist without an enemy; actual or perceived – and certainly not without portraying itself the hard-done-to victim of some entity; real or imagined.

That’s right. Britishness simply cannot survive without an adversary or adversity; psychological and/or physiological – which is why our constantly reinvented ‘nemesis’ is always manufactured and manipulated from within, in order the majority remain emotionally cyclically compelled to ‘play our part’ as dutiful, patriotic zombies ‘doing our bit’ by ‘British values‘, to benevolently, charitably ‘pull together‘ as One propagandistic #CommunityNation.

You see, that’s the ‘Britification’; the all-enveloping experience saturated in a normalised ‘Tragedy-Charity Gaslight Ceremony Cycle’; our psychosocial engineered ‘pseudo-reality’…

…in which there’s no more truth in what the UK #BrexitCoup complicit mainstream media presents as ‘news’, than there is ‘truth’ in those pre-rehearsal, live-scripted episodes of Eastenders, Corrie & Casualty. Remember them? Well, practice makes perfect…

And regarding the current British ‘enemy’ that took over from the Irish, my hunch is that the UK Security & Intelligence Services have for at least a decade, actually been recruiting Muslim youths via the Prevent program and/or from prison

…then turning them into ‘siloed’ players (agents/assets), whom wholeheartedly believe they’re working for the British State against terrorism domestically and in the Middle East or are making up for past mistakes or promised early parole but are in fact, occasionally set-up and murdered by the British State in order to provide and keep ‘confirming’ the Muslim terrorist narrative-bias; during which, these players are briefed they’re merely taking part in training exercises – but are executed by the UK SIS.

And just as in 2017, this could feasibly fit the narratives from yesterday’s ‘attack’ too; a “dummy IED” “suicide vest” “strapped to the terrorist” – who was actually shot in the head at point blank range by an armed (no taser?) City of London (the bankers police force) specialist police officer, first onto the scene because of the location. No-one else think it ‘odd’ that of all the landmarks across England’s metropolitan cities, this Lone Wolf ‘chose’ the very ground he was most likely to die on, wearing a dummy suicide vest?

The armed officer can be seen clearing/dragging civilians away who had already incapacitated the ‘terrorist’ and then immediately shoots to kill, without, it would appear, any intent to make an arrest. It has the hallmarks of a premeditated execution.

It’s my #GaslightingGilligan interpretation that yesterday’s and 2017’s Springtime ‘terrorists’ are only ‘terrorists’ through the trial-by-complicit-media’s ongoing visual & verbal suggestion, augmented by ’emotionalised-empowerment’ themes of both civilians and police reinforce-recycled as “brave”, “heroes”, who ran towards the danger”. Spooky right?

And will there again be a conspicuous absence of CCTV imagery – in one of the most surveilled cities in the world – of crucial elements of the events in real time?

Such as in March 2017, when not one piece of footage, filmed by CCTV or tourist, showed Khalid Masood leaving the crashed car and making his way to the 80-100 metres to the Westminster gate where it’s likely he too, was executed. Why? Why is there no such footage? Because he was never in the car. He was tasked to be at, or just inside the gates by a UK SIS handler and media suggestion spliced with the colour of his skin and supposed eyewitness accounts – turned him into a pre-scripted terrorist…

“The consequences of every act are included in the act itself”. Orwell.

No, yesterday’s ‘attack’ is a total 2017 Groundhog Day fit-up that portrays yet another Tory PM, this time the dangerous buffoon Boris Johnson, as a measured (he is in some Machiavellian respects), competent, pre-scripted Prime Minister “manufacturing consent” (Chomsky) to ‘lead’ and ‘unite the country’.

This has provided him with a platform to be seen to toughen-up on ‘terrorism’, on crime and on prison sentencing; all underpinned by his charlatan, Churchillian ‘stoic-spirit’ fake-Statesman promise to “Keep Britain safe” – conveniently – going into another General Election. Handy that eh?

But what else does it achieve? Well, it fills mainstream media broadcasts and tabloids with the ‘terror’ that only #TheParty ‘of law and order’ (oh the absolute #ReleaseTheRussiaReport #BrexitCoup brass neck of them!) can deal with, using prejudicial-bias reinforcement to continue dehumanising Muslims and the generic demonisation of Islam, to provide another deliberate pretextdriven propaganda route, such Boris Johnson’s Machiavellian, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe ‘gaffe’ which has kept her a prisoner, to provide #ToryAnalytica with an additional ongoing thread to pull at, in order to ‘justify’ getting at Iran’s oil…

All whilst simultaneously sacralising the police and if the ‘attacks’ continue as in 2017, concentrating the media-lionisation messaging of the military too, which collectively gets the public on board with the deliberately ideologically-integrated red, white and blue belief-system of the military, Monarchy & Union flag; a ‘Toddler to Teenager to Tabloidhood #PatrioticProgramming’ quasi-religion, led by the one and only party we subconsciously associate with this patriotic collective; The Conservative & Unionist Party.

But it also gets the crooked, incompetent & Machiavellian Johnson and his entire #ToryAnalytica #BrexitCoup COBRA Cabinet, filled with individual & collective corruption – off the hook, with its ‘Honourable Members’ now having their own free hall-pass pretext to meet and coordinate together at their leisure, in ‘National Security’ secrecy…

…all of whom are in coup d’etat cahoots with Steve Bannon, Matthew Elliot, Nigel Farage (et al) and his ‘UKIP MkII – The Brexit Party: An Inconvenient Spoof‘. Oh and yes, the #TrumpRussia Presidency.

