by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (© 2017 – free download – released via Berlin on 25th June 2017).

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy, without fighting” – Sun Tzu

(Long read – recommend reading on PC/laptop or tablet. And maybe a nice cup of tea).

The general concept of what I want to share with you is nothing new. Some will be familiar however for the overwhelming majority of the people this will be an entirely alien concept, unless you’ve seen ‘The Matrix’. Indeed, up until September 2016, I’d have included myself in that ‘Matrix-majority’.

Only I’m going to give you the real-life and tangible detail.

It’s just a matter of objective and historical-precedent interpretation of UK (and beyond) socio-political events for which a lifetime of programmed biases need to be parked, if you possibly can – even temporarily as a matter of inquisitive, constructive-critique curiosity.

How I got here; the difference between my ‘Plato’s Cave’ interpretation and everyone else’s, I can sum up in a single quote;

“You see, when a blind beetle crawls over the surface of the globe he doesn’t notice that the track he has covered is curved. I was lucky enough to have spotted it” – Albert Einstein.

So to those few and to the ‘Matrix-majority’ to whom this concept is wholly or vaguely familiar, I want to try to articulate, the crucial detail of *how* and *why* we working classes are collectively, being duped into one last final betrayal of each other but for which men are already paying by suicide by being psychologically and physiologically coerced, ‘channelled’, into the making the ‘ultimate sacrifice’.

The MoD British Army/Muslim Recruitment Advert

I’m going use this recent MoD recruitment initiative to demonstrate part of the point.
The theme is a common and well-versed one; divide and rule. But what we’ve failed to understand is that the ‘divide’ strategy isn’t simply just based in identity politics; skin colour, religion, cultural-dress or (now) gender etc.

It’s also based in the things ‘they’, the UK (&US) Anglo-Imperial corporate-governmentpolitique, I’ve called these #TheCorpolitique – the elite-estate, through inter-generational ‘cradle-to-grave’ indoctrination-conditioning, patriotic-programming teach us to ‘love’, to revere certain institutions as a people regardless of individual or group politics.

Conversely through similar indoctrination, they condition us to be suspicious of certain institutions and/or identities that can we can be suspicious and fearful of.

The British Armed Forces are one such ‘revered’ institution. Whilst conversely Muslims and Islam in general, are by such by propaganda conditioning a vilified ‘terrorist’ religion. (Russia receives a similar demonization).

But I’m going to tell you how both white and brown skinned working class males have far more in common than they realise but for which the former, rather than the latter demographic, by State and media manipulation, by mass-emasculation ‘gaslighting’, are committing suicide in their droves, driven by using both our revered institutions and vilified identities – against us…

And this is where it gets interesting because this ‘Corpolitique’ then themselves behind the scenes, furtively ‘attack’, usually in the name of ‘political correctness’, the very same revered institutions they condition us to idolise in order we are compelled to come to their defence, often agitatedly, dividing opinion and fomenting conflict.

In short, they attack (and/or deprive) the things we love and condition us to love, in order to use our resulting emotions and subsequent behaviours against us.

The latest ‘official’ MoD Army/Muslim Prayer recruitment ad, on the surface is no different from the generic pedestrian superficial UK State & media-driven, oft-repeated and vacuous ‘British values’ and diversity mantra which on this advertising initiative occasion, has been directly and deliberately linked to the British Army, whom in turn themselves receive an equitable propaganda-lionisation of soldiers and sacralisation of the military.

Superficially the ad sells a message of acceptance and diversity whereas the reality is those behind its underpinning aim are going to get one to kill the ‘other’. Firstly on the UK urban-domestic streets, then on the desert battlefield.

Bombarding Belief Systems by Bohemian Rhapsody

But dig a little deeper and you get to ad’s true purpose; to Agitate (white males) and Segregate (signpost minorities) and I can demonstrate with a single screenshot…

…that this particular ‘Army/Muslim’ subliminal campaign is working as insidiously intended, based on conflicting belief-system indoctrination messages; of an ‘unwelcome’ encroachment on white-Christian traditional values, or even a perceived as an ‘attack’ by the vilified, on the revered.

I can also demonstrate that the wider campaign that this is part of, is working too; it’s called Brexit.

But remember, it’s the same joint, singular-entity UK State and media ‘unit’, which is engaged in the manipulated ‘pincering’, that’s designed to conflict our patriotic-programming and cognitive-bias conditioning belief systems. Yet it’s the ‘womb-to-tomb’ patriotic-programming that refuses to let us ‘undo’ our belief-systems and which I try to explain here.

Generically, the Westminster political and ‘MSM ‘news’ and drama entertainment ‘programming’ routinely reinforces Muslim dehumanisation & Islamic demonisation as ‘terrorists’, which they ‘balance out’ with the politically rote-claimed ‘British values’ and leftist-liberal diversity but which are again an illusion, largely delivered by TV.

Because the cognition-conflict of the Army/Muslim advert is further compounded by another illusion; that of ‘political correctness’ (gone mad) which are collectively presented to *appear* in such a divisive way, that this already ‘terrorist’ depicted minority could compromise the Operational effectiveness and lives of ‘Our Boys’.

‘Our Boys’ who are themselves, routinely politically and media-reinforced, as a lionised and sacralised as a quasi-religious belief system, which is deliberately, inter-generationally, inseparably, interwoven with ‘Britishness’, with the Monarchy and of course with the Union Flag.

However combined, this is to seed dissonance, principally amongst the real targets for the tsunami of TV programming and advertisements loaded with conscious and subconscious subliminal military recruitment messaging; #WorkingClassWhiteMen (and boys);

The attached screenshot, taken precisely 24hrs after it was first uploaded by #LBC, is exemplar of the joined-up UK State and media psychological agitation/segregation ‘pincering’ for which I’ve monitoring for some time and have developed a number of models throughout the ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ page to help explain how it all works.

