by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sense… Reality never makes sense” ~ Aldous Huxley; Philosopher, Writer.

Today’s news regarding over a thousand ‘historically-sensitive’ files going missing (in addition to the 114 ‘lost’ Home Office government-elite paedophilia files) from UK State National archives, is an entirely orchestrated design to rewrite British history and with it, rewrite the British ‘identity’ for future generations to come.

We can know this because it’s been done before in the things we’ve been given and the things that have been hidden from us and of which we, all are the living breathing product-evidence of ‘It’.

This is how the inspiration for the name of the fictitious State of #Narcisstate in my *free* download book #GaslightingGilligan came about, as I began to understand my personal experiences of the common behavioural-characteristics exhibited by both individual narcissism and the unfolding UK State fascism;

“The most powerful form of lie is the omission” ~ George Orwell

A key aspect of the narcissist/fascist trait is their ability to invent a plausible, if inconsistent past, by the pathological omission of their destructive deeds or by apportioning blame to someone else for their deeds but also simultaneously, by the commission of exaggerated achievements, which are often the efforts of others but for which they take the credit. And then there are the outright lies and borrowed inventions much of which, is also often steeped in tales of stoical-resilience and victimhood.

(This is when the adage ‘if it seems to good to be true, it probably is’ should ring alarm bells).

Because the desired effect is for the victim to firstly, unwittingly feel themselves falling head-over-heels for an ego-massaging myth, in which, in emotionally investing in the narcissistic abuser during the ‘love-bombing’ phase, the victim invests their emotions (and finances) in the abusers ‘claimed experiences’ and thereby take on board the partner-responsibility for ‘righting the wrongs’ of the abusers past victimhood inventions.

Only then for the abuser to imperceptibly turn on the victim once they’ve served their narcissist-supply purpose, by feeding them corrosive drip-fed, deniable barbs occasionally disguised as ‘help’ in order to undermine the psychological well-being of the victim; resulting in this ‘host‘, this ‘husk’ ghost of ones former self, to unwittingly turn back to their very same abuser – for ‘salvation’. This is successful gaslighting.

However gaslighting cannot be achieved by the abuser – if one truly knows the abusers authentic character.

This is why the abuser has to at all costs, keep hidden from new potential pivot hosts, who and what they really are and will go to some considerable lengths to do so; such as omitting and rewriting their role in their own history. Or even character assassinate anyone who presents a potential threat to their image.

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their own history” ~ George Orwell

And this is how too, on a rudimentary level, the British establishment elite have perennially, psychologically (and physiologically) manipulated an entire population; to house their own collective ideological-identities in Churchillian, flag-waving militaristic-stoicism by resisting fascism ‘against all the odds’ in WWII, whilst omitting its genocidal Empire atrocities, enabling that too, to become something to be ‘boastfully proud’ of.

Clearly it isn’t anything to be proud of but try telling that to your average British ‘patriot’; they just roll their eyes skywards then look at you as if you need help. Or at at the very least, they impatiently infer that you should let go of the very same past that they’re trying to reclaim! But they just don’t see it. They can’t. Because it goes against who they’ve been conditioned to be.

They don’t see the fact, that fascism and Empire are both the same ideological-evil beast and that there is negligible difference between ‘democratic’ corporate-government led fascism and ‘democratic’ corporate-Crown led Empire. And they certainly can’t see that there’s nothing but the ashes of Churchill’s cigar-paper, between his perpetrated genocides and those committed by one Adolf Hitler.

The difference? Inter-generational ‘cradle-to-grave’ cognitive bias programming; from State-school to WWII film propaganda omission/commission indoctrination; from toddler to teenager; from primary school to parenthood.

Because both fascism and Empire are housed in a selective-history hypocrisy, further reinforced by messaging that fascism was inherently evil, but that Empire was benevolently ‘great’.

Yet both are a dangerous, murderous, self-afforded morally-superior, self-absorbed and entitled identity. Which is why these identical parallels are blithely invisible to the British consciousness. And an increasingly angering consciousness at that, which is part of the whole post-Brexit point.

Because when serially-entitled, superior-complex abusers get angry – it isn’t pretty. It’s not meant to be. The bully needs you to back down and to do so, will put you down at any and all costs, lest their pathological plastic-facade be exposed.

And this loaned-extension of their ‘superiority-programming’ is why and how ‘Great Britain’ is currently, being successfully gaslighted; led by the #MSM mass-psychosis nose, to seamlessly and subliminally sleepwalk their sons and daughters to serve as #PavlovsPatriots & #HuxleysHeroes in a furtive-fascist UK Police & Cyber Surveillance State rebranded by symbolically-vaunted, elitist-coup clue; #Empire2.0

…A ‘Narcisstate’ led by the corporate-politique; The #Corpolitique that will stretch as the #BrexitCoup #DarkTriad design intends to, to bridge the #TransatlanticTyranny resulting in the #Orwellian #AirstripOne.

But like all ‘domestic abuse’ relationships, the victim has to acknowledge they’ve been – or are being – psychologically and physiologically abused. And again like all victims upon this realisation, there will be a great deal of pain to come to terms with. A pain to which the narcissist is not only immune, ‘It’ thrives on delivering even more of it….

We were warned. By Orwell, by Huxley and currently by Chomsky. Well, now we’re living in the warning; via a very British (&US) emotionalised-weaponised, information campaign coup.

But it’s been so incrementally, imperceptibly and ideologically sustained, so complicated, so vast and so all-enveloping, it’s become so normal. Which is why it’s simple, subliminal singular-purpose is so invisible; recruitment; of minds and men.

It’s almost impossible to see but to the hypnotic, patriotic, nostalgic-superiority, yet agitating and frustratingly-emasculating feel of it, well, it’s going to be as one complicit voice power-symbolism predicted with his #DarkTriad trademark sense of humour – a “Titanic success” or as I called it ‘#OpFukuglaschu’…

…Titanic’s depths of despair to coincide with #ToryAnalytica’s #AusterityArmy apartheid working poor but a soaring success for the Transatlantic UK/US elite-estate (and beyond) who need a fresh #FiveEyes supply of children, of #MaslowsMartyrs for a third world wave of working masses self-inflicted slaughter, on a conveyor belt of patriotic ‘volunteer’ cannon-fodder.

But because they hid from us, we children, who and what they really are; a perennial corporate-government oil-war machine, ‘The Corpolitique’ feigning democracy and faking its ‘first duty to the people’ we can’t or won’t see having cloaked itself in ‘our collective’ morally-superior, patriotic ‘past’, led by the hypnotic, kaleidoscopic #Flexagon flag.

In short, to echo the Huxley quote at the beginning, through a fictitious-story setting of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ what I’m trying to tell you is, the perfect propaganda evolved and has been dovetailed alongside global-western, corporate-driven ‘democracies’ and media;

Fascism is going global.

Please wake up…

“The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of the propagandistic initiative” ~ Joseph Goebbels.

Gaslighting Gilligan – by Johnny McNeill, a contemporary, dystopian ‘fiction’ about the intrinsic, interconnectedness of personal & political domestic abuse, is free to download from here. It is copyright © but is free to share as a public service.