You read that right. The Trump Presidency & Brexit are the same failing, mainstream media fronted coup, as I’ve detailed in ‘Trump & Brexit: The ‘#DarkTriad’ Model for a Global Fascist Contagion’.

And this ‘attack’ also gets individual ‘journalists’, the broader BBC and wholesale UK MSM temporarily off the hook, being the elite-estate stenographers they are, as I warned in 2017 via this piece ‘Tedious Twitter Twaddle’ (for which I was blocked by numerous prominent Remainers).

The stand out State propaganda examples are Laura Kuenssberg’s ongoing attempts to boost her pal Boris Johnson and undermine anyone and anything of the red political persuasion. And this ‘terror attack’ also disrupts the very public suspicions that were building momentum and gaining widespread traction, into Andrew Neil’s right-wing bias-confirmation hatchet-jobs on Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon, by blocking out the clear intent from the outset, to ensure that Johnson himself was never going to come under such partisan ‘scrutiny’.

A scrutiny under which both Neil and Johnson – the BBC/MSM would continue to flounder and fail in full view of the watchful, suspicious electorate – had they both been pressed to do it.

But what else does it block out and effectively ‘end’ as ongoing topics of political and public interest? Well, with the propaganda damage done, it moves everyone on from Chief Rabbi/Archbishop of Canterbury antisemitism stitch-up of Jeremy Corbyn.

It floods our screens to drown out the already largely omitted North England floods. And it ensures the student accommodation #BoltonFire, fuelled by #GrenfellTower type flammable cladding, will barely ever be a thing.

This ‘act of terrorism’ also distracts our attention away from Prince Andrew’s paedophilia and disastrous-PR national scandal – a national scandal that always was but never has been – because it’s once again in the process of being erased with the complicit aid of the Metropolitan Police decision to not pursue the most heinous of the worst crimes; crimes against children via Epstein’s child sex-trafficking in UK.

Yep, this week the Met Police and CPS extinguished a UK based investigation into the Royal rape of a sex-trafficked minor, because let’s face it, they don’t want to risk exposing the A-Z of British Establishment names in Epstein’s ‘Black Book’, that lists a number seriously senior UK political and media figures. The good news however is that it is slowly, currently being revealed across social media, which should force the mainstream media to begin to ‘expose’ these names in order they can keep up the pretence of ‘holding power to account’.

You see, this is how we can know the British State is an elite-estate stitch-up; because even despite Establishment paedophilia, which the Establishment via its own media appeared to have ‘called out’ Prince Andrew, the Establishment also ensures that nothing ever changes – because no-one in it, or even close to it, is ever brought to book.

And this has been exemplified this week by the ongoing Establishment stitch-up of the entire City of Liverpool, via yesterday’s Hillsborough/Duckenfield ‘Not Guilty’ verdict, for which again the reporting of has itself effectively been erased by this ‘terrorist attack’.

However, if other ‘attacks’ ensue, then yesterday’s will be the first one in a fresh wave of a pretext events building up to #BrexitCoup PlanB, something like this at #HunterstonB possibly by blaming Iran, just as we were subjected to the tsunami of Springtime terrors in 2017, that were fomenting a seething mass of emotion building towards the original plan…

…and which is why on 25th June 2017 I took #GaslightingGilligan and precedented propaganda ‘playbook’ evidence/research to Berlin and via the German Bundes (Government) Polizie & the Irish Embassy (& three other agencies) outlined in this Open Letter, warned them that US & UK-led fascism was coming.

The reason they all thought I was a ‘nutcase’, was because I was able to tell them how it was to be mobilised globally, by initially militarising mainland Britain – and both the #ToryAnalytica #BrexitCoup d’etat and the #TrumpRussia Presidency – via Scotland’s Clyde estuary; to trigger a war on Iran and a one-sided revolution that was setting-up, winding-up the UK population, ready to be put back down in #AirstripOne during a recreation of a contemporary, 2017 ‘July Crisis’. I called it #OpFukuglaschu…

Page 223 (onwards) of my book #GaslightingGilligan (free download) is essentially a symbolic-cryptic clue running commentary on the cyclical narratives of those 2017 ‘terror’ attacks.

It not only contains a number of individual, household name politicians, SpAds & ‘journalists’ (some of whom are in Epstein’s Black Book) waving their personal power in our faces with their own symbolic-power cryptic clues, but also records some of the long-forgotten inconsistencies in the ‘official’ narratives that clashed with initial accounts, such as the Grenfell Tower firefighters who had successfully put the fridge fire out and were leaving the building – before the building erupted into flames...

Now, whilst it might be more pyrrhic-comforting for people to ignore or scoff at my #GaslightingGilligan interpretations as those of a ‘tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorist’, I was later in 2018, able to give my perspective some scholarly-design context, having stumbled on a video of a former Soviet Russia psychological warfare specialist, Yuri Bezmenov, and so I put my interpretations to his assessment of how a society can be brought to its knees by;

“A great brainwashing process which goes very slow and is divided into four basic stages”. Yuri Bezmenov.

I called the piece ‘Bezmenov’s Babes’…


“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth”. Khaled Hosseini.

#NarcissistFascist characteristics

Gaslighting Gilligan‘ by Johnny McNeill; a contemporary dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of both personal & State-political domestic abuse, was released from Berlin on 25th June 2017. It is copyrighted ©️ but is a *free*-to-share public-service PDF download from here. 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺🇳🇿

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