If you look at the ‘emotion-indicator’ (contagion-instigator) Facebook ‘emojis’ in the screenshot, as brief tangible cross-section snapshot of society by social-media barometer, the ‘angry’ and ‘laughing’ (in this case, I’d suggest with a mirthful incredulity) the *overwhelming* majority appear to be white males; and on the statistical demographic balance of probabilities are most likely to be heterosexual working class males.

It’s not scientific at all but you can be sure as a whale-shit sinks to the bottom of the sea, these simplistic, Facebook-timely emojis are being monitored by the UK State to gauge the effectiveness of this and wider aspects of the generic jingoistic-patriotically driven #BrexitCoup propaganda campaign.

So; superficial inclusion-diversity aside, this particular recruitment advert is designed to deliver agitated ‘Bunkered’, defensive mind-sets which are generally emotionally driven with logic taking a back seat, becoming a passenger and enslaved to programmed belief-system passions and prejudices.

This divides opinions, suppresses thoughts, steer narratives and oppresses unwelcome messaging and even create new over-simplistic language and ‘facts’. All of which is familiar ‘1984’ stuff.

(By the way, I began monitoring the mainstream media after an admittedly ‘bizarre’ incident, my very own “blind beetle” moment triggered by a bout of ‘TV PTSD’ for which having experienced it before, I knew I’d just been gaslighted by a deniable, toxic intonation delivery of the word “pathetic” in specific reference to a man. But I trusted my intuition and began observing the UK mainstream media in September 2016, especially #BBC and #SkyNews and started to observe distinct recycled, reinforced narratives that contained distinct conscious and subconscious subliminal messaging to drive both ‘positive’ and negative emotions and subsequent [predictable] behaviours.

Once I was able to myself acknowledge my programmed biases, put them aside, then accept it was in actual fact a deliberate, orchestrated ‘design’ some three months later, I began to research some of the minutiae of our untaught history, learning more about historical precedents; for mass military recruitment, for war).

General Cognitive-Dissonance

This is not the name of a high ranking British Army officer but the whole point of this particular piece of MoD and generic UK State propaganda explained;

Campaign efforts like the Army/Muslim ad, when seen through logically-inquisitive and intuitive eyes, are quite common. They’re simply camouflaged in differing guises to *drive* all of our behaviours, not be a reflection of them. But they’re not just to ‘draw’ or pull the general public in, they’re also to push and drive ‘recruited minds’ to the military and to war.

And by driving individual predictable behaviours, so too are the demographic groups’ behaviours; we are witness social-engineering on a global-western scale, by a simultaneous joined up indoctrination of nations, of democratic societies, by a mass-media that continually claims to merely be a window reflecting it our cultures but is in fact a one-way window of gaslight-projected smoke and mirrors.


The whole point of systemic, self-proclaimed, moral-superiority sustained ‘othering’ of a class, be they Jew, Gypsy or Jock, or Irish, Iraqi, or of Islam; is the advanced marginalisation by identity-dehumanisation of an ‘enemy’. This not only manufactures consent for war but gains the ‘inferiority buy-in’ which makes it ‘easier’ for the ‘superior’ class soldiers – the white working class men, the principal propaganda and military recruitment targets – to sign up to kill them; the ‘enemy’; the ‘inferior’; the ‘other’.

None are more rehearsed and practiced at the marginalisation and demonisation of the ‘other’, nor do it more efficiently and effectively than the British State.

And the psychological implanted ‘belief system’ effects of such unrelenting propaganda cannot be reversed until those who projected it actually admit it is propaganda (unlikely) or they get found out, with their projections exposed. However most crucially, the exposed projections need to be acknowledged and accepted as lies by the majority. Until then, propaganda remains ‘truth’.

But here’s the rub; that same UK State (and beyond) and media driven, morally-superior ‘othering’ has been ideologically extended to men. Specifically, to white working class men in order to ‘Pavlovs Pincer’ them, into ‘channelled volition’ for the military.

In short, the UK mainstream media, as the so-called trusted face of the State and guardian of democracy – has long been compromised and is in fact an irreverent recruitment Sergeant, of minds and men – working for a perennial, Anglo-Imperial, transatlantic-global war machine.

“Power is tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing” – George Orwell, 1984.

The Dark Triad Design

In psychology, the ‘Dark Triad’ is made up of three personality/characteristics; the Machiavellian, Psychopathy and Narcissistic traits. (Both narcissism and fascism share an inordinate amount of characteristic traits however the most pronounced is their claim – at all costs – to victimhood. This is why I called the ‘fictitious’ State ‘Narcisstate’ in the *free* public-service book).

The Dark Triad is the principal overarching model for the combined UK State legislative, policy and broadcast/press media ‘emotional-behavioural’ drivers which I categorised into Six sub-drivers;

Invalidate, Emasculate (guilt-shame humiliate), Isolate, Agitate, Segregate (signposting minorities) and Amalgamate (via ‘positive’ ‘community-nation’/charity/patriotic militarism)

There is barely a piece of UK State broadcast/press propaganda, which doesn’t fit into two or even three of these sub-drivers simultaneously and it is targeting every last individual, family, community, organisation and groups-demographics with both classic and operant negative and ‘positive’ association conditioning.

To paraphrase Goebbels’ and his ‘perfectly invisible propaganda’, the Dark Triad’s effectiveness isn’t housed in the propaganda we see but that which we are made to feel. Think of it as music; a symphony isn’t seen, it is felt.

The underpinning delivery principles of the propaganda for the masses to feel is to Emotionalise, Irrationalise (Patriotise) and Weaponise (towards militarism) which I’ll visit shortly.

