Patriotic Commission by Camouflaged Omission

Like an abusive narcissist partner concealing from the world who they really are behind closed doors, the truth and authentic character of a fascist State claiming to be a democracy is not on display in State-schools text books nor is it displayed for all to see on mainstream news media.

Whether individual narcissist or fascist State, its true character, its very nature is hidden in the historical indoctrination of what it wants you to see as it massages your ego. As the saying goes ‘if something seems too good to be true, it probably is’ – and that goes for a ‘country’ too.

The legacy genocide atrocities of a continuing aristocratic-dynastic Empire have and continue to be omitted from State school text books and are in narcissist-fascist fashion, are all ‘wiped out’ as if none of it ever happened because of our morally-superior actions – by indoctrination – in a war against another genocidal tyrant, Adolf Hitler.

But to question the indoctrination; to question the veracity of its claims will be met by howls of industrial-scale (pathological?) hypocrisy to ‘get over it’, to ‘move on’ especially by the Baby Boomers and Generation X – even when we can see that the State continues with same cyclical ‘normalised brutality’ global-resources conquest behaviours.

This is partly because these two generations were morally-elevated by a diet of State school and film indoctrination which was script-conditioned to identify ‘Britishness’ as being the irrepressible, standing-alone stoical force for good; to raise a brave wry-grin in the face of victimhood-dripping adversity. Which is really odd as that’s very same scripted-narrative being sold in the so-called news media today in the wake of ‘terror’ attacks.

But what we don’t understand, what was never spelt out to us was that, that war was taught to all of us largely by Dunkirk, by The Dambusters, by A Bridge Too Far, by The Great Escape, by Bridge Over the River Kwai, by Guns of Naverone and by a rocky-scripted football-hero laden Escape to Victory that would no doubt appeal to impressionable youngsters; we were all film-then-TV programme-conditioned to associate ourselves with being the time-immemorial good-guys because that’s what being British was in WWII.

And many still cling to it.

But what it was actually doing, was sowing the seeds of our own morally-superior destruction; so convinced were we that we couldn’t possibly be anything but the ‘good-guys’, we gave ourselves by extension gave our ‘trusted’ Establishment elite a free inter-generational hall pass with ‘our’ numbed serf-permission to bomb the hell out of anyone they deemed, on our behalf, as ‘bad-guys’.

We still do. We do simply because we never really knew who or what it was that was ‘leading’ us. Because if we knew, they’d be finished for what they’ve done to us but hidden from us all. And they know it.

That’s why the British State didn’t spell out the direct and indirect oil-laden roots of WWII that were germinated in the seeds of WWI from Flanders Fields to Gallipoli.

You see, all the while our forefathers fought working-class fascists across western Europe and North Africa in the second-half and before that, fought working-class men in Flanders Fields in the first-half, they could have saved themselves a lot of bloodshed bother by rooting out the Imperial fascists within their own corporate-industrial owned governments.

The British State has managed to hide from us what it really is by camouflaged omission – an unacknowledged rogue nation-State built upon one single amoral principle; cyclical-conquest. First domestically then abroad. It’s a corporate-government intelligence and profit-making war-machine posing as ‘country’.

It still doesn’t State-school spell out the two year period from 1912 to the 1914 ‘July Crisis’; when it waged a propaganda war against the largely, socialist-pacifist British working classes, targeted mainly at men and underpinned by the dehumanisation and public-poster and ‘White Feather Women’ shaming, to psychologically and physiologically peer-pressure humiliate men into ‘volunteering’ to serve King and Country. But it wasn’t all negative push and pull channelling, some of it was positive – they could serve with their operant conditioning pals, as a brave, local hero.

The campaign ran concurrently to demonise Germany and dehumanise Germans too, all of which was the propaganda pretext to gain control of Middle East oil before their Saxe-Corburg-Gotha German Imperialist cousins could do so themselves by completing the Berlin-Baghdad Railway.

It doesn’t spell out that the British elite had no Détente Accord obligation to provide troops for the war. It was only treaty obliged to provide Naval defence of the Low Countries and northern French sea-ports. But the British aristocracy went ahead anyway and took out their Imperialist insurance policy to land the BEF, wound up ready to fight a ‘quick war’.

And then to the second half of the same oil-war guaranteed by the Versailles Treaty, The Ruhr Annexation and arguably the rather ‘timely’ counter-recruitment stock housed in the US stock market ‘crash’…

It doesn’t spell out the nurturing, resourcing and funding of the fascist Nazi war machine by US corporates and European elites, most notably maintaining the airworthiness of the Luftwaffe. A Luftwaffe it somehow beforehand, had managed to build ‘in secret’ whilst its ‘invisible propaganda’ machine put an entire population under the hateful spell of fascism to produce a mass-murderous machine of manipulateddecent, dutiful patriots’ as described by Nuremberg Prosecutor Ben Ferencz.

And it most certainly does not spell out how in the very heart of Europe, the geopolitical site and source of the world’s only two global wars (so far); the intricacies of the ‘hypnotic, imperceptible cuts’ of Goebbels Nazi propaganda is not taught – as standard – in UK State schools and across Europe.

Why? Why are British secondary school youths not taught this – as standard?

I’ll tell you. Because the time-immemorial Imperialist global elite of the UK/US always knew they would need to use the Paperclip and ‘coincidental’ Bank crash ‘intricacies’ against us again, in order they can maintain their ‘patriotic’ spell over us; in order they can manipulate us to turn us on each other; in order they can send more of our sons to their perpetual oil-wealth wars; in order they can maintain their personal grip on global power.

But then we’d also understand that fascism and Empire are but two sides of the same military industrial corporate-government genocidal coin. And we’d also understand that there was never even a cigar-paper between the genocide-atrocity actions of Churchill and Hitler.

And this is how they hope to launch their next war; by State-school and news media-mask omission of their murderous monster; steeped in manipulated, manufactured victimhood, its vile, envious, contorted-covetous face presented with the facade of welcoming, trusting, even beguiling smiles on rolling conveyor belt of visible and invisible, conscious and subconscious subliminal propaganda.

A new, military-intelligence media front has been opened up; a psychological war is being waged on working class men today in the form of a fake ‘gender-war’ in order to manipulate a new generation of mass-emasculated ‘Pavlov’s Patriots’ who are currently being subliminally-bombarded into submission by shame, by powerful male driven media-messaging who in true narcissist-fascist style are projecting their world of misogyny and male sexual-aggression to gaslight us in our living rooms, fronted by a new generation ‘White Feather Women’ in our ‘news’.

These young men who themselves will become just another set of rolling-stock on a conveyor belt of cannon-fodder in the current 100 year-long UK and US corporate-government oil-war; the powerbroker forebears of which, their hidden history lays in the foundations of a murky Company and Saxe-Corburg-Gotha Crown origins who have always known how to weaponise emotions and to manipulate and to evolve to stay ahead of the ‘real’ enemy – us – the working classes – and are doing so now through State and corporate TV charity and nostalgic film propaganda that will rewrite a refreshed ‘history’ in order to recruit for a hundred years more.

Compared to them, we’re like five year olds who still believe in Santa. Only ‘Santa’ is a State-sized Jimmy Savile…

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyrighted but is free to share as a public service.

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