by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

I’ve come to another realisation on this Gaslighting Gilligan journey that big wars, World Wars, are not only neuroscience-manipulated by the global corporate-politique for far-off natural resources but they are an absolute necessity for the survival of the controlling elite to set back awakening societies.

This required to restructure, reset and reinforce it within the ideological apartheid framework that will keep the masses down and them in power yet maintain the illusion of democracy as we cyclically give them ‘our permission’ for perpetual wars for ‘democracy and freedom’ in resource-rich regions. Go figure…

So in Brexit, we are witnessing the next incremental, ‘manufactured consent’ step in the ideological restructure-reset of British ‘society’ to assure the elite’s revered place at the top of it.

One such ‘smaller’ but notable incremental manufactured consent example in living memory was the unnecessary destruction of heavy industries in Scotland, Wales and the north of England and the families, communities and of course the unions and politics that went with them; to result also in eventual economic and political ‘conscription’ channeling that fed young men to the military. A perfect trifecta ‘win-win-win’ for the British establishment, who were only able to proceed with their UK regional socioeconomic and political ‘cleansing’ agenda because the North Sea oil-bonanza revenues were in full flow.

Oil, or rather the Westminster Establishments avaricious greed of it – and the wealth and power that breeds off it – has destroyed working class communities all across this island for 100 years. They intend to do it for a hundred more.

Today, in essence the British establishment elite have weaponised-emotionalised the memories of the British War Dead, who themselves were originally delivered into hell on a secretive Imperial oil and power grab via the 1914 July Crisis ‘false-flag’ pretext. This was still in a time when democracy hadn’t yet been extended to the working-classes but State propaganda well and truly had.

We were taught their sacrifices in Flanders Fields and at Gallipoli were for us; for our way of life; for our democratic freedoms.

They weren’t.

Their unknowing sacrifice was to secure the British Imperial and corporate elite’s access to Middle Eastern oil ahead of Germany’s Imperial and corporate elite.

But having taken their brave, naive honesty to the massed-grave with them, as many a soldier subsequently has, their sacrifice is now being stolen from them and exploited not only to defeat the ends of the democracy that we and they were all led to believe they had died for, but to also recruit and send more young men to their deaths some 100 years later; this time it’s going to be Iran.

In short, a new generation of future War Dead, whose innocence and naivety will too be sounded in the Last Post at The Cenotaph, at Menin Gate and the new corporate-driven ‘Iraqistan’ monument are about to repeat their Great Grandfathers and Grandfathers untaught history.

This has been the entire universal point of the propaganda we know as ‘austerity’; to squeeze the living daylights out of economic-employment opportunities for young men who are currently being brow-beaten by the media’s fake gender-war; which is running in tandem with a number of other ‘push and pull’ sub-streams, to physiologically and psychologically channel and pincer them by the Brexit-coup balls via TV and film propaganda to subliminally recruit them.

Another generation of stolen individuality, of raped reality, each with a young lifetime of untold tales often embellished in laughter and exaggerated over time as would have been their youthful right. But a lifetime of choices and unrealised potential is about to be stolen from each of them, murdered by the ‘White Feather Women’ of the mass-emasculation media; owned by the corporate-government bank-oil oligarch misogynists who are projecting their world into ours as ‘reality’.

Another million souls (who’s counting?) are about to be turned into a cyclical, annual, cold hard inanimate stone object, a monument of Ceremonial Remembrance thats supposed to humble us, to remind us of the futility of war, the sacrifice of soldiers; to warn us of the consequences of so-called ‘politicians’ and their so-called ‘failures’ only for it to be hijacked as an ’emotionalised-empowerment’ recruitment piece by the PsyOps media war machine as they trot it out bedecked in McCrae’s newly weaponised Poppy wreaths for the British elite’s continued theatrical crocodile-tear access to oil.

And after the next big wars desert dust has settled their unheard voices having been silenced forever, will too be forced to lie to their Great Grandsons from their ceremonial Cenotaph spinning graves, through the same but newly reinvigorated cyclical British ‘Airstrip One’ State-school indoctrination and corporate propaganda, programmed-conditioning…

“If you’re a man, you’re the last man. Your kind is extinct. We are the inheritors. Do you understand that you’re alone? You are outside history, you unexist”. O’Brien to Winston Smith – 1984 by George Orwell.

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.