Recruiting Pavlov’s (Pincer) Patriots

I developed the Dark Triad model, principally by monitoring both the #BBC & #Sky ‘News’. However it became apparent that all#MSM ‘news’ outlets across the #UK were engaged in the driving the same cyclical, orchestrated themes often simultaneously.

And far too often, ‘entertainment’ programming too had the same drivers; *especially* soap and high-end production BBC & Sky drama entertainment depicting one-sided sexism i.e. misogyny and exclusively male-perpetrated domestic abuse.

Surreal Sexism by Rote-Soap ‘Redlining’ Script

Many entertainment storylines I observed had strong women *using* their sexuality to empower themselves, yet this would often later be portrayed overtly or by suggestion as a necessary ‘survival’ behaviour ‘forced’ upon them as a result of pervasive societal misogyny.

Which is kind of believable because this *exactly* what occurs in Westminster, Whitehall, The Whitehouse, Hollywood and all manner of corporates and mainstream media entities but which they, the 1% ‘patriarchy’ project by TV onto us, to guilt-shame and shut-up the 99% potential male threat to their supremacy/cannon-fodder.

Male-Suicide Script Specialists

But also over the autumn/winter of 2016/17 – camouflaged against ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’, I was monitoring something else in amongst the sea of mass-media emasculation; a common theme of male-suicide storylines, some written by the *same* subliminally-suggestive ‘suicide-specialists’, for output across ‘competing’ channels which often had an undercurrent of ‘self-sacrifice’, either for selfishness, for family or for a ‘greater good’.

This self-sacrifice messaging is also seamlessly, subliminally woven into films but none more so than the recent wave of war films which under the ideologically-inevitable advanced planning patriotic-camouflage of the WWI Centenary ‘commemorations’. Which ‘curiously’ has also seen a wave of WWII propaganda remakes (as well as a tsunami of 60’s-90’s classic nostalgia-invoking remakes).

The war films are steeped in stoical-victimhood which I believe is aimed to foment a British Brexit fascist patriotism and appeal directly to male adolescents ‘heroic deed’ fantasies; these young men and boys are too the #PavlovsPatriots & #HuxleysHeroes of the piece.

But this is where it gets really ‘Matrix’, yet at the same time, it makes perfect-propaganda and human avarice evolutionary sense and so in this context it’s not really that ‘Matrix’ at all.

It’s merely the ‘natural’ progression for unchecked corrupted power.

‘Rampant Sexism’ – from World War II to Weinstein & Warboys & from Australia to Canada.(Gender-Specific Objectification & Marginalisation Dissonance)

In the US Jewish Holocaust Museum is a sign made famous through social media. It’s called ‘Early Warning Signs of Fascism’. So far as I can ascertain, twelve of the 14 are unequivocally occurring simultaneously in both the UK and the US. (The two which aren’t abundantly apparent at this time from the UK side of the Atlantic are ‘Disdain for Intellectuals and Arts’ and ‘Obsession with Crime and Punishment’).

However Number 5 on that sign is ‘Rampant Sexism’. Number 6, is ‘Controlled Mass Media’. Both have been modified, refined and evolved and we are seeing them being played-out in something rather globally-spectacular.

(Bear in mind I’d been tracking and monitoring this since September 2016 and put ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’ out from Berlin, having spoken with the Irish Embassy on 25th June 2017, the ‘emotionalised-empowerment’ of the #GenderAgenda only just came to the forefront of the UK/US general public consciousness – not the hard-core feminists – in late 2017. Until then it was largely a simmering pot of opposing-ideology gaslight being driven by the same powerful entity.

The ‘Five Eyes’

‘Five Eyes’ is the self-proclaimed title of the Anglo-Imperial intelligence-community elements of the former British Empire comprising of the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It’s a formidable, unrivalled corporate-government intelligence gathering and propaganda output asset, on a global scale. And propaganda, as anyone worth their salt can tell you – incorporates big studio film. But I don’t think we’ve accepted its presence in TV entertainment – certainly not on the subliminally pervasive scale that it actually and evidently is.

I believe the #FiveEyes intelligence community through their #FakeMedia theatre have created a #FakeGenderWar, an evolutionary, revolutionary #Empire2.0 upgrade of the Nazi’s ‘Rampant Sexism’ by ‘Controlled Mass Media’.

Through the #HollyWhiteMinster ‘scandal’; from Harvey Weinstein in the US to most recently, the politically motivated release of serial-rapist John Warboys in the UK, as with Brock Turner in the US, a projected ‘pseudo-truth’ is being transmitted into billions of homes, to give the impression of a pervasive misogynistic, paedophile and rape-culture across western society’s. But it’s all gaslight.

Because the clear, cold, logical, unemotional, thought-through daily-reality and truth is that western-societies didn’t suddenly become borderline failed-States steeped in a misogynist rape culture.

The truth is that nearly 80 years after the Nazi’s turned an entire country into killers, their manufactured ‘Rampant Sexism’ has simply been developed and industrialised under the guise of a number of gender-dissonance formats, from Weinstein to Warboys, and by Orwellian methodology from Australia to Canada that’s targeting men’s and boys’ minds by ‘Trojan Champion’ policy and legislation.

In Australia the ‘Safe Schools’ agenda is in full child-sexualising swing and in workplaces too, a #WhiteRibbon overwrite of men’s minds is taking place by a mandatory preaching of a one-sided #DomesticViolence programming-agenda that flies in the media supressed evidence.

In Canada, Bill C-16 legislation is now policing and criminalising language; the beginnings of patrolling thought-crime.

What we are in fact witnessing a mix of Orwell’s ‘We shall abolish the orgasm’ and Huxley’s ‘The slaves would love their servitudes’ predictions. (It seems even ‘The Two Ronnies’ through parody sketch had a ‘ridiculous’ insight by an Orwellian ‘Worm That Turned’!)

But we just didn’t understand what it would look like or envisage how vast it would be. Well now we can. We can see and feel exactly what it looks like.

We are witnesses to a historical epoch. #GlobalFascism is being implemented by the ‘Five Eyes’ partners, instigated principally by a US/UK #TransatlanticTyranny. We are witnessing a #MetaFascistCoup of western democracies which in UK has been ushered in seamlessly by the tabloid media.

The Tabloid Media – & Their ‘Palindrome Parrots’

These are what I called the Dunning-Kruger types in the book, the ‘Palindrome Parrots – ‘Feed children prejudicial ignorance – ignorance prejudicial children feed’ – given the State propaganda slant upon which to claim they are informed, then project it often shouting down the ‘other’ who won’t conform.

But the perennial, imperceptible xenophobic and sexism long-game, has been the ideological-preserve of the tabloid press. This is where the tabloid print media come into its own, with its signature, raison d’etre purpose; having been pushing pervasive ignorance messaging to psychologically steep us in their world of xenophobic misinformation and misogyny – disguised as ‘free press’ – as our world, as our reality.

This was the propaganda branch of the elite-estate that enabled them to feed us a dovetailed lie, that allowed Sky News and the BBC – especially Question Time – to claim they were ‘merely reflecting society with concerns of immigration and terrorism’ in order to gift Parliamentary unrepresentative TV platforms to a UKIP Party without a single elected seat in the House of Commons, only to succeed in whipping up even more jingoistic superiority hatred.

This of course was the whole ideological point leading to a Brexit referendum specifically timed to be smack in the middle of the Great War Centenary commemorations. And it’s my unwavering view that Orwell merely wrote of what he witnessed and that #TheParty using a ‘proxy-sleeper’ political party – better known as UKIP are in the process of aligning themselves with US permanent site strategic-military power (UK Trident and the Royal Navy military projection are obsolescent) by delivering the UK with and all its highly profitable human and natural resources into an #Orwellian #AirstripOne misery-go-round existence.

‘Blue-On-Blue’ Misogyny

I served 25 years in the British Army but any young lad or lass having watched enough Hollywood war films or played enough computer games can tell you a ‘blue on blue’ is terminology for an accidental attack by one friendly force upon another.

Yet even when it comes to female-writer driven ‘misogyny’ judging the dress sense, hairstyles or body-shapes of female politicians or celebrities, this lands on the guilt-laden laps of ordinary men. And yet when poorly educated, ignorant men (and occasionally women) jump on board the Dunning-Kruger tabloid-bandwagon, the same print media and TV mainstream media slate and guilt-trip *all* men as being ‘misogynists’.

Such is the agenda toxicity, even by simply appreciating the female form in a genuinely positive sense through their own *media-driven* female-objectification, this will again be looped by the same media as more ‘evidence’ of mass misogyny. Yet this objectification-dissonance also incorporates a hypocritical-disconnect whereby male-objectification passes for the ‘norm’ and anyone raising it, is the one with the problem, with insecurity issues etc.

There is however a starker disconnect which belies the deliberate agenda; the orchestrated scripts between supposedly ‘real-life reflecting’ TV soaps and that of ‘fantasy’ film. And not only the disconnect but their simultaneous bubbling to arrive at a timely crescendo crossroads.

TV (and radio) soaps portray, almost exclusively, men regularly dishing out beatings to women, yet in film, women are regularly dishing out beatings to men. In this way women too, can obtain an emotional-empowerment; they too can be fearful yet fearless.

However from soap-script to the film-script; it’s all a dark State and mainstream media driven fantasy;

The Imperceptible Invisible Vastness of an Ideological Lie

Yes it’s all very scary but I’m afraid it’s very real too. Its vastness, its orchestration, its imperceptible, globally-implemented timeliness. It’s ‘impossible’ secrecy. Yet still, it’s happening with such advanced implementation-planning.

Its Achilles Heel however, just as the media is to democracy, is the very same ideological lie that global western-State culture has sold us for generations; that men are exclusively the domestic violence perpetrators and women the victims. Because therein lays the feasibility and exposure of them having maintained the ‘impossible’ secret over generations; the sustained, orchestrated suppression of female perpetrator domestic abuse by the western-global omission – is in itself – the evidence of the impossible ‘conspiracy theory’ secret.

The Istanbul Convention – Contrived ‘Credibility’ for Global-Western Gaslight

But to make this inter-generational global lie even more believable, before the #HollyWhiteMinster ‘scandal’, before the #MeToo and the #TimesUp mass-emasculation lie came to the PsyOps War fore, it was given advanced credence by international convention; refreshed by a reboot fabrication called The #IstanbulConvention.

And it’s became abundantly clear to me, that this dovetails – with a precedent-perfection – to fit with certain other pieces of ‘overarching umbrella’ UK Government propaganda legislation and policies that lend an illusion of ‘legitimacy’ by advanced-pretext (to deliver the 6 emotional-behavioural drivers) in order to justify and to ‘normalise’ their so-called ‘inevitability necessity’.

These other ‘dovetailed precedent’ propaganda-pretexts are #Austerity, and of course #Brexit (which I’m convinced hasn’t gone to plan). But driven by the #FakeGenderWar & The Istanbul Convention, there is an impending piece of ideological legislation in the process of being passed through the UK Parliament.

Violence Against Women & Girls

The purpose of the impending UK Govt ‘Violence Against Women & Girls’ Legislation is to arrive at the concentrated criminalisation of men. This is designed to further Invalidate, Emasculate, Isolate and Agitate the father, the husband, the brother, the boyfriend and the son; to criminalise them upon a mere accusation. Guilty until proven innocent; Human Rights removed for #HumanMisery. That is the point of this #Orwellian manipulation legislation.

The UK Government working with Women’s Aid, has been by language and statistic manipulation, disappearing male victims of domestic abuse whilst exaggerating and amplifying incidences against women. They have been incorporating and absorbing the mens experiences in the overall statistics but also including incidences of ‘online harassment’ to read as ‘assaults’ all of which is report-recorded as #VAWG and which is of course bellowed out by the complicit media.

It’s the UK State-domestic gaslight after the personal-partner domestic gaslight it will, as intended, lead to this domestic abuse terror in Spain;

The #TimesUp #MeToo Matrix

And this is *why* I believe men have been and are committing suicide in their droves. And why the women who love us, are too unknowingly watching us do it. And it’s going to get worse.

But those men and women of the 1% – they know precisely what the cause is. And they’ve a flotilla of #CouvadeFeMale ‘Flying Monkeys’ with their own insecurities, vengeful, narcissistic abusive motivations or #WhiteKnight men with #SimpSyndrome driven motivations.

Because here’s the thing; genuinely destroyed victims/survivors of domestic abuse are heartfelt sympathetic to other victims and survivors of domestic abuse no matter the gender.

Being afraid of a class or group because of an experience with a single individual, whilst irrational, is wholly understandable. However harbouring a grudge, judging and setting out to visit vengeance by attacking an entire class of gender, is no different from any other prejudicial, identity-driven attack on a class; such as a religion or skin colour – for something that one of that class did (or were repeatedly conditioned to believe they did).

The simple, uncomfortable truth is, it’s all part of the same #TimesUpTyranny & #MeTooMatrix script.

He Said ‘Terrorist’, She Said ‘Misogynist’

Again, it’s the same rote-script that keeps telling us that Muslims are terrorists and that white men and boys are ‘PreCrime’misogynists, sex-pests, rapists and peadophiles

…unless of course they’re wearing a military or a #YellowStriped emergency services uniform, in which case they are ‘brave’, they are ‘heroes’, “running towards the danger” (google it) and *had been* in ever increasing concentrations from the Westminster Bridge ‘terror’ attack through to the ‘impossible fire’ at #Grenfell before a lull in the spate of mayhem suddenly stopped…

With nothing (UK based) in July or August.

…until the lull was broken by the *failed* Parsons Green ‘Islamic-terror attack’ and where again, like previous attacks, just a few faces were presented as ‘all’ the witnesses across most news outlets with some stories too similar, some too calm, and many too rehearsed to be true – as were the stark absence of fireball burns injuries on some so-called victims.

The Illusion of War on Terror, Iraq’s WMD’s & Mass-Misogyny (the Misandrist War on Men)

We’ve become accustomed to doubt our own eyes and intuition, placing unquestioning trust in the reverence of ‘official’ versions.

This is why I believe we our biases are reinforced, by recycled rote ‘truths’; cattle-contained within our comfort zones in the immediate 48-72 hours after a #FalseFlag. Because once it’s downloaded onto our sentient hard-drives so to speak, any counter-message information coming after the rote-taught ‘facts’, is derided, scoffed and laughed at, the associated shame of which keeps people in the herd. Especially those who believe they have reputations (or deeds) to protect.

But when the actual evidence is peeled back without the emotion; without the bias-programming, the logical and precedent conclusions are – we are once again – witnessing false flags for resources, particularly oil. The least obvious one being World War One. The most obvious one being 9/11.

Which as we know led to the lie called the #WarOnTerror and Iraq’s non-existent #WMD which had no basis in reality other than the cyclically implanted rolling ‘news’ (which is probably the point of that too) fear-driven figment of the hive-mind imagination, being driven by exactly the same delivery means and motivation behind it for this new #WarOnMen.

Other Pavlovs ‘Push & Pull’ Pincers – Dark Triad Channelling ‘Cyclical Media Repetition’

As I’ve laid out, the ‘pseudo-reality’ of the Dark Triad model has to *envelop* the entire population but it’s the white working class heterosexual male that has to *absorb* the model, and *feel* the false-phenomenological *experience* in order he arrives by #PushAndPull psychological and physiological (deprivation) means, in an angered ‘State’ resulting in patriotic militarism, steeped in victimhood.

Other tangible psychological (& physiological deprivation) UK State driven *repetitively reinforced and recycled* themes (were/are) projected through media for military recruitment ‘volunteer channelling’ using both operant and classic association-conditioning are;

Dark TriadInvalidate/(Emasculate)/Isolate (by Maslow’s Deprivation)

Wholesale omission of white heterosexual male issues (covered below)
Automation/Artificial Intelligence/Robotics
Inner City Pollution/Tower Block ‘cladding-angst’ (another March to June 2017 false-flag).

Dark TriadAgitate/Segregate (Bunkering mindsets/messaging)

Iraq Historic Allegations Team & Northern Ireland Inquires
WASPI/Rape Clause/FMG/DV/VAWG/Mass-‘Misogyny’ (actual mass-misandry)
Supra-propaganda *Commission* of Minority’s Issues/Wholesale *Omission* of Males Issues with the exception of;

Even ‘postive’ male media ‘lip-service’ representation, is simultaneously loaded with negative undercurrent such as male cancers; Prostrate/Testicular as well as male Emotions/Mental Health.

Male Emotions & Mental Health

Bearing in mind the conjoined State and media (abusers) instrument are breaking men’s (and boys) minds, they’re now capitalising with their faux-concern for male emotions and mental health. (This is what an abusive partner/parent does to their victims).

This aspect had been previously, purely a subliminal channelling component used with other aspects of psychological channelling; via the recycling of Maslow (physiological) Deprivation ‘loneliness’ messaging to that individual single man, whom, invalidated and emasculated by ‘society’ and having been culturally-conditioned to be too ashamed (and blamed) to speak out he is isolated within his own head. But the pincering messaging tells him he could find his meaning, his purpose and self-esteem *belonging* with other ‘laddish’, confident men – through military camaraderie.

However the male emotion/mental health ploy has most recently, been directly associated with the military through recent ‘official’ propaganda/recruitment ads and of course, associated with worship-prestige in the form of Royalty which is itself, is steeped in military connotations as well as the emotionalised-empowerment of the #YellowStriped branded Invictus Games)

These #PavlovsPatriots were/are meant to subconsciously link their individual (emotionalised) empowerment to militarism. For those that don’t, they’ll be lost to the streets or locked up in prison even more so than they are now but on an ‘inexplicable’ epidemic scale for which they themselves will be blamed by their ‘abuser’.

Welcome to gaslighting. Welcome to hell.

Dark TriadAmalgamate (Patriotism/Militarism/’Stoical-victimhood’)

Subliminal military references in TV ads/Patriotic #BrexitCoup WWI & WWII film remakes propaganda (against a wider backdrop of 60’s-90’s music/film nostalgic propaganda).
Union Flag product placement & “Great British [Insert Full Title]” programming.
Supermarket ads (& isles) Union Flagged ‘Food Produce Propaganda’
TV Charity; ‘Community Nation’/British Benevolence
‘Laddish’ Construction (Industry) & yellow-jacketed Veterans Builds
Terror ‘attacks’/yellow-jacketed ‘Brave Heroes’ who “ran towards the danger” (rote-scripted narrative)

Media by Bible

We’re like 17th Century serfs being preached to by Bible-bashing Bishops from the patriotic-religion church altar, with their sacrosanct sermon ‘truths’ told by fantastical stories and us believing every last word. Well today, the media *is* the contemporary Bible and the Bishops, the preachers, are our ‘news’ presenters who from their church alter studios, tell us their fantastical sermon stories, as our sacrosanct ‘truths’.

But like yesterday’s wars, we’re simply being set up for another #OilWar by omission of historical military channelling precedence. They have the human greed driven motivation and the ideologically-driven means. They just couldn’t help themselves. And they know us better than we know ourselves whereas we don’t have any idea who and what they truly are; they’re self-appointed living-Gods, the ‘Masters of the Universe’.

But first we, the enemy at home, we working classes, must be domestically defeated in Aldous Huxley’s predicted #FinalRevolution before we can be ‘willingly’ sent once again to Flanders Fields and Gallipoli, from Borneo to Tobruk and from The Falklands to Iraq. And Iran. Again.

The Enemy Before The Enemy

The truth is we working classes are the enemy before the enemy. We always have been.

Their aristocratic, plutocratic structure of their ‘me first’ society coupled with their unrelenting global resource ambitions, demands that we must be their perennial enemy, that we must reduced in mind by conscious and subconscious information to turn on each other, before they can present us with their corporate-oil competitor, as a fake-threat to the ‘Royal we’ and therefore ‘our’ enemy.

Feel The Dark Triad Music – Emotionalise, Irrationalise, (Patriotise) and Weaponise (Militarism)

This is how by manipulating and weaponising people’s *feelings* with propaganda, to keep people’s senses *permanently overwhelmed* in order to separate them from their cognitive-logical thought processes, so that ‘we’ can be made to react and behave in a manner which goes against our own short and long-term interests of ‘our own volition’. It isn’t. But we believe it is, partly because we are afforded and can derive a momentary *feeling* of (wholly-false) ‘emotionalised-empowerment’.

We believe many of our opinions to be our own. They’re not. Many of them are based in little more than the confirmation of the already implanted cognitive-bias strength of manipulated-projected feelings.

However this strength of unfounded emotionalised-empowerment by rote-repetition, invariably and inversely means an actual or just as effectively, a perceived sense of powerlessness, loss or deprivation for someone else or group-demographic.

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose – & The Reality Disconnect of (the Amalgamating) ‘British Values’

But the losing groups’ loss, doesn’t necessarily always come after another groups empowerment; often the ‘losing groups’ loss will be recycled to precede and to be used very powerfully and emotionally, for again, even more false emotionalised-empowerment for the ‘gaining group’ and which is used, insidiously weaponised by the UK States’ reality-disconnect to promote the illusion of the benevolence of Britishness and community nation ‘British values’.

Such as that ‘British values’ reality-disconnect that extends to ‘Our Boys’; so long as they still have a full complement of limbs.

Because once they’ve lost any of these and/or their minds and testicles and been invalided-out of the infantry having out-served their useful military-fighting purpose, a fraction of them can still unwittingly serve a State purpose, as they are recycled and used to deliberately ‘emotionalise’ (and ‘Amalgamate’) the ‘community nation’, through a ‘positive’ subliminally-absorbed sea of a *quote* “yellow-jacketed” TV-construction (literally) charity, cynically steeped in Britishness and yellow-branded sport by Invictus Games, draped in a Union Flag.

This is but one example of manipulated deprivation preceding ‘empowerment’ but as a generic rule, all deliberate, premeditated State-driven deprivation can and will be used, indeed it is necessary to weaponise emotions to result in irrational mass emotional-empowerment to result, ultimately; in war.

Deprivation such as the UK State driven Austerity-apartheid propaganda which is trying to feed young men to the military by economic-conscription but by also leading to ‘feel-good’ food-banks drives (probably why Establishment politicians used to associate themselves by photo opportunity) all the way to all manner of emotionalising corporate-TV children’s charities who forever-never seem to resolve domestic or war-torn poverty. They’re not meant to. Because like Orwell’s war, the poverty and the weaponised-emotion of both can never be allowed to end.

The Concentric Gaslight Rollercoaster Express

But as faux-empowering as these gaslight-propaganda moments feel, they are just fleeting, manipulated moments.

Which is why the #MSM by ‘news’, by advertisements and general entertainment programming (including film obviously) *must* cyclically keep the population permanently, psychologically-emotionally hobbled by strapping is into a series of continuous *moments* with an unending gaslight emotional-rollercoaster express, housed in an entirely false-phenomenological experience; from the home, the car-radio commute to work, to the gym, the pub, the supermarket, the cinema and back again. All of which is on permanent loop feedback.

This is particularly effective when driven by music and film nostalgia and by charities, especially corporate-TV charities ads during daytime TV and throughout rolling or commercial bulletin ‘news’. Daytime viewers are not picking up their phones in droves to donate by text to these heartrending animal-welfare and child-cancer charities but yet the ads just keep rolling in between ‘news’.

However none are more effective than the #BBC whose “refined propaganda” [John Pilger] output sells the illusion and emotion of a defiant, patriotic, Churchillian ‘community nation’, again by ‘untouchable reverence programming’ such as #ComicRelief & #ChildrenInNeed (institutions in themselves) when in actual fact it’s the same Westminster corporate-politique banking arm of the *same* elite-estate, that is in the sustained, deliberate process of destroying the very underpinning fabric of UK society; of community; by destruction of the family unit (and bombing Muslim communities abroad)

But why the attempt to destroy the family unit? Simple, to break the minds of our children, especially boys, through various ‘Trojan Champion’ methods and means in order to rebuild them for the elite-estate’s purpose as soldiers (and/or prisoners).

What we are witnessing on a UK local and global level is our very own intellectual-Taliban, a largely TV driven ‘Year Zero’ that Goebbels and the Khmer Rouge could only dream of. An army, a #UKPoliceState – is in the process of being built.

UK Year Zero – #BrexitCoup Basic Training for the Masses

Ideologically, the ‘Corpolitique’ are decades into our ‘Basic Training’ but we’re millennia behind them. However the conscious and subconscious subliminal psychological programming and physiological deprivation by itself can only carry them so far.

They cannot get the UK elite-estate to the finish-line, to the Basic Training Passing Out Parade as it were, without tipping the minds of men over the meltdown edge and most crucially – pour the molten hatred into the streets – into the elite-estate’s favour.

This they must do if they want to maintain the illusion of a free-democracy needed to recruit a’ volunteer’ army (before they reintroduce ‘National Service’ conscription which is currently being touted by news media ‘drip-feed’).

And to succeed in this, they need the current remnants of the British Army and the already, deliberately run-down English and Welsh police – to finish the job; by military deployment.

The build-up to this #PavlovsPincer (Phase I) began with a stabbing and a live-firing soap-script spectacle. This was the beginning of the plebs ‘Passing Out Parade’ which took place on Westminster Bridge in March 2017.

I observed it through objective, unemotional eyes, during which I detected a key aspect of one of the subconscious-subliminal ‘emotional-empowerment’ association-conditioning tools that I’d been previously tracking but which I didn’t fully understand its value-significance.

However it become abundantly clear during the unfolding Westminster ‘terrorist’ attack, with a number of ‘respected’ media news reporters making indirect association references. However with one ‘respected’ columnist, an alleged witness, making a direct association to the subconscious subliminal tool. Perhaps this was too, part of his symbolic power play to which #DarkTriad personality traits are hooked, waving their power in front of the victims face without the victim ever realising it.

Additionally there were so many discrepancies and inconsistences that can still be observed, for this and the subsequent UK based 2017 ‘terror’ attacks, if only looked through objective eyes and with a de-programmed mind; such as during the Westminster Bridge ‘attack’ and the absence of any civilian or CCTV footage – in one of the most touristic, surveillanced cities and security-sensitive sites in the entire world – of the ‘terrorist’ making his way from his car along the some 60-80m to the Parliamentary gate where he was executed.

However it’s the lifetime of the trusting, patriotic and prejudicial programming that is preventing the people from even contemplating, never mind actually putting their individual and hive-mind bias aside, to see through the State gaslight smog. Such is the power of ‘belief-system’ propaganda.

Because all of this is has been the preparation for a manipulated backlash to be vented in the direction of minorities and not the senior political and media figures conducting the manipulation of the entire population.

Muslims are the obvious diversionary target however the UK elite-estate have also by ‘supra-propaganda’ means, especially Channel 4, been segregating, signposting and setting up the LGBTQ community to be at the forefront of the ‘Dark Triad’ backlash too in order the State can justify deploying the military onto UK’s streets but claim to merely be ‘restoring law and order’ and thereby completing the #BrexitCoup. (Although I don’t believe it’s gone to plan – the deployment – as is the propaganda, is absolutely necessary, not only to complete the coup but to prevent further scrutiny of those slowly being exposed by the #Trump Presidency coup, which will arrive back to the senior UK corporate, politician and Civil Service elements too).

Programming The Subserviently Superior, Fearlessly Fearful Pavlov’s Patriots

The overall diversionary purpose is to drive individual, group and organisational ‘hive-mind’ cognitive-dissonance contagion to result in essence, in a nation of ‘angry-cowards’; fearful of actual or perceived power yet fearless in the face of actual or perceived weakness; acquiescent and subservient to State patriotic and physical power (Army & Police) but superior to ‘those others’ the UK State propaganda media has already given subliminal ‘permission’ to harm.

As stated, where one individual, group, or demographic is *feeling* empowered, it’s a fake, toxically-corrosive ‘Flying Monkey’ empowerment because it’s almost always at the expense of another individual, group or demographic by encroachment-infiltration into their behavioural-psyche too; only this time to implant *feelings* of hopelessness and despair in order to instigate an ‘out-of-character’ behavioural-response; such as confusion, substance abuse, suicidal-thoughts and/or striking out with an unthinking, violent backlash.

Whilst a newly-empowered female army of ‘Ilsa Koch’s’ will be groomed to make up a lot of the cyber-security backbone of the UK Police State, I’ll reiterate, it’s men who hold the physical key to control of the streets and the key to securing the elite-estates oil in far off battlefields and so are the principal targets.

And so I’m going to use a typical man who is in a specific role and who is unwittingly crucial to the coup success; to the eventual cost of his own family and to UK democracy.

Orwell’s ‘Cultured Policemen’ – Delivering The UK Police State

The average policeman in England is being set up to sell himself out and help commit societal suicide for which his own children and their children will pay the price in a UK Police State.

He’s not a bad man nor a great man, he’s just like most men, doing his best by his family, colleagues and organisation. Like most men he lives in the here and now with an eye on tomorrow, next week, month and quite possibly even next year.

But here and now, the cultured English policeman is comforted by his camaraderie and ‘belonging’ by being part of a traditionally empowering and respected organisation and as such, strives with such assured confidence, he might well be immune to a certain State and media driven gender-dissonance agenda. Unless that is, in his ‘here and now’ he’s being (or has been) subjected to personal domestic abuse.

However his *organisation*, the English police force(s) has been/is being *organisationally emasculated*, with their concerns invalidated driven by the withholding of financial (coercion) and human resources to create an overworked, overstretched, overwhelmed working environment (just like the #NHS) where he has become disillusioned, demoralised even sleep-deprived to the point of failure. He’s being gaslighted (just like the NHS).

In his public-facing role, his occasionally confrontational profession, he could and indeed will, under certain fabricated, agitated circumstances, such as a large-scale civil-unrest scenario ‘lash out’ in a manner he normally wouldn’t.

Yet under such gaslit-circumstances, it’s also highly likely, given the human condition, that he’ll begin to relish in the opportunity to vent his spleen, having been given ‘Flying Monkey’ permission by the very same State and media that by omission has largely invalidated *his* concerns (as with white heterosexual male population in general) even accusing him of “crying wolf”.

He will visit violence and retribution against an ungrateful, weak, unarmed but also manipulated public, rather than go to the source of his gaslighting existence; the hierarchical, powerfully armed, gangster elite-estate that deliberately set out to undo his mind but to whom he swore to uphold his patriotically programmed Oath of Allegiance and in which he wholeheartedly believes to his core that his, his family’s, his organisations’, his country’s and his democracy-interests are housed. They’re not.

Now multiply that gaslighted, loyal English policeman by a few thousand. Enough to crack some significant amount of skulls but by premeditated UK Government calculation, not enough to ‘restore law and order’ and regain control of the streets.
With little ‘pre-channelled’ choice, he will gratefully accept the help of and align himself all too comfortably with another powerful, institutionally loyal ‘Oath of Allegiance’ force – the British Army. For some senior elements of the police and the army, this deployment will come as no surprise.

Unvanquishable Lions – Vanquished

Percy Shelley’s poem sewn in the seeds of the 1819 Peterloo Massacre has many of the social injustice hallmarks being seen today. And its results are about to be revisited.

Still as then, yes, we may be many and they may be few but unlike then, today, they ‘few’, the elite-estate have all the automatic weapons and the 589 Ajax Armoured Fighting Vehicles; and therefore the power over the ‘many’, over the population; housed in the physical-security structures, of the English police and the British military.

So in these particular wound-up groups of our working class police and army ‘heroes’ – with whom our compliance with is already being seeded – are housed the beginnings of the #UKPoliceState.

And if I can’t get you to see – and feel – what’s happening and we can’t get the rank and file of these physical power structures to see through the weaponised-emotion of it all, then they’re going to baton and beat us, their working class brothers and sisters into a Schroedinger-slave existence – forever. Because there’ll be no coming back from this one.

The Dovetail Purpose Effect of Austerity, Brexit and The Instanbul Convention (VAWG Legislation)

Combined, these legislation and policy have in a similar collective fashion been implemented to converge before – and it led to war. Big war. Two them in fact. Which is again, the whole point;

And it’s working.

Murphy’s Law

But although it’s working, it hasn’t all gone to plan. Not this time.

Unlike the manufactured ‘July Crisis’ of 1914, there’s been a hiccup in their overplayed propaganda-playbook of ‘terror’, which I remain convinced they were going to visit on us in July 2017. Which is why I went to Berlin and spoke with the Irish Embassy on 25th June 2017.

My guess, based on various guises of cyclically-reinforced, politician and media led ‘nuclear laden narratives’ at the time, is it would look something like this; a new ‘9/11’ – and a new pretext for war in which they were going to dispose of Trident (that they’d voted to ‘renew’, knowing it was already obsolete due to submersible drone technology) via Glasgow’s River Clyde and in doing so, ‘disposing’ of Scotland socio-politically via the resultant socioeconomic knock-on effect of outward flow of people and financial capital, not via the Highland Clearances this time but by eroding the populous Central Belt.

But of course in the incongruous chaos, in the immediate 9/11-esque aftermath; the #Trump Presidency, the #BrexitCoup and the #FiveEyes driven #FakeGenderWar #MetaFascistCoup of western democracies would never have come under such sober scrutiny as it is now. And during which, as they are doing currently, they were about to overwrite and rewrite future British Whig history for all of our children’s children who would/will be ‘proudly’ serving and servicing a #UKPoliceState’s perennial, perpetual, paedophilic, Anglo-Imperial war machine.

Anyway, my attempt to wake people up, ‘Gaslighting Gilligan’, is all in here……

*Gaslighting Gilligan is copyright © 2017. However this is simply to prevent my interpretations from being ripped off. Please feel free to share far and wide…